Perfect Introductions

The main, and only, room of Joe's is crowded with people tonight, and none of them terribly friendly looking. However, seated at a table in the middle of the room, looking very much at home, is a gaunt looking redhead with heavy patterned scars and tattoos. Her waist length red curls are loose over the back of her chair, and her heels are up on the edge of the table with a hand of cards resting between her small fingers. She's wearing a pair of jeans that look like they've seen twenty or thirty good years, a white tanktop, and scuffed combat boots. At the table with her, two large men are also playing cars, both looking rather intoxicated; one with a shaved head and a gruff visage, and the other more clean-cut and dressed in somethin besides leather. In the center of the table, wrinkled bills that make up the poker pot, a few bottles of vodka, and a half full ashtray of cigarettes sits happily, all of them seeing much use tonight.

"Joe's.." Elijah mutters as he leads Felix inside, leaving the butt of the clove cigarette on the sidewalk as he steps in. Silver-green eyes sweep the room, before landing on the familiar woman that the man could find in a crowd of one thousand. He smirks, walking towards her with an air of confidence and stopping next to the empty chair at the table, completely ignoring the two men playing cards with her. "And here we have the alcoholic Princess in her native habitat, watching over her people. Observe the way she recklessly loses money at a card game… Take note of her split ends and unkempt hair.." He moves around the table, speaking in a voice similar to Steve Irwin's as he puts his fingers up, forming a square that could resemble a camera, or some such thing. "See how she hasn't showered in weeks? That's the princess' special technique to ward away predators and possible allies. For some reason, the alcoholic princess makes full use of this anti-logical defense mechanism. A very confusing, obscure creature, indeed."

A rather tall, slender man with a head of unruly black hair and a goatee that could use a trimming follows Elijah in to Joe's dressed in a similar manner — black button-down, cream tie (slightly disheveled), black slacks with cream pinstripes. Looking out of place to be sure, yet… it's only the cloths. He's comfortable. Hell, some of the regulars even grin at him and nod in recognition. Arms crossing, he leans back a bit and plays the part of the audience as Elijah introduces the redheaded woman, a hint of a smile threatening to grow to something far more pronounced. "…and a friend of yours I hope, unless you've suddenly developed a death-wish and decided to bring along a witness." Eyes full of amusement flash from Elijah to Sybine and he offers a simple "Hey."

As Elijah's voice cuts through the room, the girl and her two companions look up, and as a sneer appears on her pretty face, the man on either side of her kicks his respective chair back a few inches and both put one hand to the inside of his jacket. "Well /fuck/ me. Baby boy, take a fucking chair," the redhead snorts softly with the entrance of Elijah with the second man behind him going rather unnoticed for the moment, though a very brief smile appears on her lips as her dark green eyes trail over Elijah's figure. "Shit, you monsters," her voice issues again towards the men at her sides, who both take their hands immediately off of what can be assumed to be weapons, "It's fucking Elijah, you douche bags. And you're making him look like a pussy infront of his new friend. I'm the only one allowed to shoot him. Get the fuck out of here." She wets her lips briefly with a typical clatter of her tongue ring against the loop set in her bottom lip and waves a hand towards the other two men Who immediately stand and move to the bar, making room for the two that had just entered. Sybine's eyes turn back to Elijah with an unusually friendly smile that is quickly ruined as she asks, "How's the shoulder?" tossing her chin lightly in his direction.

"Jesus. Pitbulls." The man says with a grimace, glancing between the men as the reach into their jackets, both of his hands clenching into rather confident fists. As Sybine gives the order for the men to stand down, he smirks and lets his fingers go loose, before setting a hand on either of Sybine's shoulders. He does this once he has walked behind her, allowing him to glance up at Felix with a smile. "This is Sybine. Treat her like a Goddess." This is all he says for the moment, and he moves around the table and back to the side opposite Sybine. He seems as if he's about to take the chair, but he gives a glance to Felix and contemplates something. He grabs an empty chair from another table and sets it next to the other empty one, making room for the man to take a seat as he gestures to the chair with a smirk. "Oh, it's just fine." He says, plopping down in his chair as he grabs a pack of black clove cigarettes from his pocket. "Your punches can only bruise me, dear. It's the words that really hurt."

"Do you make a habit of that?" the slender dark haired man asks, his smile briefly flickering with the edge of a grin as one slightly bushy black brow moves aloft, though it's not perfectly clear what he's referring to. Unhurried steps carry him toward the empty chair clearly intended for him, and his smile flashes a few megawatts brighter at the 'order' from Elijah. "I do believe I can manage that." he replies, soon after moving to settle opposite the other man, leaning back just a bit and making himself comfortable as the two friends converse, catch up.

"Yeah, yeah, loverboy. Goddess, eh?" she reaches over and motions towards Elijah with one finger as he pulls out his cigarette. "Least I'm pretty sure I could get used to that bullshit from you. Better than trying to fucking cut me." She smirks softly as she looks between the two men, though her gaze finally settles back on Elijah with a shrug of her shoulder. "You'll sing a different song next time, that's all you have to promise me. Anyways, I can sure as fuck do more than bruise, but I'd rather keep your pretty face intact." She leans back in her chair a little more, tossing her cards up on the tabletop. "The boys mean well, you just scare the fuck out of them after what you're fucking viking friend did to that ugly bastard infront of them. Shithead wouldn't leave the house for three night," she snorts, motioning over her shoulder towards the men, though which one she's talking about isn't clear. Her red-lashed eyes turn towards Felix, dragging her gaze from toe to head with a rather passive expression before she manages her focus on the more familiar man again. "He's cute. Boyfriend isn't jealous, I hope?" There's a ring of an old joke in her voice, but she looks serious enough as she examines the silver-green-eyed man at her side.

Elijah lifts his head to the lights as Sybine mentions his 'pretty face', tilting his head back and stretching his lips into a cheeky smile. He puts a black clove between his lips, before pushing the pack across the table and settling back in his chair. "Sshhh. Shut the fuck uuuup." He says with a bit of a frown towards the girl as she starts talking about vikings, though he doesn't try to be overly insulting. "Anyways. Him..?" Elijah says with a smirk, reaching forward to grab a random lighter off the table, glancing at Felix with an eyebrow raised. "No, no. He doesn't swing my way." He doesn't seem to have a problem referring to Felix through Sybine, igniting the tip of his clove with the blue lighter. "Ah.. Very funny. Go fuck your extra muscles, eh? Have em' gang bang you with their shotguns or something. I'm sure you'd love the feel of buckshot, you crazy bitch." He says, blowing a smoke ring towards the woman that slowly expands through the air, and disperses as it hits her face.

The slender hazel-eyed man chuckles softly, shaking his head as if to confirm Elijah's assertion that things are not in fact 'that way'. "It near to warps my mind to think how you two were /ever/ introduced, but the results are certainly worthwhile." he offers, falling silent again as his eyes shift between Elijah and Sybil, occasionally turning half way 'round to eye the two would-be poker players at the bar, though not often and never for long. "Felix, by the way." he adds in an off-hand sort of way half way through one of these back-twisting exercises.

"Keep looking at them," the girl chimes after a moment of Felix's observation, snatching the pack of cigarettes from the table and pulling one out for herself before pulling a lighter out of her pocket, "And I'm pretty sure they're going to fucking shoot you. They listen just fine, I just can't break their fucking will. Wouldn't want to." She shrugs a little, looking totally unconcerned with what she's saying, as though it were last years news, or that she doesn't mind the outcome either way. She lights her cigarette with it held away from her lips, the side of her lip twitching up a bit as she glances towards Elijah. "I've tried it," she answers after her cigarette it lit and it's draw to her lips with the lighter discarded on the tabletop. "Men," she snorts shortly, "I think I'm going to give that shit up." She takes her heels down from the table to replace them, with permission or not, in Elijah's lap while her eyes flicker to Felix. "Pretty boy and I have met, you could fucking say. Both changed a bit since then, but fuck. Who doesn't."

"Yeah. Our first… night together, was a very interesting one." Elijah says with a smirk, giving Sybine a knowing look as he takes another drag from his clove, glancing at Felix briefly. "Don't listen to her. Challenge them to a staring contest. Maybe they'll pleasure /you/ with their guns. Since she's so fucking spoiled and takes that kind of thing for granted." He looks back at Sybine, nostrils flaring as smoke trails out of them. "I agree, you should. They're like a drug, babe. Heroin in a dick."

That draws a little smirk from Felix that quickly fades, though his attention does re-focus on the pair at the table. "Think I'll pass, though I wouldn't take bets on who walks out just yet." No offer to elaborate, no bravado in his tone. Content for the moment.

The redhead rolls her eyes softly at Elijah's words and takes a drag from her cigarette before resting it in the ashtray to free her hands, pushing one back through her hair. "Probl'm with that is that I still have my balls… Well, fucking figuratively, yknow? So. I like drugs," she answers, picking back up her cigarette with a glance tossed towards Felix, "And dick. Really doesn't matter to me, sugar, if they fucking push my shotgun so far down your throat that the light shines through it. Jus' so we're clear," she adds in a matter-of-fact tone. She shrugs up one shoulder again, letting it roll back softly. "I don't take shit for granted, you fucking cunt, and you know it." She turns back to Elijah now, looking rather offended, though the same, telltale twitch hits the corner of her lips. "Anyways, fuck the rest of it. Don't do what I do without knowing the shit I could be swallowing. Including fucking gunmetal."

The handsome man smirks and glances down at her feet, leaving the cigarette burning between his lips. Fingers go to work with untying the boots and loosening them, diligently doing the work as he continues to pay attention to the conversation. "Yeah yeah, you fucking use the whole buffalo. I know." He mutters in response to Sybine's offended-sounding voice, continuing to loosen up one boot. "I know what /I've/ been swallowing." He says in a mock high-pitched voice, as though making fun of the crowd he's been around.. or perhaps truly commenting on his own activities. Whatever the case, he leaves the comment behind and says, "Now, let's see your feet. I bet your toenails are a fucking /disaster/ piece. You'll have to let me fix them up sometime."

"And what /do/ you do?" Felix queries, one hand rising to make a vague gesture toward the two men at the bar, "Aside from small scale revolution, that is." The dynamic between the other two continues to confound so he keeps quieter than usual, but who wouldn't be curious?

As soon as Elijah's fingers start to work against her boot, Sybine slowly rests her cigarette in the ashtray on the table, glancing at Felix briefly. "I do a fuck load of things. None of them probably too planned out, smart, or fucking revolutionary. But fuck if I don't make some good money." As she rests her cigarette down, she puts both hands to her sides, and rests her palms against the seat of the chair she's on, and it's only too clear what's about to happen as she settles her weight back, watching Elijah play with the laces of her boot. "Mostly this," she says in Felix's direction before her left foot is brought up in a rather speedy gesture, catching Elijah right in his teeth with a square kick that leaves her chair on its two back legs before she lets it knock back down to four. "E-fucking-nough, you little fairy," she responds quickly afterward, attempting to pull her feet out of his lap with a rather childlike wiggle of her legs.

Sheltark has arrived.

As the handsome man is kicked in the face, his clove miraculously stays in his lips, though they do part somewhat to complete the frown that takes over his features. "You tomboy dike motherfucker." He says irritably, pushing her feet out of his lap forcefully and in an odd direction, hopefully turning her body into an uncomfortable position. "Anyways. Yeah, if you're ever looking for action, spend a few evenings with Sybine." Elijah says as he glances at Felix, ashing his cigarette with a quick movement as he settles comfortably into his chair.

"Not entirely sure I'm up for the kind of action she might provide, but at the same time…" Felix trails off, openly giving the redhead who'd just kicked his pseudo-friend in the jaw a quick once over, down and up. "Strangely tempting." His smile is easy, genuine, and he makes no move to shift from his seat.

A huge muscular man walks into the seedy bar. The man looks like he has either done alot of steroids or has lived and beathed in te gym for his entire life. His arms and what you can see of his chest are full of what seems to be tribal tatoos. He wears a wife beater, black, with long lack jeans,combat boots are worn on his feet. His long blonde hair is ties back. As he waslk with his hands begind his back, he shows no emotions, his ecyy blue eues scan the room and finally rest on elijah

Sybine laughs girlishly, as surprising as it is, and as Elijah pushes her feet out of his lap she lets his foce twist her body to the side all together, recovering with putting her heels back up on the opposite side of the table. "You fucking -love- me, Elijah. You ain't never called me a name I don't fucking smile about, though." She gives Felix a soft wink before taking up her cigarette again in one hand. "Anytime, sugar. I can just toss you on the back of my bike, but if you puss out on me, might as well not show the fuck up."

Elijah smirks at Sybine, giving her a nod and not much else, because his attention is drawn towards the door. After leaning back when he's done ashing the clove, he puts the cigarette to his lips and searches out Sheltark's eyes, removing the clove cigarette while giving the man a very serious nod, most of the emotion wiped from his face. His eyes linger on Sheltark for a moment longer, before he simply looks away to stare off at the far wall of the bar.

"Again, think I can manage." the slender, dark-haired man responds "Just hold on and do my best not to squeal like a girl, right? Alright. Don't be too surprised when I take you up on that, little miss Goddess." Catching the hulking mass of Sheltark out of the corner of one eye, Felix privately concludes that it's not polite to stare and keeps his attention squarely on Sybine and Elijah.

Sheltark keeps his eyes on walksing up towards the table and sits down. He crosses his arms over his chest as he stares at Elijah for a moment longer, then breaks out onto laughter, his laughing is very fake and robotc like. he suddenly stop as he looks over towards Sybine, he nods slightly. Totaly ignoring Felix, Sheltark speaks up. "I see, you have Elijah the Junkie to speak to, i pitty you." His accent easter european

The gaunt redhead traces her eyes to follow Elijah's gaze to the door, and a rather harsh grin settles over her features. She slowly stands up from her chair, swinging her feet off of the tabletop, and places two fingers to her lips to release a sharp whistle that her two companions at the bar answer immediately by standing and making their way over to her. They both look directly at Felix, but the girl waves a dismissive hand towards them and they start towards the door. Stepping towards Elijah, leaning down towards him so that her face is level with his."Don't," is all that's said towards Sheltark before his figure is completely ignored. She rests a hand on the top of his head, as though to keep him in place, and immediately licks the whole side of his face from his jawline to his temple as though this were completely normal behavior. Her lips rest next to his ear for a moment with a whisper, which leaves her stepping away from him with a chuckle and a wink, and she follows her companions towards the door where they stand rather impatiently waiting for her before all three exit onto the street.

You whisper to Elijah, 'Yum. Pussy.'

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