Riot At The Vine St Bazaar

Stepping out of a small liquor store into the relatively quiet street, a paper bag swinging in one hand, Alexandra Deckard casts an idle glance to either sidebefore stepping down to the sidewalk. Dressed simply in dark jeans and a grey vest top, bearing the faded logo of the Rolling Stones, she has left her trademark white-blonde tresses loose, the strands stirred a little by a lazy breeze as she wanders at a casual place through the bazaar.

Vine Street Bazaar
Running from the main strip, Santa Monica Blvd to the north, all the way through
the city to the south. Vine street intersects here here with Willougby which
stretches far to the west cutting across most of the city. Maintained by the
city, this area is zoned for residential and small commercial businesses.
Lofts, townhouses, small liqour stores you name. The closer one gets to the
strip, the more one comes to realize how different Los Angeles is.

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north - Vine Street
south - Vine Street
west - Willoughby Avenue
down - Sewers beneath Vine and Willoughby
(Carl) A Male with long scruffy hair and a beard is here with 2 other bikers (App 1) [ ] |Fame 4: Biker gang leader, Most wanted in LA|

There is a sound of rolling thunder from the North, it seems to be a small group of bikers, with very loud bikes. Hootering and hollering can be heard as they approch this side of the street. Its obvious now who it is as carl runs a red as he waves the finger at a moorist. "My fucken Road there Mr shitty fucken car, My fucken city my fucken rules.." he starts to laugh hard as he waits in traffic, oblivious of Alexandra he starts to shout at the car infront of him

Glancing up as soon as the roar of the engines break through the quiet night air, the blonde regards the group through half closed eyes, her expression becoming unreadable as her gaze flits briefly over Carlson. Only the slight tightening of her fingertipsaround the paper bag, scrunching it slightly, suggests any tension. Shrugging her three-quarter length leather coat higher on her shoulders, she continues on her way, eventually tearing her gaze away and ignoring the whooping bikers.

Carl lets out a sigh as he parks his bike on the curb, he starts to shout out like an idiot with his 2 friends watching and laughing. "This is why we elect fucken goverments into office, so i can spend my time on the fuken road instead of killing and taken fucken drugs.." he looks around as he looks for an audience. "Yeh thats what we fucken do, day in day fucken out

Alexandra grits her teeth, resisting the urge to look back over her shoulder or sling an insult. Pushing through a small crowd of slow moving passers-by, she makes her way to the curb further up the street, waiting for a break in the crawling traffic so that she can cross. Inevitably, her blue eyes catch upon Carl just briefly once more, dislike and distrust written clearly now across her features.

A crowed start to look at Carl and they seem to listen, a few walk by but the majority stand around and clearly listen, carl keeps talking and carrying on like always. "Look at this Trafic mother fuckers, When real men were in office, they built bridges with 8 fucken lanes, built it for the fucken future, Now goverment build little streets just for the here and now.." Murmers of the croud start to gather momentum. "Yeh believe it, and what do these cocksuckers do.. they just take our fucken Taxes, our hard heard money and spend it on thier fucken mistresses

"As opposed to the -real- leaders who rape and murder and stand about in the street shouting about how it's -society- to blame.." Alex mutters under her breath to a young woman who waits patiently beside her at the side of the street. Folding her slender arms, her bag still clutched in one fist, she reluctantly lets her attention rest on Carlson for the moment, if for no other reason than the entertainment.

The crowd gets bigger and bigger 20 people start to listen to Carl as carl goes on, he looks at his phone but doesnt answer. "Yeh believe it, they squander our money into thier own fucken little banks, and every one of them is the fucken same.." He looks around for a slight moment and catches a glimps of Alexandra, a cheeky smile goes on his lips as he looks at every person in the crowd. "They are helped though, by thier fucken friends, thier friends spread fear and lies to gtet them to vote for thier political friends.." he starst to point towards himself. "I never believed they had WMD, Did you.." The crowd say "no" He then gets his ohone out and texts. "Do you believe we have to sacrafie out good younf men for some cunt who thinks world war three is cool?" They all start shouting "no"

Glancing about herself, aware of the rising mob mentality threatening to take hold, Alexandra then returns her gaze to Carl, meeting his eyes as he sees her through the crowd, offering him a slow smirk in return, pulling a cellphone from one pocket and dialling with one thumb. Pressing into the crowd, she seems to be, oddly, making her way -back-, toward him. She closes the distance with surprising ease.

(Alex calls the police)

Raises his arms as they ay no. "And who helps the fucken Govermant send out fucken troops to fucken places were they should kill themselves and not our man.." he points to Alexandra. "her fucken people, the media has been duping us for so fucken long, and its fucken time to stand up to the fucken media and thier friends in office, to tell them.. They should be scared of us.. not we scared of them!" He looks around him as people start to agree, then look at Alexandra, starting to make murmmered comments. "Yeh High paid fucken Media, you like us scared don t ya!"

Arturo has arrived.

Ignoring the glances and muttered comments that come her way, Alexandra keeps her eyes on Carl, coming to a halt only a few feet from him. A strange smile plays across her lips as she drops her cellphone back into her pocket, her eyebrows rising imploringly. "Awww, where's the -love-, Carl?" she says, her lazy Californian drawl lingering over the word. "You're not scared of little old me, surely?" With a sly wink, she adjusts her stance, placing her hands comfortably on her hips. A teasing grin reveals youthful dimples as she adds something in a murmured undertone, loud enough for him alone..

Alexandra whispers to Carl, '*smirking but holding his gaze steadily* C'mon set the night on… fiiiiiiire….'

Carl points to himself as the people start to look at Alexandra and then to Carl, they start to show anger in thier faces, carl speaks up. "I saved her from a rape, her own media boss wanted to rape her.. yeh give her the manly bone, I thought it was wrong, just like normal every day americans like you.. I saved her from a life of mental depression, and what does she do.. She crusifys the helper.. We want our childrent to grow up known if you help someone they will be fucked for it.." The crowed starts to get really agitated as they looks around towards Alexandra, carl keeps going, like his done this before. "No dont be angry at her, be angry at the fucken system, be angry that we let this fucken slide.. and what are we gonna do abotu it?" the crowd start to get boigger and bigger 100 people now are listening, as carl gets on a bench. "Ytell them thats not right, that not the America we want.." the crowd starts to chant. "America we want!"over and over

Arturo strides up to the rally, looking dapper as ever. A few strides up vine street take him to the fringes of the happenings. He seems to fumble on the ground for something, and then lifts himself back to gaze over the crowd at what he may have already assumed, is Carl Carlson.

Shaking her head in clear frustration, meeting a few of the scowls sent her way with a glare that soon causes the offending eyes to be averted, Alexandra pushes through, following after Carl, though she moves to the sidewalk behind the bench. One hand slides a little beneath her heavy coat as she directs her words upward toward him, calmly and evenly, but loud enough for those standing nearby to hear. "Yes, you did save me. Wasn't that the same week as the Royal Street Shootout? The one that you were blamed for but that had no supportive evidence to back the claims?" She seems oblivious to the mob now, her attention fixated upon Carlson. She has, after all, almost made her entire career out of this man alone.

The crowed eem to Listen to Alexandra but shakes thier heads, they look to carl. "The goverment of America, not the willof the people learn through violence, they only listen to us when we are angry, do you expect me to fight the good fight without hurting people.." The crowed starts to shake thier heads, the crows seems to become biggr and bigger as people listen to the Biker with swaying words. "Let them tonight here our fucken words, we want clear leadership, we want to be not in fear, and we want representation!" he moves to his bike and gets out a crow bar, he holds it up high as he turns and looks at people. "Are you with us, the new peoples republic of America!" they all scream. "YES" Carl moves over to a nice looking rich mans car still holding up the crow bar. "Then Lets have it.." he starts to smash it, his men starts to smash shops, and its all hell for leather now, people screaming out. "People rubiblic of America as they punch by standards and light fires, Carl stands ontop of the car looking at Alexandra shouting out. "Freedom of the peoples!"

Arturo fiddles with something in his pocket, moving to the fringes of the crowd where the violence hasn't caught on. From his safe distance at the moment, he looks down at some electronic device in his hand, and then up to where Carl is. As the biker acts like an ape atop the vehicle, he merely watches.

Caught in the midst of the crowd, forgotten, Alexandra keeps her gaze on Carl, simply shaking her head slowly as he looks to her. One hand remains in the small of her back beneath her coat, though as she glances about herself, she seems at last distracted by the crowd, who are rapidly growing beyond control. Clutching the neck of the bottle contained in hthe paper bag in her visible hand, brandishing it should she require a weapon, she begins to force her way through the mass of bodies, heading for the street.

Carl jumps down from his little porch as he walks towards Alexandra, he starts to shout outloud. "You want to know the life of fucken Carl Carlson, well here it is sweetheart!" He smashes another car, as people swoop in and jhelp him out. "Peoples Republic of America, is what they all shout as hey overturn cars. Police sirens can be heard but dont coem into the street, a chopper is hovering as its light hits the protestors, carl keeps his eye on Alexandra. "Im a good guy fight the fucken fight, I saved that nice ass of yours before!"

Arturo absent mindedly says to himself, inaudible to even anyone close to him. "Why did I come for this.." A languid series of motions takes him to a nearby rusted out pinto wagon, where he reclines against it as if it belongs to him. He gives the area; the choppers, the sure to come police, and the mob, a sort of dazed stare. Again, his hand fiddles with something electronic in his pocket.

Alexandra stops again, people dashing by between the short distance that remains between her and Carlson. Though she seems to listen, her blue eyes regard him in utter disbelief at his words. "A -good- guy?" she repeats, laughter tainting her incredulous tone. "I saw what happened on Royal Street. I saw what happened to Sybine." She takes a step closer, her hand remaining still in the mall of her back as she moves toward Carl. "Oh.." she adds, with a secret smile, ".. and Face says hello." Drawing a Glock from beneath her coat, she grasps it securely in both hands and aims it toward Carlson's chest. "You saved my ass, I saved yours. We're square. But somehow I doubt -he'll- be too happy about this little party."

Grinning, Carl looks at the hand gun, his boys seems to be too busy rioting, the police start to shout out. "Stop what you are doing, you are all under arest.." Carl seems to ignore the police as Carl keeps his eye on Alexandra. "Yeh who the fuck is that, do i give a fuck.. No.." he looks at the gun and slowly places his head over the barrel. "Do it or go home bitch.." the riots seems to be gettin g bigger and bigger, as everyone on the street, is looting, a few shots are now bing hured as people begun to panic, but carl keeps his head rested on the barrel

Arturo has moved away from the crowd entirely, taking a few long strides in the direction the police are coming from. He stands up the street, casually brushing his fingernails on his lapelle as he watches from an even greater distance.

Alexandra takes a breath, her hands trembling as she stares at Carl. She hears the sounds around her as if from a great distance, simply watching the man in front of her through tousled strands of her hair. Swallowing with an effort,she slowly lowers the gun, keeping it secure still in both hands. "And go to jail for the rest of my natural life, over you? I don't fucking think so." Almost as an afterthought, keeping her eyes upon his, she squeezes the trigger, aiming a couple rounds at his knees instead.

The gun goes off and carl hits the ground, his hand covers his knee as he screams in pain, the crowd still are goig off thier nutter but carl looks up to Alexandra. "Ohh yeh baby.." Carl starts to crawl towards an alleyway as he looks towards Alexandra. "You wanted to know carl carlson.. well here i am and what you do is shoot me!"

Arturo seems to be drawn to the gunshots, moving through the thinner crowds along the building. He seems to keep his distance, but gets a better view of the main event, placing himself out of harms likely way. He stands idly in the doorway of some building that has nothing to loot, peeking out to look down the sidewalk and around.

"You know what, -baby-?" replies Alexandra, steadily following after Carl as he tries to drag himself away, keeping the safety pointedly off on her Glock, which remains aimed levelly now between his eyes. Taking a few longer strides, she comes to stand over him, bringingone foot down hard on his injured knee and grinding the heel downward. "I'm beginning to think there isn't really -that- much still to learn about you." A tight smile curves across her lips as she glares down at him. "And you nearly killed my friend, you piece of shit. Let's call this a dish served cold."

Carl keeps crawling towards the Aleyway and enters it, he wimpers as he looks around for his boys but to no availe. "Nearly killed your friend.. who the fuck is your friend?" he waves his hand in a stop motion. "Dont killme bitch, im carl fucken carlson

Despite the chaos and anarchy flaring up around Vine street, one figure walks through the swarming crowd in complete serenity, his feet carrying him along at an even pace. Elijah is dressed simply in a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of chuck taylor's. His hands are slipped into his pockets as he walks, silver-green eyes taking in the sight before him with a cold, calculating stare. His gaze pauses on the image of the crawling Carl and the woman with a gun, recognition clear in his eyes for both figures. Elijah quickly walks towards the goings on, until he stops a few feet away from Alexandra.

Arturo continues to observe from his vantage at the edge of sight in the doorway of an apartment building above some of the shops here. An electronic device in his hand flashes periodically as he fiddles with it, but he keeps his distance from the riot of over 100 people well in full effect.

"That's not much of a reason, Carl.." Alexandra replies, in a soft voice, keeping her Glock trained upon him. "How about you stay still like a good boy and I don't empty your small amount of brain over that nice alleyway?" She doesn't seem to notice Elijah, or anything else for that matter, all of her attention focused upon Carl at her feet. The sounds of destruction swirl about them, unheeded, the shattering glass and screaming alarms all blended into one indecipherable rabble in the background. The light of the circling chopper overhead casts odd shadows over everything as it struggles to pinpoint the ringleaders.

Carl shakes his head as he looks at Alexandra then beside her to Elijah. "ohh you come to see the great Carlos Carlson get fucken Murdered.." His eyes fill up iwth red liquid. "All i ever wanted to do is change the fucken world.. Vava the fucken revolution bitches!"

"Why are you going to murder him?" Elijah asks Alexandra, though his silver-green eyes remain wholly on Carl. Neither hatred nor sympathy register in his cold gaze, and even his voice remains rather neutral. The search for information seems more important to him at the moment, rather than the welfare of Carl's life.

Arturo seems to see the events coming to a poor outcome, and steps from the doorway and back up the street along the buildings the way he came. His strides are long, and one hand goes to his side to put his cell phone away.

Alexandra glances aside witha start,momentarily dazed by the realisation of Elijah's presence and the directness of his question. Snapping her blue eyes back to Carl, sheanswers gently. "I'm hoping the police will come and get himbefore I have to. He should be punished for what he's done.. death would be a mercy." Her gaze flits upward, briefly, to the police helicopter, as if hoping in vain for some aid from there.

As Alexandra takes her eye off the ball, carl quickly reproduces a sown off shotgun and aims it towards Alexandra, he starts to laugh as he cocks it. "Put down the pussified fire arm little girl and perhaps i wont fuckenkill you.." he stands up with ease as he starts to laugh, he looks at Elijah, then back to Alexandra. "You cant kill me with that woman so drop the fucken weapon, and im not gonna ask ya again

Elijah half-smirks, a muffled chuckle escaping his closed lips. "Sly." He says simply, shifting to one foot as his hands rise, arms crossing over his chest. "Better than television." He says under his breath, watching the situation with an indifferent gaze.

Gasps with surprise as the shotgun is produced, though her aim shifts to accomodate Carl's movements. Arms straight, she practically empties the clip, firing at him. As the shots end as abruptl as they began, she takes several steps back, the Glock still raised, her blue eyes wide as they stare back at Carl, waiting and hoping that she hit him. Continuing to back slowly away, she seems unable to shift her gaze until she knows.

As the Gun goes off it hits Carl squarely on the head his head rocks back but it seems like it did no dammage whats so ever, carl in responce laughs as he starts to sing. "hit me with your best Shot.. Fire away!" he drops his shotgun and aims it at Alexandras foot, he shoots and the pellets rip into her foot, leaving it looking like a lump of chard meat, carl looks over towards Elijah. "Fuck off, if not fight for her!" he cocks the shotgun again and aims it at Elijah. "I like ya so leave, he turns back to Alexandra. "Drop the fucken Gun or im gonna shot ya in the fucken head

Elijah simply blinks once or twice, arms still folded over his unmoving chest. "I just want to watch." He replies, silver-green eyes turning to stare at Alexandra for a moment, before he returns his gaze to Carl. "You should probably drop the gun." He says, this time to Alexandra as he examines her foot-wound.

Alexandra screams with pain, toppling backward into the street with the force of the shot. Her gun falls from her hand as she crashes back to the asphalt, skittering away into the gutters, most likely. Closing her eyes tight against the pain, Alex curls up as best she can in a defensive manner, trembling violently as blood pours from what remains of her foot. Her eyes alight upon Elijah briefly as she opens them a slit.

Carl walks up slowly as he puts the shotgun to the womans head, he smiles cheekly as the crowd keeps rioting, police seem to be stand offish but poeple are screaming. "Peoples Republic of America!", Carl looks at Elijah with a cheeky smile. "Fucken wierdo.." he looks down at Alexandra and pulls the trigger, it clicks, he does it again but the shotgun clicks and clicks, carl screams out and at that point the police hellicopter places its headlights at carl, carl shakes his head. "Set must be watching out for you bitch.." he curses and starst to run off

Elijah turns, arms still crossed over his chest, a slight smile tugging at his lips as Carl addresses him. After the man has run off, the attractive, casually-dressed fellow steps forward, arms finally unfolding as he stoops and slides his hands under Alexandra. His left arm cradles her legs while his right moves under her back. After this is done he straightens up, now carrying the woman in his arms. Without further hesitation, the handsome man turns towards the nearby alleyway and begins walking down it, into the shadows and beyond.

To be continued…

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