Samuel Dockery

Occupation: Car mechanic, Survivalist.
Age: 30-ish
Height: 187 Cm
Weight: 170 Lbs

"The Government is injecting AIDS into our chicken nuggets! No but seriously, library cards, you seriously think they DONT check what you're reading?"

"Beware of he who seeks to deny you information, for in his heart, he dreams himself your master"

Samuel Dockery has been made into a cynical bastard, the world around him does not stop itsself to break the mans moral, everywhere he looks he sees it, Inequality, the opression of the working class, racism, all these things have made Sam Dockery an angry man, a man always close to fury. Lately though, things have changed, LA has forced Samuel to change, to become something he is not, a man who acts, a man who must do, or must die. The hardships that has befallen him would have killed him, if not for the incredible luck that the man has have substitute for his lack of skill, the question now as supplies grow thin for Dockery, as electricity flickers and the jungle claims more lives everyday is, how long will his luck last?

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