Silver Fangs

I am ordained by Gaia, by Sun and Moon, by Falcon and by Death itself. In all these names, I am chosen to uphold the law of the Mother and of the Garou Nation. And to you, traitor and charach - I am ordained executioner.

- Katarina Thousand-Howl, Ivory Priestess


The Silver Fangs have seen a recent flurry of activity among their ranks - and more than a little strife. When Jonas Albrecht retrieved the Silver Crown from the dark reaches of the Umbra and crowned himself King, the ripples of this dramatic event spread throughout the tribe. More than ever, young Silver Fangs are crying out for a renewal of the tribe itself. Unfortunately for these young ones, few of them have shaken off the mental instability that plagues the long-inbred tribe. What's more, the elder Fangs in power have no desire to surrender their authority to a gaggle of ill-mannered pups, and tradition is firmly on the elders' side.

Another unfortunate problem that won't go away is the constantly circulating rumor that when the Final Battle comes, a Silver Fang will hold the banner of the Wyrm. This prophecy has brought a lot of tough attention from the other tribes, sometimes in an almost Inquisition-like form: The Judges of Doom have been seen at altogether too many Silver Fang septs of late. Besieged on all sides, many Silver Fangs are rather strongly considering a show of force to bring the other tribes back in line. Whether such action might prove successful or start an internecine civil war that could leave the Garou easy prey for the Wyrm's minions, none can say.

Silver Fangs come primarily from aristocrats of European and Middle Eastern descent, although one noble house has established itself neatly in Asia and India. In human form, they have refined features, often with familial peculiarities such as a distinctive nose or ears. Their wolf forms are always graceful, with fur of silver or white, long jaws and full tail brushes. In any form, they usually wear some form of jewelry.

The Fangs keep very detailed track of their Kin, with "pedigrees" that fill whole libraries. Their human Kin are of impeccable breeding from the nobility of the countries of Europe; Russia in particular used to be the Fangs' homeland. Money is not a prime consideration. A penniless branch of the Romanovs would be more valuable than a newly rich industrialist family descended from chicken thieves. Likewise, the tribe keeps close contact with their rare lupine Kin living on great estates, primarily in Russia and western Canada.


The Silver Fangs, not surprisingly, are monarchists of the highest degree. Each sept is ruled by a king (the term applies to both male and female Fangs), who is held to possess nothing less than a Gaia-granted Divine Right to rule. Kings are always Ahroun, and they keep officials of each other auspice in their courts. A full Silver Fang court consists of a king, two shamans (Theurges and spirit advisors), two stewards (Philodox and leaders of the sept's offensive forces), two squires (Galliards and leaders of the sept's defense) and a seneschal (a jack-of-all-trades; once traditionally Ragabash, but now more often Ahroun). Of course, dwindling numbers now mean that few Silver Fang septs have complete courts, much less courts composed of Garou best suited for the positions.

Silver Fang septs are divided into two lodges: the Lodge of the Sun and the Lodge of the Moon. The Sun Lodge deals with the human community and the outside world; the Moon Lodge has the lupus community and the spirit world as its provinces. Each lodge sends a shaman, steward and squire to the king's court, the better to retain balance.

As concerned with lineage as the Silver Fangs are, it is no surprise that they count several royal families among their ranks. There were once 13 of these great houses, but six have disappeared or died out over time. The ones that remain are Gleaming Eye, Unbreakable Hearth, Blood Red Crest, Wise Heart, Austere Howl, Wyrmfoe and Crescent Moon. Although not all Silver Fangs belong to one of these houses, it's worth noting that these seven families hold the preponderance of power in the tribe.

Tribal Weakness

Years of inbreeding with limited flocks of Kinfolk have taken their toll on the Silver Fangs. Each Silver Fang begins play with a Derangement that can be overcome only temporarily. The character’s madness may be chosen by the player (with the Storyteller’s approval) or taken from the list below.

  • Amnesia - In a highly stressful and traumatic situation, you forget who you are.
  • Manic-Depression - You suffer from wild mood swings ranging from wild bliss to utter despair. You begin each story in one phase or the other and can switch back and forth for any number of reasons.
  • Multiple Personalities - There are a number of different personalities housed within your head. You may switch your name, Nature and Demeanor during times of great stress.
  • Obsession - You tend to latch on to someone or something and make him or it the focal point of your life.
  • Paranoia - You see the Wyrm’s influence in everything. Don’t the others see it, too? Perhaps they’ve been corrupted as well.
  • Perfection - You work hard to keep everything in your life going perfectly at all times. You use all of your energy to prevent things from going wrong and have been known to frenzy when things don’t go in your favor.
  • Power Madness - You are obsessed with control and dominance over others.
  • Regression - You tend to revert to childlike (or cublike) behavior during times of extreme stress.


The tribe's traditionalists, the Royalists wish to return the "good old days" where all other tribes bent the knee to the Silver Fangs. For obvious reasons, the Royalists do not get along well with the Renewalists.

Home to the tribe's "young Turks", the Renewalists advocate the integration of new ideas and, perhaps, new blood into the tribe, to stave off stagnation. For obvious reasons, the Renewalists do not get along well with the Royalists.

Ivory Priesthood
Less a faction than the tribe's self-appointed arcane researchers, the Ivory Priests research the secrets of death and life.

Grey Raptors
Perhaps best described as an extremist sect of the Royalists, the Grey Raptors take it upon themselves to deal judgment upon those who defy the Silver Fangs.

Masters of the Seal
The tribe's most secret camp, the Masters of the Seal are thieves, dispatched to steal the most damaging and most useful secrets from the other tribes.


Clan Crescent Moon (based in Russia) - the oldest and most prestigious of Silver Fang Houses.

House Wyrmfoe (based in the United States) - the youngest of the Houses, known for its maverick and iconoclastic style.

House Unbreakable Hearth (based in the U.S. and Canada) - a respected House, with a long tradition of acting as middleman between the other tribes and the Silver Fangs.

House Wise Heart (based in the Middle East) - a mysterious and secretive House, known for dabbling in spiritual research.

House Blood Red Crest (based in southeast Asia) - one of the smaller Houses, the Blood Red Crest is suffering from low birth rates and attrition.

House Gleaming Eye (based in Europe) - this House is known for its determined investigation and persecution of Wyrm-tainted factions within the Silver Fangs, and is currently hunting down the remains of House Austere Howl.

House Austere Howl (formerly based in England) - currently a semi-renegade House, Austere Howl has been afflicted with Wyrm-taint thanks to activities of its Kinfolk, and its surviving members are trying to stay alive long enough to prove that not all members of the House have turned evil.

The houses that have fallen in the mists of time are:

House Conquering Claw - a noble warrior house of the Roman era, the Conquering Claw was eventually brought low by Rome's vampires and finally collapsed during the Renaissance.

House Winter Snow - this house, holding sway over Britain, France, and Holland, fought fiercely against the Black Spiral Dancers during the 16th century, but became drunk with power after their King discovered the Silver Crown, and attacked the Get of Fenris and Fianna. Afterwards, stricken with remorse and shame, Winter Snow fell into Harano, and eventually faded away. There are rumors of the house's ghosts lingering in the Umbra.

House Golden Sky - the pride and joy of the Silver Fangs, the Golden Sky was the epitome of what a Silver Fang was supposed to be. One of the first Kings of this house, Arak Mammoth-Bold, was the one who arranged for Falcon to become the tribal totem, and thus the house had close ties to both Falcon and Helios. Some centuries ago, the Golden Sky disappeared, probably into the Deep Umbra, with no word of their fate ever to trickle back.

The Silver Spiral - not truly a formal house, this is the catchall epithet for Silver Fangs who have fallen to the Wyrm.

The Ice Pack - these half-legendary, predominantly lupus Silver Fangs dwell in the Arctic regions, attending to their own business and their own wars against the Wyrm. They are considered almost mythical by the Garou Nation, but they occasionally make appearances at dramatic times.

The Unknown - this house's name has been stricken from all records, out of shame and guilt. It is said that this house was single-handedly responsible for wiping an entire Changing Breed from the face of Gaia.

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