“Scorn not my counsel, warrior. I am born under no light of the moon, and I am used to a view from the shadows. The words of your lips don't necessarily reflect the inclinations of your heart. Leave subtlety to those who can usejit better than one such as yourself.”


Only a real fool ignores the wisdom hiding in the guise of the trickster. She brings mirth to still the anger between two hearts and humility to those who need a dose in full. Moreover, the New Moon often has clever insights that make her a worthy advisor (or conniver). The Ragabash occupies an odd place in werewolf society. Many distrust her unpredictable mannerisms and peculiar sense of humor, but she's usually welcomed and given a free hand in the day-today life of the sept. The New Moon enjoys a rare flexibility within the normally rigid strictures of werewolf society. When there's tension in the air, the Ragabash is usually the one to lift it, even at the risk of a claw raking across her exposed, laughing throat. She shows a different kind of courage than the warrior, but one that clever elders don't underestimate.

As the "questioner of the ways," the Ragabash has an obligation to play devil's advocate. Being a New Moon is more than being given a license to play pranks or undercut authority - it is a real responsibility. The Ragabash must question traditions and decrees not reflexively, but rather from an informed point of view. It isn't enough to cast doubt on an elder's proclamation; the Ragabash must have a solid argument supporting her contrary views. It's her task to make certain that her packmates see both sides to every issue, to be sure that they're taking the right option, not just the most obvious one. Of course, the Ragabash's penchant for cunning, sly tactics and subtle Gifts also tends to bestow a certain amount of responsibility as a scout, saboteur or even assassin. The new moon is the moon of stealth, and its children are the ones charged with using that stealth for the Garou's benefit.

Stereotype: The Ragabash born as the new moon waxes is usually light-hearted and capricious while one birthed under the waning new moon has a slightly more wicked and ruthless streak. All werewolves of this auspice have keen senses of humor, and they try to find some wit in everything. If they have a flaw, it lies in not knowing how to show their sincerity. It's not that the Ragabash can't be earnest, quite the contrary. It's just that she may have trouble convincing her packmates when she means business. For this reason, as well as their incessant tricks, many werewolves unfortunately give little respect to the Ragabash.

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