Level 1: The Joining

Sometimes called "tsutaeru" by the Gaki, this power allows them to silently communicate with both those around him and other Gaki. While this does not allow mind reading, attempts to communicate with Gaki are automatically successful unless the other Gaki is blocking such contact, and can be made over any distance. Communicating with non Gaki requires the user of this power to be within eyesight of his target.

System: Wits + Linguistics roll against a difficulty of 7.

Level 2: Glimpse Of The Pain

With the second level of Rift, the Gaki begins to draw others into his realm of agony, if only for a moment. This power, called "tsukamu", allows (forces) a target to see the Gaki's own rift. This look at a whole microverse of guilt, sin, frustration and horror is often more than most can handle. Being blind or closing one's eyes can lessen the agony, but the rift is a complete sensory and psychic experience, so the victim may still be affected.

System: the target, if a Vampire, must make a Courage roll with a difficulty of his own Humanity +2 or fall into a courage frenzy. For others, the Gaki must make and Perception + Intimidation roll with a difficulty of 6, resisted by the target's Willpower roll against the same difficulty. Each success the Gaki achieves means the target is incapacitated for an additional turn, frozen with horror at the monstrosity just seen.

Level 3: Crossing The Iron Bridge

At this stage in a Gaki's development, he begins to deal with his own inner demons. This power allows him to enter into his rift, confronting all that which make it hell. The Gaki actually disappears from the place he was, and will reappear there shortly.

System: This is be on means a pleasant experience, and the character must make a Self-Control roll with a difficulty of his own Conscience for every turn he remains there. Some Gaki use this power for protection, some use it to deal with their own guilt, and some are rumored to have entered into their rift never to return again.

Level 4: Journeying The Iron Bridge

When a Gaki first becomes able to Cross the Iron Bridge, all he can take with him are those inanimate items which have a personal connection ( clothes, keepsakes, etc. ) and these just for a short time.

System: With the fourth level of this power, the Gaki can take anything with him, but he must make a Stamina + Survival roll against a difficulty of 6. Failure means any item brought in falls from wherever the Gaki was holding it. In addition, the Gaki can stay in the rift for as long as he wants… or can.

Level 5: Passing The Inner Realm

At this point the Gaki begins to learn how to manipulate the rift, using this horror to his own advantage. While the rift is not infinite, it is subject only to the limits placed on it be the Storyteller. Thus the Gaki can travel through it, invisible to the outside world, to any point he could see before entering the rift. He can even enter the rifts of other Gaki he could see before using this power.

System: This movement takes as long as crossing the distance physically would, but the Gaki can avoid barriers, reappear behind foes, avoid attacks, etc. To use this power before an attack can hit requires a Wits + Dodge roll against the opponent's Dexterity +1.

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