Romance Is Alive And Well Bitch

'Sybine? Cute. In an 'I'll kill you and your little dog too' kinda way.' - Remedy

Intersection of Santa Monica and Vine
Vine Street meets the strip to the south, the traffic congesting at the busier
times of day and night between busy crosswalks and ever-shifting stop lights.
The buildings in this area carry a bit more graffiti than the main stretches of
the strip, and the neon signs glow with a harsher light. Long lines of
club-goers, groups of people, and swarms of Paparazzi are a constant fixture
against the sidewalks. Rivaled only by Malibu, the latest fashions are just a
glance away as the wealthy, and those pretending to be wealthy, mingle as one.

(You must have IC permission, or request it, to enter the sewers, and resources 2 with
appropriate dress to enter The Empress.)

* Exits *
north - The Empress (Avg NPCs: 20)
east - Santa Monica Boulevard
south - Vine Street
west - Santa Monica Boulevard
down - Sewers beneath Santa Monica and Vine
(Elijah) An attractive man with green-silver eyes and spiked, short black hair is here.
(App 4) [ (null) ] || (IC)

The typical neon-tinged illumination of the Strip tonight mingles with the mist of light
rain, barely enough to dampen the sidewalks underfoot yet lending a heady weight to the
evening air. Perhaps it's this clime that has heated up the tempers flaring outside the
infamous Empress, a crowd of club-goers milling about the main doors to better see the
cause of the commotion. The easily distinguishable sounds of an angry female voice is
underlain with a lower timbre, likely someone trying to placate the invisible source, with
little success it would seem.

Walking down the sidewalk at an even pace is a handsome man, dressed in a long black,
woolen trenchcoat that slightly protects him from the drizzle. He hunches his shoulders,
hands pushed into his pockets and eyes scanning the area in front of him, streetlights
casting dim illumination over his slender form. Silver-green eyes peer out from the shadows
in front of his face, drops of water rolling down his face and misting his jet black hair.
He slows his walk slightly as he reaches the front of the club, raising a black eyebrow and
approaching cautiously.

As the crowd surrounding the goings on parts or moves along, having lost interest, glimpses
of what is happening becomes more easily visible to the casual observer. Though the actual
words exchanged are all but inaudible from more than a few feet away, the disturbance
appears to center around a long legged blonde, speaking animatedly in a raised tone toward
a pair of men. Despite the ominous presence of a dark-clad security guard between herself
and the pair, her posture is openly aggressive, arms spread, feet planted, a slight sneer
curving across her lips as she offers them a 'come on then!' twitch of her fingertips.
Clearly an employee of the club upon whose doorstep she stands, albeit precariously in her
skyscraper platforms, the young woman is decidedly under-dressed for the weather, even in
this balmy warmth, attired only in a tiny pair of black hotpants and a leopardskin bustier.

Felix has arrived.

Elijah stops near the edge of the crowd to stare at the situation, his wool collar still
hugging around his neck to keep it warm. He lights a cigarette and brings it to his lips,
hands momentarily exposed.

Apparently quite used to this sort of behaviour from the leggy loudmouth, the enormous
bouncer simply presses a hand to her chest to keep her back from the two men, who begin to
look more dubious with each passing second. Teetering in her massive platform-soled
stilettos, the young woman seems to lean into the contact, her attention still fully upon
the men opposite her. Lips pulled back to expose her teeth in a decidedly feral manner, she
raises on hand, arching her back a little so that her gesticulating finger points downward
in their direction, continuing the display of aggression without a moment's respite. The
security guard mutters a few words toward the men, who appear to be perfectly ready to
depart. As one makes a last desperate bid to gain the upper hand, tossing a comment back
over one shoulder, the blonde launches herself foward, a yowl of frustration escaping her
as she is kept firmly in place. Glaring at the brick wall of a man mountain blocking her
path, she holds a stalemate.

"You should really just find out where they live and choke them with their penises." Elijah
comments in a dry voice, pulling the glowing cigarette from his lips, a stream of smoke
jetting out from his lips. Silver-green eyes peer through the rain at the furious stripper,
his comment left hanging coldly in the air in the aftermath of the heated scene.

As the startling emerald hues of the blonde snap toward the source of the comment, overly
dramatic thanks to the thick black liner and heavy mascara framing them, she seems
momentarily taken aback and, for the first time this evening, speechless. The bouncer,
apparently deciding the danger has passed, departs, lumbering back through the doors,
allowing a few thumping bars of music to meander outward into the street. A sudden grin
curves Remedy's well-glossed lips as she regards the dark haired man, placing her hands on
her hips absently. Letting her focus wander after the hurriedly departing backs in
question, she nods agreeably. "It's not a bad idea… but I think I misplaced my fuckig
-magnifying glass-!" This last is roared after the sorry couple, her voice laced with a
lazily drawling accent. With a toss of her long silvery hair, tonight streaked with a vivid
turquoise, she returns her attention to Elijah, nodding pointedly toward the smoke held
between his fingertips. "Can I bum one?"

The bass growl of a low-slung silver sportscar can be easily heard as the driver presses
along through the near constant flow of traffic making its way up and down Santa Monica.
Its progress is not accompanied by what some would recognize as the usual bits of
obnoxiousness; not tailgating, not flashing the truly blinding blue-tinged LED brights, not
racing the engine. All in all, sedate. The long, low shape slides near silently in to one
of so precious few available spots some small distance up the strip, driver's side door
swinging open in languid fashion to reveal the tall, slender figure of Felix. Hair mussed
slightly, hazel eyes quick to wander, he's dressed currently in a pair of black pressed
slacks, black leather oxfords, and a dark blue button-down, collar unbuttoned and left to
its own devices, barely holding its shape. Stepping out just in time to note the final line
directed at the now rapidly retreating former patrons, his lips part and curve in an easy,
amicable sort of grin. The big noise from a little girl also helps to direct his attention;
Elijah is noted and he's soon strolling unhurriedly down the sidewalk through the various
throngs of humanity — the car letting out a soft 'chirp-chirp' behind him — to join this
impromptu gathering.

"Mmm." He mumbles with narrowed eyes, putting the cigarette back between his lips as he
takes a long drag, procuring another cigarette for the woman. He spins it deftly between
each finger as he approaches her, lifting his hand and offering the cylindrical stick to
her. "I'd ask for the story, but I'm sure it's the same 'assholes-treat-stripper-badly'
plot, and that's beginning to bore me."

The upward quirk of one brow is accompanied by a light shrug as the slender girl reaches
out a hand to accept the proferred cigarette. "Same shit, different day." she replies,
apparently bored herself with the whole thing. "So long as there's assholes in the world,
there'll be girls willing to take their clothes off for them. And they say romance is
dead." Gently toying with the barbell that pierces her plump lower lip, Remedy allows her
verdant eyes to slide toward the street as the powerful silver car pulls up, though she
doesn't react beyond the customary once-over of the sleek automobile. Shifting her weight
to the other foot, lending a sideways cant to her narrow hips, she smiles cheerily toward
Elijah around the smoke as she places it sedately between her lips.

"Evening." Felix offers, strolling up to the two as they converse without imposing, hands
moving near automaticly to the pockets of his slacks as he slows to a stop on the
neon-bathed slab of gray concrete. "Fine thing for those two Igor stepped in." he suggests,
clearly addressing Remedy now, "though something of a shame they didn't deserve it."
Shifting to include Elijah once more he continues, "Aside from the obvious, you two doing
well tonight?"

"Boredom is an awful thing." Elijah replies offhandedly to Felix, a melodramatic sigh
escaping his lips as the cigarette burns idly in his right hand. Beneath the wool
trenchcoat on his body is a surprisingly bright, red sweater, and a pair of black slacks
finishes off the outfit to give the man a particularly malicious look this evening, despite
the soft, calm look that is worn on his attractive features.

"Eh, they must have worked up some good fuckin' karma or something, I dunno." says the
blonde, her gaze now settling upon the tall stranger with a pleasant enough smile, having
removed the cigarette from the soft pout of her lips and tucked it behind her ear for
safekeeping instead. "And I'm doing fantastic, Peaches, what about you?" The fractional
shift in demeanour as the dancer rearranges her game-face is perceptible to anyone who
frequents such places, seeming amplified still further as a few more girls spill out onto
the streets for a well earned cigarette. Glancing idly in their direction, Remedy smoothes
one palm across the front og her bustier, letting her scarlet-painted fingernails check the
arrangement of the clinging leopardskin.

"You do seem to cope well enough." the slender fellow returns, his expression pleasant but
somewhat detached, eyes wandering idly until the blonde woman addresses him, at which point
they snap back to her and the smile grows almost imperceptibly. "Felix, if you like. Or
Peaches, I suppose. Doesn't particularly matter." One shoe scuffs softly against the gritty
concrete under foot and he glances around once more, shifting a few feet to the right to
lean up against the supporting post of a nearby streetlamp.

"You'd better hope Sybine isn't stalking, Peaches. Otherwise you'll end up a smoothie." He
winks playfully at Felix, smoke sliding from his nostrils, before twisting languidly
through the air like tendrils, floating off towards the blackened sky above. Silver-green
eyes flash back to Remedy, and he allows his gaze to crawl up her form, scrutinizing each
curve and detail. His attention is hardly lusty, almost resembling a professional analysis
of her form, completely detached and unrelated to the looks she would usually receive from

Flitting a sidelong glance toward Elijah as his eyes trail over her scantly clad form, her
slight smirk implying she notices but is unperturbed by his sterile attention, Remedy
brightens at his words, the pleasure of some spark of knowledge seeming to cheer her
considerably. Twirling an errant lock of white blonde about one forefinger, ignoring the
passers-by, especially those whose attention is considerably less subtle than Elijah's, she
addresses Felix where he lounges against the streetlight's questionable support. "Sybine..
the redhead I saw you with, I imagine. Cute. In an 'I'll kill you and your little dog too'
kinda way. Mon petit rouge knows her, I believe." The passing headlights creeping along the
strip render her form in constant waves of light and shadow, to somewhat ethereal effect.

Walter has arrived.

"Sybine," Felix replies, his tone light but perfectly serious, "has absolutely nothing to
worry about. And she knows this." The blond dreadlocked girl's assessment of the little
redhead brings an easy smile to his lips, eyes flicking up from where they'd settled on the
pavement to meet hers once more. "You're spot on, dear, but what can I say? Like the good
Mister Day, here, I'm somethimes easily bored." — one hand rising languidly to indicate
the handsome gent to his left with a rather vague gesture — "With her? Excitement aplenty,
to say the least of it."

"Then you clearly don't know her as well as you wish you did…" Elijah says in an amused
voice, his comments once more barely lifting to the ears of his companions. Hands slide
into the pockets of his slacks, parting his trenchcoat slightly to reveal more of his
bright red sweater. The cigarette burns between his lips as he stays silent for a few
moments, turning to look at the three men who approach the Empress and share a cigarette.

Clearly growing bored of this subtle to-ing and fro-ing between the two men, over subjects
unknown to her, the blonde's attention follows Elijah's toward the small group of men. Her
head cants askance as she regards Walter, her expression difficult to read, fingertips
tucking her long silky hair back behind her ears, careful not to dislodge the recently
procured cigarette from it's hiding place. Overhearing the strains of a familiar song as
the other girls return inside the club, she hums softly to herself, a barely perceptible
motion of her form hinting at the speed of dancing she would advise for the atmosphere

The handsome gent's soft-spoken jab goes unanswered, the slender man appearing perfectly
content to remain in his current spot settled against the streetlamp, dubious a perch
though it might be. Felix's eyes follow the other two to the three Irishmen standing in
line outside the club and he offers a nod of recognition toward the shorter of the three.

Walter takes a step closer twards the door, the bouncer lets everyone in but Walters group,
Walter frowns as he looks to his friends. "Whats the matter with this bloke yeh.." The
bouncer shrugs and states clearly. "Too mnay people here, have to wait.." Walter mutters
something under his breath. "I thought hitler was fooken defeated in World War two, but i
must be mistaken, because his attitude still lives.." His friends nod as they share the

Elijah smirks as the irishman speaks, his oddly-colored eyes following the man all the way
to the front of the club. He pulls a hand out of his pocket, subjecting it to the soft
patter of rain for a moment as he pulls the cigarette from his lips, blowing a cloud of
smoke into the air. He stills seems slightly amused by the man's statement, looking him up
and down to store the image of him back in the filing cabinets of his mind.

Squinting up at the orange-tinted clouds overhanging the angelic city tonight, Remedy
wrinkles her dainty nose in a displeased manner as the light rain continues. Deciding to
strike up conversation once more, she offers Felix a secret smile with Elijah apparently
distracted by the short Irishman. "So, Peaches. What exactly is it you do that gets you a
tight little car like that and a hot redheaded girlfriend to sit in it?" Though her
Bostonian-accented tone is teasing, her green eyes scan his features keenly as she awaits
his response, rocking to and fro, from heel to toe and back again, surprisingly poised in
her obscenely spiked heels. Slender arms fold comfortably across her abdomen, though not
apparently a consciously defensive stance.

"He's partly right, you know." the slender dark-haired fellow concedes, moving not an inch
from his perch against the lightpole, "Probably best to keep to 'Felix', for your sake as
much as mine." The blonde's query pulls a low chuckle from Felix, accompanied by a few slow
shakes of his head. "I'm a consultant, a mere corporate cog. Thankfully, we are not our
professions, hmm?" he replies, attention shifting briefly to Walter and his crew, then back
to the leopard-clad blonde. "Think you can do anything about that?" he asks offhand,
gesturing vaguely toward the Irishman. "They're good guys."

Walter starts to tap his leg in fustration his friends whispering to themselves as walter
seems to be listening them, a moment he starts to run his mouth as if his not even
thinking about his words. "Fooken tough cunt you are aint ya, with your fooken list and
your fooken pen.." He turns to his friends chuckling a dry laugh. "Glorified door man this
guy is.. i bet ya if there was anything like reincarantion, hed be an SS soldier, fooken up
jewish boys and then when the war is over, hed say his commanders told him to do it, even
though he enjoyed having sex with little boys.." Shaking his head he looks back at the
bouncer. "Yous till got the urge dont ya, Wolfgang?'

Elijah flicks his cigarette onto the sidewalk as he looks away from Walter, nodding once to
Elijah and then to Remedy before beginning to walk off, hands in the pockets of his slacks.

Laughing loudly and heartily as she overhears Walter's tirade, so beautifully timed after
Felix' vote of approval, Remedy then offers the latter a nod and a wink, before starting
toward the doorway. Noting Elijah's gesture of farewell, she waggles her fingers toward him
with a broad grin. "See ya around, pretty eyes." That done, she strides across to the group
of Brits with a lengthy, sashaying gait, her high heels click clacking their path across
the asphalt. "Hey." she greets the ringleader, along with an upward jerk of her delicate
jawline, lips curved into a sultry smirk. "Wanna stay here and taunt the kiddy-fiddler in
the pissing rain, or come inside and buy me a drink?" True to form, the bouncer remains
silent, offering neither argument or agreement to this idea.

"Evening, Elijah." Felix calls after the silver-green eyed man, only now pushing off the
rain-damn streetlight to stroll toward the Irishman and the little blonde, unhurried now as
he is in all things. Of the lot, he appears least concerned with the rain.

Walter looks over towards Remedy and nods as he keeps tapping his foot as he crosses his
arms. "Id love to, his guy aint letting me in.. too many people inside.." He keeps his eyes
on remedy for amoment longr before looking back at the bouncer, who now nods as a few
people leave, he indicates that walter can be let in.

Casting only the briefest of looks toward the bouncer, though accompanied by a knowing
smile, the blonde moves to loop a hand around Walter's upper arm, flitting her dark lashed
eyes toward Felix to include him also. "Well, I can always do the bouncers' job for them
and throw out some more people. Water water everywhere and not a fucking drop to drink.
Shall we, gents?" Not waiting for a reply, Remedy steps lightly forward to the door, which
is promptly opened for her by the security guard.

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