The twin faces of a character's archetype, Nature and Demeanor, point at aspects of his personality that lie beyond and beneath any specific aptitude or knowledge. Nature is the 'Big Story' about a character: When everything else fails or falls away, this is what is left. This thing that most drives him in the face of all adversity. His Nature. Demeanor is the essence of the character's own outward personality. Sometimes, it is identical to the Nature, when the character simply is what he appears to be. In other cases, it can be quite different, whether through deliberate deception, self-denial on the part of the character, or the accumulation of cover stories and partial truths that define many people. The character's inner-nature does matter in play, and not just for the reason of roleplaying completeness. The Willpower trait measures a character's available mental, physical, and spiritual reserves for moments of greater than usual effort. Over time, the character can draw on these reserves and they can run out. Significant accomplishments in accord with the character's Nature are the key to restoring lost Willpower. Briefly, when the character achieves the kind of thing toward which his Nature drives him, one or more points of spent Willpower become available in the character's Willpower pool again.

Keep in mind that Nature and Demeanor are guidelines and summaries, and not set-in-stone ways that seal off all possibilities.


"As above, so below…" runs the alchemical axiom, and you believe it. There is more to be learned in the lab and the library than anywhere else, and the results are so much clearer in those venues. You are a student of the mysteries, a dabbler into metasciences, and an explorer of forgotten lore. What's more, you believe that the answers to everyday problems, both mundane and esoteric, are found in the operations that one performs magically. You are rational and methodical, relying on careful consideration and an implicit (if not entirely consistent) logic.
Quest: Whenever a breakthrough gives you a greater understanding of the magical axioms which allow supernaturals to function, you gain Willpower.
Ban: Never participate in social games or other "distractions" when there is work to be done in the lab.

Your sense of purpose goes beyond your own needs; you try to create something of lasting value for those who will come after you. People need many things, and you gain satisfaction by providing whatever you can. You are the type of person who makes an effort to build something of value: to found a town, create a company or in some way leave a lasting legacy. Many American pioneers were Architects by Nature.
Quest: Whenever you create or establish something of importance or lasting value, you gain a Willpower.
Ban: Never work towards a goal that will destroy something that someone has put their time and effort into. You may only improve on it.

There's no substitute for hard work, no matter what anyone says. Ultimately, you know that nothing is ever accomplished unless people are willing to toil at it, tirelessly getting the job done. Other people may flit about, with their intrigues and their love affairs, but in the end, it's sweat, tears, and blood which get the job done, and any person who says otherwise has no idea what he's talking about, as far as you're concerned. You don't labor for glory, but for the pride of a job well done, and it's almost impossible for you to be at peace with a project still incomplete, tugging at the corner of your mind. You're not afraid of heavy labor, and regard the calluses on your hands as a badge of honor. You are proud of your work, but not arrogant towards anyone, as long as they have respect for your toil.
Quest: Whenever your labor at a task at the expense of yourself finally pays off with success, you gain a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never rest easily until your current projects are complete.

The Artiste is interested in art for art's sake. The ability to create is what elevates humans above the animals. The Masters knew this and rejoiced not just in the glory of human form, but in the gift of expression given only to humans. The Artiste thrives on the reception and digestion of her art — and usually the acceptance of it as well. Poets, playwrights, painters, composers and other such romantic demonstrative sorts are Artiste Archetypes. They can typically be found in Parisian and Budapest coffee or absinthe houses, university quads and dilapidated brothels or hostels serving as communes.
Quest: Whenever you manage to 'reach' an audience through something you've created, you gain a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never do something that would undermine a work of art. Your own or that of someone else.

Life is a learning experience, and you always strive to improve yourself. Every obstacle is a potential opportunity, and you rarely rest on the laurels of past accomplishments for very long. This means that you spend most of your time pursuing different goals. Unlike the Virtuoso, your aspirations tend towards gaining general excellence, rather than mastering one particular field. You view the pursuit of a goal to be just as important as obtaining it. As a result, others may see you as a jack-of-all-trades but a true master of none, someone who abandons projects once he becomes bored with them. The challenge of learning the new thing is what interests you, so your accomplishments are likely to be diverse, but not entirely noteworthy.
Quest: Gain Willpower every time you overcome an obstacle.
Ban: Never pass up a learning opportunity.

You wouldn't have to keep such secrets if everyone wasn't trying to use your history, your opinions, and your true feelings against you all the time. But everyone wants in to your life, mostly to manipulate you, and the best way to avoid this is to reveal as little as possible. Everyone keeps secrets, and you don't necessarily see a reason to lie; whose business is it anyway, aside from yours? Others may see you as a distant loner, or a mysterious plotter, but you're mostly trying to keep them from manipulating you. Odds are if someone reveals how they really feel to you, they're either lying to manipulate you or a fool who hasn't learned the way the world really works yet. Maybe you'll give them a pointer, as long as it doesn't tip your own hand to do so.
Quest: Whenever you manage to reveal nothing while under scrutiny, regain a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never reveal your thoughts to others; never place too much trust in those who do.

It's your way or the highway. You want to be in charge, and seek prominence for its own sake, not necessarily because you have the organization's best interests at heart or have the best ideas, though certainly you think both of those things are true. You may genuinely believe that others are incompetent, but ultimately you crave power and control. You are likely to justify your authority through imagined or real threats, and though your leadership may be solid, you also brook no argument from those with equally valid alternate viewpoints.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower whenever you achieve control over a group or organization involving other individuals.
Ban: Never tolerate disobedience or disrespect.

You must always be in the forefront - always the first with a piece of news, a dance or fashion trend, or a discovery in the arts. Nothing pains you more than hearing news secondhand, or someone else telling you about a hot new band. New discoveries are your life, and you devote a great deal of time and effort to keeping up with things. After all, if you're not in the forefront, you're nowhere.
Quest: Whenever you are the first with a piece of news or some other significant discovery, you regain a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never allow distraction to sway you from your course, when you know that a piece of fresh news might be at stake.


Civilization is the trap that the clever set for the weak, and in which they end up snaring themselves. Truly intelligent, brave, strong people understand that sedentary existence only brings you that much closer to the grave, and that what counts is what you achieve as an individual. You respect only actual deeds. Anyone can boast or scheme, but all words vanish in the end. Only deeds remain, having changed the world.
Quest: When you beat 'civilized' competition through your barbaric virtues, gain back a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never embrace the concepts of civilization as a means to an end.

You seek to conquer all who oppose you, destroying them if possible. Your world view is defined by those who bow to you and those who get eaten because they didn't. To you, all exists at and for your pleasure. You play people off each other, like chess pieces on a board, with no consideration for anyone's needs but your own. You take what you want without asking, and you destroy those weaker than yourself for amusement.
Quest: Whenever you remove significant opposition to your goals, gain a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never retreat; never compromise your territory.

You are a prankster at heart, and do not care who gets hurt as long as you get a good laugh out of it. Spiteful, mean-spirited pranks are your favorite, though you may occasionally play more benign ones. The results of your jokes usually range from the merely mean to the fatal. Like the Prankster, your jokes may range in intricacy, but motivations tend more towards spite and revenge.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower whenever you pull off a particularly artful or mean-spirited prank.
Ban: Never apologize for a prank. Never let any intentional sleight from a human go by without a prank as repayment.

Bon Vivant
You know that life is shallow and meaningless. As such, you decide to enjoy your time on Earth, because who knows what comes afterwards? You're not necessarily irresponsible; rather, you are simple predisposed to having a good time along the way, even if its at the expense of others. You know that once the music stops, you'll have to face the real world, and its simply too painful to focus on for long. Instead, you throw yourself into blissful denial, attending to your own pleasure rather than the cold, hard facts of life. Hedonists, sybarites, and dilettantes are all examples of this archetype.
Quest: Whenever you manage to enjoy yourself despite a bad situation, or because of it, you gain Willpower.
Ban: Never let the party end, even when it is long over, and everyone wants to go home.

You are known as a bully, a ruffian and a tough, and delight in tormenting the weak. Things must always go your way, and you do not tolerate those who cross you. Power and might are all you respect; indeed, you heed only those who can prove their power to you. You see nothing wrong with forcing your will upon others. There is nothing you like better than to persecute, antagonize, heckle and intimidate those for whom you have contempt - and of them there are many. The emotions of kindness and pity are not completely foreign to you, but you hide from your own sense of weakness through cruelty to others. While most Bravos despise the weak, a few become their protectors.
Quest: When you intimidate or physically force another person to do what you wish, gain a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never let another person get away with giving you 'No' for an answer. It just isn't acceptable.

Solid and practical, you approach every problem with common sense and pragmatism. You bring the conversation back to the point and ask the questions that get the right answers. Always prepared, you think about possible scenarios in advance and take precautions against them, or else are more than willing to use whatever's around to solve the matter. You love solving problems, both your own and those of others. You become frustrated with people who don't seem to think quite as logically as you.
Quest: Whenever you successfully apply a practical, homespun solution to any problem, you regain Willpower.
Ban: Never miss an opportunity to solve a problem through practical application of logic and common sense.

Laws were created for a reason, and you have to be sure to follow them. Rules weren't made to be broken. Even mankind's laws aren't as easy to forget as some people might hope. You must follow the rules to a "T." If nobody follows the laws, civilization breaks down into chaos, and no one in their right mind wants that. Others probably see you as stodgy and hidebound.
Quest: Whenever you solve a situation "by the book," and can get others to follow correct procedures, you gain a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never willingly permit the laws and traditions to be broken, though you might accompany those who did so, if only to point out their mistakes.


You always try to help those around you, struggling to make a difference in the needs and sorrows of the unfortunate. People around you depend on your stability and strength to keep them steady and centered. You are the one people turn to when they have a problem.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you successfully protect or nurture someone else. It can be as small as a smile of support or a shoulder to lean on at an appropriate moment. You must help the other person in some way, though he need not acknowledge it openly.
Ban: Never refuse an offer to help someone in need.

You are a flamboyant soul, always seeking attention and the chance to be the brightest star. Dashing and heroic, you are as much interested in the style of greatness as its substance. You quip your way through even the most desperate of battles, never entirely taking the risk seriously, and always preparing for an exciting escape if the threat level becomes too high. Nothing excites you as much as a new audience to woo and win. While others may despise you as a pretentious image-obsessed brat, you aspire to the heroic ideal. You've simply become lost in the romantic notion of the hero, and refuse to part with it.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower whenever you make a scene, impressing and dazzling other characters.
Ban: Never do anything small. Never miss an opportunity to quip or do things in a showy, ostentatious fashion.

The Celebrant takes joy in her cause. Whether the character's passion is battle, religious fervor, foiling her rivals or reading fine literature, it gives the Celebrant the strength to withstand adversity. Given the chance, the Celebrant will indulge in her passion as deeply as possible. Unlike the Fanatic, the Celebrant pursues her passion not out of duty, but out of enthusiasm. Crusaders, hippies, political activists, and art enthusiasts are Celebrant Archetypes.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower whenever you pursue your cause or convert another character to the same passion. Conversely, lose a point of temporary Willpower whenever you are denied your passion or it is badly lost to you
Ban: Never deny a chance to embrace your cause.

The pursuit of pleasure is your reason for living. You may derive pleasure from any number of sources: sex, drugs, food, sensory stimulus of any kind. Choose one or all of the above. You spend most of your time and resources in pursuit of the vice of your choice, despite the pain that often accompanies it. More than the Bon Vivant, who simply denies reality with pleasure, you dive full-force into vice with the hopes that it will bring you enlightenment and power. While the Bon-Vivant is happy as long as he is enjoying himself, you want more, always skating the edge for your next thrill. Your appetite for pleasure is constantly increasing. You require ever more stimuli to satiate your jaded palate.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you spend a day pursuing one of your vices, or experience a completely new pleasurable sensation.
Ban: Never turn down an opportunity to fulfill your desires.

You exist to test the mettle of others, especially your so-called betters. You realize that most of the time, people pretend to be something that they're not to get what they want. Similarly, a lot of potential goes untapped because no one is willing to challenge themselves, and test their strength. That's where you come in. You see yourself as providing an invaluable service to the individuals and societies around you, by forcing them to realize their true strengths and capabilities. It's important to take the poseurs down a notch, and it gives you a chance to figure out where you fit into the hierarchy, as well. You're not willing to accept anything at face value; you don't have to be overt, but you're always looking for a chance to size others up.
Quest: Gain Willpower whenever you expose the weakness of others through direct confrontation, especially those who claimed to be something they weren't. Similarly, you gain Willpower whenever you prove to someone that they were stronger than they thought.
Ban: Never resist an opportunity to size someone up, man to man. Never trust someone until you've tested their mettle personally.

You are still immature in personality and temperament. Wide-eyed and innocent, you either know little about the world, or feign ignorance to get others to take care of you. At your worst, you are a brat: you want what you want now, and you prefer it if someone gives it to you. At your best, you have a refreshing attitude about the world, as you learn all about it, asking the questions that others have always assumed answers for, but never spoken out loud. Although you might be able to look after yourself, you would rather have a caretaker-type who would look after you.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower whenever you manage to convince someone to help you with no gain to herself, or to nurture you.
Ban: Never do things alone when there are others to help you.

Manners are for wimps, wusses, and mama's boys. Urrrrp! Rude and ill-bred, you scoff (and piss, and belch) at convention. Polite society is just a bunch of snobs with something up their butts and even more to hide. Unlike the Grotesque, you are not necessarily trying to be disgusting; you just think that the societal strictures governing personal comportment are unnecessary. You are… natural.
Quest: Regain Willpower every time you get away with outraging polite society.
Ban: Never be polite.

You value friendship above all other things and strive to prove yourself worthy of other people's trust. Other values may be important to you, but you place your personal connections above all other considerations. You are willing to face almost any danger to aid friends in need, even if they do not always do the same in return.
Quest: Gain Willpower every time you aid a friend by risking your own interests.
Ban: Never terminate a friendship, even after your friend has violated your trust.

You are driven by the need to win at all costs. The thrill of victory is the only thrill you recognize; it is the thing that drives you. You see life as a contest and society as a dichotomy of winners and losers. You believe all the macho business proverbs - "if you're not lead dog, the view never changes"; "there are no prizes for second place"; "eat or be eaten." You try to turn every situation into a contest of some kind, and it is the only way you can relate to anything. You are capable of cooperating with others, but only by turning the group interactions into another contest: you must be the leader, or the most productive, or the most indispensable, or the best liked - anything, as long as it means you win in some way or another.
Quest: Regain one Willpower point whenever you win a contest of any sort, formal or informal. For truly impressive victories, the Storyteller may award more points.
Ban: Never refuse a chance to compete.

You understand people and, more importantly, you like them. You are a facilitator who listens and advises. People confess to you and in return you give them advice, most of which is good (though sometimes your advice is more for your own benefit than for that of the recipient). You are very interested in other people, and who and what they are. Personalities fascinate you, as do the sickness and beauty of human nature.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower whenever someone confides in you on a personal and intimate level.
Ban: Never deny a chance to learn more about another individual.

You are a follower. Taking charge is just not your style. It is easy for you to adapt, attune, adjust, comply and reconcile yourself to whatever new situation you find yourself in. You flit to the brightest star, the person whom you feel to be the best, throwing your lot in with her. It is both difficult and distasteful for you to go against the flow or rebel. You hate inconsistency and instability, and know that by supporting a strong leader, you help prevent chaos from occurring. All stable groups need some kind of Conformist.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever your group (the brood) accomplishes something because of your support and aid.
Ban: Never go against the flow or against the pack.

Why work for something, when you can trick somebody else into getting it for you? You always try to find the easy way, the fast track to success and wealth. Some people call you a thief, a swindler, or less pleasant terms, but you know that everybody in the world would do unto you if they could. You just do it first, and better. You might be a criminal, but you probably see yourself merely as an entrepreneur, making good for yourself at the expense of fools. Why put yourself out when there are so many saps?
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you trick someone into doing something for you, without having to do work.
Ban: Never lift a finger if there's someone else who could do it for you.

The Coward fears himself above all. Whatever it is at the heart of the Coward cannot be revealed, or he will be vulnerable to attack or rejection. This utter separation from the outside world is terrifying, thus the Coward reveals morsels of his thoughts and feelings in hopes of love and approval. The Coward longs to be validated and accepted. Persons who seek out anonymous positions in the clergy or in military and industrial sectors are often of the Coward Archetype.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower whenever you reveal something about yourself without being hurt or utterly revealed.
Ban: Never take unnecessary risks or actions that may cause you hurt or problems.

Somewhat the social butterfly, you use wit, charm, and flirtation as tools to lighten the mood. You live for social interaction. You are a student of etiquette and a lover of dances, parties, and courtly gatherings. Your tact and grace often place you in the position of diplomat. Because your goal is harmony, you are deeply concerned with politics, ritual, custom, and the preservation of order. Often working behind the scenes, you soothe hurt feelings and encourage others to relax and have a good time.
Quest: You regain Willpower whenever you deflate a volatile solution and return the gathering to peace and harmony.
Ban: Never purposely make anyone angry or upset.

The urge to improve things burns strong within you. You see everything in terms of what you can do to make it better. Nothing brings you greater joy than creating something beautiful or useful out of the ugly or useless. You are never without a project of some sort, whether it is a painting, a sculpture, an organization, or the training and molding of a less-than-perfect individual. You enjoy the process, but can't wait to see the finished product.
Quest: Whenever you create something of lasting value, you regain Willpower.
Ban: Never miss an opportunity to put your touch on something and improve it in some way.

Better a live coward than a dead hero. You live your life by those words. Unfortunately, this does not just mean that you have the good sense to avoid harrowing situations. You are a true coward in almost every area of your life. Your code applies to social situations and facing unpleasant truths about yourself, as well as avoiding physical danger. While you may put yourself in danger, you are always looking for the nearest escape route. You may be ashamed of your cowardice and occasionally perform heroic or bullying acts out of a need to prove yourself.
Quest: Regain Willpower every time you save yourself by running away.
Ban: Never volunteer for dangerous assignments.

Nothing in the world should be accepted without thorough scrutiny and examination. Nothing is ever perfect, and the blemishes must be pointed out in order for the good to be truly known. Your standards are high for everything, and you insist on their being met. You encourage the same ideals in others, because laxity and low standards reduce the quality of life for everyone. Others will thank you later, once they discover the purity of your perspective. You seek out and expose the imperfections in every person or thing you encounter. You are never satisfied with anything that is less than perfect, unless it is within yourself after all, you're not a perfectionist.
Quest: Regain one Willpower point whenever you are able to discover a significant imperfection that has escaped the attention of others.
Ban: Lowering your high standards or refusing to critic something flawed.

You are an irascible, churlish person at heart, taking everything seriously and finding little humor in life (though you may have a wickedly barbed wit). Cynicism is your middle name; it is the tool with which you judge everything in life. You have a very well-defined understanding of how things really work, especially when they involve the circus of human endeavor. Long ago the foolish actions of others ceased to surprise you.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever someone does something stupid, just like you predicted. You must predict it either out loud to the other characters or in private to the Storyteller.
Ban: Never show optimism for the plans or thoughts of another.


A social climber at heart, you are an expert on court etiquette. Your goal is to get as high up the ladder as possible. Intrigue and gossip feed you, and you can always be found at the periphery of trouble, watching and listening to see what you can learn and possible use for your own benefit at a later time. Somewhat of a snob, you look back down the ladder with disdain, especially at those who might take your position from you. However, you know better than to burden your bridges. As a result, you tend to play the diplomat. You will do anything to make yourself look good, often helping others and taking risks in order to do so.
Quest: Whenever you succeed in strengthening your hold on your current social position or in getting a promotion, you regain Willpower.
Ban: Never miss an opportunity to ingratiate yourself to one of your superiors.

You are the apple of everyone's eye, the precious, delicate creature that simply must be taken care of, treated with excessive caution and babied. You could be ignorant of the world, and thus a true innocent, genuinely weak-willed and weak-minded, requiring the need for care from others and possessing the charm to earn it, or manipulative and cunning, using what charms you may have to attain what you desire.
Quest: Regain a WP whenever the character is treated with unusual kindness, favoritism or consideration.
Ban: Never show the fact that you are, or can be, independent. Others must feel you need them.

Everything that matters in the world struggles to survive in the face of its enemies. This isn't necessarily a commitment to tradition, though. The thing you defend may be some fragile innovation or the hope of future progress. You may see your role in martial terms, or otherwise; this is an Archetype for healers and priests as well as warriors. You find your fulfillment in defending the cause to which you're given your allegiance.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you successfully defend your chosen object of loyalty from some outside threat.
Ban: Never deny a chance to defend your object of loyalty.

Others see you as a lover of pleasure and a consummate hedonist, but you want more. You like to take risks, and it secretly delights you when others can't keep up with them. You want more, always, and damn the expense. You also want others to know about it; you pursue pleasure as much for the rights to brag about it as the pleasure itself. You always kiss and tell, and delight when your exploits become the talk of the town. Though some may say that you are crass, you go out of your way to make yourself an object of envy and desire. You have a reputation to protect as a ferocious and insatiable pleasure-seeker, and you'll do anything to protect it.
Quest: Whenever you prove that you are the most extreme person, and that others cannot keep up with your appetites, you gain Willpower.
Ban: Never resist an opportunity to push things beyond acceptable limits.

There are always people who don't fit in, and you are such a miscreant. Your beliefs, motivations and sense of propriety are the complete antithesis of the status quo. You are not so much an aimless rebel as an independent thinker who does not belong in the society in which you were raised. You don't give a damn about other people's morality, but you do adhere to your own strange code of conduct. Deviants are typically irreverent, and some have truly bizarre tastes and desires.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you are able to thumb your nose at society and its precepts without retaliation.
Ban: Never side with the status quo.

The world is full of people who'd rather be right than have peace, firebrands who think with their tempers and not their brains. Someone has to try and get the parties involved to sit down and actually listen, and who better than you? You are patient, compassionate, and see all sides of the issue. Long after others would have tired of diplomacy, you remain the fair arbiter, neutral to the demands of others, willing to make peace but not at the expense of the rights of others. You may be calm, harried, pleading or stern, using a wide variety of tactics to suit your audience, but you can tailor your message to what people want to hear. Unlike the Courtier, you do not exist merely to please; you have a sense of what is right and just that drives you, and that won't let you settle for an agreement wherein one side has leverage over another.
Quest: Whenever you can bring people of disparate viewpoints to a mutually beneficial agreement, or at least keep the peace between them, you regain Willpower.
Ban: Never make a decision without hearing all sides of the issue.

Nothing is worse than chaos and disorder, and it creeps in at a moment's notice. You seek to be in charge, not for the sake of your own power, but simply to keep everything running smoothly. You are perfectly willing to take a subordinate position, even to be rarely or never praised, if you could only make things more orderly and efficient. Alternately, you may see other leaders as a source of the problem, and demand a more central role in the structure of whatever organizations you belong to. You often have inventive new ways of doing things, but these innovations may get in the way of others and their habits.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower whenever you get a group to do something in a well-organized and efficient way.
Ban: Never miss an opportunity to inspect how things are done, and throw in your own two cents on the matter.


The thrill of chaos calls to you, but you see yourself as the center of a storm, twisting all around you while you remain unmoved. You are a master at being unfazed by the ever-changing tableau around you. Perhaps you take great risks, wading through combat or standing atop tall spires while a raging thunderstorm crashes all about. Alternately, perhaps the thrill of court, with its constant subtle manipulations and veiled violence calls to you. You are a master of smiling while they knife you in the back, and subtle reprisal is your calling. Others may regard you as a maniac, a removed manipulator, or an implacable mask-wearer, but you know only by holding fast to where you are can you survive the whirling storm all around.
Quest: Regain Willpower every time you manage to survive chaos, violence, or trouble by doing nothing, and maintaining exactly as you were about to do before.
Ban: Never flinch from danger, or retreat.

There is a whole world out there and no one really knows the first thing about it. You are only truly content when you are blazing a path into new territories, finding what's out there and bringing back news of it to others. You take risks so that others don't have to, but you also enjoy the thrill of putting yourself in the way of possible danger. At the same time, you know when it's best to act as an observer, and you have learned to move quietly when it is necessary. You may be excited or fearful of the great unknown, but, no matter what, you cannot resist its call.
Quest: Whenever you successfully explore new territory, find something that no one has ever seen before, or find a solution that no one else thought of, you gain Willpower.
Ban: Never pass an opportunity to be the first to discover something new. Never resist an opportunity to share your findings with others.


You live to manipulate the actions of others from the backdrop, from simple, every day activities to paramount accomplishments on a massive scale. Though this could be considered harsh control and nothing more, you know that it is nothing as coarse as that. There is a fine art to subtle manipulation, and you make it your life's goal to accomplish it with your subjects none the wiser. You might genuinely believe that you are subtley coercing your 'victims' into what is best for them, but it is equally as likely that you manipulate for your own purposes — Furthering your own cause, and your own goals through the supporting actions of others.
Quest: Regain a Willpower whenever you manipulate a person or situation to your desired ends (must be declared prior), without the subject being aware of your influence.
Ban: Never deny a chance to manipulate another human.

You have a purpose, and that purpose consumes your existence. You pour yourself into your cause; indeed, you may feel guilty for undertaking any objective that deviates from your higher goal. To you, the end justifies the means– the cause is more important than those who serve it. Whatever your cause, you'll stop at nothing to achieve it, and woe betide those who stand in your way. You consider it the highest goal to convert others to your cause, bringing them to your way of thinking, and adding them to your forces.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you convert others to your cause, or get them to step out of your way because of your zeal.
Ban: Never keep your ideals to yourself; never resist an opportunity to bring others into the fold.

Like Pooh's companion, Eeyore, you have a less-than-optimistic view of the world. You expect things to go wrong, and you take a dark and sullen pleasure when you're proven right. Because everything is doomed to end disastrously, there is no reason to struggle. You have no hope for a bright future, but rather are resigned to inevitable gloom. You find comfort in your pessimism, because you know you'll never be disappointed. Even when things turn out to have a happy ending, you know that it's only a temporary illusion and the real disaster is undoubtedly following right behind.
Quest: Regain Willpower when your warnings of doom turn out to be correct.
Ban: Never laugh except in bitterness and sarcasm.

You inflict pain for no other reason than the enjoyment you get out of watching others suffer. You are, in short, a sadist. You may have a hundred facile reasons for why you do what you do. Maybe you have really tried to stop, but the feeling of power that you get out of controlling others destinies always draws you back. You only feel truly alive when someone else is screaming in pain or begging for mercy. You live in fear that someone may give you what you really deserve. You should consult the Storyteller before taking this archetype.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower every time you really hurt someone.
Ban: Never pass up an opportunity to inflict pain.

You are the divine trickster, the clown, the one who laughs last and loudest. Because you believe that there is no meaning in the world, no underlying reason for anything, you take great pleasure in spoiling people's well-laid plans by sticking the proverbial monkey-wrench in the works. You almost feel it a duty to play the agent of chaos, knocking others off their pedestals of dogma and making them eat their spouted words of honor and nobility. Sometimes you work for weeks, months, or even years formulating your pranks, laying the foundation, and setting the trap so that when your prey steps into it, they fall all the harder.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you manage to deflate the ego of someone you have labeled as self-righteous.
Ban: Never search for the "whys" behind your life; there are none.

They call you "superficial," the uncouth swine. Some say you are arrogant and excessively concerned with such "surface" qualities as dress and manner. Piffle! Affected? You? You are one of the beautiful people, the czars of style. People judge others by their appearance, no matter how much they profess the opposite. You know that style beats substance any day of the week, and you have style in spades. Peasants, prepare to be dazzled!
Quest: Regain Willpower every time you outshine others in a social situation.
Ban: Never be out of style.

Unlike the Grotesque or the Riddler, there is something genuinely wrong with you. Perhaps you jabber to yourself in insane, made-up languages, or are perpetually silent, never speaking to anyone. Touched by lunacy or divine inspiration, your mind is a seething realm of chaos that you can barely understand, and you act out accordingly. You alarm others with your words and deeds, though they are sometimes quite profound.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever others are shocked or scared by your strange ways, especially if you accidentally hit on an alarming new insight.
Ban: Never resist letting your madness slip the leash and run free, expressing your strange notions about the world in actions and words.

The Futurist revels in the magnificent unknown. Humanity is at the threshold of a wondrous and exciting new age. That which is coming must be embraced. A Futurist might delight in the amazing developments of technology and human endeavor, or he might set out to discover new theories, principles and practices, often a manner similar to Celebrants. Futurism developed from the concept of manifest destiny and is sister to the science-fiction genre, also born of this era. Scientists, patrons, writers, teachers or any other forward-looking sort are often of the Futurist Archetype.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower whenever you first come upon some progressive device or concept. Reading about such things isn't enough. You have to meet people and touch things. At the Storyteller's discretion, you may regain two Willpower points whenever you actually contribute to the creation of some futuristic development.
Ban: Never deny yourself the chance of being apart of a new invention or embracing new developments in the world.


You are as flamboyant as you are amoral; some see you as a rogue, a Don Juan, a rake, a paramour or just a lounge lizard - but you see yourself as all of the above. A consummate actor who loves to make as big a show of things as possible, nothing attracts your attention more than an appreciative audience. You love people and you love to impress them even more. Though you may indeed be a superior lover, you enjoy the chase almost as much as you enjoy the act. Gallants vary widely in temperament and ambition, holding in common little more than their love of attention.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you manage to dazzle or impress another person. The Storyteller is always the judge, even when characters are involved.
Ban: Never refuse an attempt to promote your image.

Someone has to keep the powers-that-be honest. It might as well be you. No one is 100% right, and you always take great pleasure in pointing this out to everyone. Unlike the Humbug, you generally mean for your criticism to be helpful, though some still find it annoying. You especially criticize those in positions of power. You are persistent in your task, and no explanation is enough to completely mollify you. Even if everything happened exactly the way that you wanted it to, you would soon find something new to criticize.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower every time you win an argument with someone in power.
Ban: Never let anyone get the last word.

You love disgusting others and go out of your way to push their buttons. You prey on the sensibilities of others, with a blush or a shocked gasp for your applause. The more extreme the reaction, the happier you are. You make it your life's work to discover what upsets people and then inflict it upon them. A master of insults, you cut right to the heart, throwing out all propriety and etiquette in favor of shock value. Nothing is too low for you, from bodily noises to insulting someone's mother.
Quest: Whenever you cause someone to falter or lose his composure, regain a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never display an overtly pleasant or appealing side of yourself.

Your enlightenment draws others to you. You may be a mentor of a particular Path of Enlightenment, a priest with the church, or merely an idealist in your pack. Whatever the case, your presence motivates and moves others to engage in spiritual or ideological pursuits. Your peers view you as calm, centered, and “with it,” even when you are preaching a bout violence as a means to an end.
Quest: Gain back a WP whenever someone heeds wisdom that you imparted.
Ban: Never betray a chance to mentor your comrades.


You have determined that you will never lack for anything. You amass great quantities of whatever you feel you need– food, wealth, followers. The idea of sharing anything is foreign to you; let others provide for themselves. You never know when there will be a shortage of something essential for survival, and you will not risk being caught empty-handed. In this age of coming Winter, you spend your days preparing for the hard times.
Quest: You regain Willpower whenever your hoarding instinct pays off, particularly when others are in need but you are still provided for.
Ban: Never willingly surrender anything you have gained for yourself.

You have a moderate temperament, and refrain at all cost from telling lies and stealing from others. You were brought up to live honestly and openly, and to be good to others - you have lived your life (and unlife) by these simple truths ever since. You are not a dogmatist and do not insist that others live as you do, nor have you constructed a complicated set of rules for yourself. You are flexible in your behavior, but always carefully evaluate your actions against your beliefs.
Quest:You regain five points of Willpower if your honesty harms you or your friends in some way, but later turns out to help you. In other words, your honesty turns out to have been the proper way to do things, even from a pragmatic point of view.
Ban: Avoid being dishonest at all costs.

You are reclusive and ascetic by nature, preferring your own company to that of others. Introspective by nature, you view everything from a very personal standpoint. When in public, you tend to be quiet, speaking only when spoken to, unless your input has such extreme relevance that you feel that you have to say it. One of the benefits of this is that others tend to see you as wise, since when you do speak, your words often make a profound point that was overlooked. Despite your desire to be alone, you are drawn out by the need to watch and learn. Your curiosity about the nature of things and your place among them keeps you from being totally isolated.
Quest: You regain Willpower whenever you find a solution to a problem through inner reflection rather than brash action.
Ban: Rarely speak unless the situation is dire and you feel that your viewpoint has not already been expressed.

Grumpy, sour, and just plain cranky, nothing ever satisfies you. The light's too bright in here, turn off that awful music, nothing is as good as it was in the "old days." If there is nothing to complain about, then something fishy is going on. Unlike the Gadfly, you do not gripe to improve things (though you may claim you do). You just like to complain and find the worst side of every issue. Every silver lining means there's a thunderstorm a-brewin'. Some believe that under your gruff exterior lies a loveable, old softy. You live to prove them wrong.
Quest: Gain Willpower every time one of your dire predictions comes true.
Ban: Never look on the bright side of life.


You are the Ice Queen, the detached and cold pragmatist. It's too dangerous to get involved with anything emotionally, though you don't necessarily tell others that. Some see you as jaded or frigid, but you are the unmoving rock that others can rely on. The screams of your victims, the desperate pleas of abandoned lovers, the groveling of courtiers, all are met with an icy facade. Your face is a permanent mask of vague disinterest, and you perfect the art of the bored stare. You delight in exposing the weakness of the emotionally vulnerable; in your spare time, you are likely to take many lovers, and abandon them for the pleasure of watching their weakness. Still waters run deep, of course; you have likely been hurt to reduce you to this, and a sea of emotional wreckage lurks beneath the ice of your demeanor.
Quest: Whenever you win the day as a result of being unaffected by the attempts of others to sway your emotions, you gain a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never betray the true feelings of your heart; never let anyone know how you really feel.


The world is such a fun place, but everyone always gets hung up on their misfortunes. You're here to make sure that doesn't happen, distracting them from their troubles long enough for their natural tendency for happiness to reassert itself. You are an entertainer and a confidant, who finds out the troubles of others to help them forget them. You think nothing of making yourself look the fool, if only it'd bring a smile to the lips of others. You'll do what you can to delight others, and have a soft spot in your heart for innocents in trouble. More than willing to draw fire from those who would make problems for your friends, you are a staunch defender of what you see as their best interests.
Quest: Whenever you successfully manage to take people's mind off of their troubles, you regain Willpower.
Ban: Never miss an opportunity to cheer someone up, no matter what it takes.

You seek to perpetually improve the system, taking pleasure in your rational nature and ability to draw the right conclusion when presented with the facts. You respect justice as the highest ideal, and are quick to point out its efficiency for resolving all issues. You are hardly a visionary, relying on what has gone before as the best model. Nonetheless, others look to you to solve disputes, carefully listening to all sides and gathering all the facts before you make a decision. You are highly likely to speak up if you think someone has made an unfair decision, though your opinion may differ wildly even from another Judge's. You believe that fair decisions are more important than merciful ones, and strive for what is right over what is easiest.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you correctly deduce a mystery by assembling the clues presented, or when one of your arguments unites dissenting parties.
Ban: Never rest until you are certain that justice has been served. Never let injustice occur without speaking against it.

You are dedicated to the unbroken routine of your existence, and refuse to do anything that compromises your routine and established practices. No matter how urgent or deserving an individual case may be, the preservation of established practices and routines is more important. Individual decisions and considerations are fallible, whereas routines and established procedures are the distilled wisdom of years or decades of decision-making. Routines are what separate order from chaos. make an exception once, and it sets a dangerous precedent; make an exception twice, and the door to anarchy is opened.
Quest: Regain a Willpower point each time you are able to preserve your routine, and each time you avoid reevaluating anything or making a decision about a situation based on its individual merits. At the Storyteller's option, more points may be awarded for truly impressive feats of generalization.
Ban: Don't ever break your routine.


With a sparkle in your eye, you cajole, encourage, tempt, trick, and manipulate others into exploring their darkest desires. You are the pusher, the perverter, taking the sweet and turning it into the sordid. You see yourself as a teacher of sorts– you teach people what base and feral creatures they really are. There's nothing you love more than to corrupt the innocent and do it with such panache that they never realize they've been compromised.
Quest: You regain Willpower whenever you cause someone to do something she would normally be opposed to and she enjoys it.
Ban: Never protect anyone from the harsh realities of life.

A present day Don Quixote, you never tire of tilting at windmills. You follow all the old codes of chivalry and seek to aid those in need. This makes you an oddity in the modern world. You may be a true idealist, and somewhat naively, believe the best about everyone. You may be a pragmatist, desperately trying to keep a small portion of the world from sinking into despair. You may even have been raised with a strict code all your life which you latch on to unswervingly, and will not desert simply to suit your own ends. In any event, you believe that one person can make a difference.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower every time following your code may put you at risk.
Ban: Never behave in a manner that does not befit a Knight.


You are a servile minion, drawing strength from those you serve. Perhaps you are a coward at heart, or you fear having to take responsibility for your own actions, and instead abuse the powers of others. Whatever the reason, you attach yourself to the most powerful person who will permit it, and covet their praise. Even their discipline means that they notice you, and if your ego isn't stroked on a regular basis, you're likely to misbehave simply to draw their attention again. You think for yourself as little as possible, and though you have some enlightened interest in the goals of your master, you're willing to do absolutely anything to achieve those goals. Others call you a boot-lick, a spy, or a mercenary, depending upon how they got to know you.
Quest: Regain Willpower every time you receive praise, or even attentive discipline, from a superior.
Ban: Never think for yourself when the orders of others will suffice.

It's a dangerous world out there, and the nail that stands the tallest gets hammered down. You've mastered the art of not being noticed, and you slouch, slink, and creep out of the way of trouble and the attention of others. You may make the occasional "friend," but he or she had better fend for themselves when times get tough, because that's just what you plan to do. Those who speak up or act out are only asking for punishment; you toe the party line, no matter how you really feel. You've learned that there are some benefits in not being noticed; you can get juicy dirt on people when they've been convinced that you're not worth paying attention to, but you're loathe to act on any of what you find out for any other reason than to save your own worthless hide.
Quest: Whenever you manage to keep your head down and blend in to avoid trouble, you gain a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never do anything to draw attention to yourself, even if it means abandoning your friends.

You are the type of person who is always alone, even in the midst of a crowd. You are the wanderer, hunter and lone wolf. Though others might think of you as lonely, forsaken, isolated or remote, in truth you prefer your own company to that of others. There are many different reasons why this might be so: you don't understand people, you understand people too well, people dislike you, people like you too much, or you are simply lost in your own thoughts. Your reasons are your own.
Quest: When you manage to accomplish some significant task on your own, without the aid of others, yet which still aids the group in some way, you regain Willpower based on the significance of the achievement.
Ban: Avoid working in groups.


You have always been fascinated by others. Why do people behave as they do? What thoughts and emotions affect their actions? The cognitive processes that influence the choices people make intrigue you. Sometimes just asking people questions about their actions can yield important information, but often people do not truly understand their own motivations and concerns. In these cases, it is far easier to set up situations - experiments, if you will - to see how people behave. You attempt to manipulate these situations for your personal advantage, in order to discover more information about your chosen subjects. Some might call these experiments cruel, but to you it is mere scientific necessity.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you manage to set up an incident or situation that allows you to gain new insight into your subject's psyche.
Ban: Never refuse a chance to manipulate or gain further insight into a target.

You suffer for your cause, enduring trials out of the belief that your suffering will ultimately improve the lot of others. You may want the attention or sympathy that your ordeals engender, or you may actually be sincere in your cause, greeting the opposition with unfaltering faith in your beliefs. You are the first to throw yourself between harm and your friends, knowing that your sacrifice will serve to shelter them.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower whenever you sacrifice yourself or your comfort for your ideals or another's immediate gain.
Ban: Never indulge in what could be given away instead; never accept gifts or comfort when there are others who could use them instead.

You love to test your limits, and see how much pain you can tolerate before you collapse. While this may accidentally cause you to commit heroic actions, you're doing this entirely for yourself, and the secret delight you get from your own suffering. You gain satisfaction from humiliation, suffering, denial, and even physical pain. You define who you are by your ability to feel discomfort– you wake each day only to greet a new pain. Your twisted ambitions are likely to freak out others, but you find release only in agony. You may even seek to indoctrinate others into your philosophy, but you are not a sadist; your involvement is entirely in your own pain.
Quest: Whenever you experience a new pain, or when the situation turns against you through your own design, you gain a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never resist an opportunity to torture yourself, both physically and emotionally.

You are the brilliant, if underestimated, architect of destruction. Yes, you could achieve your goals through the most direct route, but such actions are for simpletons and animals. Instead, you enact complicated and lengthy plots to undo your enemies and accomplish your ends. There's nothing quite like a master plan coming together, and the shock on the faces of the fools around you when they realize your genius. You overcompensate for your own feelings of worthlessness, those inflicted upon you by others who could never understand your greatness. You'll show them all now, and they'll be forced to recognize your brilliance. You are moody, erratic, and given to overly elaborate methods of getting what you want. The simplest route is simply not your way.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you get to gloat over your enemies, or explain your brilliant machinations to them.
Ban: Never accomplish any of your major goals directly; everything must have an elaborate scheme attached to it.

The world is full of people who want things; sometimes people want the exact same thing. Some people have what other people want and would be willing to talk about working out a deal, but just don't know how to start. These people often have immense trouble finding and communicating with each other. That is where you come in. You are dedicated to mediating between people - fulfilling needs, smoothing over disputes, and generally helping people talk to one another. You are the diplomat, the middle child, the perpetual person in the middle.
Quest: Regain one point of Willpower whenever you are able to act as a go-between between two individuals or groups, and regain another point if you taring things to a satisfactory conclusion. The Storyteller may award more points for particularly outstanding mediation.
Ban: Never take one side in an arguement, always take a chance to be the third party, to be the diplomat.

There's no such thing as a free lunch, and anyone who expects one is a sucker who deserves to be taken for a ride. You don't trust any situation where you can't inspect the merchandise and hear the price up front, and you always want to know what the catch is. Naturally, you make your livelihood by selling something– perhaps something you make, or own, or steal, or even through selling yourself, as a mercenary. You're not in the habit of giving hand-outs away, and no one's going to buy the cow if they get the milk for free. You live by the adages of business, and see the entire world as a market, whose economy is driven by those who have and those who want. You reduce even the most complex interactions to business, and excel at fetching a better price for your wares than anyone else does.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you manage to fetch a better part of a bargain, selling something, even yourself, at inflated prices.
Ban: Never give anything away, including your own help, without getting paid for it.

You crave the attentions of beings more powerful than yourself, knowing that such creatures desire agents capable of working for them in the mortal world. Perhaps you seek the respect of a secret society, but it's far more likely that you are attempting to gain the attention of vast, cosmic forces. Compared to these impersonal godlike beings, you feel small and afraid, and so you covet their attention and praise, attempting to ingratiate yourself with something beyond your control. You are more similar to the Riddler than the Lackey, but you contain elements of both. You are willing to sell your soul to the highest bidder, or even play two of these forces off against each other. Sooner or later, we'll all belong to them anyway. Better to be one of the jailers than the prisoners. You want forbidden knowledge at any cost, and are willing to undertake great risk for the rewards of power.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you manage to ingratiate yourself with forces beyond your comprehension and win their favor.
Ban: Never do anything without expecting some reward, whether short- or long-term.

The Monster knows she is a creature of darkness and acts like it. Evil and suffering are the Monster's tools, and she uses them wherever she goes; no hurt goes uninflicted and no lie remains untold. The Monster does not commit evil for its own sake, but rather as a means to understand what she has become. Kindred elders and unstable individuals and display characteristics of the Monster Archetype.
Quest: Malignant deeds reinforce the Monster's sense of purpose. Monster characters should pick a specific atrocity, regaining Willpower whenever they indulge that urge. For example, a tempter regains Willpower for luring someone into wickedness, while an apostate earns back Willpower for causing another to doubt her faith. Pick a destiny and fulfill it.
Ban: Never act with intent of kindness. Embrace evil and suffering whenever possible.

It's a strange world out there, and you're determined to find out more about it. Whether it's esoteric subjects like alchemy or the geography of the parallel dimensions, or more "worldly" matters like the interactions of various magics or the creation of ephemera, you have keen insights into the matter. You may not be willing to reveal all the tricks of your trade, but you enjoy the accord you receive as a student of the great unknown. Other affairs can wait so long as there is new spirituality or metascience to hold your attention.
Quest: Whenever you develop a new theory about supernatural phenomena and get a chance to test it out, you gain Willpower. Storytellers should be judicious in awarding Willpower only for shocking new discoveries, and not everyday developments in a character's mystical life.
Ban: Never resist a chance to dabble in the mysteries of the world, even if you risk your life for it.



"Everything always turns out for the best." That is the motto of your life, and you know if you can just stay cheerful and stop worrying, your problems will never be with you forever. Some call you a fool, but even they have to admit you're happier than they are. Certainly you'll encounter difficulties from time to time, but there's no sense in worrying yourself to death in advance. Don't worry, be happy, and have a nice day.
Quest: Regain a Willpower point whenever things turn out for the best, just like you said they would. You must predict such an outcome, either out loud to the other characters or to yourself (tell the Storyteller).
Ban: Don't fall to pessimism. Keep cheery.

Unwelcome though they may sometimes be, messages come from the spirit world and the future which cannot be ignored. You are the figure who receives and interprets these signs, and your burden is to warn others of their impending meaning. Your presence may not be wanted, but it is needed, and you refuse to abandon your sacred mission. Perhaps you have revelations from a gift at birth, or a magical blessing, or even the spirits of the dead speaking with you, but you do your best to interpret the truth and share it with others. Some regard you with reverence, others with dread, but you are sworn to your obligation to pursue the truth and reveal it to others.
Quest: Whenever you intervene on behalf of spiritual and mystical agencies, delivering messages and omens for them, you regain Willpower, especially if these augurs come to pass.
Ban: Never turn away from a revelation simply because it is unpleasant or others do not wish to hear it.

Up until now, you have lived a pampered, protected life. Suddenly, you have been forced out into the light and faced with the harsh realities of the world. You find it difficult to trust anyone, and yet you fervently wish for someone to come along and take care of you. You have no experience dealing with the dangers and hurts of the real world. Wide-eyed and innocent, each new disaster threatens to shatter your world. You let others make your decisions for you, not out of preference, but rather as a result of the insecurity you feel when faced with problems.
Quest: Whenever you escape a frightening situation with your sense of well-being and innocence intact, you regain Willpower.
Ban: Never trust a stranger; never reveal yourself to anyone.

You are a loner, a drifter on the outskirts of society, and you can ultimately only rely on yourself. You've seen the way that other, "civilized" beings betray and plot against each other, and you want none of it. Friends are just people who'll eventually use you, and every love eventually fades, and leaves you more empty for it. You are a bitter pessimist who feels failed by others, and withdraws as a result.
Quest: Whenever you prove that you do not need anyone or anything to survive, regain a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never permanently associate yourself with any group or individual.

You look out at the world and see an ocean of mindless automatons that haven't the slightest clue as to what it's all about. You believe it's your duty to take advantage of them. How else are they going to learn? A thief and a cad, you take what you want from others without a moment's hesitation and guilt. If your victims are stupid enough to be victims, then you see no reason not to use and abuse them. You feel no pity for people– they've made their own beds, and now they can lie in them.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you commit a completely selfish that hurts someone.
Ban: Never do anything that helps others more than it hurts them or helps you, in the long run.

The Outsider is something of a passive rebel, defining himself by the things he does not participate in. He does not strive to bring down those social structures he disagrees with. Instead, hte Outsider examines those structures for some way to reflect and understand himself. Servants, artists, criminals and vagrants are the most common Outsider Archetypes.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower whenever you discover something about yourself through the decisions someone else makes, especially when those decisions are different than those you make.
Ban: Don't actively go with the flow or take an active part against/for something. Remain the observer.


You are the quintessential competitor, and your story is that of the brave, stalwart athlete or hero. Constantly searching for new challenges to overcome, new adversaries to wrestle, new causes to fight for and protect, you live for the chance to slay the monster and fulfill the quest or win the game. Without the thrill of striving against others (or yourself), life quickly becomes dull and meaningless.
Quest: Whenever you successfully overcome a truly challenging situation, you regain Willpower.
Ban: Never refuse a fair challenge, or a chance to prove your courage.

You love to see other people happy, and do whatever you can to encourage them, whether through playing matchmaker or refilling a drink. Perhaps you live vicariously through their experiences, or perhaps you just feel that others sometimes need a little push from you to find their fulfillment. You spend more tome on this than you do pursuing your own interests and gain great pleasure from it. A skilled manipulator, you work most of your magic from behind the scenes, dropping hints or subtle encouragement.
Quest: You regain Willpower whenever you cause someone else's happiness or fun without them realizing your part in it.
Ban: Never do anything that you know would undermine another's happiness.

Like Pandora, you just can't seem to keep your box shut. You open your mouth, and trouble flows from it in great crashing waves. You just can't help yourself. You love to get someone in trouble by revealing their secrets for them. Furthermore, your curiosity often overcomes you, especially if you have been forbidden to go somewhere or do something. The more someone insists that you shouldn't do something, the more it makes you want to do exactly that.
Quest: You regain Willpower whenever you survive something dangerous that you were strictly forbidden to do or warned against.
Ban: Never keep a secret; never obey an order.

You have seen all the malice of the world, and know better than to simply accept anything at face value. The more someone seems innocent, the more likely that it's all a ruse, and they're working for their own interests. You know that there's always a string attached, a hidden clause that someone is waiting for you to agree to. Consequently, you are wary of everyone and everything, placing little trust in others. You watch everyone like a hawk, and see agendas and conspiracies everywhere. You are often more than a little desperate, as you feel the walls closing in around you, and can't determine who to trust. Ultimately, you may exploit others just to have an ally that you know you can rely on, but you always watch for the first sign that they are about to betray you.
Quest: You regain Willpower every time your distrust and scrutiny of others yields information that can be used against them, especially if they were about to use it against you.
Ban: Never trust anyone without having something on them.

You are the most attractive, smartest, best person in the world, and you want to make sure that everyone knows it. If you're not the center of attention, you're not happy. As long as you're being heaped with praise and adulation, you're the most gracious, modest-seeming person around, but as soon as attention is diverted from you, you become vicious. You are not above tantrums and fits of violence in order to draw others' notice. Jealousy rules your choice of friends and enemies.
Quest: Whenever you conclusively prove that you are the best at something, you regain a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never admit failure or fault.

You know it all, and desperately want to inform others. Whether through a sense of purpose or a genuine desire to help others, you make sure that your message is heard– at length, if necessary. Unlike the removed Sage, you are more than willing to lecture those who lose their way. You may be a well-meaning mentor, or a verbose blowhard who loves to hear yourself talk. You are unlikely to sit idly by as others make the mistakes that you made, though you may not necessarily have the answers to suit their problems.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower whenever someone benefits from wisdom that you have imparted to them.
Ban: Never miss an opportunity to instruct someone in the proper manner of doing something (though you may do so politely, embarrassing them serves no real purpose).

You exist to atone for a grave sin you have committed, or feel that you committed. You have either a low self-esteem or a legitimate, traumatic past, and you feel compelled to "make up" for your previous actions. You are not necessarily religious; you may simply wish to scourge the world of the grief that you bring to it. You feel remorse for your actions of the past, or perhaps even actions you continue to commit, and are conflicted about how to atone for these crimes. As such, you do not let yourself rest easily, living a life of constant contrition, avoiding creature comforts, and seeking some answer for your existence.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you fully atone for something you have done wrong (or perceive as something you've done wrong), on an equal magnitude of atonement for crime.
Ban: Never let yourself become too comfortable. Never praise yourself or accept praise.

You can't stand imperfection, not in others and certainly not in yourself. Neither can you tolerate those who do not do everything they can to do their best, to make everything neat and proper and right in their lives. Though you may be strict with others, it is with yourself that you are most critical - everything must always be in its place, and you must always do the best and be the best.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower whenever you accomplish something flawlessly, without a single mistake, falter, wound, hesitation, confusion, hindrance or obstruction.
Ban: Never revoke a chance to perfect something.

You have a highly defined sense of morality and always strive to do the "right" thing. This invariably consists of helping others and doing good deeds without the expectation of reward. You may base your ethical code on your belief in a higher morality (i.e. some divine source), or it may just spring naturally from within you. Your ethics are rational and logically consistent (at least you believe they are). You are forever balancing your actions against your system of beliefs.
Quest: Regain Willpower every time you make a positive difference in someone's life.
Ban: Never accept a reward for your generosity. Never cause deliberate harm to an innocent.

You interpret reality very differently than everyone else, but in a benign fashion. The world is a place of endless, childlike wonder to you. Even the most destitute places seem like storybook palaces. You are an eternal ingenue, and your world view makes you generally very trusting of others. This does not necessarily mean that you are easy to manipulate, however. Because of your strange mental state, you are easily distracted, but you may also notice things that other people miss. You tend to be highly creative.
Quest: Regain Willpower every time you avoid a particularly unpleasant truth.
Ban: Never take anything too seriously.

Everything you do is planned. Very little springs from you spontaneously. Your plans are often long and involved, sometimes extending beyond the lives of the mortals involved in them. Details must be exact, for you believe any deviation could bring ruin. You try to plan everything in your life; each thing you do must accomplish something in the greater scheme. Deviation from routine, however, is bothersome, not traumatic. You are organized, not deranged. You tend to be neat and precise in everything you do.
Quest: You regain three points of Willpower when one of your plots comes to fruition in the exact manner you planned.
Ban: Refuse to be spontaneous and avoid not planning.

Meeting trouble (or anything else ) head-on is the tactic of fools and optimists. The sensible way to deal with trouble is to deny it a target. While some people might accuse you of sticking your head in the sand, they do have to admit that it has remained on your shoulders for quite some time, and looks like it will continue to do so indefinitely. You never confront what you can evade, and never face anything unless there is no other option. Courage is not high on your list of virtues, but then the line between courage and folly is virtually nonexistent to your eyes.
Quest: Regain one point of Willpower whenever you are able to avoid a problem or situation without dealing with it.
Ban: Avoid direct conflict.

The quintessential pooka, you delight in the playing all manner of jokes and pranks. You do this for any number of reasons. You may merely want to amuse people, or you may be trying to show people that they take themselves much too seriously. The pranks you play may be as simple as a pie in the face, or as elaborate as a royal family tree. These pranks are rarely harmful or done out of spite, and usually result in no more than a few bruises or some personal embarrassment.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower every time you pull off a particularly artful prank.
Ban: Never verbally apologize for a prank (indirect acts of contrition are possible). Never take anything too

You self-worth is based entirely on the opinions of others. You crave approval and praise, and will go to extreme lengths to get such - even risking yourself and things you love. Unlike the Sycophant, you do not think of protection, and you have no thought of using others' good opinions to your own advantage - you simply crave praise and approval for their own sake, so you can feel good about yourself.
Quest: Regain one Willpower point whenever another character offers unprompted praise, admiration or appreciation. If the appreciation is truly great, and/or the other character is powerful or particularly admired, the Storyteller may award extra points.
Ban: Never avoid a chance to receive praise.

You divide the world into those who hunt, and those who are hunted, and you are one of the trackers and killers. There is no thrill like the hunt– you may sometimes pick weaker prey, just to keep your skills sharp, but the true game is the smart, cunning, and swift equal. You may hunt animals for food, but you live for the thrill of the chase of smarter creatures. You may not necessarily kill what you catch, but you love to prove your excellence by being able to trap it. You decry civilization as an amusing game, but ultimately something to be shed for the thrill of the hunt itself. You are not a Savage, of course; you're more than willing to use technology, and to brag to others about your prowess, but you'll never let a machine or a trap get in the way of the hunt itself.
Quest: Whenever you stalk and capture, subdue, or kill a victim after an extended hunt, you gain a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never resist a challenge; never surrender once you have decided that a victim must be selected.


The Questor seeks to find the one great answer that will make sense of the world. With so much suffering and confusion all around her, the Questor wants simply to understand. The Questor attempts to boil down all quandries and dilemmas to their root conflicts and simplify all relationships into something digestible, manageable and surmountable. The Questor seldom feels at rest and may quietly believe that happiness can come only with an utter understanding of the world. Clergymen, scientists, contemplatives and spiritualists fulfill the Questor Archetype.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower whenever you reach some concise life lesson that could become a rule of thumb. This rule is inevitable disproved, but it's just answers you seek, after all, not necessarily the truth.
Ban: Avoiding a chance to find answers/life lessons.


The opposite of the Fop, you believe that substance is all that matters; therefore you play the militant slob to show how truly deep you are. You reject all such "surface ephemera" as bathing and basic grooming. Those who pay attention to such trivialities are affected snobs and beneath you. Just because you are a slob doesn't mean that you are really any deeper for all that. Those who see past your grimy exterior and really take the opportunity to know you may well find you no more genuine than the Fop.
Quest: Regain Willpower every time you expose another person as a fraud.
Ban: Never dress appropriately for an occasion.

You are a greedy sensualist, a miser, a glutton, an obsessive collector, and a hoarder of experience. You care little for other people, except as objects to collect and use at your whim, pretty things to set around and provide you with pleasure. You revel in material gratification and show off your good taste at every opportunity. Sharing is not a word that you recognize, however. You flaunt what you own, be it the beautiful woman on your arm or the glittering diamond on your finger, but you would never consider giving a gift to anyone or helping the needy.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you succeed in your pursuit of pleasure.
Ban: Never give anything away without either hope of reward or a hard fight.

You are a malcontent, iconoclast and free-thinking recalcitrant. You are so independent-minded and free-willed that you are unwilling to join any particular cause or movement. You are just yourself and only desire the freedom to be yourself. You do not make a good follower and aren't usually a very good leader either (unless your followers are willing to go wherever you lead). You tend to be insubordinate to authority to the point of stupidity.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever your rebellion against the status quo turns out to be for the best.
Ban: Conforming to authority/Conforming to the status quo.

Nobility in the purest sense, you are the ruler, the patriarch or matriarch. You are the judge and legislator who sorts right from wrong. More than any other, you feel the heavy burden of duty and obligation. Often, you have to deal our punishment. Although you despise it, it is a necessary part of your responsibilities, and you perform it with as much wisdom and fairness as you can muster. You have resigned yourself to the fact that regency is a lonely and often misunderstood mission, and you do not let your personal feelings interfere with the charge of your station.
Quest: You regain Willpower whenever you resolve a situation through the strength of your leadership.
Ban: Never compromise or shirk your duty or the laws by which you live, whatever they may be.

You are an enigma, the mystery that no one can figure out. You are in love with secrets and never give a truly straight answer to any question. You obscure everything in double entendres, mysterious terms, and outright lies. You take joy in confusing and confounding others, satisfying your own need to feel that your intellect is superior to theirs. You are especially careful to shroud your own psyche in deepest mystery, and your greatest fear is that someone will learn what you're really like.
Quest: Whenever you manage to confuse or mislead someone, you regain Willpower.
Ban: Never allow others to discover the truth of you and your origins.

You have your gang and you rule them with an iron fist. You work hard to build and strengthen your organization, preaching loyalty and submission to the cause you embody. You will not stand for your law or authority to be undermined. While you understand that a group is more powerful than any one individual, you do not consider yourself equal to your band of followers. You are the head, and you use them at your whim to further your own goals.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you accomplish something as a direct result of the devotion of your followers.
Ban: Never allow any one person to endanger the whole of your organization or your goals.

You don't need to work; so many others out there can get the job done for you. Others see you as a leech, but while they're licking their wounds, and cleaning their boots, you're spending your share of the pot. All things considered, you prefer taking the path of least resistance. There's always some gung-ho hero ready to leap to the fore and do all the dirty work. Why not let him? And so what if you're there with your hand out when it's time to reap the reward. You didn't ask that guy to do it; you just didn't offer to help.
Quest: Whenever you achieve something that you do not really deserve, regain a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never work for something when it can be had for free.


You are the advisor, the wise one, the teacher. You have traveled many places and seen many things. You have learned, and you willingly share your insights with others. The quest for knowledge and wisdom is paramount to your goals in life. You see something to be learned in every situation. Like the old man of the mountain, you don't force your wisdom on others, but share it with an open heart to any who wish to learn.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever someone follows your advice and succeeds at his chosen task.
Ban: Never stand in another's chosen way, for the path to wisdom is difficult for everyone.

You like to push the boundaries other others and try to see how much they can take - how much pain they can tolerate before they collapse. You gain a certain satisfaction from causing or observing suffering, humiliation, deprivation and even mutilation, especially when you are the cause of said pain and have control over it. You know that your need is somewhat perverse, but you know you aren't crazy. This is just the way you are.
Quest: Regain two points of Willpower whenever you bring suffering in a new way.
Ban: Refusing a chance to make another suffer or alleviating another of pain.

You feel the pain of those around you and strive to ease their suffering. You give freely of your time, your belongings and whatever else it takes to increase the happiness of others. This often places you in a position of martyrdom, so complete is your altruism. Your own happiness is secondary to that of others. You can become so obsessed with your cause that you endanger yourself. However, you would never do anything that might bring harm to others. You exemplify a life of simple faith and charity, encouraging others to do the same, unlike the Martyr, who undertakes his sacrifice alone.
Quest: Whenever you protect someone else or alleviate their suffering, you regain Willpower.
Ban: Never knowingly cause distress or harm to anyone.

For you, the only viable way to live is like the animals in the forest, eating what you catch, mating when the urge strikes, and fighting to establish superiority. Everything else is senseless. Civilized conversation, etiquette, and technology– wastes of time. Modern inventions only distract you from your true nature, and keep you form satisfying the instincts that burn in your soul. You long for a return to the days of primal self-indulgence and the law of nature. In the meantime, you just live your life as if they were already here, feral and proud of it.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you conquer "civilized" foes through your own cunning and might.
Ban: Never indulge in civilized folly.

Someone has to plumb the mysteries of the world, for the good of others. You exemplify that role, carefully gathering all the information you can through natural and supernatural methods so that you can play the role of advisor and soothsayer. You pride yourself on the ability to ferret out the truth, the best path, and the answers, though you know that sometimes they will shock and terrify people. Still, you must gain whatever insight you can; to live in darkness is not to live at all. Whenever you can, you use supernatural methods to divine the best course of action, whether that is an innate gift you possess or communication with the spirit world.
Quest: You regain Willpower whenever others act on your advice, especially that gained through supernatural means.
Ban: Never undertake any major course of action, or let any of your friends do the same, without at least a serious attempt to divine the future.

Things fall apart. The center cannot hold. You are a destroyer of social institutions, be they governments, businesses, or families. You never miss an opportunity to sow dissention or cause discord. Maybe you do this to help people break out of old, hidebound ways of doing things, but you mostly just enjoy destroying things that other people build. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there. The sooner the huddled masses are on their own, the sooner they will realize that. You view yourself as a bold social visionary, an anarchist or a rugged individualist. This may be true, or you may just be a destructive child.
Quest: Gain Willpower every time you cause dissention in a tightly-knit group.
Ban: Never join a formal organization, except for the express purpose of disrupting it or using it to disrupt other organizations.

Like the Pishogue, you see the world in a very different way than most. Unfortunately, it is a very ugly place. You are a human zombie, an emotional sleepwalker who sees the world as a never-ending horror show. The World of Darkness has finally gotten to you. You accept mindless brutality as the natural order of things. Perhaps you react to this reality by joining in the mayhem, or perhaps you've retreated behind a wall of emotionless detachment. This is not to say that you have no sense of moral outrage, it just takes the most inhuman of atrocities to even register on your screen. Your primary motivations are selfish desire and immediate personal gratification.
Quest: Regain Willpower every time you encounter a horrific experience without betraying emotion.
Ban: Never show an extreme emotion, even in crisis situations.

Most people are hungry for knowledge, whether they know it or not. You are more than happy to share yours, for a price. You are a sophist in the old sense of the word, one who teaches solely for self-gain. Is that so wrong? Unfortunately, you just assume that people want what you are selling. When the ungrateful fools don't meet your price you become… agitated. You believe you know more than everyone else. You will rarely back down from your original argument, no matter how much sophistry and facile logic you have to employ to convince everybody that you know best.
Quest: Gain Willpower every time you win an argument or debate.
Ban: Never admit you are wrong.

Rather than stepping into the limelight, you prefer to support and help those who do. You are Tonto to the Lone Ranger, Watson to Holmes, Kato to the Green Hornet. You care nothing for glory or recognition, but merely seek the chance to be a small part of the process. You abide by the words of your present hero, and no task is too menial for you if your hero requests it.
Quest: You regain Willpower whenever you play a supporting role in an accomplishment, but take no credit for it.
Ban: Never contradict or undermine your current heroic companion.

You take the unavoidable sorrows (and joys) of life in stride. You have a calm and serious mind, and rarely give into unseemly displays of emotion. This does not mean that you do not have feelings, you just do not wear them on your sleeve. The most people will ever get out of you is a slight smile or a small frown. Some Stoics have fierce malcontent sides that they hold back for years, passionate whirlwinds which explode out when they have finally borne all they can.
Quest: Regain Willpower every time you come through an emotionally charged situation with your composure intact.
Ban: Never let your emotions get the better of you.

No matter what, you always manage to survive. You can endure, pull through, recover from, outlast and outlive nearly any circumstance. When the going gets tough, you get going. You never say die, and never give up - never. Nothing angers you as much as a person who doesn't struggle to make things better, or who surrenders to the nameless forces of the universe.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you survive a difficult situation through your own cunning and perseverance.
Ban: Submitting to failure.

In the grand scheme of things, you are small and weak and unfit for survival. Your best hope is to find someone who is more powerful than you are and persuade her to take care of you. In return you will serve, admire and follow her. You will do anything she says, unless it puts you in great risk. In any type of uncertain situation, you will attach yourself to the strongest-seeming person, siding with her, performing various barely necessary services and generally trying to ingratiate yourself. Thereby you hope to earn some kind of protection. There is no limit to the depths to which you will lower yourself in order to be accepted, and you have no pride.
Quest: Regain one Willpower point whenever a stronger character to whom you have attached yourself acts in your defense, be it siding with you in an argument or protecting you from physical harm.
Ban: Being independent, being stronger than another.


No chance is too slim, no risk too great, no longshot too far for your tastes. You love the thrill of the wind in your hair, and the gasps of the crowd as you do what they didn't believe was possible. The people who tell you that it can't be done are simply cowards, with no appreciation for your skill or knowledge of your past accomplishments. You aren't happy unless your adrenaline is racing; you might prefer to perform for others, but you'll take the risk simply for your own enjoyment if no audience is handy. It's certainly possible that you are a braggart, and even the most humble thrill-seekers fly in the face of convention and promote others to take risks which most would deem unacceptable. You are constantly looking for the next high, the next rush, and it has to be better than the last one, or else it's just boring. You rush in where angels fear to tread.
Quest: Whenever you take a life-threatening risk that pays off for you, you gain Willpower.
Ban: Never take the easy way when there's a more exciting and dangerous path.

In a world which has forgotten its roots, you still see the old ways as the best. You speak fondly of the "old days," not to chastise as the Humbug does, but with the hopes of instructing others in avoiding the mistakes of the past. It's likely that others see you as an old fuddy-duddy, with your outdated dress and manner of speaking, but you refuse to turn your backs on them, responding in as mentorly and sagacious a fashion as you can. If there's an old ritual or celebration, a forgotten tidbit of lore, or an archaic custom, you see the beauty and worth in it, and try to encourage that same respect in others. It's likely that you've fallen behind the times, and may not be aware of the newest rages among various cultures; you probably see them as passing fads, or not worthy of attention until they have withstood the test of time.
Quest: Whenever you prove to others that the old ways work best (forgotten lore, customs, and the like), you gain a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never try anything new without first doing it the old-fashioned way.

The Trickster finds the absurd in everything. No matter how grim life or unlife may become, the Trickster always uncovers a kernel of humor within it. Tricksters cannot abide sorrow or pain, and so they strive to lighten the spirits of those around them. Some Tricksters have even higher ideals, challenging static dogma by exposing its failures in humorous ways. Comedians, satirists and social critics are examples of Trickster Archetypes.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower any time you manage to lift others' spirits, especially if you are able to deny your own pain in the process.
Ban: Submitting to a serious life, submitting to sorrow/pain and embracing negativity.

You walk in a fog of pink and lilac optimism, feeling emotions more strongly than others and expressing them at every opportunity. You are an idealist who believes in the potential for a perfect world, a perfect love, a perfect life. You step into every situation with enthusiasm and wide-eyed wonder, anxious to experience the thrill of the moment. When you love, you love with abandon. When you cry, your tears would fill an ocean. When you are happy, you make sure everyone knows it. Forgiving and loving, you rarely find it in yourself to hate anyone, seeing them instead as just another fascinating piece of your glorious world.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you complete a task in the name of a higher ideal (love, friendship, romance, etc.).
Ban: Never hide your feelings.



Similar to the Pandora, trouble follows you wherever you go. Unlike the innocence of that other archetype, however, you have a mean streak a mile wide, and are just waiting to bite the hand the feeds you. You are the scorpion who stings the wolf as he swims across the river, dooming you both to drown because it's simply in your own nature. You strike first as a means of protecting yourself, and feign innocence to shield you from your accusers. What's more, you have a love of ingratiating yourself among those you want to destroy, gaining their confidence so that the sting of your bite hurts all the more. You protest your innocence even when caught red-handed, but will strike again the moment their backs are turned. Getting away with it doesn't even enter your mind; you're concerned first with the delight of the betrayal, and covering your tracks later.
Quest: Whenever you manage to feign innocence and still wreak havoc, you gain Willpower.
Ban: Never reveal your true colors to anyone; always protest your innocence.

There are few people who can say that they have mastered a given field, and you are one of them. You are a specialist, striving for excellence in a small number of related disciplines. Even if you have not yet reached the level of excellence that you desire, you consider yourself an authority (though you admit that you have more to learn). You fear all your attention toward learning more about your field of expertise.
Quest: Gain a point of Willpower every time you accomplish something that brings you closer to mastering your intended field of study.
Ban: Never become involved in tangential matters for too long.

You are strong enough to look beyond the mundane and see the truly wondrous. You test accepted social limits and question authority not to destroy the old order, but to bring the dream to realization. You often question what others could be doing, as opposed to what they are doing. Wide-eyed but hardly naive, you possess a charisma and a vision which may either threaten others or draw them to you, depending upon their feelings about tradition and the changes you wish to enact.
Quest: Regain a point of Willpower every time you are able to convince others to have faith in your dreams and follow the course of action dictated by your vision.
Ban: Never resist an opportunity to explain your vision to others, or correct a flawed system to correspond with your dream of the world remade.


You are shy, and feel that your best place is hanging back when social grace or heroism are called for. Nonetheless, you are always attentive, paying attention for the chance to do your part. You keep to the wings, watching carefully, and making notes as to who is up to what. You don't feel you will ever shine, but you might be able to do your part to help others. Nonetheless, you resist anyone who tries to draw you out too much, retreating to the shadows where it's safe. Unlike the Lurker, you aren't quick to cut yourself off for the sake of your own skin, and may secretly befriend others, so long as it doesn't force you into the limelight.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you learn a juicy secret or important piece of information by holding your tongue and paying attention.
Ban: Never make a scene, or speak up when you think your opinions aren't wanted. Never volunteer information without prompting.

Your story is that of the endless wanderer, the great explorer and adventurer who has a love in every port and rarely stays in any one place for long. You live by your own wits, though your restless nature often lands you in dangerous situations. A reactionary, you act first and think later. This sometimes saves you; other times, it gets you in trouble. Impatient and easily bored, you are always looking for the next adventure.
Quest: Whenever you survive a life-threatening scene through your own cleverness, you regain Willpower.
Ban: Never plan for the future.

You cultivate an aura of power and mystery similar to the Riddler, but you are more concerned with being held in high regard. You are the strange one, the medium, the truthsayer and the seer whose powers are unfathomable to others. You may study the magic, methods of soothsaying, or even the ways of the dead, but this is always to the maximum effect on others around you. Your objective is to convince them that you are a dangerous, implacable sorcerer, someone who is to be feared and revered. You delight in being held at arm's length by anyone you consider "common" and are unlikely to associate with anyone who can reveal the nature of your powers or source of wisdom. You hold yourself above all others, and expect the same from everyone else.
Quest: Whenever you convince others that they do not, cannot possibly understand you and your powers, gain a point of Willpower.
Ban: Never submit to being "one of the crowd." Never let anyone condescend to you.

You delight in the beauty of nature, the serene calm of harmony with the elements and the animals around you. Your idyllic view of nature may not always be true, but you live in a delightful dream of peace with your surroundings, taking only what you need and avoiding the excesses of modern civilization. In some ways, you are the counterpart of the Savage, but their cruel and barbaric ways have no place in your dream of harmony. You cultivate the wilderness around you, unafraid of being occasionally pricked by a thorn if it means you get to enjoy the beauty of a rose.
Quest: Gain a point of Willpower every time you show that the natural way is best, avoiding human artifice and technology for a more wild way of life.
Ban: Never let anyone threaten the beauty of the unspoiled wilderness, and nature itself.

You have no positive self-image, and assume that everyone else hates you as much as you hate yourself. Perhaps you are the wallflower who never gets asked to dance or the loser who was never invited to birthday parties; regardless, you believe that everyone hates you and that you are a pitiful outcast. Sometimes you seek pity and aid from others. Other times you seek to punish them for their pity and aid, being especially hard on anyone who shows you compassion and caring.
Quest: Whenever others vilify you as worthless or throw up their hands in despair of ever getting through to you, you regain Willpower.
Ban: Never admit to success.




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