Pelliden Rieves

Name: Pelliden 'Pell' Rieves
Age: Early 20's. (No, really.)
Description: He is short and a little thin, measuring up at around 5'3'', and 120 pounds. His brown hair is a little long, tied back out of his eyes which glitter like amber with a piece of leather string, tied to which is a small feather that has been dyed white, orange and green.
The sleeves of his olive-green shirt cover his arms from shoulder to elbow, concealing a tattoo on his right arm of a fox bearing a dagger in its mouth over the Irish flag. The rest of his attire is fairly simple- a black leather belt and stone-washed, faded blue jeans, the legs of which cover the ankles of his shoes, a pair of black, light-duty combat boots.

"M'name's Pelliden, Irish Cat'lic born an' raised…and…well, died. I used to be a bombmaker and soldier for the Irish Republican Army- now I don't play for any set side, since the Cam's all got the OBE*. I like the Anarchs, anyway. More close t'home."

*OBE- One Behind the Ear

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