Of Trains And Garou

Riley Maxwell and Ayasha pull up in the jeep cherokee. Riley has some Seal playing through the speakers, explictly Prayer for the Dying. In his lips is a lip cigarette. Looking out the window he offers a half wave towards Charlotte as he pops the knuckles of his right hand.

Charlotte hasn't said a word to the lovely blonde SilverFang Kinfolk that she's dragging by the hand, and she releases it now to place one foot on the back tire as it stops, and uses one hand on the side of it to step up and into the Jeep, clearly careful not to step -on- anyone. She's wearing a rather tattered blue jeans that hang loosely from her hips, her usual white running shoes, and a shirt that looks like it's probably Maxwell's, though it's tied in a knot at the middle of her back. "Update me."

"Well. There's a train on the way. Same shit as last time in the last car. But everything up from there is the shopping list of a pissed off dictator. We're going to try and cut the power to it before it gets to Los Angeles, so that we don't have to deal with blowing people up on accident..or any of that fun stuff..", the Glasswalker Kinfolk states, opening up the case that contains his Desert Eagles, and checking over them once or twice to ensure the proper working order, "Glad you could make it though. Really glad..", he admits.

Sofiya blinks as she looks to the vechile and to all as she basically gets in as well. She is wearing a simple, light-blue tank over a pair of hip-hugger jeans and a pair of slipons shoes. She also has a big handbag with her that looks abit filled.

Holiday hops into the back of the jeep. "Who's got my hot plate?" She sits down and gives everyone a wave. "Sieg and I tried to find us all Ninja outfits, no luck."

Riley just looks down at Sofiya's shoes and blinks before looking up at her, "You've gotta be kidding me, what about being apart of a war pack says you should wear flipflops if you can't turn into a seven foot monster covered in fur?"

Sieg snaps his fingers with a nod as he lands in the seat next to her, "Yeah, they were all sold out man. Couldn't find a single bloody one." He leans forward to look at the driver's side seat, "Just about done making your crown for ya though Maxie." He falls back into a sitting position though as he looks over to Sofiya. He seems to cut off Riley's comment about the footwear though with a, "Glad to see ya made it Sofiya. Thought the call might've been a bit abrupt."

"She can wear my sneakers. Luckily, -I- can be a seven foot monster. Well. Closer to six and a half. I think that's really the least of our worries right now." The honey-blonde Alpha lets the words pour out of her mouth quickly as she takes a seat next to Maxwell, giving him a quick, almost business-like peck on the cheek before she turns her attention back to the group as a whole. "If we don't have a GPS map, I want one up and in my hand. What's the size of the train. I'll give you a hint with this, just check the train scheduals. Ladies. Gentlemen. Focus."

Sofiya rolls her eyes as she says, "Well, I didn't know we were going to go out like this. They are shoes, not flipflops. If they become a problem, I can still move around great on my bare feet." She takes a seat, looking to Charlotte for a moment before setting the bag down next to her to look at what she has in the bag.

Riley takes his gps off the dash and tosses it back towards Charlie as he starts off the car and they start heading out of town towards the south east. Driving relatively fast but obeying the laws for the most part as not to get them caught. He looks like he might turn around and backhand Sofiya at her comment judging from the glare in his rearview mirror.

"The train is coming in from Phoenix, at midnight. It'll be on Track Nine, which means we've got about an hour if we want to catch it an hour outside of Los Angeles, which should be far enough out..", Maxwell admits, returning the business-like peck in a most appropriate manner for going to war, "Also. Holiday. All of your stuff is in the back. In the bag. Do what you need to do with it.". That said, the Kinfolk goes back to checking out his guns.

Holiday nods, scrambling over the back seat and flashing anyone who's looking a pair of 'Incredible Hulk' underpants as she's still wearing her sundress. "Right o. Riley does this window open?"

"We already know where it's coming and where it's at at the moment. Times and all are there without need for a schedule." He handles the new set of knives at his side, slipping a few out to inspect them before holding one up to check its size with a small nod to himself, "If Fomori are on that train, they'll be praying they weren't and if Dancers are there…so help me the first one will find every one of my knives in its throat before it knows what hit it."

Ayasha slides over next to Riley and slides her hand onto his thigh "Let's all save our agitation for whoever is on the train to keep us from our goal

Charlotte glances back at Sieg over her shoulder for a quick pause with her lips pursed before she looks down to the GPS device that's settled into one of her hands. She kind of just… stares at it blankly for a second, turns it on, and promptly holds it over Max's lap. "-I- didn't know where it was going/ coming / existed until about an hour ago. This will be fun," she says in a slightly dreamy fashion, "Like the hold ups in the old west."

Sieg smirks as he catches a glimpse in the rearview mirror of Riley, "Just make sure you don't get randomly kissed by one of the female ones if they're there loverboy." He flicks one of the daggers up in teh air before slipping it into his case.

Max glances down at the GPS device, giving it a glance before Riley's comment pops up. Almost as a last minute sort of thing, he glances to Charlotte before shoving the GPS into Sieg's hands, "Here. You know more about this thing than I do, I bet.".

Holiday scoffs. "Not all of us were Iron Riders once!"

Sieg holds up the GPS as he scans the map on it for a moment with a grin before pointing, "The Ironclad Dragon be that way" He points in the appropriate direction as he reads the GPS before him, a small grin forming on his lips.

Charlotte snorts softly. "I grew up with a lot of stories, in a town that was as simple as it gets. My great uncle walked around with to pistols on his hips, just because he fancied himself a cowboy." She shrugs up one shoulder, and lays her head back against the seat and closes her eyes. "Oh, and whoever lives through this: I hope no one's irritated by being on a plane for at least twenty hours."

Holiday peeks her head over the backseat. "Don't mind the smell, I assure you perfectly…oh it's never turned red before. I mean where're we going?"

"Because we're going to go steal Aladdin's magic lamp..", Maxwell reveals, unzipping his duffle bag and pulling out a steel gauntlet that has, 'Welcome to the Dark Ages' painted on it in bold, black letter. He works to strap that onto his arm as he continues to speak, "Charlie. You've got some extra clothing in this duffle bag. And a first-aid kit. And some rope. And. Well. There's a lot of shit. Just in case you need something..".

Sofiya seems to ignore most of what is being discussed as she stares out the window of the vechile. She looks back down to her bag as she says, "I have about the same stuff that Max does in my own bag.", pulling out the duct tape roll or two.

As time moves forward, the pack quickly finds itself pulling up along side of the the train. Running parrell at sixty miles per hour. The cold desert and the hum of the modern train gliding along the rails filling the night of the abandoned stretch of highway.

Holiday is already pouring a gross red liquid into the length of pvc pipe, capped on one end. She stops and pours a box of nails into the mixure and begins to fill the pipe again. "And we're live ladies and gents!!"

With Maxwell's information, Charlotte takes about a second before she's already in motion after mouthing a quick Thanks to the Kinfolk on either side of her. The slender woman turns in her seat to rest on her knees, letting her stomach keep her weight against the top of the back seat while she pitches forward and goes about looking through supplies. "We're going to kill some people, babes. On a train."

Riley presses the cruise control button as they pull up beside the train. Looking back over his shoulder at those present tosses Maxwell a walkie talkie, "Since I'm guessing you and Charlie are taking point.."

Sieg leans up in his seat as he gazes up at the train in an attempt at seeing if the thing has any outter defenses visible via guards and the like. He leans forward then, an arm resting on the seat as he readies himself.

Maxwell catches the walkie-talkie and slips it into his pocket, using his free and ungauntlet-ed hand to do this, "Yeah. We'll take point. Uh. If she wants us to..". With his guns all set, he slips them into their shoulder holsters before admitting, "I should get some hip-holsters and revolvers. How bad-ass would that be..". This is more to himself than to anyone else, "..and a duster..".

Holiday shakes her head at Maxwell, feeling a little cramped in the backseat. "How do we shut down the power?"

The train itself looks like a veritable tank or bullet. Heavily armored it is clearly owned by a private company with markings labeling it as property of Avalon Industries with the picture of human commando in some badass techno gear slaying werewolves with lazer beams.

"We'll be in threes and fours. I don't want that much splitting up this time if it can be helped, or at all," comes the muffled voice of the nearly upside-down Alpha. "Besides, I'm not sure how much room we'll have to mo-…." She pauses for a moment, using an open palm to push Sieg's shoulder lightly before she goes back to her rumaging. "Sure you're up for this?" She casts him a light smirk from behind the seat where most can't see her face, and goes back to her sorting, tossing a few items into Maxwell's lap that include her holster and pistol, and some clothes. As an aside, she adds, "As long as you don't bring around a revolver during stuff like tonight, I'm definately approving, Max."

Ayasha blinks staring at the desert, wow why would anyone want this much sand? and then at the train, another new sight before smirking at Maxwell "I suppose you'd like a 10gallon hat too?And a horse….white or black?"

"I was born for this." Sieg replies calmly before looking back out at the train again, away from her without his usual smirk.

"Hey. Revolvers served people well for millions of years..", Maxwell points out, despite the matter that his statement is so far from fact that it just fell off of the side of the square earth. He begins to arrange the things that Charlotte is throwing into his lap, before adding to Ayasha's offer, "I think I'd do better in a bowler. Those dudes always win..".

Riley comments to Holiday as he nods ahead, "Ten miles down the road there's a converter I can destroy, it'll bring the bitch to a stop. Trouble is it will cause them to jump onto their guard second I do. I can double time it back to the train and try just tackling it to shake up the sardines, have em focus on me while yall jump em from behind."

Riley reaches into the backseat and grabs a vest for Ayasha, tossing it to her before gesturing for Maxwell and Sofiya to take one aswell. Looking to charlie in the rearview mirror he inquires, "We good to go, plan good to you Alpha?"

Charlotte sits back up after a minute and sits up, moving things from Maxwell's lap to the space she makes against the seat after scooting back a bit. She crawls into Maxwell's lap, but her attention is completely drawn away from him as she presses one hand against the window to look over the train. "How classy," she growls slightly, before turning her attention back to the group as she slides into a sitting position in the Kinfolk's lap. "That sounds like our best bet, as it is. Focus your shots if you're using a gun. Too damned small a place for all of us to run in licking off shots." She wets her lips and meets Riley's gaze in the rearview. "Now or never."

Riley pulls up close to the train's back end, keeping the car steady. All the windows roll down at once as the back door can be heard unlocking and the sunroof opens. Nodding towards the others he, gets them within a foot's distance of the train's back. "All aboard who's going aboard."

Holiday begins to get ready to jump as well, hauling the peice of pipe with the egg timer taped to it with her. "Yeehaw."

Slipping into the vest and clicking it on, Max leans forward and plants a kiss on Charlotte's forehead, before pointing up, "I'll head out through the sunroof. Let's try this single file, so we're not jumping all over one another. I'd rather really not miss a whole train. I would never live it down.".

Sieg raises a brow as he leans forward, "Sorry bud, but the Garou go first, or at least Charlotte. We'd rather have a Garou take a shot first and charge the fucks than a Kinfolk." He climbs up towards the sunroof before stopping to allow Charlotte passage.

Charlotte snorts a bit towards Maxwell and immediately pushes herself off of his lap. "You can throw me the first bag," she chuckles a bit, stepping past Sieg to make the first jump.

Moving Single file one after another, Charlotte is the first across in classicAlpha fashion, followed after by Holiday who seem's quite excited as she lands with a bit of grace. Sieg likewise manages the jump before Maxi can gulp down his fear, and even Sofiya shows that she's not as prissy as she pretends to be. When Maxwell finally does perform his jump he yelps as he realizes he's about to flal short. Grabbing onto a railing he clings for dear life. His desert eagle sliding out of his grasp and between the legs of Sofiya as his legs scramble in the air.

"The Garou go first is the attitude that's allowed that train to even be here so that we have to stop it, Sieg. I'm not a kid.", Maxwell states in a rather matter-of-fact tone, "If I was, they probably might have called a Garou with this mission instead of a Kin..". This is said as they're all doing their jumping thing.

Ayasha shrugs on the vest and swallows hard as she snaps it secure and cinches it down tight then leans in to kiss riley again and whisper in his ear before climbing around in the jeep and leaps for the train

Sofiya blinks at the gun for a moment before turning around to pull Maxwell up on the train. "Stop gabbing and get your ass on board." saying softly towards him.

Ayasha likewise makes the jump, fairing little better than maxwell but not performing the deed from the same height she grabs hold of the railing in a higher position. Meeping in fear she looks about for someone to help pull her the rest of the way onto the vehichle.

As each of them land and the bags are tossed and settled, Charlotte turns her attention quickly as Maxwell slips, stepping foward to grab his other arm with Sofiya. "Max. Fuck." The woman curses as they struggle a bit to pull the Kinfolk up, and as he's rescued by the two women, the Alpha's arms immediately go around his neck, and her lips move almost soundlessly.

Holiday pulls Ayasha the rest of the way up "Good going. It's about to get shitty from here so be really ready." The wind is whipping her hair into what is rapidly beginning to look like a ratsnest

Sieg turns his head to gaze back at Maxie with a smirk, "Nice jump Superkin" He calls back before gaining a serious look on his face as he ducks to the side, turning his gaze back to the first compartment as he makes sure not to get in Charlotte's way. His form slowly shifting into Glabro though not quite as fast as usual.

Riley turns off cruise control as he peels off into the dust. The doors closing from the force of the wind as he starts to slowly outrun the train as he puts the petal to the floor.

Holiday raises an eyebrow at Seig. "Is that normal for you?"

"Woah. I think the wind caught that one..", Maxwell states as Charlie wraps her arms around him. He plants another kiss on her forehead, as if to assuage whatever she had whispered, before grinning a bit, "No one ever said adventuring was easy..". He seems a bit shaken up, but he does manage to bury it well. Sieg's comment urges a response though, and he does add, "I didn't want to make you look bad, Urban Ninja. I've got a woman already.".

Charlotte shakes her head lightly and steps away from Maxwell with a quick turn, pushing a hand through her hair. She steps towards the read door into the closest train car. She steps over to one of the bags and takes up her holster and pistol out of one of them. She straps the Berreta and belt around her waist, tightening it, slipping it through a belt loop of her jeans, and clipping it before stepping back towards the door. "We'll save the cowboy references for later, but saddle up, my loves. We're on a schedual."

Holiday obviously doesn't feel the need for a weapon and is not attemping to look as small and ninja like as possible. Thought the wind keeps kicking up her dress and making her look as dumb and Marylin Monroe-like as probible.

"Can we save the kissy crap until /after/ we're done fighting a battle?" He comments in return to Maxwell's words before casting his gaze back to the train, "No Holiday, it isn't. Not for this Urban Ninja." He adds between a soft growl of sound as he finishes the change into Glabro form. His blades are bared then in both hands, flicking them between them as if both hands were working in conjunction with each other.

In the backwindow you can see crates stacked high to either side. The car is empty for the most part though its hard to make out due to the lack of lighting within. Mildly claustrophobic due to the crampness it would seem for this car crinos form is definately out of question as even a glabro would find it hard pressed to move through the small walkways. The cargo is all secured with straps, their boxes labeling them as action figures and toys for Avalon Industries.

Sofiya shakes her head everyone as she moves to look in on what is going on. She looks to Max, "Got an extra gun?" She smirks as she keeps close.

Maxwell grabs his missing gun from train where it lies at Sofi's feet, despite where Dizon says it is, because he's not posing reaching there. Blowing it off, he shoves it back into the holster from whence it came, "Yep. Saddle up. Let's get this done so that we can get out of here.". He stops though, at Sofiya's question, and eyeballs her for a second, "I do. Can you use a Desert Eagle? They kick like a mule..".

Holiday hand Sofiya the bomb. "Set the timer and throw. It's that easy but only when the time is right and I might not have thumbs them it is. If you feel uncomfortable, hand this to your nearest Maxwell"

Charlotte glances back over her shoulder for a minute. "She can use my nine. For a Berreta it whispers. Gaia knows I don't really need a gun for this." She reaches into the pocket of her pants for a hairtie and goes through the steps of securing it at the base of her neck. "I'm going first. There's enough room for us to single-file, but watch your sides, and your steps. If I see that pipe bomb leave your hands while we're surrounded by a huge metal box, I will completely lose my self control. I'd rather manage tonight without that happening, if you don't mind."

Sofiya looks over to Charlotte as she nods as she reaches to take it, "I promise to take the best care and use of it." She grins as she looks to Maxwell, still holding the homemade bomb of Holiday's.

"Don't drop that thing. I like all of my teeth. And..my face. And the rest of me..", Maxwell pleads with Sofiya, before casting a smirk at her, "Just remember what I showed you. Aim. Squeeze. Don't pull. Don't jerk. Don't twitch. Squeeze slowly. Also. Don't point it at anything you don't intend to kill..". That said and done, he begins to follow the Alpha onto untold dangers and peril.

Holiday pads along behind Charlie, appearing tense enough to spring at any moment. But her footsteps are silent enough, she hopes.

Ayasha nods firmly to charlie "Right Boss Tomboy"

Sieg looks back at Maxwell and his antics before shifting again, waiting for Charlie to move in so he can jump in after her with Holiday.

Charlotte brings one hand up to her hip, snapping the guard open with her thumb before handing it the Berreta towards Sofiya handle-first. "Don't shoot it unless you have to. It's FID'd. Besides, you shouldn't be taking shots while holding that." The Alpha's eyes shift towards the pipe bomb for a second and she replaces the Berreta with the Desert Eagle in her belt. She steps towards the door and taps her nails on the glass for a second. "This is what we're made for. Stay at my back. Remember what you're fighting for when the bullets start flying." She pushes the door open with one hand and steps into almost certain danger.

Sofiya nods with a quick head as she decides to tuck the gun into her pants with the bomb still in one hand. "Yes, ma'm. Just tell me when to get rid of this lil device."

Ayasha almost whimpers to herself as she follws at the rear "Father sun, Brother moon, Mother Earth, give me strength, guide and protect me, keep Us safe and whole. Great Spirits I hope I can help somehow, maybe I'll just be the distraction you all need, Spirits know I can't fight"

Holiday pads after Charlie, preparing herself as best she can for the worst.

Keeping his Desert Eagle locked into a fist, Maxwell flexes his armor-clad hand in the gauntlet, before dropping in as well.

As you step into the train the rushing sound of wind dulls into a slight hum as the train glides along. Theres barely enough room for all your forms as you move around the crates and spread out into formation slightly with Charlotte at point. The crates stand in staggered rows, one one, two, and three all the way agains the wall of the train. Kept in place by straps and cargo netting. There is a light red dot of light coming from the doorway about thirt feet directly opposite leading to the next car.

Sieg lowers his blades as he crouches a bit, keeping his eyes forward though allowing them to glance about once every so often in thought. The blades shift back just a bit, at the ready.

Charlotte continues to move foward, walking rather casually for the situation. She holds one slender hand out infront of her in something like a halting motion, while the other rests on the handle of her gun at her hip.

Ayasha looks at the crates studying them a moment before reaching an arm thru the cargo netting to grab a crowbar and uses to open one of the crates, what treasures, novelties, and toys do these boxes hold?

In a lowered voice, the Glasswalker Kinfolk says, "This is the room with the ammunition. Uh. Very /anti/ us. Careful with it..". He tightens his grip on his gun and lifts it just a bit, so that it's pointing at the grounf but quite prepared to be raised and fire.

Holiday stops about an inch and a half away from Charlotte and holds up her hand to stop the others.

Sofiya follows along cautionly, keeping a secure and delicate hold on the bomb. She looks Max and then makes an 'oh shit' look as she keeps wary of what is going on.

Sieg shifts his gaze down the walkway with a soft hmm as he waits for them to continue on further into the train if they still plan to do so.

"Anyone touches another goddamned thing and I'm throwing them off the train," the golden-haired Alpha hisses slightly, and she comes to a complete stop and steps to the side, kneeling behind one of the man crates. Her chest rises and falls a little unsteadily for now, though her expression gives away none of the panic. "We have two, three, and two. Small groups, but… This is bad." She brushes some hair out of her face as she wait for everyone to regroup. "The first two will have to be quiet. They're on the connection, and there's not enough space, not enough time. Holiday, you'll come ahead with me. Careful. I took three silver bullets in the shoulder, and my heart's still spasming from what these are made of. It makes my skin crawl."

Sofiya looks to Charlotte, listening to her closely as she keeps with the group as she can.

Sieg raises a hand up as he follows behind them, "If you want I can scout ahead a few steps and duck back to you when I see first trouble. They'll never see me." He says in a hushed tone, the daggers slipping behind him to hide any glint from the light.

"Alright. So..", Maxwell states, preparing to respond to Charlotte, "We pick this up. Or I do. And we see what's inside. It might be better if we just knock them off since they're on the connection. Or faster, at least. Unless you just /really really/ want them dead..". He's still standing prepared, though his eyes shift to Ayasha, "Man. Jumping someone is more intense than getting jumped..".

Holiday gives a curt nod and scoops up a crowbar. "Right-o. I'm ready to roll."

As Ayasha cracks open the crate, it opens with ease and makes little sound oddly enough. Inside are several action figures laid in packing peanuts of the same commando from outside the train. With a lazer gun toy! There are also several bad ass looking crinos warriors who all for some reason are depicted as evil warriors bent on destroying the world and enslaving mankind.

"You four," Charlotte starts, motioning towards Max, Sofiya, Ayasha, and Sieg, "Stay here. I'll open the door for you when we're done." She leans towards Holiday, cupping a hand around the woman's earlobe before issuing a whisper. She draws her hand back afterwards, and oddly enough brandishes a wry grin and a wink in the girl's direction. She glances back towards Maxwell with a hesitation before she decides not to say anything at all. As her eyes turn downwards, it seems like there should be a POP, or at least a quiver of smoke, as the Alpha's image immediately faulters, fades, and fails - leaving an empty space where she was kneeling.

Sofiya listens to what Charlotte says as she keeps with Max, waiting the next moment.

"Oh shit. She went Astral..", Maxwell states, fumbling his Garou words around a bit. With her gone, he stands there for a second, biting his lower lip, before walking over to the crate of toys, "That fucking Tanmoi. This isn't ammunition..". He pushes his crowbar into the toys, and digs around gently, as if to see if there is anything else, while also muttering, "..Man. Kin don't even get an action figure..".

Ayasha shrugs and goes over to another crate to open that too "These are too easy to open tho, almost like they weren't nailed down"

Beneath the action figures Maxwell suddenly finds himself face to face with a clear case filled with hundreds if not thousands of rounds of bullet cartridges of every imaginable caliber up to a seventy. Each holding a stand liquid contents that glows a putrid green.

Also, Maxwell finds one of the rare "Johnny Turmoil" action figures near the bottom of the crate. The back label telling the story of how Johnny is a traitor to the human race and half werewolf. He and other half breeds help to subvert the Conglomerate States of Amerika in the near future, and are attempting to interbreed with normal humans to turn them all into half breeds and slaves.

Sieg steps forward to where the Alpha was moments before, lowering into a half crouch as he draws the blades forward in a ready motion. His gaze centers on the forward door as he raises his blades to glance on the reflective edge. Just then he stands upright and utterly dissapears as if the motion was completely natural to him…….like a ninja with a smoke bomb.

Sofiya looks to Maxwell, asking Max, "What are you looking for in those crates?" She looks another way as she sees that Charlotte and Sieg are gone.

"Shit. Poison. Bad bad bad bad bad shit. Sofi. Help me get this lid back on. This shit doesn't need to be exposed. It will fuck a nigga up..". He begins to shove the lid back on, before turning to see Ayasha opening a second one, "Ayasha. If you don't stop that, Charlie is going to rip your fucking face off. You're going to get some people killed. Stop fucking around..".

Ayasha finishes pocketing the figures and pouts "Iwas just curious if they all held thesame stuff, Sludge. Maybe we can use this stuff against the bad guys?"

Outside the window at the far side of the door, Sieg and Charlotte come out of the umbra, pushing both of the guards off the train. One turns though and swipes at Charlie as he instantly becomes a bastardization of crinos form. Taking on the appearance of a were-doberman, the claw swings at her neck, missing by mere inches. Burning rage the strange crinos attempts to grab the side of the train car as he is sent reeling into the night. His claw tearing at the metal though unable to catch he goes tumbling into the night.

Maxwell's gun hand twitches to the side just a bit, and the same thing probably happens to his gun-eye as well. He stares down the Indian woman for a minute, before just shaking his head, "No. Do you know what that shit is? It shouldn't be used against anyone. Ever. Good or bad. Just having the lid open increases the chance of that shit getting on someone. Like. Uh. My mate. So put the lid back on. Please..". There's something quite serious to his words, and none of the humour that usually can be found to tinge whatever it is that he says.

The honey-blonde Alpha pants, bringing a hand out to grab onto one of the railings as the quick display of in-the-moment grace fades and she nearly staggers foward. "Oh, they smell horrible," she notes in a sharp hiss, gasping lightly against the rush of the wind to their sides. She steps towards the compartment door where the three Kinfolk were left and pushes it open with her shoulder. As she takes a step into the room, she looks a bit unkept, with her hair in a near ball from the wind, and completely white cheek and knuckled, though at least unhurt. "That's two. Done with your toys?"

Sieg raises his hand to press down over her shoulder lightly in comfort as she steps back to the door of the car before slipping away to gaze up at the roof of both cars. That same gaze is then redirected into the window of the car ahead as he keeps watch.

Sofiya helps Max with the best ability as she can as she is holding a bomb in one hand. "Let's keep out of these crates and figure out our plans." She looks between him and Ayasha.

The walkie talkie crackles as Riley speaks through it, as suddenly the entire train starts to slow as though losing power. "Converter is destroyed.. I pissed on it for good measure."

The honey-blonde woman pauses for a second to lay her hand over Sieg's and then dismiss him with a nod. "Tell him I'd much rather him be running back than stopping for a leak," Charlotte snaps slightly, rubbing her face with one hand. Her body adjusts to the change in pressure as the train slows, her figure swaying only a bit before the color starts to flush her cheeks again with the familiar excitement, even if there wasn't any blood this time. "Hussle. I want them put down before the train stops. Two more cars. Three in the next." She turns on her heel and steps back towards the connector, rubbing the back of her neck with one hand.

Inside the window to the car ahead, three men can be seen taking similar forms to the were-doberman a moment ago, each a different type of canine, though the one coming through the back from the first car takes on something drasticly different. Taking a were-pitbull form his fangs are longer and sharper and his keen eyes are already scanning about as he barks orders to his comrades. His tail is sharp and jagged, like something from a Xenomorph in the Aliens movie. Sharp spikes sporut from each of the were-beasts bodies. As an ethereal scream passes through them. The crates in the next car are only stacked only 1 row deep and two high.

Maxwell's gun-hand twitches again for a moment. But instead, he sets his firearm down on top of the crate, pulling out the walkie-talkie and speaking into it, "Thanks Riley. Charlie says to stop flogging the dolphin and get back though. Over.". He replaces the device from whence it came before slapping Ayasha's hand, lightly, and gritting his teeth, "No. No no no no no no no no no. Now put the lid back on.". He picks up his gun and follow Charlie to see whatever she's seeing, and muttering, "It's like having kids.".

Sieg's eyes widen as he takes a glimpse at the other weres int he next car, "Ohshi'. Erm, Charlie, I think it's time we acted on those orders and now before they can organize. That one looks like a bad motherfucker." He shifts his daggers up and sizes up the next cabin, getting an idea as to whether it would support a crinos form or not of his own and Charlie's both.

Ayasha snatches her hand back with a hurt pout and replaces the lid "Not like any of these lids will stay very good"

"Yes, but better to have them on there so the fumes won't effect us all." saying in a soft voice towards the girl as she looks to Maxwell. "Should try to get all them into one room. I want to get rid of this bomb as quick as we can."

As she stands infront of the door with one hand on her gun, and the other on the back of her neck, something of a rather wry grin pulls up one corner of the Alpha's lips. She takes an extremely quiet step to the side of the doorway, pointing at Sieg, and to the opposite side of the doorway for him to echo her movements. She locks eyes with Maxwell for a second and mouths the word Down before leaning back against the wall just to the right of the door. She brings a finger to her lips pointedly, and brings the other hand up in a 'get down' motion.

In turn, Maxwell turns to Sofiya and Ayasha, bring uh..a gauntlet to his lips and mouthing the same thing as the Alpha had done. Gun in hand, he follows her movements, leaning back against the wall and slipping down just a bit. He just waits then.

Charlotte locks eyes with Maxwell again after a few minutes, raising one hand with her thumb and forefinger extended, pointing it at the door like a gun. Her lips move in a soundless Bang, and she positively beams. Clearly… She's quite ready for whatever it is that's coming through the door.

Sieg's form shimmers into something of a blur to the eyes of those that would look at him. He sneaks up to the other side in accompaniment of Charlie before nodding to her with his blades at the ready. Green eyes then shift to the door, waiting.

Ayasha climbes on top of the first row of crates to hide behind the second row and crouches down with a nod to maxwell and a hand on her hunting knife

As the door opens, out steps one of the doberman-crinos. his fur mottled and covered in a black ichor. Looking about he is blinded as Maxwell suddenly fires two bullets straight into his face.. Which have absolutely no effect what's so ever. What's more as Charlie thrusts out her hands and flings five shards of ice from her finger tips they too connect with the crinos beast who seems to just shrug off each successful attack, looking severely pissed off he emits a howl of alertness to his comrades.

Kinfolk Tactics 101: With Maxwell Hearkenstone - Keeping up with Garou
Maxwell osays , 'I'm being very serious here. You know Maxwell's old life. I want extra dice on using a crowbar, due to hours and hours of Half-Life.'

As the battle begins mortal kombat music can be heard in the distance as Jeep Cherokee comes speeding towards the front of the train. Charlie immediately lashes out with her claws and while does do much damage she manages to shove her claws into the crino's neck even as he slashes at her womb, causing a grievous wound. Maxwell lunges forward using his dexterity and wits from years of playing halflife and shoves his crowbar through the beast's foot landing a decent blow, or at least as good as Charlotte/ Sieg meanwhile fairs the best as he rakes his claws down the back of the beast, ripping upone his fur.

Despite the wound in her stomach that seeps blood, the Crinos form of Charlotte, War Pack Alpha seems as on point as all the other times she's been clawed, bite, and beaten; though no one in the moment has witnessed it. As the dog-beast opens it's jaws to release a howl, the woman-monster growls and brings one, still slender, claw up to about the level of the beast's throat. In an instant, claws and flesh cut through more flesh and bone, the abomination gurgles for a half-second and slumps, though his head is quite literally knocked out of the door and bounces once before it falls from sight off of the train.

As that head comes off, a second set of Crinos claws maul the gaping hole in the creature's back, ripping through flesh, bone, and muscle. The right hand shoves the rest of the way in then, cracking through the bone of the now dead body to grip the creatures heart and rip it from the corpse, "Hungry Alpha Goddess? Seems you need a sacrifice in this moment of the heart of a non-believer."

Ayasha pops up like a weasel from the nursery ryme and throws her newly bought hunting knife at the big baddy, burrying it to the hilt in his crotch.

Sofiya blinks at all that is happening, keeping a steady hand on the manmade bomb as she keeps her position. She keeps an ear open for anything around her for giving warning or whatnot.

The Glasswalker Kinfolk doesn't even pull the trigger of his gun before the corpse bursts into ash and then takes a vacation off of the side of the bullet-train. He rolls his shoulders into a shrug and asks, "Why waste a bullet, huh?". At that time though, his cellphone goes off. It's not his normal ringtone. In fact, it sounds quite scary. It's the theme from Dracula. Scrambling to his feet, he calls out, "Oh fuck. Fuck.". He whips his gun up, and fires off a shot into the room across the connection, which appears to be empty. The bullet catches something in the eye, and it's not happy about getting shot.

I think a round of poses got lost here.

The Glasswalker Kinfolk's gun twitches a bit after he fires into the next cab. This becomes a shudder that slithers down his arm, causing it to wobble a bit. He gets it under control, but the fear of whatever has passed through and into his face, where his expression is contorted into that of a man who's seen one-thousand monsters. A scream of sheer terror slips from him, exploding into the area of the bullet-train, and his eyes bug out a bit. There's definitely something wrong. This isn't rage, of anger. It's sheer, unbridled fear. And so, he pulls the trigger on his Desert Eagle again, letting another bullet rip through the connection and into the next car.

The large, still bleeding figure of the Alpha settles into a seat for a moment at the side of the decapitated abomination's outline. After just a second of composing herself, however, she stays on all fours as she moves back to Maxwell's side, taking a seat once more without a single noise or forced word, though her large, clawed frontpaws scratch in a bare brush against the metal at her feet.

Sieg growls softly as he gazes into the cabin, claws bared, "We're not done yet. There was a third but he's gone. Holiday are you back there still?" He calls back to the other cabin before turning sideways so as not to leave his back to the other cab, "I think we're gonna need to hit Umbral"

Holiday peers through door between the cars, she looks down at the figure of what is now apparently a man shot though the eye and in the head. "Whoa tiger. Alright. We can do that. Maxie, are you ok? That kinda screaming I've not actually ever heard." Standing beside Seig, she looks around standing at a slighty crouch eyes straining to see in the near darkness.

Ayasha walks over to thepile of ash and picks out her hunting knife and reteives it "Uhmm….is this kind of thing normal for these outtings?"

Both shots hit the one that died. The Big huge scary pitbull xenomorphic crinos is MIA!

"Oh Gaia. Oh Gaia. Oh Gaia..", the Kinfolk chants to himself as a bit of a comfort after mumbling something about death and the end. He shoves his Desert Eagle between Holiday and Sieg, getting rather close to their rear-ends, and squeezing off another round into the emptied cab across the connection. Even after the sound of the explosion stills just a bit into ringing, he's still going, "Oh Gaia. Oh Gaia. Oh Gaia.". And occasionally, something about protecting his mate.

Maxwell fires into the cabin blindly is abject horror, his luck holding out he catches the enormous crinos pitbul in the jowel, blasting away half its maw. Revealed to the world he howls in anquish. Leaping the distance between himself and the Garou in a frenzy the wound almost instantly heals in its entirety as it impales Sieg through the chest with his tail and grabs Holiday by her neck. Moving with super human speed it proceeds to choke slam Holiday up into the air and brings her passive crinos form down upon Maxwell and Charlie who's protecting her mate. Though Charlie takes most of the brunt of the attack, along with Holiday, the combined weight and force slamming down upon Maxwell in his current position causes his arm to shatter loudly as bone juts painfully from the surface of the skin.

And so it begins.. The massive crinos warrior picks up the poor form of holiday and hurls her twenty feet away, sending her tumbling end over end as he set upon by the staff wielding form of Riley. The massive petrified wood staff slamms into his body over and over again delivering four solid blows and a kick, the undead form starts buckle from the assault. (Half damage taking Peice of shit..) Charlies literally screams and claws his face off while Sieg is bouncing and thrashing about wildly in the air as though he's riding a bucking bronco. Oddly enough it is the dual strikes form the kinfolk, as Gordan Freeman and Crocadile Dundee lend their support and are channeled through Ayasha and Maxwell, that finally cause the creature to turn to ash.

Riley leaps over and squashes the rising form's head as Holiday darts towards the train. Making it to the edge as her friends continue to move in non-super speed.

Turning about and leaping back, Riley snatches the two kinfolk mid air and together the three of them find themselves in the back car as time comes back to normal and Riley stops doing the whole flash thing.

Riley reaches out and using his massive claws sets the bones of his arm, saying to the kinfolk as he heals him, "I'll rebreak it later and fix it properly. This should at least allow you to use your gun hand again."

Sieg collapses to his knees as the thing turns to dust….with him still in the air with a loud thunk against the steel of the train. He takes a deep breath in though it sounds gargled from the damage done through his chest with the equivalent of the spear, "Fucking…a…" He coughs with a growl, his hand closing over the gaping hole.

Some of the pain from Maxwell's face seems to diminish a bit, as does the fear he'd been feeling earlier. Without the sudden emotional assault, he says something along the lines of, "What a screaming bitch I am..", before getting to his feet. He taps Riley on the side with his gauntlet, nodding, "I'll look forward to it. I think..", before stopping to lean out and check on Holiday.

Holiday scrambles up into the train. "INCOMING!" She roars, already spinning around to face them.

As the combat flurries by, the bleeding and bruised Alpha pushes herself to her feet. Within two steps, she's spun back around towards the connector to be able to see both areas clearly, as well as the car. A series of growls and yips account the Garou language, clearly not talking to any of the Kin. "Holiday! Sofiya has your pipe bomb." Afterwards, she comes off of the platform with a careful jump and circles Maxwell quickly, clearly attempting to halt his steps towards Holiday.

Riley swears and runs out looking between Charlie and Sieg, he lays his healing touch upon the Alpha, shouting at Sieg, "Protect the Kin! We'll hold the line. Stay conscious and you will heal and have your first battle scar kiddo." THen turning back to the Alpha he mutters, "And you can't be having many more now that you got a romantic interest.. You don't wanna look like a member of the Get do you?"

Sieg sits back on his ass on the car, his back falling back against the steel as he closes his eyes in focus. His claw lowers to gaze down at it before shifting forward to stand again. He reaches over then to grab the railing, circling towards the kin slowly as he draws his blades again with a determined look in his crinos eyes.

Riley darts out of the car towards holiday and half orders half barks at her, "So use Call of the Wyld already I'ma little busy on healing detail.." Placing a hand upon her throat it almost looks like he's throttling her as his fur glows with the light of the moon. A light gold aura passing from him into her throat.

Holiday scrambles towards the kin, holding on a giant claw for the bomb. "Now for 'splode." She manages a terrifying smile at Sofiya.

Sieg growls and shakes his head as he motions to them, "No, wait. If there are computer setups in this sonuvabitch, I can try to get us a route list out of it from where the thing came from. Where it was originaly loaded……where these things were made."

Ayasha smiles softly at riley before climbing back into a hiding place upon the crates "I really shoulda gotten more knives"

The Glasswalker Kin is tugged from his spot by the Alpha, but this doesn't deter him. At the comings and goings of the Garou and the Kin, and the happenings, he rests a hand on Riley and opens up the channels of Gaia, while speaking, "Get them healed too. I can protect the Kin. There's bigger shit left to worry about for the warmachines..".

Charlotte bares her monsterous teeth towards Maxwell and Riley as they interact, and though she doesn't move away this time, she's clearly not happy about being pulled away from the fight for such things as gaping stomach wounds. Her attention stays on Holiday fully afterwards, pacing back and forth close to the Glasswalker Kinfolk and the Staff of War with her ears pressed flat back against her skull. She growls in communication again, directing her feral language towards Riley. "Heal my stomach. The bruises will fade on their own."

Holiday roars, finally snatching the bomb from Sofiya's grasp. "We're not done, stop packing up. We've got….maybe 15 seconds." She stands maybe ten feet back from the door readying the device for maximum badguy splatter

Ayasha nods her head softly in silence before whispering a prayer to mother earth to take her strength and give it to riley so that they can do her bidding and be victorious, give her strength to those that need it, to do with what must be done

As Riley howls and emits a loud roar, the oncoming wardogs tumble over themselves end over end as the chosen of Gaia feel themselves compelled to greatness. Charlie's battle sense can sense the Fomori fleeing into the umbra as both of the wardogs litterally piss themselves and start to fox frenzy away.

With Riley's howl ripping through the night air, Charlotte's large head moves and she snaps her attention towards him with a quieter, and far less impressive howl when she tosses her head back. Clearly a little battle-drunk, she starts after the two fleeing dog-monsters.

Holiday hands maxwell the bomb and peers down at Maxwell. "I stay, watch kin. You kill 'em."

As Charlie and Riley dart off after the Wardogs, they easily close in on the false garou. Their crinos forms swifter than the dobermen. Sieg meanwhile hurls the small dagger from his hand and imbeds it in the side of one of the beasts. Sticking in its flank it really doesn't cause him all that much damage as he is still able to run.

"Uh. Sure. I guess..", Maxwell states, slipping his gun into his holster and taking the bomb. He fishes a cellphone out from his pocket, flipping it open and pushing speedial, while chasing after the rest of the party.

Ayasha arches an eyebrow at Holiday before walking into the next car to retreive her hunting knife "Mother Earth protect them, give them my strength so they may do what needs to be done this night/day to keep you safe and pure that you and your children might flourish"

Slipping his gun into his holster, Maxwell takes the bomb from the woman, "Don't stay here with them. Get 'em out and away. We're going to blow the shit out of this train. I don't want this stuff just sitting here, and we've got no way to get it back..". After issuing that, he immediately begins to walk back to the last car, the one that all of them had entered by.

Sieg turns to walk off through the cars after calling back, "I'm looking for a computer console in here." He jumps down to the jeep to grab his laptop case out of it before returning to the train and back along them in search.

Holiday leans down in front of Sofyia and Ayasha. "Now ride, we're out of here!" Her form shutters into that of the near wolf, big enough barely to hold the two kin.

Sieg retros having grabbed a pair of pants from the jeep from the changes of clothes before heading into those cabs, making his way into one of the control rooms where he shifts into Homid form. Soon he's changed into a pair of jeans with no shirt as he turns his laptop on to wire it in with the computer database on the train.

As Riley and Charlie close they act as one, both of them leaping through the air and pouncing upon the mongrels. Its not even really a struggle, its more akin to a wolf catching a hair as they both literally rip the smaller canines apart. Riley calmly snapping the neck of his opponent wheras Charlotte grabs the doberman's muzzle and rips it open, breaking its jaw before repeatedly slamming its head into the dirt with a sickening sound. Both canines returning to their homid forms beneath the garou, clearly dead.

Ayasha walks back into the rear car slipping her knife int her waist and looking between the wolf and the crates, torn

Holiday gives a very rapid bark in Ayasha's direction.

Maxwell walks back, following the Indian woman, "Hey, Small-Pox. That Fostern just gave you an order. I wouldn't ignore it.". He seems to do what he can to deter the woman from opening the crate, primarily by putting his hand on it, "Also. These might look like toys, Indian Princess, but you don't know what the hell is wrong with them. Also. They're evil. Man, do we ever not need that sort of publicity. Get over there and ride the Reading Railroad. This train is about to pass Go..". He shows her the bomb, as if to make an emphasis.

Riley takes his lupus form while the others are preoccupied and burns his rage to get to his truck as fast as possible. Upon reaching it he assumes his homid form and slips into the driver seat.

Sieg unhooks the laptop after having uploaded the information data files onto it before gazing about the compartment again. With that, he makes his way out of the compartment after uploading into the train's computer systems a virus that begins eating away at the systems as he makes his way back out with his laptop in hand.

Ayasha points at the crates as if she actually understands exactly what the wolf barked "But the figurines?!…And didn't you say you wanted souvenirs?" then she sighs "I'm not ignoring anything Sludge, just…"she sighs again and climbs onto BMROCKER's back

Charlotte takes a few loping paces back towards the group while still retaining her Crinos figure, however as she manages to make it towards the back of the train, her image shrinks. In a rather dazzling display of comfort with shifting, Charlie's body is reduced to that of her nude homid form. Her skin is rough with a few mild scratches from the tumble with the two most recent mutts, even though still-wet blood covers her stomach to her thighs. "Fostern Graves just gave you an order," she snaps towards Ayasha, though her attention goes between Riley, Holiday, and Maxwell. "I'm open to suggestions."

"Well. The Glassies can't get here in time to be useful. And this shit is too fragile to move any other way than with this train. So. I say we use this bomb and take advantage of the fact that we're not in town. Then..we get back to town..", Maxwell deplores of Charlotte, since his suggestion was so highly sought after!

Ayasha setles quickly and gives BMROCKER a curious look "Who's slash and who's burn?

Riley pulls up in his truck, and is already adjusting his ipod and lighting himself a cigarette as he says, "I got a can of oil, some gasoline, and matches to go with the bomb.." His speakers in his truck start playing, "We are the champions."

Riley changes his IPod to Hulk Hogan's theme song, "Real American." As he waits for folks to decide what to do, casually ashing out his window as his truck idles.

Charlotte sneers as soon as both of the men respond, pushing a bloodied hand through her hair to paint her yellow bangs back with red. "It's not something I won't regret agreeing to later, but it doesn't look like we have a choice." Her expression relaxes a bit, and she sighs quietly. After a quick look over each person, she steps towards the Jeep in silence, finding and putting on a pair of simple running shorts and a tanktop, both blue.

Riley takes a moment to air guitar along to the song waiting on the others he comments towards Charlotte, "I'll dedicate you some cloths when we get back to the dojo or hotel."

Maxwell calls out of the train to Charlotte, "Hey! You know how I am with bombs! Would I steer you wrong?". That said and done, he goes about making sure that everyone is out of the train, and no one is going to get left behind somehow and stranded in the blast radius. Also at this time, he makes sure to take a crowbar, as every good Kinfolk should.

The honey-blond Alpha leaves the door of the jeep open as she leans back against the seat going back in her bag to pull out a large drum of wet-wipes. She pulls out a handful of them for herself, closes it, and hands it up into the front seat with Riley. "Hotel. I'll be fine. Places that I usually shift a bit of skin and end up naked, I don't have to worry about being naked." She uses the wipes to wash her hands and her face, and any other area where blood is too thick to see skin. "We need to go, and fast. Max. How long?" she yells a bit, so that the Kinfolk can hear from inside the compartment.

"Ten minutes from one minute from now!", Maxwell calls out to Charlotte, before walking back to the middle car and setting up the bomb. He finds it rather easy, since Holiday put an egg-timer on it. Checking it with his watch, he waits until the next minute strikes before muttering, "Gaia bless her..", and letting go of the timer. It begins to click, and the Glasswalker Kinfolk jumps from the train and gets to the jeep. He takes the can of gas that Riley had mentioned, slinging it into the jeep as well before crawling in and pulling the door closed, "Alright. Step on it.".

Riley puts the petal to the metal only to stop after a hundred feet and allow Ayasha and a homid holiday to crawl in. Once again with a full truck, they go driving off into the night with maxwell and RIley in front Air guitaring to the Hulkhogan theme. After about a mile a half, and about two minutes, Riley turns the car around and sets it into park. Then starts flipping through his Ipod till he finds the song from V-for vendetta for eplosions and passes his Ipod back to Charlie with a smile.

"How's the stomach?", Maxwell asks of the woman next to him, before he catches sight of the sunroof again. His hand is raised, working it open and pulling himself up and through it while jabbing a thumb up in the air at the honey-haired Alpha, "We needed hot dogs for this..". He falls silent after his pun.

The seconds click by as Charlotte litterally crawls between Riley and Maxwell from her place in the back seat to watch out the front window. "Good call. We have time for this," she says in a voice that barely contains her excitement.

As soon as Maxwell speaks, the force of the explosion is enough to confuse the senses. A strike of near blinding light passes through the windows of the train compartment, and all of the glass shatters out before the result of the explosives can be seen more clearly. Apparently, if you leave a Bone Gnawer in the back of a speeding Jeep with store bought chemicals, good things happen, because as flames strike metal the cars litterally expand from the pressure. The force is enough to take the rear car off of it's tracks and turn it completely upside down ontop of the second, causing a further blast of fuel driven hell.

Ayasha just sits qietly in the back not saying a word and letting the others have their revelry

"Woaaaaaahhhh..", Maxwell lets out as the train goes to pieces in a most magnificent manner. He holds up a hand, sheltering his eyes from the light a bit, but other than that, he seems quite pleased with the result, "Fan-fucking-tastic, Holiday. Woah..". He reaches back to punch her in the arm, before going back to watching the sight at hand.

Sofiya is honestly curled up in the back and not watching the explosion.

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