Long, long ago the mages of the Euthanatos Tradition experimented with the blood of the Kindred. Some of the most foolish actually managed to turn themselves into vam- pires without being directly Embraced. Their own manipulations of the blood, combined with their innate magickal natures, produced the Nagaraja, a bloodline of cannibals, Necromancers and feared servants of The Black Hand.

The Nagaraja are unlike other Kindred in that they must consume flesh, making them among the most reviled and "unnatural" of the bloodlines. To add to this disgust, they are masters of Oblivion, the nothingness of the Underworld. The Nagaraja are also masters of Necromancy — an art learned from the Euthanatos and Inauhaten the Mummy.

The Nagaraja engage in many strange and terrible Thaumaturgical and Necromantic experiments. They are even believed responsible for the creation of the Samedi, though they refuse to take credit for their awful kind.

Nickname: Flesh Eaters

Appearance: Nagaraja prefer black, white and blood-red clothing. They commonly dress in suits, though some favor leather. They wear hooded cloaks and carry about the components needed to work their Necromancy even while in the Living World. In the Underworld, they usually dress in the ceremonial garb of the Euthanatos. They carry sacrificial daggers, in addition to scalpels and other medical (culinary) accouterments needed for removing the human flesh they must consume.

Haven: On Earth, the Nagaraja often "live" in places believed haunted, which are said to provide easier passage in and out of the Underworld. They usually keep their coffins and their laboratories (along with their food supply of cadavers) in the basement, while using the rest of the house to entertain guests and as living quarters for servants.

Background: Most of the mortals who are chosen already have an intense interest in the study of death, but not in causing death for themselves or others. Indeed, they often choose doctors, priests, cultists, philosophers and parapsy- chologists. The chosen are often middle-aged, though some prefer Embracing even older mortals.

Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Necromancy, Nihilistics

Weaknesses: They must eat raw human flesh as well as drinking blood. The corpses must be fresh, and the Nagaraja often know rituals that preserve corpses for weeks or longer. For each night they do not partake of fresh human flesh (be it from a living or dead source), they lose one die from rolls involving their Physical Attributes. Consuming one Blood Point worth of flesh restores one die to the pool. An average human body has 10 Blood Points worth of flesh, and each point taken from a living victim inflicts one wound level.

Organization: They almost never gather together, as each member is extremely secretive. Most have invented their own secret rituals, and they are only willing to share such knowledge with others as costly boons.

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