On A Slow Plane To Cairo

Maxwell Hearkenstone seems to stir a bit, shifting around in his seat before waking up again. He sits up, glancing around and rubbing the sleep from his eyes and offering the world a yawn. He looks out of the window, grumbles, and says, "Aw fuck. We're still in the air..". He almost immediately silences though when he noticed that Charlotte is sleeping. Unfastening his belt, he stands up and tries to shift past her, as she's on the outside seat.

Looking over from his seat nearby, Phelan smiles up to Maxwell as he pulls something out of his carry-on backpack. As he pulls off the top of it, he turns it a little to show that, of all things, he has pulled out a bar of Irish Spring deoderant. Bringing a bit of the bar up, the boy raises it to his mouth… and takes a huge bite out of it! "Mmm…" He closes his eyes and chews on the white substance, swallowing after a moment and taking another bite.

At first, Maxwell just takes a look at Phelan and walks past him, heading to the back of the plane in order to get to the restroom. His footsteps carry just a bit, until they stop. He walks, backwards, right back to the pup, arching a brow and clearing his throat as if to announce his attention, "..Uh. Pup. You uh. You have a problem with the airline..food..?", he asks, pulling a package of peanuts out of his pocket and shoving them towards Phelan, "..Uh. These things are really good. Honey-roasted. I'll…trade you..eh?".

Phelan shakes his head at the offer, smiling more broadly as he swallows another piece of his strange choice of snack. "No thanks, Max. I prefer this." Looking up to him again, he breaks off a piece of the bar and offers it to the Kinfolk. "Try some. Smooth and minty. Mmm-mmm!"

"..You, my friend, are fucked up..", Maxwell states, tightening his lips a bit as he looks Phelan over, his brow still raised, and his mind working harder than it should be when he's miles up in the air. He opens his mouth again, perhaps to say something instrumental in getting the pup to stop eating soap, before just closing it again. This occurs a few more times, before his hazel sights shift to Charlotte for nothing more than a seconds. Words cannot put description to his expression as he takes the broken piece and puts it into his mouth.

Watching the Kinfolk take the white substance, he snickers to himself and holds his hand up to his mouth, his whole frame shaking as he tries not to burst into wild laughter as he waits to see Maxwell's reaction to the piece he partook of.

Maxwell chews for a minute with his face screwed up into a terrible expression. After just seconds, it's obvious that he's learned it not to be soap, but he doesn't smile. Instead, he looks a bit terrified and spits the chocolate out into his hand, falling to his knees and gasping for breath, "..Oh God. White chocolate. So…allergic..", he utters, clawing at the shirt of the pup and wearing a horrid grimace upon his face.

Phelan chuckles and shakes his head as he watches Maxwell's act, poking at the Kinfolk's shoulders and gripping his shirt to pull him up a little. "Come on, man. It takes a lot more than that to fool a fellow prankster."

"Pfft. You asshole. That is some delicious soap. Give me some. We're going to freak the shit out of Charlie when she wakes up..", Maxwell suggests, climbing to his feet and tossing off the allergen act, "That's a lot of work to go through. Did you seriously, like, carve it and re-wrap it? I commend you..".

Reaching into his pack, the pup pulls out a second stick of false deodorant and offers it to the Kinfolk with a nod. "I was hoping you'd be with me on this one. Let's just hope Charlie's in good spirits when she gets up." Looking over the one in his own hand, he shrugs and turns the bottom wheel on the package to put the rest of the chocolate inside. "It's not that hard, actually. Just buy this stuff by the armload, melt it down however you please, clean out a used sweatstick and pour the chocolate in. Boom! Delecious instant prank."

"..How crazy. I had thought that you had taken a blow to the head a bit harder than I'd seen, or something..", Maxwell admits, taking the deoderant and slipping it into his pocket. He shooes the pup a bit, "..Scoot over so I can sit down. I don't want to have to whisper across Charlie. She'll wake up and pwn our fucking faces off, and use them as a bikini or something..".

Nodding and moving one seat over for Maxwell, Phelan puts the cap of his own stick on again and puts it in the pocket of his open Hawaiian shirt. Dragging his backpack on the floor before picking it up and putting it in his lap he sighs. "Well, that was satisfying. It's been too long since I did something like that." Glancing over to the Kinfolk, the Pup's grin never falters. "So, how're ya feeling?"

"..I'm fine. I wish we'd fucking land in Paris. I need to get off of this fucking gliding tube..", Maxwell admits, grumbling at the notion and just shaking his head, "..When we land, I've got a bit of a ..uh..shopping list for you, I think. If you want to go chase after it and see the sights of France. But I will need some..", and here he leans forward a bit, looking at Charlotte's face, before adding, "..I will need some private time. I mean. It's..Paris..".

Phelan nods, chuckling at the mention of 'private time' and leaning back in his seat. "It's fine. I had a few things to pick up so we could maintain the whole tourist facade, too, so it's no big going elsewhere. Besides…" He smirks a little, putting his hands behind his head. "Somehow I doubt all of those ugly stereotypes about French chicks are true. There's gotta be a few hotties." Shaking his head after this with a bemused sound, he sighs. "Anyway. Can't wait to get there myself."

"..Pft. Yeah. I bet those french chicks are fucking smoking. Don't believe what you hear. They're just trying to keep the tourists off, is all..", Maxwell admits, waving a hand as if to dismiss the gesture, "..I plan on hitting that Eiffel tower though. I bet that shit is tight. I hear they've got some good food there. And I need to like…pick up some fancy chocolates or something…".

Smiling and nodding slowly, Phelan glances over to Maxwell and shrugs. "Wish I could think about sight-seeing…" he says, but nothing more.

"Why can't you think about sight-seeing..?", Max asks, arching a brow again at the pup, and seeming a bit concerned, "..We'll be there for like, five hours. There should be more than enough time to see the sights and still get back..".

Phelan shrugs, blinking up at the ceiling of the plane (if one could even call it that). "I just can't stop thinking about why we're even on this plane, Max. Why we're going where we're going. What we're gonna do once we make it there." Sighing again, he smiles all the same though his tone starts to shake a little. "I hate being so apprehensive. I mean, I know we're gonna make it out okay, but at the same time I can't deny it. I'm scared."

"..Don't sweat it dude. We're all scared..", Max admits, punching Phelan in the shoulder, "..We've all got something to lose. I mean. I can lose the Pack. I can lose my mate. I can lose my life. But that's what we're fighting for, too. Because we always are at the risk to lose that shit. We could play it safe, and not go..but it wouldn't stop the bad from just coming to us..". He goes somber for just a moment, thinking over what he'd just said, and then adding, "..But we've all got one another. And that counts for something. And I plan to have us all coming back when it's over.".

"I know," Phelan admits, punching Maxwell right back. "I know." It seems to be all the pup can manage to get out of his mouth as he falls silent once again.

"..Get over it. There's time to mope after something bad happens. No use in getting all ..morbid on me, when we've got a job to do. And we do have a job to do. An important one. But I'll have your back. And so will Charlie. Because you've got family..". He drapes an arm over the pup's shoulders and just offers him a grin, "Besides. We've got to get you back so that you can getcha some 'o that Silver Fang behind, right? How delicious.". He glances to the sleeping Charlotte again, and then adds, "..Uh. For you. Not for me.".

Phelan smiles and chuckles weakly, looking over to Maxwell. "Damn skippy," he comments, then snickers at the Kinfolk's cover-up. "And besides, I'm not morbid. Pensive, maybe, but not morbid. Like I said, we're gonna make it back okay. I know it." Letting his crystal orbs meet up with Maxwell's the boy shrugs. "Thanks for the words, though. That's just what I needed. That… and the look on your face from the whole Irish Spring trick." He cackles softly again, pointing at him. "Seriously, you should've seen it! Priceless!"

"..Yeah. Well. It's not something that you run into a lot, asshole. I was worried. I thought you were broken and we were going to have to send you back and get a new pup. I don't know how I would tell Charlie..", the Glasswalker Kinfolk states, pulling the bar of Irish Spring deoderant out of his pocket and looking it over again, "..You were definitely getting morbid though. But it's cool. You have people like me to slap you back in line.".

The honey-blond woman shifts in her seat only slightly, bringing one hand up to wrap her fingers into the collar of her shirt and leave them hooked there, a couple fingers tangled with what can be seen of Maxwell's necklace about her throat.

Phelan shrugs, chuckling to himself and staring up again. "Well, in any case, I hafta thank you. You and Charlie both. I mean, without you two, I still might've changed but I'd be wandering lost and confused around LA trying to figure out just what the Hell was going on." Silence for a moment. "Now I've got a purpose. A reason to be. And I plan to live it for all it's worth." His words delivered in the most matter-of-fact way anyone could ever hope to hear the pup speak, he falls quiet again though he does shift his gaze to the stirring Alpha's form.

"..Yeah. That's what we're here for though. Your life is going to get weird. We're just here to be weirder, so that you don't feel so bad about it, in comparison. Whenever shit is getting out of hand, you can just look at one of us…mostly Riley, and think, 'Well. At least I'm not that dude'..", the Glasswalker Kinfolk states, though his attention too goes over to the Alpha as she stirs. He turns a bit, breaking into a grin at the pup, before speaking up, "Man. This airline food was so terrible. I'm glad that we had some of this stuff in the duffle. I was starving". His voice is louder for the last part, noticeably.

Charlotte shifts once more to turn her shoulder against the seat's back. After a few seconds, her cloud blue eyes shoot open, and her breath catches in her throat a few times before a quick glance towards Maxwell and Phelan makes her groan audibly. She brings both hands up to rub her palms against her face, sinking down in her chair just a bit. She lets her gasping calm just as quickly as it started, nuzzling her forehead against her knees as she pulls her legs closer to her.

Noticing Charlotte waking up from Maxwell's gentle vocalizing, Phelan nods to him and pulls a bar of Irish Spring out of his pocket. Pulling the cap off of it, he rolls the wheel on the bottom of the container to let some of the white bar out… only to reveal huge bites taken out of it. "Yeah. Me, too. Better to eat something minty than those peanuts. Keeps me awake."

Maxwell seems to lose interest in the bar of soap for a moment as he leans forward, straining against his seatbelt and resting a hand on Charlotte's knee, "..You alright, Charlie? That was one hell of a waking up..". He seems concerned just a bit, watching her, though he does clutch the Irish Spring in his other hand at the same time.

Charlotte nods softly with her face against her knees, and just brushes Maxwell's hand away softly from her leg. "Not yet, Max," she tells him in a drowzy tone, her voice muffled from her curled position. After another minute of stillness, she rubs her eyes again with one hand and sits up, resting her head back against the seat with her eyes closed. "I'm fine, I just forgot where we were for a second."

Phelan leans over to examine Charlotte as she answers Maxwell, smiling softly to her and nodding. "Morning, miss," he comments, putting the half-eaten Irish Spring in his lap for the moment and leaning back in his own seat to glance between Max and his mate.

"Yeah. Well. If you need to talk about it, let me know..", Maxwell states after his hand is brushed off. He doesn't seem as if he's buying whatever it is that she's selling. He watches her with appraising sights of hazel again for a minute, before leaning back and taking a bite out of his bar of Irish Spring, "..I'm never eating airline food again. It's so shitty. This shit is delicious and minty though. Who'd have thought..". He chews thoughtfully upon the stuff.

Charlotte opens one eye to look over both men, though her eyes don't look so focused, as she curls back up with her chin rested on her knees. "I don't," she answers, seeming to ignore the rest of the conversation past Maxwell's concern. She turns her eyes to the window, laying her cheek against one knee now. "What did they serve?"

"Nothing but peanuts and warm soda," Phelan comments, raising the deoderant in his own hand up to his mouth and taking a bite out of it. Chewing on it for a moment, he swallows and then glances over to Charlotte with a slightly more contemplative look. His smile does not fade or alter at all, but his crystal blue orbs do not move away either.

"Yeah. And some cardboard to go with it. We finally talked them into giving us some deoderant. It's far better..", the Glasswalker Kinfolk states, eyeballing the woman for a minute. He doesn't look like he's prepared to give up on the other subject, but he doesn't press it either, "..Phelan made me try it. I thought he was broken. But it's pretty good. And it's a colon cleanser, he told me. So I was like, 'eh. why not'.".

Charlotte turns her eyes back between the two men for a second, looking somewhere between completely unsuprised, if not even a bit exasperated. She locks eyes with Phelan's he keeps his observation on her. "That is such a completely insane thing for me to wake up to," she notes with a characteristic snort, looking back out the window with her cheek against her lap once more. "There's energy bars in my bag, you gross little creatures."

Phelan chuckles at Charlie's response to them, breaking off a piece of the bar in his hands and tossing it gently over to the Alpha hoping it'll land in her lap. "Here, have a bite. I promise, you'll love it."

As Phelan breaks her off something to eat and tosses it into her lap, Charlotte's eyes shift back up to him in a slightly narrowed position. She uses one hand to remove the offered, thrown snack and drops it into the chair next to her. A short scowl and a snort quite display her dislike of the gesture. "I'm not a puppy, pup," she tells him pointedly as she looks back out the window, growling softly under her breath. "You toss food at me one more time and I'm buying you a food dish. Got it?"

"Uh. Yeah..", is all that Maxwell can offer. He drops his 'deoderant' into Phelan's lap and shrugs out of his seatbelt, glancing around for a minute, before attempting to slide past Charlotte again and to his old seat, where the piece of whatever was tossed. He wipes it out, before taking his own place again, and buckling back in.

Phelan nods to Charlotte, his face still wearing the same typical smile as he puts away the bar of Irish Spring and puts it in his pocket again. "Sure thing, Charlotte. My bad." Looking up again, he puts his hands behind his head and closes his eyes. "Oh, and for the record. It's just white chocolate."

Charlotte snorts again lightly, clearly not amused with anything they have to say so soon after waking up. "Don't talk back to me, Phelan. There's no where for you to run up here if you snap my nerves." Glancing towards Maxwell as she sits, the Alpha uses one hand to knock up the armrest between them before returning to her curled up position against his side. "What time is it?"

"..It's like..almost ten in the evening. It shouldn't be too much longer at all, I think..", Maxwell states, dropping every ounce of anything that might even resemble being mischevious from off of both his face and his actions. He lets the honey-haired Alpha lean into him, and rests a hand on her just a bit, lightly, "..I can get you a pillow or something, if you want..".

Glancing back to Charlotte from her words, Phelan nods and says nothing else knowing that she's obviously not in the mood for him. His eyes remaining closed, he sighs deeply as if he is trying to go to sleep.

Charlotte shakes her head a bit, adjusting herself until she's half leaning against her mate and the seat. "Unless you'd rather I don't touch you, I think I can manage without." She rolls her eyes softly after a short yawn. "I can't stand sitting this long. You two are definately getting raced to baggage claim." With her nerves settled a bit from the rough awakening, the woman rubs her eyes with her forearm before she continues. "I will never take a plane again once this is all done."

"Oh no. I like you just like this. Uh. Well. Resting like this, of course. I just wanted to make sure that you were comfortable is all..", the Glasswalker Kinfolk admits, stroking Charlotte in a manner that should, otherwise, be comforting, "..We should get there soon though. No worries. And we'll get you out of this gliding tube. Much to the relief of us all. I know that I can't stand to be on here much longer either. It's like..I can't even describe it. It might be cool if it weren't so long..".

Charlotte shakes her head lightly, and it's clear that being awake on a plane isn't the most comfortable experience for her. "Nope. No. Not so much. This would still be terrible. We'll take a cruise next time." She brings a hand up to push it back through her hair before lacing her fingers into Maxwell's. "At least you've calmed down from me needing to restrain you."

"Yeah. That wore down. I had a little paperball war with the chick a few seats up, and got it all out of my system. I got a bit of sleep. Then Phelan broke my brain with that damned white chocolate thing. And I ran out of Dramamine.", the Kinfolk explains, shaking his head again and pushing his backrest to the rear a bit more, while keeping the Alpha close to him, "We'll get to Paris though, and get you all land-worthy again..".

Charlotte snorts lightly in her familiar fashion, keeping her fingers laced with Maxwell's as she wraps his arm around her stomach. "I'll never stop being land-worthy. That's the whole damned issue with being thousands of feet up." She sighs a bit and closes her eyes once more, laying her head back against the Kinfolk's shoulder. "We'll grab a cheap hotel when we land, so we have somewhere to keep our bags, shower and change. Somewhere with a pool, maybe, and I can take Phelan down for some laps."

Phelan smiles a little more in his sleep, cracking one eye open and looking over to the two of them at the mention of a pool. "Finally we're speaking the same language again," he comments quietly. "Oh, and… sorry for the rude awakening before." He closes his eyes again.

"Yeah. I hear even the cheap ones in Paris are like..awesome. And rustic. I can dig rustic. And I bet we can get a sweet pool. Where I can work this moontan off..", the Glasswalker explains, shifting about just a bit, but not enough to disturb the resting of the Alpha, "..Maybe we can get Anna in there. The pool that is. I hear witches melt when they get wet..".

Charlotte cocks an eyebrow as Maxwell speaks, turning her chin up enough to look up at him. "That's horrible, Max. She's just a kid." She shakes her head slightly, letting her cheek nuzzle against his shoulder before she relaxes again. "Pup. Stop apologizing. It makes you sound like child." She yawns widely, one hand worth of fingers still wrapped around Maxwell's, while the other takes up the pillow from the seat on her opposite side to toss it at Phelan, hoping to catch him off guard with his sleeping act and closed eyes.

Letting the pillow hit him and roll down onto his lap, Phelan chuckles softly and picks it up to put it to its intended use. "Thanks, Charlotte. Didn't know you cared." Putting it behind his head he rests up against it gently and still puts his hands where they were as he keeps his eyes closed and his body still.

"..I should step back to the restroom can give Holiday a call. She mentioned something about making some omb-bays in the athroom-hays, during her ip-tray..", Maxwell admits, shifting around a bit so as to sit up without disturbing his Mate too much. He presses a kiss to her forehead, pulling back a bit to pause, and then presses one to her lips, before stretching, "..And I haven't gotten a call about any strangely white terrorists. Which means I'm more worried..".

Charlotte nods softly towards Maxwell as she releases his hand from around her girth. "Thanks, Max. I was going to check in on Sieg in a bit anyways." She gives the Kinfolk a rather warm smile, something that isn't seen infront of members of the pack often. "If you walk by a cart-pusher, ask them to swing this way. I'll grab some coffees." Her attention turns to Phelan after only enough of a pause for a breath. "Honey, if I didn't, I would have dropped you off on someone else a long time ago."

Phelan sighs softly, shrugging slowly after hearing Charlotte's words with his smile broadening. "Stop it, Charlie. You'll make me blush," he comments, his eyes opening just a smidge.

The honey-haired Alpha takes almost a full second before she lays back to occupy both her own seat and the one that Max just left. "Then you go ahead and blush. Hopefully when we get back to LA we can make a man out of you, and you can give up the shy act." She smirks as she settles down, using both hands behind her head to support it against the armrest.

Phelan chuckles and shakes his head, gripping the pillow he's using. "Not shy, Charlie. Just respectful," he explains, chucking the pillow at his Alpha for emphasis on the last word. "Thanks for the pillow, by the way, but I've got my own." He stays quiet for a moment, obviously not falling asleep though his breaths are slow and contemplative. "Hey, Charlie. How much of a chance is there of resuming wolf class once we get to Cairo? I'd like to get some more practice changing costumes in before we do anything major again."

Charlotte rolls her eyes as she catches the pillow and tosses it to the seat by her feet. "If you've been working on it yourself, I don't see why not." She closes her eyes and yawns lightly, both toes tapping lightly against the other armrest as she focuses her nerves. "We'll find a night before we pack up for our visit and you and I can wrestle a little bit. I'll let you test some magic."

Phelan nods slowly from her answer though he does not face her. "Like I told Maxwell, the thought of wrestling in full war mode sounds like one Hell of a fun time. Thanks." Another moment's silence. "And I have a favor to ask. If we have a chance, I need to go out on the town and search for a weapon maker. I've got the money to pay for what I need so that's no issue." Turning to her, his eyes opening a little, he sighs. "And before you ask, it's for Riley. He's demanded a Rite of Contrition for what happened on the first mission."

Charlotte wets her lips lightly, shrugging up one shoulder. "I'm sure you can find some sort of shop in Cairo. They're known for silver and brass work." She shifts her hips slightly to cross one knee over the other, with her bare feet having abandoned her shoes on the floor hours ago. "You need to pick your words a little better, kiddo. Anyways, Riley can only call Contrition once without speaking to me about it. He should have spoken to me about it before me gave you the idea, since I've already claimed you." She sounds a bit frustraited for a moment, and then sighs. "It's a pretty normal social issue, in either case."

Sighing deeply, Phelan closes his eyes again and turns his face up to the ceiling. "I'm just tired of it is all. Tired of a lot of things lately." He opens his mouth to speak again, but no words escape. After a moment, he shakes his head and shrugs. "But you're not here to listen to the petty bitching of a pup. Forget I even said anything."

Charlotte shrugs slightly again. "Phelan, if I didn't complain, I would completely lose it. You can hold it in a little better than I can without completely slipping, but it's not much different. Hell, Max complains all the time and he doesn't even have to worry about losing control." She yawns again, her voice dropping into a near whisper from drowziness. "You're mine, pup. Good or bad. You should be talking to me about that kind of thing."

Glancing over to Charlotte once more, Phelan can't help but smile in deep gratitude as his crystal sights open to her again if only a little. He takes a moment to consider her words and everything else swirling in his head. What a muddled mess. But then again, it's all clear. So after a short silence, he opens his mouth again and resumes. "Ever since I came to LA I felt alone for the first time. Spent three months that way and all of a sudden I had to really put my wit to the test and figure things out on my own. But then you and Max came along, and all of a sudden I'm flung into a whole new whirlwind of a situation." Another pause. "…When you first learned of what you are, how long did it take you to adjust? Or did you even have to?"

"I didn't. I grew up with family." The Alpha answers only the question for now, ignoring the rest of the explaination. "The town I grew up in was mostly family. It wasn't a huge secret when I was a girl. It wasn't until after we moved that the seperation hit me. I started public school at fifteen. It was outlandish how completely different I felt."

Phelan nods, then chuckles to himself. "Polar opposite stories," he muses. He stays silent once again, even after opening his mouth to speak again but closing it seconds later.

Charlotte hums in agreement, her hands still resting behind her head. "If it makes you feel any better, you're doing just fine. You haven't tried to kill me yet, which is a better sign than some of the boys I've forced." She yawns again, turning her head to cover her mouth with her upper arm for a moment. "When we get back to LA, Max and I are going to see if we can find that friend of yours. It might be nice for you to have someone more familiar than some strange woman that you got stuck with."

Phelan looks over to her with mock confusion riddling his face. "Strange? Who said anything about strange?" Chuckling and letting his grin return, he turns his face back to the ceiling to muse again. "Thanks, Charlotte. It'll be good to see Takoda again." Just when it seems he falls quiet, he adds "Though, to be fair, nobody in the pack's really all that bad. I already owe each of you a lot."

Charlotte shrugs up one shoulder, her eyes still closed as she relaxes against her and Maxwell's seats. "Of course you do," she answers in a matter-of-fact tone, as though there were no agruement to the debt. "Our little dancing troupe is your family. Simple as that. But it never killed any of us to keep childhood friends. Get some sleep, pup. You'll need it if you want to train with me instead of Max."

"But I'm not a bit sleepy," Phelan retorts gently, promptly yawning afterward. "Okay, okay, I lied, but still. One last thing. I can't say it enough so don't expect me to stop saying it any time soon." Sitting up for a second, the pup unzips his backpack he's been using for carry-on luggage and pulls out another bar of white chocolate incognito as a bar of Irish Spring. "Thanks." Zipping the backpack up once more and lying back in his seat he holds the bar out to Charlotte and does not retract it. "Seriously. Try some. It's delicious."

Charlotte opens one eye as he offers the candy out to her, and despite the roll of her eyes, she takes it. Resting it on the seat next to her, she puts her hands behind her head again and takes a moment to look around the plane from her limited vantage point. "I will. Seriously", she tells him, mimicing his accent for a second before a wry grin appears on her lips. "Get some sleep, or at least let me. We'll have plenty of time to suject eachother to taste tests in Cairo."

Phelan chuckles, pulling his hand back slowly and letting it rest behind his head along with the other. "Fair enough." The pup shuffles around in his seat for a moment, finding the most comfortable position and sighing deeply as his whole body relaxes and he feels his consciousness begin to slip away. "Night Charlie, and sleep well Mother Gaia," he offers up quietly, the latter statement almost whispered as if to a small child.

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