Silent Striders

Sometimes you just have to spit in that Wyrm-bastard's eye and set off running. If he doesn't chase you, fine. If he does, you can take him to meet some friends of yours. If he catches you - well, you were probably too slow to be in this business in the first place.

- Mephi Faster-Than-Death, Silent Strider Galliard


The Silent Striders are becoming heavily concerned by the growing numbers of vampires in the world. The tribe's travels have made it more aware than any other Garou of the Leeches' spread, and the Striders' long-standing hatred for the undead compels them to do something about the situation. However, the Striders have nothing near the numbers or resources to fight a prolonged battle against the vampires of the world, and so they quietly deliberate over a plan of action.

The tribe's members are currently occupied with an internal debate - whether or not to break their long silence. Some elders cannot be revealed to the other Garou, for fear that the other tribes would disregard it as some elaborate scheme. Others counter that such honesty could be the step needed to galvanize the tribes and prepare them for the imminent Final Battle. Of course, Striders being what they are, they are taking their time with their decision.

The first Silent Striders hailed from North Africa and the Middle East, and much of the tribe wears that cast upon their faces. However, they have bred with humans of every stock. Whatever their ethnic background, they are almost universally lean and fit from constant travel. In wolf form, they are long and lean like the jackal-dogs of Egyptian art, often with sleek black coats and yellow eyes.

Scattered across the world, Strider Kinfolk are typically travelers themselves - Bedouin nomads, circus troupes, Gypsies, truckers or just plain drifters.


The Silent Striders have little in the way of formal organization. As the tribe is almost completely made up of wanderers and exiles, a formal hierarchy is of little practical use to the Striders. They communicate with one another mainly by leaving Garou glyphs, graffiti hieroglyphs or similarly cryptic signs behind; a Silent Strider can sometimes learn where the local vampires' hunting grounds are just by scanning the walls of a subway station.

Striders congregate only when chance brings them together, save for the occasional grand moot, which all members of the tribe try to attend. The location of this moot changes with every occurrence, though such events are usually held on a desolate stretch of untraveled road. No outsider could say which Striders decide that a moot is necessary, nor is it known exactly how word gets passed from Garou to Garou. It simply happens, and the details of how are a tribal secret.

Among all the tribes, the Striders hold the smallest number of caerns. Few of these werewolves have any lasting love for a place (apart from those tales of his ancestral homeland a Strider might preserve), and most are born with a wanderlust deep in their blood. When a Silent Strider finally chooses a home to call his own, he intends to die there.

Tribal Weakness

The Silent Striders bear a twofold curse: they can no longer rest within the boundaries of their ancestral homeland, and they are haunted by the spirits of the dead. When a Strider botches the roll to step sideways, she sends ripples through the Dark Umbra, alerting any nearby wraiths or walking dead to her presence. It’s almost certain that something will show up to either demand the Strider’s aid or try to destroy her; in areas like old battlegrounds, cemeteries or similar places of the dead, the Strider may attract far too much attention for her own good

Note: The Silent Strider fifth level Gift: Reach the Umbra will allow a Strider to enter and exit the Umbra without fear of this curse.


Most other Garou, asked to describe a Silent Strider, would probably describe a Harbinger. These cryptic wolves often appear at moots as if from thin air, to bring warnings of things to come. Most often, their warnings are accurate. The Harbingers\ enjoy quite a bit of respect from other tribes, and they almost always receive silent attention when they want to speak. The camp has access to the Corax Gift: Omens and Signs, which accounts for many of their prophecies.

Most of the Silent Striders remaining today fall into this camp. With little left for them in Garou society and less in the human or wolf worlds, Seekers wander from place to place as they accumulate lore and wisdom. They are frequent visitors to libraries and try to carry as much knowledge as they possibly can in their minds. If a Seeker sees it, she'll probably remember it years from now.

The other Silent Striders have little respect for this camp. The Wayfarers care nothing for duty or knowledge for it's own sake; they measure their worth in terms of money, training, or favors. They make their services as messengers, thieves or spies quite available to the average sept, but always at a price.

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