General Information:

Real Name: Dorothy Good (note: This is considered OOC knowledge)
App Age: 19 - 24
Demeanour: Cereniac
Hometown: Salem, MA
Occupation: Exotic Dancer at the Empress (Fame 1)


Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Who knows? What day is it today?
Generation: 10th
Sire: Unknown
Disciplines: Assumed Auspex, Dementation and Obfuscate

"Maybe you need to just get laid?" The utter innocence with which these words are spoken keeps them from sounding even remotely malicious, the blonde still watching Madison with one brow arched quzzically. "Or.. whatever your favourite mistake is. Everyone's different. Something must have changed, you just need to figure out what. And do it again." Letting her feet dangle, Remedy flashes a slight grin, reaching to tweak a lock of crimson hair in teasing. "That's about the extent of my psychologizing ability, mon petit rouge. Tequila??"
- Remedy, to Madison MacKenzie, Exotic Dancer

Remedy's Songs

Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avanlanches
That's Not My Name by the Ting Tings
Queen of the World by Ida Maria
Save the Lies by Gabriella Cilmi
Grace Kelly by Mika

Songs for Others

Madison MacKenzie - Tequila by Terrorvision
Elijah Day - In the Shadows by the Rasmus
Felix Montbertrand - Peaches by Presidents of the USA
Walter Kennedy - Word up by Korn
Sybine Ray - Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs
Abel Felix Zubly - Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues by the Kinks
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