Rhesus Monkey Bars

Santa Monica Boulevard
Bright neon signs bathe the sidewalk in harsh light, and each side of the strip
is lined with bars and nightclubs ranging between high class establishments to
buildings that are little more than densely populated Raves. The street is
packed at any time of day with people and cars, making parking an issue for most
anyone. The occasional crowd of Paparazzo can be seen here or there, hoping to
get shots of some well known celebrity coming out of one of the sleazier
establishments. Continuing to the east and west, traffic travels down single,
congested lanes, looking only a bit wider than the sprawling sidewalks, and the
street lamps leave plenty of illumination in the night. Between many of the
buildings, dark alleys offer places for the less savory population of the strip
to do their business with mild obscurity.

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east - Santa Monica Boulevard
west - Santa Monica Boulevard

A rather tall, thin, dark-haired man wanders his way along the strip with hands in the pockets of his pinstriped black slacks, a deep red button-down worn open over a black teeshirt. Calm hazel eyes wander from this to that, paying little attention to anything in particular — not the clubs, nor the club-goers themselves. He slips through the crowds without ever really becoming a part of them.

The herd of paparazzi that usually stampede the strip are in full force tonight, gallavanting their way from one club to another and typically on their phones looking for any decent tips. Somewhat a part of them, but by no means in the middle of the herd, is a pixie of a girl, short of stature and pale of skin, who seems content to people-watch rather than blather into the mouthpiece of her cell. Her short ebon hair is pulled away from her face by a black and white polka-dotted bandana, sticking to the generally monotone theme of the rest of her outfit. Grey denim skinny jeans lead down to a pair of black ballet flats, while the tight white long-sleeved t-shirt she wears harbors a pair of silver wings silk-screened on the back. Across her body, and banging against one bony hip, is a tattered messenger bag, festooned with all sorts of buttons, and in one hand she holds a rather expensive looking camera.

Something about the combination of stature, body-language, and the generally slender figure of the girl in question causes her to stand out for Felix, though the initial result amounts to his stopping in the middle of that ever-present flood of humanity and canting his head a bit to one side. The smile of recognition follows soon after, and he moves up behind her — making naught a sound, though she might be clued to his presence some other way — before announcing himself. "Well, it dose make some sense now. Professional stalker,as you said. I'd be telling half truths if I didn't say this was a bit more benign than I'd expected… and something of a comfort, too." All this delivered in a gently teasing but amicable tone, he simply stands there with hands in pockets, waiting to see if she'll turn.

Not even a shiver of surprise filters through Ella's mostly docile facade, though a wide grin splits her face as she whirls around. She tips her head back to peer up at Felix, one dark angular eyebrow cocked high. "Of course it's a comfort to you, unless you're Shia or Lindsay," she mentions with a squinch of her nose and a narrowed gaze, eyeing the man before her as if she were peeling back layer upon layer of skin to see what's in the middle. "Though I dunno. You could be one of them hiding in there, but it's an awfully intricate costume just to avoid some paps. I've seen them try to cover themselves with blankets and hulking bodyguards, none of which is very effective. Just makes us all the more curious," she explains, her eyebrows waggling at the last sentence. "So what brings you down here to walk with the starlets? Attempting a brush with 'greatness'?"

"Not so much that as an escape from boredom, though you can see how well that's going." Felix offers, his shoulders rising and falling in an easy ripple as he speaks. "Besides," he adds, motioning to the space between himself and her, changing almost constantly as he leans without conscious direction to avoid being buffeted by the surrounding crowds, "I suspect this is as near to 'greatness' as I'm likely to come this evening, hmm? If there were someone more impressive around I have no doubts you'd be there already, and even if there were I've never been much for celebrity worship."

A burst of laughter flies from the small woman's large mouth, the sound completely uninhibited and free. "If you're bored, then you're doing it wrong. Whatever it is you're doing?" she lifts an eyebrow, "It's wrong. Hey, I can't be everywhere at once, so I can't see what those celebutards are up to twenty-four seven, but that would be a neat truck, huh?" Her head tips back as her greyish eyes roll heavenwards, "Ah," she sighs, "Just think, I could watch Travolta cornhole Cruise at the same time as I could see Paris Hilton scoring some crack-rock from the dirtiest dealer in town. Good times, I tell ya! My bank account would love it, no doubt." A wide, maniacal grin is reserved for Felix before she verbally surges onward, "What sort of relief from boredom were you looking for on the strip then?"

"I have no idea, actually. Thinking back, the logic went something like 'it's where everyone goes' followed by 'there must be something worthwhile there'. Only after I actually arrived did I remember that 'activity' seems to have been reduced to 'club scene' in the last few years." Either genuinely perplexed or making a fine show of it, Felix shrugs once more. "Seems I've forgotten how to do just about everything but work and drive at some point in there." Humming low, he fixes the petite figure with an appraising gaze. "You're around all of this so much, I doubt you seek out more when you /aren't/ working. Ideas?"

Switching her camera from one hand to the other, Ella purses her lips into a tight line while humming thoughtfully. She rocks back and forth on her slim ballet flats, her head canted to one side. "I'm usually working even when I'm not working, unless I'm sleeping. I always have some sort of camera on me, even if it's the crappy one on my cell phone. Ah, the exciting life of a freelance, right?" Lifting the flap of her messenger back with her free hand, the dark-haired girl begins to slide her camera inside of it very gently. "The beach or the various parks are good for finding solace, though personally I prefer the parks with jungle gyms and swings. It's like working out at the YMCA without the saggy old woman boobs all around you and the flexing show-offs that should really stop abusing their 'roids. Then of course there's the Old Triangle for some good company and rowdy drinking, though I've been trying to avoid the place recently."

"Oh, I've gone that route before — still do, sort of." the slim gent is quick to commiserate. A grin and a quick chuckle of amusement escape him as she considers the virtues of jungle gyms and the various denizens of the Y, fading somewhat as she mentions the Triangle, brows moving down and together just slightly. Lips part but Felix just shakes his head, mumbling something about it not being his business. "Well, I can easily see myself being asked to leave by some self-important security guard if I actually attempt to use a jungle gym, but I'll take my chances if it means I get to see you on one too." he offers, amicable grin returning in a bit softer guise. "Up for it? You get to watch me make a fool of myself, I'm sure, and that should be good for a laugh if nothing else."

A thoroughly pensive expression takes up residence on Ella's pale face, her dark eyebrows lowering a bit as she silently considers her options. "I don't think any kiddies are still traipsing around the parks, so I doubt the crooked ass cops would give a shit who's hanging around the park. Otherwise they'd probably book us on suspicion of being Chester Molester unless we coughed up a few grand to make the charges 'go away'. But sure! I'm totally up for it! Tonight's been a snorefest on the beat, anyhow. Not like when I got those pics of Sienna…" her voice trails off into a completely devilish cackle. "Oh the tangle webs they weave," she mutters with a sigh while shaking her head.

"They? Psh. True of most of us… just less often televised." Felix muses aloud, gesturing for Ella to lead the way and making as if to fall in to step beside her only to pause a moment later, asking, "How far away is it anyway? Should I go get the car? Thinking on it, I kinda doubt they would put a kids park very close to half a mile solid of clubs and bars."

Rolling her bony shoulders in the vague semblance of a shrug, Ella begins to turn. "It's kinda far, I guess. I walk everywhere if I can help it. The ole calico Escort just doesn't much care for city traffic, so I try and let its old bones rest whenever I can. Besides, walking is good exercise and doesn't put nearly as much toxins into the smog as a car does," the girl chirrups merrily as she begins to stroll down Santa Monica, her body weaving easily through the mass of people crowding in front of the various establishments.

Highland Park
Through a tall worked Iron Gate and low stucco wall, mimicking that of the
apartment building across the street, the once stunning formal gardens of the
city can be seen. Slightly over grown hedges of various shades of deep green
line the pathways begging to be trimmed and picked free of a few lingering fast
food wrappers. Potted plants in large stone containers give vibrant bursts of
tropical color against an otherwise struggling green backdrop lending it a
welcoming air. Several stone and metal statues, some missing heads and or other
appendages dot the area standing out like spies against the tall palms,
depicting modern renditions of city lives and local figures. The back of the
park hosts a stone terracing flanked on each side by colonnades, upon it resting
a few iron tables and chairs, offering a delightful retreat from the hot noon
day sun, a tall brightly colored plastic play ground nested just behind it,
swings left to drift in the breeze.

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west - North Highland Ave

"Probably should think about the environment a bit more…" Felix admits, keeping pace with the shorter girl with obvious ease. "I seriously doubt the Audi is doing the ozone layer any favors… or any other layer for that matter." Concern over this seems to be fleeting at best, but genuine for the three-odd seconds it lasts.

Reaching into a pocket on the side of her messenger bag, Ella pulls out a pair of lipstick red heart-shaped sunglasses. She grins widely while sliding them on to her face, regardless of the fact that it's full night. "I think I might make my calico into a big pot for a big tree or something, but I think the landlord would get pissy," she mentions off-hand while strolling into the park. One arm stretches out as she indicates the ancient playground equipment, "And here it is! The land of the jungle gym and swings. I've always loved the monkey bars," she admits with a playful grin. As she walks, she pauses to peel off her shoes by reaching behind her and tugging at the heels, carrying them in one hand by the time she makes it to the edge of the playground itself.

"It's true people generally don't like you to leave derelict cars in the yard, full of compost or otherwise…" Felix affirms, watching as she dons the shades at well past midnight without a word. His own shoes remain on and he appears briefly hesitant, though follows her lead in to the part proper after a moment's thought. "I honestly don't think I've been somewhere like this in… fifteen years? More?" A low chuckle. "…but what the hell." Strolling over to the monkey bars, he stands under them, reaches up… and takes hold with both feet still firmly planted on the ground. Kind of anticlimactic. Folding legs beneath himself, then, he hangs for a few long moments and just smiles. "You actually do this? Often?" A few wobbly steps along the rungs, and he drops his feet to earth once more.

With a firm shove, Ella manages to push the hem of her shirt into her jeans before depositing her shoes on the ground beside the monkey bars. With infinite more care, the little paparazzo sets down her messenger bag beside them before standing and offering Felix an appraising look. Both of her fists are pressed against her hips in a very Peter Pan-esque pose, her chin even inclined in the slightest. "Yep! Often enough to warrant a few stares, at least," she admits before sauntering over to the gym. She actually uses the little ladder to reach the bars, grabbing hold of the first in the series with both hands before swinging her legs up, putting the second bar beneath the bend of her knees. Once secure, she lets her hands fall away, dangling upside down like the fruit bat she is. "Ever since I was kid, I've loved these things. You should really come to one more often. It offers a lot of different perspectives on things."

"Upside-down, for example." the slender dark-haired man observes, watching Ella for a few long moments — staring, really, and openly — before shrugging off his outer shirt and making an attempt himself. The black tee beneath proves sleeveless (perhaps he's not used to the heat) and his arms prove lean but reasonably well muscled; it makes a bit more sense now when he pulls himself back up on to the bars with relative ease. A few slow swings gain momentum, then he hooks his legs up over the bars as well and hangs there somewhat awkwardly before deciding to let go. "Woah!" The swing down proves more sudden than he'd expected, but in the end he's grinning right back at her, ground floating above his head. "Not one of those people that swear by sleeping inverted, are you?" Gently teasing.

"Nah, I wouldn't be able to sleep with all this blood rushing to my head. It makes me think, though not in any linear fashion that's for sure," Ella intones with an impish smile, gently swinging as if she were blowing in a stiff breeze. Her fingers stretch to try to reach the ground, her bright blue fingernails missing entirely. "I have slept standing up before, I guess. But I can be forgiven since it was a late night for me and I was pretty bored and had eaten too many carbs. The carb crash is no joke, I swear!"

"Wouldn't know — my diet has been known to amaze simply by how horrible it is." There's a short pause before Felix adds, "…and I wouldn't say linear thinking is your forte from the admittedly little I've seen, upright or otherwise," giving her a quick upside-down wink before pulling himself up to grab the bars with his hands and leveraging his body through one of the gaps, settling on top of them and grinning down. "I see that as a good thing, a departure from all the corporate bullshit and by-the-book nonsense I'm forced to endure and encourage for a paycheck. Not, mind you, that I don't realize you're probably running the angles each and every second. Don't mind that either." A brief pause. "Stuff like this, you know? I don't think I would've ever considered it, but it's nice. I'm worried I'm forgetting how to have fun."

With an easy swing of her torso, Ella grabs ahold of the next bar and draws in a deep breath. It takes considerable effort, at least judging by her reddish face and scrunched nose, for her to pull her meager self through the bars to sit cross-legged on top of the jungle gym. There she sits while panting faintly, facing Felix with a wild sort of grin plastered across her mouth. "If you forget to have fun you'll just be another soulless cog in the neverending machine. Sure, we can't help but to be a part of it, at least a little, because it's just what people do. But we -can- gauge how much we let it rule our lives. Don't let them win! Damn the man!" she exclaims proudly, raising one fist into the air. "Or you know something like that," she lets her hand fall back to her lap with a shrug. "What is it you do, or have done, that you find so vile?"

Felix chuckles despite himself, echoing happily, "Yeah, something like that." The shrug that follows has the same odd rather fluid quality to it as all those that'd come before it. "I'm a consultant — security work. You know the little handbook guards are always looking for when the shit hits the fan? I get paid to help write those, or at least re-write them. So in a way, I sort of /am/ the man. Indirectly. Sort of." He actually winces at this. "…but hey, it pays well and I only work like four months a year, it just borders on terrifying when I think of what I'm going to do to fill the other eight."

One hand reaches out to grip the side of the monkey bars, aiding Ella in keeping her balance on top of the structure. Grey eyes peer out from behind her heart-shaped glasses at Felix as her head tilts to one side, her jet black hair still rather mussed from her hanging excursion though it doesn't seem to matter much to her. "I dunno.. the only things I ever see security guards referencing are donuts and Hustler. Do you write for Hustler? Maybe you could do that in the months between work? I bet Larry Flynt pays pretty well."

"Don't know from personal experience? I'm sure some of your racier shots could make it through their rigorous screening process." Felix winks. "Nah, I'm actually a multi-millionaire — I've got like forty Krispy Kreme franchises and am full of self-loathing when I think of what my product is doing to the nation's youth." he then counters, grinning faintly.

Ella lets out a low whistle as she shakes her head, "That's much more than my meager pittance as a full-time ninja and part-time stalker. But I'm surprised you're not," her head tips down and then up as if eyeing Felix from behind the lenses of her sunglasses, "a bit more portly. It has to be tempting to own something like that and -not- sample the wares. Isn't that one of the major perks of owning something? You can take whatever you want from it and give the finger to your employees if they say anything? And, not to hurt your feelings or anything, but Dunkin Donuts has much better coffee, even if they did hire that Joker-faced Rachael Ray to shill for them."

"Oh, the Dunkin Donuts Krispy Kreme rivalry is the stuff of legend! But you're in luck — I'm actually looking to hire a stalker-ninja of my own. You work for a pittance no longer!" Falling silent for a time then, Felix starts back up with, "Kind of a shame three quarters of that was complete bullshit, aye?" Dropping through the bars, he reaches up to poke playfully a couple of times at Ella's legs in her skinny jeans. "However! If I did need a ninja, I now most certainly know who to call."

A round of giggles crinkles Ella's nose as she twitches her legs, almost looking as if she's about to lose her balance for a minute with her sudden onslaught of laughter. She hangs her head over the side to peer down at Felix, one eyebrow raised above the frames of her glasses, "I'm usually on Santa Monica so it's not hard to find. Just look for the small girl climbing on the shoulders of a bigger photographer and yelling for the Firecrotch to stop and smile for the camera with her girlfriend!" Ella does not, however, immediately relinquish her seat on top of the monkeybars. "Hhmm I think next time someone asks you what you do for a living you should tell them that you're… um.." she pauses, a look of concentration screwing up her face, "Oh! An ocularist! That'll leave them guessing for sure."

"Someone who… studies eyes?" he asks, tone suggesting more than a little incredulousness. "Or some kind of spirit medium? It's a good one, I'll give you that; I'd end up half confusing myself with it." Hauling himself up the little ladder at the end three rungs at a time, Felix sets his elbows atop the two metal rails of the monkey bars and rests his chin atop his folded hands, feet braced against the ladder so he doesn't go tumbling off, at least in theory. At the conclusion of another fairly good and unabashed stare he offers, "Yep, think I rather like you."

An eyebrow lifts as if she's used to this sort of behavior, though a small smile crawls across her lips. "That's good, because I wouldn't want to be shivved in the gut by an irate ocularist. Shivved with his paintbrush of course." Her fine, white teeth are displayed in a grin before she goes on, "They paint artificial eyes, I think. I thought it sounded cool because, like yourself, I thought it had to do with Miss Cleo or John Edwards. Not the philanderer, the psychic." One of Ella's legs unfolds to drop between the bars, swinging idly from side to side as she leans back a bit, keeping her balance with both hands on either side of the jungle gym. "Or you could tell people you're a diener. They prepare cadavers for the doctors before autopsies are performed in hospitals." She pauses with the slightest of frowns, "Though maybe not. The word sounds too much like 'wiener' to me, unless I'm totally pronouncing it wrong." She shrugs idly at this as if it doesn't really concern her overly much, a lopsided smile curling one corner of her mouth. "I think I rather like you, too. You're pretty nice for being a cog in the machine."

"I've always been a funny shaped cog." the thin fellow admits, seemingly restless just watching her as he suddenly leans back, arms shooting out to wrap fingers loose around the side rails and keep him from falling at the last second, then just sort of bouncing there a bit. "Most would probably say something about it 'giving them character' but… eh. I wouldn't say I've got an overabundance." Chuckling then as if at some half-remembered joke he adds, "God I'd make a horrible ocularist, or the best one ever. People would end up with neon green and metal flake, all kinds of random unnatural shit." He grins.

Pushing her glasses up on her head with one hand, Ella reveals a thoroughly baffled expression. Her eyebrows are pulled low as she purses her lips together, her charcoal sights scouring the man in front of her. "You look to have plenty of character to me, though I dunno why you'd want to make up jobs to tell people you do. Though maybe I can.. I bet some of them have some unusual reactions," she winks good-naturedly at him while giggling. "I think you'd make the best sort of ocularist. The sort not saddled by normal conventions and willing to paint outside the lines. How fucking cool would it be to have star-shaped, reflective gold irises?"

"Might seem a stretch, pretty far out there, but I'm going to have to go with 'really fucking cool' on this one." Felix replies after a few seconds of exaggerated 'consideration', including but not limited to gratuitous goatee stroking. "…though probably not worth losing an eye over. Perspective can be a real bitch, aye?" As his 'hobby' is brought to the forefront Felix just shrugs. "The truth can be boring, I can keep things interesting, and I get around to it eventually. No harm done."

"Oh, no, the truth is never boring. It might seem like it to those that live with the same truth day after day, but to those unused to it I bet it could be quite interesting," Ella muses aloud, a suddenly serious expression enveloping her face. But it takes just a simple shrug and a wild smile to break that momentary lapse in geniality. Grabbing ahold of the bar she's been sitting on, Ella wiggles herself out between that one and the one in front of it, lithely dropping to the ground with her knees bent and her fingers lightly touching the ground in a crouch. "If you don't like your truth, then change it. There's a lot offered out there, you know."

"Suggest I take up ninjaing? Don't know that I've got the frame for it — a bit too lanky, I think." Felix offers, winking amicably. He hops off the little ladder, creating a small puff of dust where he lands, then strolls over to the nearest swingset and takes a seat.

"I don't know," the little photographer admits as she, too, wanders towards the swings. She doesn't claim one of her own though, happy to lean against the set itself as she watches Felix curiously. "I think being lanky as a ninja would have its advantages. You can fit through all sorts of things, like chimneys. But I'm not sure I could handle the competition it would create. It's sort of a niche market, you know," she chuckles while crossing her arms in front of her, still barefoot and apparently not caring in the least.

"I'd hate to cut in to your pittance." the dark-haired fellow responds, his tone vaguely repentant. "That and I think you're right; you do seem to have things covered in this part of town." Managing to do little more than create a couple of furrows in the sand beneath the set with the heels of his shoes, Felix seeming unconcerned by the damage to them. "International hitman, maybe? Though there is my total lack of experience with firearms to deal with, and the absence of any appreciable level of bloodthirstyness. Hmm."

Stalking over to the swing nearest Felix, Ella slides one leg over the seat and straddles it sideways, gripping the chain hanging in front of her with both hands while leaning forward. "You'd get a lot of frequent flier miles being an international hitman, but how would you get all those weapons through airport security? Those bastards are good about roughing people up for the hell of it," she frowns, mumbling under her breath, "That was the last time I ever jogged down the terminal with my sunglasses on and my hand tucked inside my jacket." Shaking her head slightly, she offers Felix a warm smile, "You could tell them you're a government experiment on the run after the super-intelligent rhesus monkeys freed you."

"I hear they have plastic guns. but don't expect me to be able to explain that shit. I'd think they'd melt as soon as you tried to shoot anybody." An unconcerned shrug follows, and after that, a burst of very real laughter. "Do I have super powers? Maybe stemming from my amazing gold star replacement eye?"

An eyebrow lifts as Ella keeps her attention fixed on Felix, her cheek pressing against the cold chain her hands are gripping a little further up. Blue-painted toenails dig into the sand beneath her as she curls her toes, rocking the swing from side to side gently. "I think maybe you have super powers and the gold eye keeps them underwraps. If you ever removed it, a laser would shoot out and burn holes through things. It's the power of your brain. Mind lasers! That's why the rhesus monkeys were scared of you, but they hate humanity for caging them up and experimenting on them, so they let you go. See? Perfectly logical and reasonable, I think. Maybe I should ask a rhesus what he thinks, -if- he'd give me a straight answer."

"We are disturbingly close to the storyline for the next big summer blockbuster here. You sure you're in the right business, Ella?" Felix counters, his tone half serious. The subsequent attempts at swinging prove a little more successful than those earlier, now that there's a fairly good notch in the sand below him carved with the now half destroyed heels of what may well be several hundred dollar shoes; he doesn't seem worried, just shifts his weight from side to side a bit and smiles. "Rhesus is a very complex language — I hear that like the Inuit with 'snow' they have twenty-three words for 'flinging feces at our enemies' alone."

Ella tips her head back with a raucous peel of laughter, her fingers tightening on the chain. "Oh god, that settles it. I definitely have to learn Rhesussian. I can taunt them with promises of grapes and beer. Dogs love beer. All sorts of dogs love beer! So why not monkeys too?" She still hasn't stopped her gently swaying on the swing, though her grey eyes track Felix with every move he makes. "No, I'm not sure I'm in the right business, but it's fine for now. I can't draw worth a damn and my thoughts tend to wander too much to make any sort of coherent movie or comic book. It'd wind up something whacked out like Memento or Alice in Wonderland and that's all been done before."

"True enough," Felix admits, smiling at her across the little divide between the swings, "but they eat it up every time." Humming, he adds, "Not to imply you'd be content with a rehash. Hardly." Then with a low chuckle, "Grapes and beer, aye? Yeah, you may just be on to something there. I even had a cat once that liked beer… but then he also liked weed. Odd cat."

Ella crinkles her nose at the word 'cat' though for the moment she says nothing against it. One big toe starts drawing little swirly designs in the sand as she smiles lopsidedly at Felix, "No rehashes for me, thank you very much. Unless it has a stellar cast and some brilliant action sequences. Then I could totally live with a rehash," she explains with a chuckle. "That cat sounds like it was a reincarnated college student. Did it also gravitate towards ramen noodles?"

Tightening his hold on the chains and leaning back, head tilting back and eyes moving briefly skyward, Felix appears to ponder this. "Not that I can remember, but I was out a lot and who the hell knows what Steve fed him." Starting to swing in earnest then, Felix manages a three or four reasonably good passes with feet outstretched, then launches himself off the swing at the apex. He doesn't go far, landing more or less upright and grinning, and returns immediately to the swing."Brilliant action sequences, aye? I'll need some examples, so I know what to suggest when I ask you out like I've traveled back in time to highschool later on. Best to be prepared."

An eyebrow is held aloft as Ella raises her head to sit up straighter, and finally to stand, still with the swing between her legs. She walks over it as if she were dismounting from a horse, though she keeps one hand attached to the chain. "Well, you know like something from that old movie Speed with the bus doing all sort of scary tricks. My memory of that movie is foggy at best, but I remember a big fast bus," she dips her head in a single, solemn nod. "I dunno if you want to hazard a third meeting with me like that. I'm liable to make your brain bleed out of your ears and nose if you listen to me too much. That, and if we would go to some swanky restaurant, I'd totally get us booted for following the celebutantes in attendance to the bathroom and get pictures of them snorting blow. It would be epic, but not such a fun date."

"Got it — bleeding from the ears and nose, in, swanky restaurants, out." Holding up one hand in a parody of being sworn in, Felix adds, "Only the most dubious of dive bars, promise. The sort of places where if you start a fight chasing some has-been in to the street it won't be seen as anything but an 'event'. I think I can manage." He chuckles once more, taking another couple of passes on the swing. "…and honestly, epic is what I do. I just stay out of the papers."

Something dark flickers through Ella's expression as her ever-present smile falters in the slightest, "Yeah, fights in dive bars. Good times," she nearly whispers while lowering her gaze to the sand. A scowl colors bleak lines on her young face before she shakes her head, erasing the gloomy facade as if it were never there. "Sure, what the hell? Hanging out with you is a nice change of pace from constantly yelling at people or chasing after people or skulking in someone's bushes," she winks good-naturedly, her smile creeping back little by little.

It might not have been long, but it's difficult to hide much at this distance and Felix is not the sort to be blind do what's directly in front of him. "Hey," he starts, brows knitting slightly in concern, "What was that about?" A brief pause, then. "Something to do with the Triangle? Sorry — I really will learn to think things through one of these days." Seeming content to leave it there, right or wrong, he adds in a more upbeat tone, "Care for my number, then? Schedule's pretty well open for this next bit, so whenever you've got time we'll put it to the test, see if I still know how to have a good time or if they've smashed me dangerously closer to cog-shaped."

Ella takes a step closer to Felix while reaching out a hand, roughing up his hair carelessly as she offers him a faint smile, "Don't worry about it, cog. It's just something I have to try to sort out on my own, you know?" she murmurs in an oddly quiet tone of voice before reclaiming her hand. While marching back to where she left her shoes and messenger bag, she slides her feet along in the grass between, attempting to rid herself of any lingering grains of sand. She hoists the bag up onto her shoulder after sliding her feet into her shoes, though as she makes her way back towards Felix, she pulls out a small spiral-bound Badtz-Maru notebook and a red pen. She flips it open a few pages while nibbling on her lower lip, finally finding a black spot and grinning to herself. "Alright! Let'er rip!" she exclaims while poising her pen neatly over the page.

Rising from his seat on the swing and kicking somewhat ineffectually at the mound of sand accumulated toward one end of the trench his feet dug, Felix smiles and nods toward her. The number offered is god-awful long and very clearly not of US origin. "That's me at home," he explains, soon retrieving a small and generally unassuming black flip-phone from the pockets of his slacks and flicking it open as he continues, "And /here/…" another sequence of numbers follows, thankfully starting with a local area code, "that's what I've got for now."

Ella scribbles like crazy onto her notepad, perhaps making more notations than just the numbers given to her just judging by how often the pen strikes the page. She nods accordingly, repeating each series of numbers back to Felix with one questioning eyebrow lifted as if asking whether it's correct or not. With a teasing grin, she flicks her gaze over at Felix while moving her pen some more over the page, her lips forming the silent word, 'Ocularist', as if she were making that the official title. "Got it saved, and as soon as I sit down it'll be programmed into my phone. Those things are confusing as hell though so I don't want to embarrass myself in front of you while I fiddle with it."

"I understand better than I likely ought to admit." the slim gent responds, grinning faintly despite himself. For the first time in hours — quite the rarity for him — Felix glances down at his watch and mutters something low and decidedly negative to himself. "I really need to head out for now." He glances around briefly, and the grin returns. "Had a good time, even with the aural bleeding. Small price to pay, as I see it. See you 'round soon, yeah?"

After stuffing her notebook and pen back into the dark void of her messenger bag, Ella lifts her hand in a military-style salute. "Aye, aye! Sort of like gangrene, I'm kinda hard to get rid of once I've attached myself to a limb," she admits freely, a daring gleam in her stormcloud eyes. "Take care there, Felix, and I promise to give you a call sometime in the near future."

"If you don't I'll pose as a hapless starlet with a serious crack problem. That ought ought to get plenty of media attention.. for more reasons than one." He grins, turning and starting off out of the park. "Definitely going to need a wig…"

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