Rock The Boat

This is the middle of the introduction scene for Maxwell and Charlotte. They're on the Pier, and know they need to get rid of the boat that's at Dock 7.

As Charlotte darts up the ramp to the ship, Maxwell stands nearby the cover from where he threw his grenade. The dead body she has just kicked into the water bobs as the wharehouse begins to catch fire. Most of the soldiers are darting around trying to gain access to the building on the otherside of the barricade the two soldiers of the garou nation have made.

Charlotte scowls harshly as she looks over the scene, growling lightly in her throat. She takes her last grenade in her hand and aims it for the group of men collecting themselves over the rubble. "This way is death!" the woman yells like an amazon, tugging the pin away before tossing the grenade into the midst of them.

As the grenade is flung through the air, it is flung perfectly into their midsts, Charolette proving that joe Montana has /nothing/ on her and her abilities. A moment later the grenade explodes sending a shower of blood and body parts into the air as many men scream in unison in pain.

Darting from his cover and up the gangplank, Maxwell easily clears the twenty feet even as a burst of bullets from one of the far towers pings off the metal crates. Once onboard the large vessel its like entering another world. There is a five foot walkway between the countless cargo containers on board the long vessel. The vessel itself stretches seven hundred and fifty feet from bow to stern. Located near the back of the ship is a large tower like construction which houses steering and control, aswell as leads to the bowels of the ship. While somewhere amongst the maze there is also a cargo hold entrance. (Charlotte automatically knows there are two snipers on the control deck watching the paths, and can also automaticaly dictate/manage her way through the maze due to battle senses. She also knows there are two bane ridden guards patrolling the paths.)

As Charlotte inches along the wall, carefully stepping out of her pants first, and then her shirt, crouching down against the floor. She takes time to fold each piece of clothing, tuck her laces inside her shoes, and push them towards Maxwell.

Maxwell begins to notice Charlotte stepping out of her clothing, and with that, he slaps a hand over his eyes and inhales a sharp breath of air. He obviously was looking at some point though, as he takes the clothing when offered to him, and begins to stuff it into the leather satchel that he's been carrying at his side. He also, as a second though, pulls the gun that he'd had tucked into his waistband.

After shifting quite rapidly, Charlotte's crinos form moves back towards the way they'd entered. Clutching both sides of the suspended walkway where it attaches to the boat, she very clearly attempts to sever the connection between the boat and the pier.

Charlotte manages to remove the walkway with a screeching sound of metal before the sound is hampered by water as she drops it. Shuffing back inside, letting her ears perk back and forth, Charlotte wastes little time moving her way mostly ontop of boxes, her silhouette joining with another as she finds her first victim.

As Charlotte darts about atop of the crates, a lone guard dressed in a black herculean firearms uniform moves down the corridor in hurried sweeping motions. His mp5 submachine gun, having a small lazer sight upon it, which is the only thing that stops Maxwell from accidentally turning the corner into the beam as it moves about.

There's some ooc cand requests cut out here, but… short story is that Maxwell shoots the guard with the machine gun in the face just as Charlie reaches him, so a solid blood splatter later, and she frenzies. She makes her way up to the control deck killing everything in her path (except Maxwell)

The lurching war form of Charlotte hesitates just short of the snipers. As she drops her second corpse, she turns her attention upward with a frothing snarl. As she manages the last bit of elevation towards the last few men, she releases a sharp howl that echoes off the metal and water with haunting reverberation.

Running deflt atop of the crates, Charlotte easily clears the distance between her and the paranoid guard. As she drops down upon him from above he doesn't even have time to turn into a quivering madman as suddenly his chest and head explode outwards, spraying blood across the crino woman. The barrel of a smoking desert eagle, and the glint of a bowie knife can be made out around the corner.

As Charlotte smashes her way towards the tower she tears off or bodily bursts open any and all doors between her and her targets. Moving with inhuman speed and prowess she sets upon them without remorse. She slams her claws into the first sniper's chest, before quiet simply jerking her body about in an impossible angle and snapping her jaws shut over the other's face causing him to writhe on the ground in pain. Her powerful claws and arms working on splitting the first literally like a wishbone.

The tousle-haired American almost drops his knife to the ground as Charlotte goes into Go—..Gaia-Mode. Tucking the gun into his waistband again, he clenches the knife between his teeth and begins an attempt to scramble up the crates of cargo, picking out the highest stack and working his way towards the sprinkler systems.

As Maxwell reaches the sprinkler system, Charolette snaps her wishbone in twain as she brings powerful clawed foot up and crushes the second sniper's head with a sickening sound. Still in overkill mode she dashes off towards the lower levels of the ship, smashing and breaking anything in her way. Leaping towards a sealed door, it thuds with the sound of her ramming against it. The metal screeches and screams as claws and teeth work together and it is opened like a can of sardines to reveal two men in full body armor with submachine guns leveled at her. Their bodies covered in ichor-like tar causing spikes to grow from their flesh and sickly yellow eyes stare out of their helmets and down the weapon sights.

As he frantically climbs up the sides of the crates, Maxwell mutters, "..This would look so much cooler if I had a trenchcoat on. And some shades..". However, with the blade of the knife clenched between his teeth, it sounds more like, "Whith ood ook thso mush coo'r ith I had a thenthcoat on. Or thom thadeth.". Getting to the top, he fumbles around in his pocket for his lighter, giving it several quick strokes to get it burning, and then thrusts it triumphantly up at the sprinkler.

As the wax burns, so does Charloette's rage without word or warming she pounces upon the two, he claws thrust outwards as she cleaves both across their chest with thick gashes. Never the less the one on the right manages to bring his gun up and pulls the trigger. The silver rounds punching into her shoulder and tearing muscle as the other, fumbles to switch his gun to his other hand. An unearthly scream being emitted from its mouth. This is silenced in a burst of speed though as Charolette grabs him by the leg and uses him to bludgeon his counter part. His neck snapping from the whiplash as his partner is sent flying into the hull of the vessel.

After a few minutes of stillness, Charlotte turns her head to follow Maxwell's movement upwards, shaking her large claws at her side to speed up the rinsing process. She slowly steps away from the pile of gore and blood, making her way to follow Maxwell, inspecting the damage to her shoulder.

As Max works the controls, he begins to do the job of three people as he runs about from console to console working the machines and computers, pulling the ship out of dock. There is the retort of small arms fire against the ship but no where near close by as the two remaining guard towers try to shoot him as he manuevers the vessel slowly out to sea.

Charlotte lumbers up towards the door of the control room, sitting back on her haunches. Ears erect and twitching at the slightest sound, she licks at the new blood on her shoulder idly, her eyes on Maxwell as he steps around the room. When the boat shifts for the first time, she startles slightly and comes to her feet, but as the feeling becomes familiar, she sits again.

"..Oh Gaia. Oh Gaia. I don't even know what the fuck I'm doing..", Maxwell shrieks, running back and forth while twisting this, turning that, or pulling elsewhere. He stops for a minute, long enough to adjust the strap on his satchel, before going back to his frantic little attempt at being the Jack Sparrow of the modern world, "..Alright. Alright. Now. We..uh..need to get rid of this. Uh..". He's mostly talking to himself at this point.

Charlotte sinks down against the floor, resting her muzzle against her front legs. She whines loudly, shifting from side to side with a few glances over her shoulder. She stands again, pacing back and forth in short strides just outside of the doorway, falling to all fours now and again before pulling herself up.

"..It would be awesome if I had like..a Glasswalker or someone here to help with this. The luck of it all..", Maxwell states, glancing over his shoulder at the pacing hybrid of wolf and woman, all while going on with his continual dance of technological bliss. Somewhere in there, he manages to get a cellphone out of his pocket and dial a number, holding the thing between the side of his head and his shoulder.

Charlotte growls shortly with a snort and turns her back to the doorway, stalking back towards the main area. She sits down within view of the large hole that used to hold a door, and licks at her shoulder a few more times before continuing her pacing.

Maxwell runs back and forth, with the phone at his shoulder. He sounds to be speaking into it. Talking with someone.

Charlotte walks away from the main pathway on all fours, starting to use her claws to open the tops and sides of crates nearby. Each is sorted through with mild indifference, and anything useful that's found is put into a pile near the door to the control room.

Maxwell gets himself strapped down into a seat right in front of the little screen that he was guided to. Pulling the seatbelt down and over, he yells over his shoulder, "..May want to strap down to something..or..something..Charlie..". From there, he starts tweaking with the image, pushing it towards an eighty-three degree angle, but very slowly and carefully.

Charlotte yips sharply as she stands over one of the many crates of mortar shells and bullets that she's managed to drag foward, her ears flattening in confusion as he yells. She lowers her weight, her claws scratching against the metal with nervous energy.

As the ship begins to tilt on its axis, the entire vessel groans, crates snapping loose of their bindings, you can see outside the main window, Charolette smashing a couple open even as more slam into and rol over one aother, though none fall into the ocean. The process is fairly quick and violent given the size of the vessel as it begins to turn on its side.

Whoever is on the other end of the phone might hear a distinct, "…YAAAAAHOOOOO. HOUSTON. WE HAVE AN AWESOME PROBLEM..". Maxwell flips another switch, then presses a button, and starts jabbering to himself, "..Did you see the kid? Yeah. He's awesome huh? I know! I know him! I know that guy! That's motherfuckin' Maxwell Hearkenstone: Adventurer! What a guy!".

Charlotte yelps sharply, shifting her weight from side to side in a panicked state as she moves into the control room a bit. She hops from one side to the other, releasing another sharp yip before putting her back against one wall and raising her claws infront of her.

The tousle-haired American, managing to gain a bit of control over himself, puts the cellphone back to his ear, "..So. Uh. Yeah. Roger on that, Bravo-Alpha-Seven-Two-Niner. I think we're shaken and not stirred. What do I do now, dude?".

As the ship continues to tilt, a sound can be heard from the side where Charlotte earlier tore a hole, weapons being checked and safeties being removed. A small grey cylinder the size of a soda can being tossed into the room, though all it does is roll out and down from the axis tilt. The flashbang going off behind both Charlotte and Maxwell, serving to blind neither of them as one of the troopers enters.. Only to immediately have his face immediately clawed off by Charlotte.

"..Oh shit..!", Maxwell exclaims, as the sound of violence occurs behind him. With a bit of a rushed tone, he yells into the phone, "..Uh. Gotcha! Uh. If we don't come back, take care of my fetish!". That said and done, he slams the phone shut and unstraps himself, "..CHARLIE. WE NEED TO GET DOWN TO THE FUEL HATCH".

The large figure of charlotte wastes no time, and even as the first man's blood drips from her claw, she takes a step towards the doorway and lets her huge body fall to the side, shadowing the doorway. As she does, one large swipe of her claw issues a soft glow around the contact of three large shards of ice materializing and colliding into the body of the second guard just on the otherside of the doorway. She hits the ground with a slight bang of her shoulder, and pulls herself up easily to her haunches again, panting openly.

Almost fully upon its side the vessel finally stops shifting though it continues to drift further and further out to sea..

The silver and brown furred crinos pauses for a moment in the doorway as she catches her breath from the clear end to the assult as she slumps back against the floor. Her whole figure shifts easily, though odd in appearance, graceful as she slips back into her homid form. The slender blonde is left bleedng, naked, and shivering a bit. She yawns, pushing her hair back out of her face, her whole demeanor extremely casual. "Good job, Max."

Maxwell bolts for the door, and is almost out of it by the time that Charlotte's words reach him. He stops, slipping a bit, and turns around to urge her on. Almost immediately, his hand flies up to his face, covering his eyes, "..Oh Gaia, you're naked again.". His free hand reaches down and begins to fumble through the satchel, looking for the clothing that he'd stuffed in there, and walking foward with each piece to her as he finds it all. Despite his covered eyes, his white teeth show in a wide, shit-eating grin at the compliment.

"I can't handle this run covered in blood, so just make sure they don't get wet." The girl stops to offer him a light smile, even through his fingers, and shakes her head softly. She steps easily out of what's left of the door to the control room and down the main pathway, crouching down at the far end to let the water run over her skin until clean, her attention not returning to Maxwell the whole while.

Maxwell tries to follow as best he can with one hand over his face, and the other hand clutching a fistful of clothing. Under his breath, he mutters something along the lines of a compliment towards 'brazen females', but otherwise manages that huffy, semi-pouty look of 'we have shit to blow up' in a stoic sort of silence.

Charlotte stands as Maxwell finally reaches her, pushing her hair out of her face with both hands before taking the clothes from him piece by piece, redressing herself in the casual clothes once more. She sits back against the edge of a broken crate to put her boots on, glancing up at him for a moment. "You know where we're going, I hope?" she asks in a light voice before pulling her shirt over her head. "There's plenty of mortar here to sink this metal into the bottom of the ocean." She pauses to fix her hair again before stepping past him, giving him a light pat on the head before she steps by towards the control room.

Once Charlotte is dressed and steps past him, Maxwell tugs at the back of her shirt, guiding her in the other direction, "..Yeah. We're going to throw this grenade into the fuel tanks of the ship. And then, in fifteen seconds, we're going to make it over the side of the ship and into the ocean, and hope the explosion doesn't kill us. Uh. Because. Well. That's all I've got, chick..". He stops for a second, picking through a pile of ammunition from one of the crates that had been opened, and stuffs a handful of it into his leather satchel, "..I didn't really expect to survive this. I mean. I'm a nerd. I don't do espionage. So if I do, that's one wicked rad bonus..".

Looking back over her shoulder before coming to a stop, Charlotte smirks softly and crosses her arms over her chest. "What we just did, I'm not sure qualifies as espionage. I never expected them to split up so easily." She slowly lowers herself to the ground to retie her boots. "If you think you can do fifteen seconds, then we're all set, I'd say." She pulls herself off the floor after she fixes her boots and tucks her ponytail into the collar of her shirt. "We can always see if there's a salvage boat they use and shoot some mortar at it from a hundred feet or so. No running required… Just a bit of luck."

As Charlotte smashes his espionage dreams, Maxwell mutters, "..Well. It sure wasn't fucking S.O.C.O.M. Geez.". He starts for the fuel tank, once again adjusting the strap on his satchel, before admitting, "..Yeah. But if we missed we're boned. And if we fuck up, then a lot of people get fucked up. I don't like the way I get picked on, but I don't want people to die over it. Besides, this is a big boat. We need to get it like…right into the tank or something..". He seems to be on a silent mission now. Perhaps too much adventure. He's even already got the grenade in his hand.

Charlotte chuckles softly, shrugging up one shoulder. "Max," she says seriously after a moment, "If you can make fifteen seconds, I sure as hell can. So, if you don't mind… any plan is a good one, at this point. We got this far without one, granted, but now or never, alright?" She nudges him hard with her shoulder as she moves past him at a jog, obviously waiting for him to join her.

As Maxwell starts to jog in order to catch up to Charlotte, he flips open his cellphone and dials the last number that he'd called. With the answer, he asks, "..Hey. Can you uh..send a boat or a helicopter or something to the coordinates that you grabbed off of my phone from the last call..?".

The woman scowls harshly, and tugs against Maxwell's sleeve. "If you can get a boat, I have a much better idea." She doesn't wait for a responce before she jogs off towards some of the crates that she hadn't touched before, looking through them best she can without something to open them all. "You should be looking for more grenades. Lots."

Clicking the phone shut, Maxwell goes on to say, "..We're getting a helicopter. It'll be here in ten minutes. Do you think we can get this shit to explode before then?", he asks, but nonetheless, goes on to begin opening crates with the blade of his bowie knife, helping the woman with whatever she's planning on doing.

"Easily. Go up and find us a life raft. Something light would be better." She pauses to push a few crates of mortar towards the doorway. "Take what you can carry, but for fuck sakes be careful. I figure if we stack these near the fuel doors, be on the raft by the time it goes… more bang for our buck." She continues to go about searching for a moment before unloading the box enough to carry. "You think you can set another remote bomb on extremely short notice?"

"..I uh. I don't have another laptop. I blew up the best one that I had with the first bomb..", Maxwell admits, seeming a bit sheepish about his lack of being prepared, "..I'd need. Uh. Something that has a timer in it. And maybe. But I can't make a guarantee..".

Charlotte pauses for a moment and steps away from him, towards the two corpses on the ground. She lifts their arms for a moment and looks rather disapointed before crossing her arms over her chest, the box of mortar resting at her feet for now. "Whatever you can do, do it. I'll place these and get the raft ready to go. I'll meet you back here in five." She picks up the box again, giving him an appraising once=over, and pivots on her heel to move off to the lower levels of the ship.

Maxwell nods, "..Alright. I'll see what I can do..", Max promises, and begins to jog back to the control room, stopping to pick up two mortar-shells on his way there.

Charlotte jogs back up towards the control room, panting slightly as sweat replaces water along her hairline. "We have four minutes. No pressure of course," she says rather cheerfully, pulling her wet hair back from her face and neck with both hands, and it's obvious she spent the last few minutes at a full run. "The life raft is all set to go, just needs to be lowered and occupied."

"..Well. Go and lower it. I'll be down in like…one minute..", Max promises, sitting on his knees in the middle of two mortar shells and a few broken watches. He seems to be hard at work, sweat beading on his forehead as he deals with tiny machinery, "..It'll just take me..a minute. I think. I'll be down by the time you get it lowered though..".

"Two minutes would be better," she says and nods shortly, trusting him at his word, and turns her her heel to jog back up to where she'd come from.

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