RP Logs

February 08

Hospital Shenanigans {Adrien and Ella} - 02/04/08
Patrick and his New Friend {Patrick} - 02/05/08
Enlisting Aid {Devon and Ella} - 02/05/08
Chit-chat Over Pizza {Elijah and Ella} - 02/10/08
Shopping at the Bohdi Tree {Alexandra and Ella} - 02/13/08
Shoot Em Up At the Hades Corral {Devon, Morgan, Elijah, Arturo, Ella} - 02/24/08
Failed Shopping Expedition {Arturo and Ella} - 02/28/08

March 08

And Pizza For All {Blair, Ella, and Johnny} - 03/03/08
Thank You Sir May I Have Another {Arturo, Devon, Ella, and special guest-star Carl} - 03/08/08
The Mean Streets of LA {Seth, Ella, and Macha} - 03/12/08
Riot at the Vine St Bazaar {Carl, Alexandra, Arturo and Elijah}
Arturo's Lesson - {Arturo, Blair, Johnny and Devon}
Come Into My Parlor... {Arturo and Ella} - 03/17/08
Solace {Adrien and Ella} - 03/18/08
The Muse of the Unimportant and his Straight-forward Fairy Princess {Elijah and Sybine} - 03/23/08
How to Make New Friends in LA {Elijah, Samuel, and Sybine}
Ella Plays Tour Guide {Winston and Ella} - 03/25/08
Welcoming Committee {Ruark, Ella, and a little bit of Markus} - 03/26/08
What Comes of Being Nice {Aria, Lenny, Ella, and Sybine}
Lunatic's Territory, Croc Hunter Edition {Samuel and Lenny}

April 08

Chaos and Destruction... aka Adrien Cross {Molly, Carl, Adrien, Elijah, Arturo, Ella and Riley}
Let Sleeping Dragons Lie {Ella} - 04/06/08
The Roof is on Fire {Blair and Johnny}
Hanging At the Triangle {Molly, Charlotte, and Ella} - 04/07/08
Rock the Boat (lawl) {Charlotte and Maxwell]
Maxwell Hearkenstone in "I Didn't Mean It" {Maxwell, Sofiya, Charlie}
The Walk {Maxwell and Sofiya} - 04/25/08
Of Trains and Garou {Charlotte, Sofiya, Maxwell, Holiday, Riley, Sieg, Ayasha} - 04/25/08
After Trains and Garou {Maxwell and Charlotte} - 04/25/08
On A Slow Plane to Cairo {Maxwell, Phelan and Charlotte} - 4/29/08
Evil Night Together {Valen and Macha} - 4/30/08

May 08

Cairo Campfire Conference {Charlotte, Maxwell, Phelan, Ayasha, Holiday} - 05/01/08
James takes up gardening... {James and a Tree} - 05\01\08
Jeepers Creepers {Samuel and Grant} - 05/03/08
Taking back the fucking night, one Suit at a time {Samuel and Ruffians} - 05/04/08
Boys will be Boys {Gabriel, Valentine, Macha} - 05/06/08
Lie Lie Lie {Valen and Macha} - 05/05/08
More Strange Than Helpful {David featuring JianJun} - 5/08/08
Welcome To the Hotel California {Jonathan and Madison} - 05/08/08
The Hospital Labyrinth {Ruark, Rollins, Gabriel, and Markus} - 05/09/08
How To Make A Toreador Hide Under Her Bed {Barrabus and Macha} - 05/09/08
Cavalry Arrives! {Oison and Samuel} - 05/09/08
Teriyaki Stir Crazy {Phelan and Ella} - 05/09/08
Hell Hath No Fury Like A Dragon Scorned {Yasmira, Markus, and Madison} - 05/11/08
Knife-Fighting and Nuns {Yasmira and Madison} - 05/12/08
Solace at Sunrise {Phelan and Maiyun} - 05/13/08
Speaking at Sundown {Phelan, Maiyun and Maxwell} - 05/14/08
Surviving Dirk Hasslehoff {Holiday and Dirk} - 05/15/08
Knight in Shiny Chainmail to the Rescue Again {Yasmira, Jianjun, Ruark, Gabriel, Markus, and Prince} - 05/14/08
Canned Food, Candles, and Cocaina {Yasmira, Madison, and Gabriel} -05/14/08
Mexican, Chinese, and Bug Juice {Yasmira, Jianjun, Ruark, Valen, Markus, Macha and more} - 05/15/08
Concern or Craving? {Yasmira and Markus} - 05/15/08
Unintentional Cruelty to a Redfaced Chinaman {Yasmira and Jianjun} - 05/16/08
Daydreams at Night and a Spanish Lullabye {Yasmira and Jianjun} - 05/16/08
Dallas is the Capital of Texas {Yasmira, Jianjun, Abbey, Sybine, Oison} - 05/17/08
Battle Plans and Preparations {Yasmira, Jianjun, Gabriel, Victoria, Rollins, James} -05/19/08
Please Charlotte, Don't Hurt'em {Charlotte, Maxwell, and Ella} WIP - 05/19/08
Sugar and Spice and OM NOM NOM NOM {Abbey, Devon, JianJun, and Ravenholm} - 5/28/08

June 08

A Toy & A Tussle {Maxwell, Phelan, Charlotte, Maiyun, and Ella} - 6/01/08

July 08

Burying the Skeletons {Sheltark and Elijah} - 7/13/08
The Four People You Meet In Heaven {Ceasar, Elijah, Sybil, Madison} - 7/16/08
We can't stop here. This is Bat Country. {Elijah and David} - 7/24/08
Live a Little {Ceasar, Markus, and Madison} - 7/24/08
Searching, hunt-t-t, hun-t-t-t, hunting. {Elijah and Cud} - 7/25/08
Back To Surreality {Elijah, Ella, Devon and Rebecca} - 7/27/08
A Talk in the Park {Phelan and Sieg} - 7/29/08

August 08

Warhouse Tempers {Elijah and Sybine} - 8/11/08
Rhesus Monkey Bars {Felix and Ella} - 8/12/08
I Bet She Is Cold In That {Talbain and Ella} - 8/13/08
A Change Of Pace {Elijah, Felix, and Madison} - 8/14/08
Perfect Introductions {Elijah, Felix, Sheltark, Sybine} - 8/16/08
Stick It, Nastia! {Bob and Madison} - 8/18/08
The Dangers of Hand Sanitizer {Elijah and Devon} - 8/24/08
Romance is Alive and Well, Bitch {Remedy, Elijah, Felix and Walyer} - 8/31/08

September 08

Blondes have more fun {Remedy, Madison and Walter} - 9/1/08
Someone Is Wearing Floral Somewhere {Christine, Lawrence, and Madison} - 9/2/08
The Dance - Part 1 of 3 "Life's a Beach" {Maiyun, Phelan, Ella and a Black Spiral Dancer} - 9/15/08
The Dance - Part 2 of 3 "The Blackbird" {Phelan & Ella} - 9/15/08
The Dance - Part 3 of 3 "Beauty and the Beast" {Maiyun & Phelan} - 9/15/08
Supernatural Street Preacher {Barrabus and Tazia} - 9/24/08
Start a War - Part 1 of 2 "Night Terrors" {Phelan, Sieg & Maxwell} - 9/28/08
Start a War - Part 2 of 2 "The Enemy" {Maxwell, Phelan, Sieg & a couple BSDs} - 9/29/08
Dense {Phelan, Sieg, Maiyun, and Ella} - 9/30/08

October 08

Sewer Anachronism - {Barrabus and Tazia} - 10/7/08
Broken Fences - {Phelan, Ella, and Maiyun} - 10/9/08
Trouble Comes In Twos {Calo and Tazia} - 10/22/08

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