More Strange Than Helpful

David passes through the main office area of the LAPD police department, his nine milimeter held at the ready as he gazes about with a flashlight ducktaped to the thing. It casts light forward before him into the darkness of the building as he focuses all of his senses, "This place has become a fucking nightmare. Fuck me for staying to help the lost evacuees."

As David's step carry him further into the main lobby of the brick building, the twittering of birds, slight movement from smaller animals, and the smell of rain fade into the musk of an abandoned building. It's nearly silent inside, and those people who did occupy the offices left in a rush. It's also pitch-black. He finds his voice reflects into an echo from his surroundings, and only the faint twinkling patterns of running water from another room answers his cursing.

Something falls in the offices with a thud, causing David to spin, casting the light towards it with a cold look in his eyes, "Sonuva" He spits before frowning as he continues his way into the building, "The animals have even taken the L.A.P.D. Is nothing sacred?" The light casts itself down at the smaller rodents that make their way around before redirecting it down the hallway as he makes it into the armory/storage room. All of the lockers are busted in though, a massive snatch and grab having been done here already which only leads to more empty cursing in the quiet halls. He does find a medical bag and other medical supplies though which he nods to himself about, "At least /something/ is here. This can be more useful than even a shotgun." He takes the thing, slinging it over his shoulder to look around still.

At one side of the locker room, despite the black-out condition of the rest of the city, it seems that the muted glow of something close to candle light bleeds under the bottom edge of the wooden door that leads to the showers. The sound of running water is more noticeable here, and as the officer's voice sinks back into silence, it's met with the eerie reply of an extremely young, girlish voice. "Night… mare…" Ringing laughter resonates from behind the closed door, but it fades into splashing after a second.

David turns, his eyes narrowing as he looks towards the door, the light of his flashlight illuminating it as he approaches with his shoulder raised, steps measured in a cautious approach reminiscent of an officer ready to make a drug bust. When he reaches the door he suddenly raises a foot to kick it in, ready to fire if need be, "This better be just a scared little girl"

With the slam of David's boot against the center of the door, the hollow echo of it careening open under his force is overthrown by sharp screaming by the same youthful voice. However, unlike the scream of a child, the shocking edge of unnaturally high pitch rips through the room. From the doorway, with the illuminating help of the man's flashlight, nothing material can be seen, even as the scream dies off with the rough sound of something screeching against metal when one of the dressing stalls shakes and goes still once more. "Nightmare. Help us. He's here to hurt us!" The voice is panicked now, and the previously seen flicker of candle light is gone.

"Who's here to hurt you?" He calls out into the room, not quite a yell as he tries to keep his calm. He doesn't near the stall door though, no, he knows better than that. The gun is aimed at it after another sweep of the dark room with the bright light that emenates from the flashlight upon it. His brown eyes shift about, scanning the room with a cursory glance as he studies his surroundings within.

Again, all three walls of the dressing chamber quiver, though silence enhances it's movement in an extremely disheartening fashion. "Don't let him in! He'll hurt us! He'll kill us. Close the door. Close the door. The light. It hurts. Close the door." The youthful siren wails in fear, and despite the harsh echo across the ceramic tiled walls and floor, its source derives from inside the metal cubical. "The light. It hurts. Be nice to us. And we will be nice. Always nice. Close the door. Open the door. We will be nice."

David pulls the door closed slowly though he stays near it, ready to grab the thing and swing it open at a moments notice as he redirects the light away from the dressing chamber, "Who is it. Let me know…and maybe I can help." He replies calmly though a hint of unsurety could be heard in his voice. Afterall…it isn't every day a man was stuck in a jungle of a city talking to ghosts.

"He closed it! He did. How nice. Very nice. Not much nice here. Not much at all." Sounding quite soothed, the enchanting voice releases a sigh that is repeated in at least four separate tones. "Who is it? Who? We were swimming. Always swimming. The water is cold here. Then the noise. The light." As the flare from the flashlight wanders away from the stall, golden hues of illumination replace it from between the cracks and spaces of the enclosure. It's source can't be much bigger than a fist, as it's seen suspending with a gentle up and down dynamic of floating. "You can help. Always helps. Not with that metal. With the heart. Good man. Good man is nice. Is a human? Sounds like a human. We haven't met a human. Could be a human."

David smiles just a bit at the sound of the voices saying heart though his guard is never quite let down, "Yes.. human. What are you?" He asks curiously, his brown eyes settling on the stall now as the gun stays in the ready position angled downward so as not to flash the light upon the stall.

Bubbling laughter chimes through the room again, and the door of the stall squeaks open fractionally. The light inside, however, doesn't shift from it's floating position. With the answer, soft and repetitive tapping matches the song-like cadence of the amused creature. "We are. Just as you are. You are a human. Only humans care. We are Amepha. We are Cynic, and we are Reon. What does the human call himself? Man? Beast? Monster? Can't tell. Humans. Nice Human. Does it want to look? Will it make noise?"

David shakes his head as he strays to the side slowly, still within arms reach of the door as he watches the stall with weary eyes. His curiosity gets the best of him though, having never seen such an occurance….though as of late he'd been seeing a lot of strange occurances, "He calls himself David, David Cole…and he'll only make noise if you want him to, but he is interested to see." He replies quietly, though his words echo in the silence of the room.

"Oh. He. Humans. Humans and He. We are Us." The giggling voice muses over the thought for a moment, and the door of the stall squeals open another inch or two. "Open the door. We will be nice. It's heavy. The door is big. Why do you have doors, David Cole? We hate doors." The dim ball of light suddenly drops nearly a foot towards the floor, and the brighter edges of light float around the small crack of the dressing stall's handle. "Open the door, David Cole. We will show you. Drop your metal. We don't like it."

David sets that single handgun down on the sink counter next to the door, the light still illuminating the area next to the stall a few feet away from it. The light itself would divide the room in two it seems, "The metal is down..don't worry, I set it down." He approaches the stall door slowly, one hand reaching forward to grip the handle in a motion meant to pull it open.

The hollow metal door opens easily under the grasp of one of David's hands, and the vision that falls in front of his gaze manages, somehow, to be both beautiful and horrific at the same time. No bigger than his hand, an odd mix of creatures stares back at him from it's dangling point against the inside of the cubical. The thing's salamander-like white body is dripping with electric blue slime that seems to produce it's own faint light. Extremely long, slender fingers end in suction cups that cling to the wall, and two pairs of slanted eyes take up the creature's entire face in a kaleidoscope of colors. It has no noticeable nose, mouth, or ears, but brittle looking ridges of bone run down the sides of it's body in amazingly clear flesh that glistens like ice. Instead of rear legs, two mandibles stretch out in the same near-translucent white as the rest of its body, and flutter weakly against their suspended position.

"How did you get here, David Cole?" the creature responds, and despite it's lack of a mouth, the words are just as clear as before. With the responce, however, the boney ridges that cover the small creature writhe and shiver. It's vaguely ovular head tilts to the side, much like a lizard, inspecting him with multifacetted eyes. "We were here. Always here. We've never seen you. Have you seen us? You are not upset by us. You wanted to help us. We do not need help, David Cole. You need help. Humans. All are so scared that are left."

David leans back against the wall as he gazes back at the thing still, watching it with the same curiosity as before, "I'll admit, seeing the city turn into a jungle all of a sudden like something out of Jumanji does scare the living hell out of me and i've seen some pretty bad things before now. Why would I be upset with someone that means me no harm?"

All four eyes blink at different times, and the creature's head straightens just before it's suction is released with a sickening squelch, and the small thing drops to the hard floor with a wet impact. "Jumanji is where you live, David Cole? Where you were born? It sounds terrible. This jungle is good. It will help the city." The thing writhes and twists again as it's voice is brought from the slight tension of it's crests. The spidery long fingers are creeped against the tile floor, dragging the small thing's stomach across the floor towards the main door, leaving behind an illuminated slime of blue. "We will not harm you, David Cole. We cannot. You wanted to kill us. We smelled it. Fear makes pain. It is good you are not in fear."

David presses his lips together slowly as he watches the lizard-like creature approach him. He's cautious still, though he doesn't seem to fear it now with the loss of hostility, "No, this place is called Los Angeles. How will it help the city?" He replies questioningly as he crouches, watching the thing's movements.

Stopping in it's movements with the slow pattern of his voice, the creature tilts it's head almost upside down to stare back at him, obviously hesitating as he crouches down. "Why would it not?" Four eyes blink quickly at David once more before the glowing lizard-creature starts to move again. Skirting around David, it seems to be making it's way more towards the door than to him, continuing the suction-assisted crawling across the floor. With each flex of muscle, the slimey freakshow's skin bleeds more glowing slime, lubricating it's path across the floor.

David looks back at the closed door for a moment as the creature approaches it, "I sense hesitation from you. Why is that?" He asks, approaching it slowly though trying to keep himself from threatening the creature. He's careful to avoid the slime itself in that time.

With a certain finality, there's a heavy click that echoes through the building, and even the softest lights that beam from the Exit signs flicker off with a din of electricity. "We do not hesitate, David Cole. We answer." With the pressing darkness that dampens even the street lamps that send their foggy illumination through the windows, the creature's body spasms harshly in a wheeze. A grotesque echo bangs through the room as the creature's skin cracks and rends, pouring bright neon blue foam and slime out around it, enhancing the room with enough of the sticky substance that the flashlight is no longer needed to see past each shadow. The creature stills, all eyes staring blankly ahead, and it's body falls limp against the highlighted tiles under it.

David steps forward, closer towards the creature in worry as he looks down at it, "Are you alright?" He asks of it before casting his gaze back towards the window. He looks up towards the door then in the direction where that heavy click had been before ducking closer, waiting for an answer if one was to ever come.

The marbled white skin of the creature shivers with his voice, and not like any of the singular celled organisms on the planet, the process of replication is quick, disgusting, and graphic. Another spine is pulled from the first with an uplifting by a second set of suctioned claws, and rear flippers slap against the floor as the last fibers of skin and glowing blood are separated. Now, two identical creatures lay in a pile where the first had been, and the light in the room only increases as the first goes through the same process to herald a third creature. "We are alright, David Cole. Always alright. Humans can see by this light? We don't know. It is dark for you. No more. We fix it." The three creatures, which can easily be assumed to call themselves Amepha, Cynic and Reon, crawl over one another to release their piled bodies, and they all turn to face David with twelve slanted, colorful eyes. "You are alright, David Cole? Why do you worry?

David draws the gun from the counter, flipping the flashlight off as he sets it within his coat where the creatures aren't bothered by it. Only mildly appalled by the transformation of them, he averts his eyes then so as not to have to view it before looking back as they'd reformed, "I worry… Because I thought the three of you were hurt." He replies.

"Hurt? Are you not happy, David Cole? Why think on hurt?" The trio of creatures wiggle and twist in tandem to produce an odd mix of their different tones, though Amepha, the first, is easily picked out as she continues alone. "We do not like your metal, David Cole. You think we are ugly. You do not watch us, David Cole. You do not want to see us." The female voice sounds depressed now, and all two creatures on either side of her flare with blue foam in reaction, one of them even hissing quietly.

David shakes his head as he looks directly at the creature with a soft smile, "No, I am only not used to is not that you are ugly. I worried because you stopped moving….and when humans start moving it means they're hurt." He takes the gun back out from his jacket, setting it aside again so they know he isn't holding it.

The creature that makes up Amepha cants its head to the side once more to follow the movement of his hand on his gun, and the other two creatures use the same dragging movements as she had earlier to place themselves between their triplet. "Or when they are tired, David Cole. Providing for you makes us tired. We were swimming. Always swimming." The only female voice between the creatures still retains it's child-like tone, even as the creature on it's left breaks from the group and continues on Amepha's recent path towards the wall between the door and the sinks. "You do not know about the forest? Fair lights shine now. We will go out soon to the top. It will lick our skin. It is a good change."

David tilts his head slowly to the side as he looks down at the creature, "How does a human survive in this jungle? That is my question…. It seems many creatures in it don't like what I am or at least they seem hostile." He crouches down, hands bare as they cross over his knees, "Or at least, what is going to happen to those who were here before it took the city over?"

Amepha keeps it's head tilted heavily to the side, still laying with what's assumed to be Reon in a foaming pile of elecrtic blue illumination. "We have never met a Human." The admission leaks from the quivering fins at the sides of the creature, and both Amepha and Reon twist and writhe with a melodic dual tone of bubbling laughter. The white form of Cynic leaves its own trail of paint-like slime as the creature squelches it's suctioned figures up the tiled wall at the side of the sink. "Only He knows the future. We cannot guess. We were swimming."

David hmms softly as he watches the creature climbing the wall, "Who is he?" He asks, his curiosity seeming to shine through once more as his eyes follow its path from his crouching position, "You have spoken of him multiple times now, but I know not who you speak of."

"He is Him. He does not have names such as David Cole and Cynic." This time, the creature Reon answers, the voice of a rather gruff old man soured by whiskey and cigarettes. The two creatures in front of him gaze with their prismatic eyes, while the other reaches the edge of the sink and pauses lazily on it's stomach with both sets of sides pressed closed, producing so much foamy blue that the substance drips down the porcelain side of the washing station.

David nods slowly as he watches the creatures, eying the liquid blue foam to see where they had released it at until now, "How do you three know Him?" He asks softly as he rests back on his heels still, his arms closing just a bit on his upper legs.

All three creatures pause their previous actions to turn rainbow streaked eyes to David with his question, each canting its head at the same angle, at the same time. "We know him like we know us." The trio answers in the same mix of tones, and as their writhing and wiggling stops, the creature on the sinktop drags itself further towards the closest basin. This time, as David seems to stare intently between them, it's far more easy to see the small cracks and breaks that linger over their skin to produce the viscous, illuminating slime, and each small slash and cut heals just as quickly under it.

David eyes those cracks and slashes for a moment as he gazes between them, watching the slime they produce, "What is that blue stuff that you create? That foam?" He asks curiously again as he stands slowly if only to relieve his joints from the position he'd been in for the time already.

"You do not need the light, David Cole?" The shivering figure of Amepha keeps it's gaze on David, though the attention of Reon relaxes away from the interaction. "It is both. The same. It will help you to see us. You wanted to see us." The slithering Cynic drops with a wet noise into the basin of one sink, drawing up a vaguely human hand to tip the edge of David's firearm just before it collides with the creature's body just below the faucet. As the sink fills with the thick blue ooze, the handgun releases a sharp series of crackling noises, though nowhere near loud enough to be firing.

David watches as the firearm is destroyed in disdain before looking at the creatures still, "You might hate the gun, but that was one of the few ways I had to protect myself in this jungle. There are a lot of things out there that seem to want to either eat me or kill me outright" He sighs and moves to the other side of the room, "I'll have to find another way then if that isn't what i've got."

All three creatuers erupt with the same bubbly laughter in their mixed soprano, tenor, and alto. "We do not need protection. Metal will not help." The trio answer amidst their giggling, and the one in the sink quivers languidly just above the near liquid metal that escapes down the drain.

David hmms softly as he watches them, "You do not, then what is it that I need do to not require protection?" He asks, drawing his arms close over his chest in a casual manner. His gaze drifts up towards the window before falling back to the three stooges.

JianJun arrives from a puff of smoke.

As JianJun Runs like a asian nerd, the gigantic work/lizzard rolls up into a ball and rolls his way towards Jianjun. "HAAAYCHAAAA!" The worm screeches as it is joined by 2 other worms rolling towards Jianjun. The Asian man nearly trips over a log but regains his composure, using the trees as soem sort of barrier. A tree wakes up and swats at a Worm, crushing it to death but the other trees now swat at Jianjun. "Our forest our forest.." The trees chant out at the same time. "The Asian sees the LAPD and moves towards it for cover, as he enters his breathing heavily

With the noise from outside, and the relative silence that had come before, all three creatures bolt into motion. The one already in the sink seems to simply dissolve, leaving no trace of itself past the puddles of blue, bioluminescent material. The two on the tile floor release a sharp hiss as the spines on their sides shiver, and in the blink of an eye, evaporate into a genie-like mist that climbs to the ceiling and dissipates without a trace.

David looks at the rising mist with disdain before shaking his head, "Well, hope you guys are alright." He comments softly before drawing his baton from his side holster. He flips it out then and lowers it to run the ball of it through the bio-luminescent slime in hopes of creating himself a proverbial bio-torch. He then stands with a frown as he draws his second sidearm, readying it before pulling the door open as he gazes out to see who had caused the ruckus.

JianJun bursts in through the door, running flat-out as if Hell itself were behind him. The man makes a mad break to get behind a desk, file cabinet - some type of cover. As he pants, he checks both his guns - one handgun in each hand. Inbetween pants, the man manages to get, "They're….comming….get…ready!!" The guy sets himself up in a crouch, his left shoulder slanting slighly - and oozing dark blood. "Incomming!"

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