Sewer Anachronism

Sewers beneath Santa Monica and North Doheny
Concrete walls stand strong and tall, an arched ceiling put in to better support
the weight of the street above. Three foot wide ledges serve both as walk space
and embankment against the steady stream of excrement and detritus which flows
through the middle of the corridor. The bottom of the river cannot be seen but
stained and faded markers on the side, reminiscent of a pool's meter line, tell
the depth at any given time. Along the walls pipes of varying sizes are pinned
in place with metal fastenings. A miasma hangs in the air, a foul mixture of
the byproduct of humanity and the aroma of the vehicles above spiked with the a
faint hint of gas mains. Though track lighting was originally installed with
individual breakers for maintenance, most of the tubes are cracked or outright
shattered. Bolted along the wall is a a ladder made of multiple metal rungs
leading to a heavy metal grate parsing the sewers from the street.

* Exits *
east - Sewers beneath Santa Monica
south - Sewers beneath North Doheny Drive
up - Intersection of Santa Monica and North Doheny

After making relatively certain the drunk pedestrians wandering about Santa Monica are too inebriated to care about their surroundings, an athletic figure wearing a grey Confederate's frock coat slides open a manhole cover and slinks in. She lands in a crouch with a minimal amount of splashing in the poo-gas-infested tunnels, her greenish eyes narrowing and jerking from side to side as she assesses her surroundings. Giving the equivalent of a mental shrug and rising to her full height, but still keeping her feet spread in case of trouble, the girl lets out a high-pitched whistle, "Hey-lo! Anyone home!"

Filth surrounding his gnarled body, the robed creature lies on his back in the muck, green eyes glowing faintly in the gloom. A faint sigh escapes his cracking lips, the creature puts both hands behind his head, reclining as he stares up at the faint street light trickling down through the sewer grate above him. As the manhole cover a dozen or so yards down slides open and allows the young woman to dramatically enter the sewer system, the creature sits up, filth caking his robes as he stares at her. "Tazia…" he says quietly, a faint smile spreading across his wormy mouth. "I'm suprised you returned to visit me."

A wide grin splits the Gangrel's face, proudly displaying her dental hardware, as she grasps her hands behind her back. "Well, well, if'n it ain't Barry!" she greets the grotesque creature genially while tilting her head to one side. "Now why wouldn't ah wanna come on down here again? If ya don't want me leapin' in, jus' lemme know. Ain't 'bout tah intrude where's I'm not wanted. Jus' thought I'd see how ya holdin' up'n stuff like that," she goes on, her accent as thick as before while she keeps a keen eye settled on her host.

Moving to stand, filth drips off the creature's clothing, offering a weak smile and lowering his eyes. "I rarely meet others twice…" he says almost to himself, looking down at his one exposed hand, nails yellowed and chipped, gnarled and veiny. Eyes rising to the young woman's face, he forces a smile again, faint sadness obvious in his eyes. "I thought about a lot of things you spoke of, it seems that the world has changed quite a lot since I was born… I…" Seemingly unwilling to continue out of embarrassment, the creature sighs again and averts his gaze, raising his exposed hand and rubbing his eyes.

Almost as if the disgusting water covering the tops of her booted feet doesn't even exist, Tazia begins to stroll closer to the Nosferatu while pinning him with a dour look. "Now, what're you goin' on about? Course everythin's done changed. Jus' the way of the world. Up tah us tah keep changin' with it or lose ourselves tah madness, and there ain't no loony bin built that could hold ya," she mentions as if she were just discussing something as benign as the weather, her broad shoulders hitching up in a shrug. Her head tips back to keep her gaze focused on Barrabus' face as she comes to a halt about an arm's length away from him. "So what're gonna say b'fore that ole train of though of yours got run off the tracks?"

Lowering his hand from his face he looks down at the young woman, furrowing his brow in a rather determined look as he meets her gaze. With one final sigh, the creature frowns and begins grudgingly, a hint of resentment coming through in his tone. "I… want to learn about the new world…" he mutters bitterly, making a face like somone who has just bitten into a lemon.

Another grin crops up on Tazia's face as a gleam enters her viridian eyes, both of her tawny eyebrows lifting, "See now, that weren't so hard. Now I ain't gonna lie to ya, it's gonna be mighty confusin' but you seem like a smart kinda feller so ya probably won't be so lost as ah was when they pulled me outta that Chicago overcoat." She lifts a hand to wave it in the air, realizing her tangent and stopping it before it gets out of hand. "Best way tah learn 'bout this era is gettin' yerself a boob tube." Her head tilts back as she eyes the top of the tunnel and a thoroughly confused look crosses her face. "Well I know nuthin' 'bout runnin' electric stuffs down here, but if ya can do that, it'd make things lots simpler."

Staring at the woman blankly, the creature raises his gnarled hand and rubs the back of his head with a faint frown. Running his tongue across his lips, he seems to hesitate for a moment before speaking. "Uh… Boob tube?" he asks quietly, looking vulnerable and confused, a strange look on a six and a half foot monster. Slumping down in the muck he sighs again, shaking his head. "There is so much I don't understand…"

Tazia lifts her hands in front of her with her thumb and index finger extended on each, pressing them together to make a rectangle shape. She closes one eye and peers through the hole she's made at Barrabus with a lopsided smile. "Television. Movin' pictures on a screen of people actin' or reportin' or makin' fools of themselves," she explains calmly before lowering her hands. "With it ya can see what's goin' on alla 'round the city, and alla 'round the world even. Or ya can jus' get ahold of some books so's ya can read 'bout all the stuff ya missed. Always hated readin' n' learnin'," the Gangrel admits with a distasteful crinkle of her crooked nose, "But it helped lots when ah woke up all confused."

Pausing for a moment, the creature glares at the young woman from his position on the ground, no amusement on his face from the actions. Tilting his head to the side, it's quite obvious he doesn't understand the whole TV thing as he raises one eyebrow quizzically. As the creature rises from the muck again, his frustration seems quite obvious as he furrows his brow and clenches his fists. "Wait… books?" he asks, his frustration suddenly gone. A lopsided smile spreads across his features and he moves suddenly forward, placing his hands on the young woman's shoulders. "Can you get me these books? I must learn. I must be able to walk around above and not cause fear in all those I meet. Clothes, a disguise. Books. I need them. Can you bring them to me?"

The question posed to the blonde woman brings an almost wild grin streaking across her plain face as she lifts one of her hands to pat the much larger hand resting on one of her shoulders. "Sure thing, handsome. Might be kinda hard findin' somethin' for yer height, but I'll find ya somethin' decent'n durable… that'n all sorts'a history books." Still not an inkling of fear or repulsion is evident on Tazia's expression, her eyes meeting his as if he were no different at all than she was. "Might take me a couple'a nights. New boss in town wants a meet'n greet with all us fanged sorts."

Releasing his grip on the woman's shoulders, the nosferatu seems to collect himself again, letting his hands fall to his sides but still smiling pleasantly. Running his tongue over his lips he smoothes out his cloak, his smile slowly fading. "Boss hrmmmm?" he inquires faintly, feigning disinterest. "I don't intend to come pay fealty to another demon… but… if there is any way I may repay you… you need only ask."

Lifting a hand to tap a finger against her temple, Tazia gives the self-proclaimed demon a wink. "Sure 'nough, I'll keep that tidbit in mind. But ya know, 'nother way tah learn all abouts this day 'n age is tah talk to people.. others sorta like you 'n me, since they probably been through it, too. Getcha all sortsa perspectives on things 'n what better way tah go 'bout that than by slummin' with the new boss'n his posse?" An idle shrug punctuates her short diatribe, "Jus' a thought."

Raising his head again and glancing at the manhole cover, the faint frown on his lips spreads into a full blown scowl. "Even so, I cannot move to the surface for now." he says quietly, his gaze lowering to the young woman after a moment. "Nor do I intend to bow before any demon who claims to be a leader amongst our kind. If he choses, he may come see ME instead."

"Well, then, suit yerself, jus' thought I'd go 'head'n mention it while I was droppin' by," the Gangrel responds amiably while flicking her hair away from her face with a look of mild annoyance at it. "Don't know nuthin' 'bout the new guy, 'cept he's foreign.. an' he's got a pretty little thang for a second. She's real nice, so kinda makes up fer mister tall, cold, 'n sour. All alike," she mutters before shaking her head. "Anythin' else before I skedaddle off?"

Pausing for a moment, the creature glances around, nothing but his eyes moving for those few seconds before he turns to face the young woman fully. "Tall, cold and sour?" he inquires, raising an eyebrow as the suggestion of a smile crosses his lips. "You're not talking about me… are you?"

Pursing her thin lips together, Tazia makes a big to-do of eyeing Barrabus as if she's seriously considering his question. A finger taps against her chin as she makes an audible humming sound, finally shaking her head with a bit of laughter bubbling up from her throat. "Nah, ya might be more like tall'n clammy, but yer not sour. I seen ya smile too much fer that. Course, that could be jus' yer way of displayin' yer teeth in some sorta sign of aggression, sorta like a wolf or a bear, but I kinda doubt it."

Nodding slightly, a faint smile coming to his lips and a soft look in his eyes. "I'm going to retire now, Tazia." he says rather formally, pulling his cloak around him tightly to hide his gnarled and clammy form. "I truly appreciate the trouble you are going towards to find these items for me. If there is anything I can provide…"

With a flourish, Tazia executes a bow as best as she can with one arm extended and her body bent at the waist. "If there's anything I know, it's how hard catchin' up can be when ya finally wake up'n everythin's changed." Her head lifts while her body stays bowed, a smile that shows just the tips of her extended fangs displayed upon her face. "An' doncha worry yer head about it. I'll thinka somethin', jus' you wait'n see." Once she rises, her coat is given a few tugs and she turns with minimal sound, stalking towards the ladder leading to the surface world. Rung after rung, she climbs the metal ladder with ease and finally disappears into the night, sliding the cover back into place behind her.

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