"Are you so certain you are Immortal? Come here; let's discuss the truths of immortality… let us join together in a discussion of death."

A grotesque bloodline whose visage resembles that of a shriveled corpse. Suspected to be descended from either the Nosferatu or Giovanni and referred to as either Stiffs or Zombies. While the Daughters of Cacophony are a bloodline beautious in art, the Samedi are a bloodline hidious to behold. They look more like zombies than vampires, leading to a debate as to whether they are a branch of the Nosferatu clan or the Giovanni Necromancy. However these hidious and rotting creatures have demonstrated immence control over death and undeath alike. They are often found acting as bodygaurds and assasins for those willing to meet their price. A price lower than that of the Assamites, but then again they are not as skilled as the trained professionals.

Disciplines: Necromancy, Obfuscate, Thanatosis

Weaknesses: Appearance 0, repels all creatures due to smell. (Note: All starting Samedi must spend points to start with 2 dots in Obfuscate)

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