Solace At Sunrise

The Copper Lily
Clearly a place for the frugal tourist, the hotel room is built to a low
standard. The walls sport a single coat of black paint that is chipping and
peeling in most places, barely covering the splintered wood that makes up both
the walls and floors of the room. Sand covers the flooring as well, probably
left behind by ill-mannered guests but positive proof that no cleaning staff has
been through the room for quite some time. From a single window with white
shades a little natural light eeks through and provides the lone source of
illumination for the entire place. In the corner of the room there sit a few
wooden chairs and in the opposite there is a small bed covered by a black
bedsheet that's stiff and scratchy to the touch. This seems to be the 'main'
bed, whereas the rest of the room is almost broken down into 'tents' that serve
to replace the more modern or normal 'rooms'. There is no sign of electricity
or air conditioning of any sort.

* Exits *
east - Khan el Khalili: The Bazaar

Coming into the hotel with a bucket of water in each hand, Phelan puts them down by the door and wipes his brow. Sweat rolls all the way down his body from the heat, shining against his lightly tanned skin left uncovered. From his khaki shorts he pulls out one of the knives that Hawthorne procured for him and closes the door behind. Walking over to his tent and plopping down in front of it, he crosses his legs and spins around to the door. Flipping the dagger so its blade is in his hands he gives it a toss. As it sails through the air it comes to rest sticking firmly into the doorframe then wobbling a little bit. "Heh. Not bad, looks like I've still got it."

It was pretty hot in the tent, shade or not. The heat was driving the girl insane, almost to the point she couldn't rest without waking up. Luckily she woke up before and after the incident. Both emerald eyes opened, and she heaved a irritable sigh. She sat up, and narrowed both eyes. Her skin was damp, and her feet were as sweaty as ever. Not taking much more, she pulled off her shoes and socks, letting her feet collect the sand, as she didn't care any more. "This heat is driving me insane," she mumbled until she felt a presence. She turned her head, then blinked. Instantly, she shut her mouth. When she heard his voice, she slowly turned. She knew he would notice she was up, even if he didn't hear her. 'He can hear, smell, or who knows what, him being a Garou…' And hesitantly reaching for the zipper, she unzipped the tent, and peered through the opening. She was oblivious to the fact that her hair was now in knots, covered in sweat and sand.

Phelan turns slowly upon hearing the zipper of the tent open up, then smiles and chuckles a little as he sees the young Irish girl peeking out. "Morning, princess. Hope you slept okay," he says to her softly, standing up for a second to walk over and retreive the knife he had thrown into the door. Sticking it back in his pocket he walks over to Maiyun and plops down in front of his tent, wearing his usual smile though his cheek is clearly bruised from the last day's ordeal with Charlotte. Looking her over again, he reaches up and puts a hand through her hair. "Looks like you rolled around a little. Or did headstands in your sleep," the Pup quips.

The girl blinked. "Well… I did.. Though I was a little worried for your sake…" a weak smile crossed her lips. "I'm so glad you're okay now…" She eyed the bruise, but thought nothing of it, as it could have been worse. "But…" She felt a but uneasy. "What of me, since I was the one who you had shown your… transformation to?" She frowned, then quickly looked up when he ran a hand through her hair. Quickly, she pulled her head back, only to wince as one of her knots wrapped around his fingers. "Y-yeah… I need to brush my hair. Big time… What happens when you have thick hair." She lifted both hands to untie his hand from her hair. Since her cheeks were already red from the heat, he wouldn't be able to see her blush. Lucky her.

Smiling softly as she touches her hands to his, Phelan shakes his head. "Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you there." Shrugging at her question he puts both hands in his lap and sighs. "I dunno. I mean, Charlotte seems to understand the blame was really all mine to begin with. My guess is she'll either send you out to try to find your parents or she'll ask you to stay here with us until one of us tracks them down." Looking back up into her eyes he can't help but chuckle again at how shy she seems to be though he does not seem to question it. "So, we'd best get to know each other as well as we can since you're hanging out here for awhile anyway. Where'd you come here from, Mai?"

Maiyun nodded slowly, and combed her fingers through her hair, though it wouldn't be enough to calm down the monstrosity which was that. "I see. Well I should be able to find them easy… I mean there are patrols out at the bazaar that could be looking for me, right?" Pulling her hands away, she put them in her lap as well. She thought about his question, then blinked twice. "I came from the US. LA, to be exact. Well the corner of LA. I naturally came from North Ireland, hence some of my accent…" She giggled.

Listening to her story, Phelan blinks as she mentions LA and tilts back a little. "LA? Wait a sec. What part of LA are you from exactly? I live in the apartments just across from Highland Park and I go all over the city but I've never seen your face before." His explination done, he smiles again and rocks forward once again. "Part Irish, huh? Interesting."

She nodded. "Yup! LA… But… I live…" She scratched her head. "Um… well…" Then she blushed once more. "I don't know…" She looked down at her feet, then back to him. "But… what do you mean part Irish, anyway?" Her head tilted to one side.

Phelan chuckles from her answer. "It's okay. Took me a little too long to learn the names of all the divisions and whatnot, too." Listening to her second question, however, the Garou blinks and tilts his head as well. "Nothing. Just sorta explains why you're so… Well, so pale first off, but that's okay. Pale's… kinda cute." Leaning back, he shakes his head violently. "I didn't say that."

Maiyun huffed, then crossed her arms. "We Irish can't help it that we easily burn, y'know…" Then she blinked at the other comment. Her face was now a bright red color. "Well. Just…" She turned away. With another huff, she looked away from him. "That was rude of you to say such a thing! Extremely offensive, I might add!"

Holding up his hands in a gesture of innocence, Phelan smiles and chuckles. "I know, I know. It's kinda like my transformation yesterday. These things just slip, y'know?" Putting his hands back in lap and looks her over once more and sighs. "Actually, I owe you some thanks. You have no idea how brave it was to try and stick up for a Garou."

She looked at him. "Guess so…" Lowering her arms, she looked from her feet to him. "Thanks…?" She raised a brow, then nodded. "Ah… Well… you guys don't seem too different to me, so… no need to worry about it." She waved a hand. "But… I don't really see the big deal on sticking up for you…"

Not quite sure of how to answer at first, Phelan looks away from her and toward the bed he had been cowering on the day prior to his beating before sighing and looking back into Maiyun's deep eyes. "Well, lemme put it this way. For what I did I'm lucky I wasn't killed. Part of it has to do with the fact that I'm still new to the whole being a Garou thing. So new, in fact, that I'm literally called a Pup. But still I did something that was downright horrible by transforming in front of you." After giving her a second to listen to his speech, he shrugs and smiles again. "But I made it out okay and so did you, so why dwell on it? I learned my lesson and you learned that werewolves walked the Earth so we all came out a little wiser."

Maiyun nodded. "Well, true…" she sighed. "I'm glad you didn't get killed… Better to be harmed than killed, right?" She pointed to the bruise on his cheek, then shrugged. "Yeah… What's done is done, anyway. Can't redo it. Just gotta move on, y'know?" She smiled. "That's what my dad always told me when I was a kid…"

Phelan nods in agreement with her. "And that's a good way to go through life, despite what some may say." Chuckling, he adds "I just don't get pessimists." As he starts to tilt back and forth from his spot on the floor he starts to ask questions again. "So, Maiyun. Do you have any idea why those guys were after you? All I know about you thusfar is that you're an Irish girl. A pretty one, too, I might add," he says, giving her a wink and continuing before she can protest "But there'd have to be a reason that Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber went after you. Is there something else about you I should know?"

Maiyun shook her head. "All I know is that those guys are creeps… for trying to kill me of all people." She huffed. "I'm only a tourist on vacation in Egypt is all I can really say…" Her gaze lifted to Phelan. She gave no comment to what he just said as she smiled weakly.

Upon hearing her answer, Phelan shrugs. "Guess the answer's still out of reach, then." As he begins to try to think of other things he can ask he pulls the knife out of his pocket again and starts to make small grooves in the floor with it. "Don't worry about the blade," he tells her with that same soft smile he seems to always have. "I only use them when I feel there's no other choice."

She eyed the knife, and instantly became a bit uncomfortable. Even from his reassurance, she still felt quite uncomfortable knowing there was a shape object nearby. "No other choice…?" her gaze lifted to the male. "So you mean you helped or tried to by digging one of those… blades into one of those weird guys?" She blinked.

Phelan nods slowly, looking between her and the knife's edge with a sort of whimsical look. "Yeah. As soon as I saw the second one pull out that baton I knew something was wrong." Sticking the sharp instrument into the floorboards with a forceful blow he puts his hand in his lap once more and turns all of his focus back to Maiyun. "There's a reason that a bunch of us werewolves came here, y'know? The ones who are already here are disappearing one by one. So are the humans who carry strong traces of a werewolf bloodline, or Kinfolk as we call them." After a pause, he sighs and shakes his head. "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you a whole lot more. Not until I know it's safe to."

Nodding, she looked down. "It's all I wanted to know. I mean I pretty much know now that humans love you all's guts, and wants you dead, which is pretty racist and extremely violent if you ask me." She sighed. "But everything has a downfall, I guess. And this is one of them." Running a hand through her hair once more, Maiyun heaved a irritable sigh this time. "This heat…" she muttered. "Driving me insane…"

As he starts to consider her words and answer them in kind, Phelan blinks from her mentioning of the heat and chuckles. "One sec. I'll go get you something to drink." Heading for the cooler in the room he pulls out a bottle of ice-cold water and comes back over to the tent, putting it on the ground for her and gesturing to it. "Here. Have a sip. It'll cool you off."

Maiyun looked from the water to him. She nodded. Without rejecting the offer, she took the bottle, and straightly as she opened it, chugged it down quickly as if she hadn't drank for a day. Wiping her mouth off afterward, she smiled at Phelan. "Thanks… I needed the refreshment. Desperately…" And having a happy sigh, she then lay there on her side with her hand propping her head up.

As he looks over the young girl and smiles from her acceptance, Phelan scoots a little closer. "I hope you're planning on sharing that tent." Suddenly a large collection of small black specs on his arm, recognizable only as a huge lot of frenzied fleas, begin to bounce around as if for attention. Blinking and looking down at them the Pup chuckles deeply. "No, no, no. It's not that you all aren't good company," he says, apparently to the small creatures. "It's just that… Well, she's a girl! What other reason do I need?" The arachnids seem to become more feverish, making Phelan laugh. "Okay, okay, I'll strike a compromise! Jeez, you guys are hard to please sometimes." Looking back up to Maiyun as the fleas calm down a little he smiles. "Sorry. They're right, that kinda came out wrong. What I meant was… if you don't mind splitting the tent between the two of us maybe you could take a turn sleeping out here tonight." After a moment's consideration he shrugs. "But if you don't want to then the tent and sleeping bag are all yours. I can find a comfortable spot pretty much anywhere out here if I go wolf."

"I really don't mind splitting the tent… It's not a problem to me. We'll sleep back to back, and it'll be fine." She smiled weakly, and shrugged a shoulder, as she was leaning on the other. Her eyes caught the fleas, and she eyed them. "These your… pets, Phelan…?" She raised a brow. If any fleas were on Kayla, she'd grab the flea repellant within the first minute of noticing. "Not that… there's anything wrong." Not knowing much about the Garou, she let the subject go.

"The fleas are sorta rules of the house. I'm not sure how to explain it, but trust me. I don't intend to keep them." As they act up once more the Pup rolls his eyes and looks down at them. "Hey, hey, calm down. I'll miss all of you." When they stop their motions once more he looks back up to Maiyun and crawls into the tent to sit down closer to her. "I'm not really sure it'd be a good idea for us to be that close all the time, Maiyun. It might get us into trouble." Giving this a second to sink in, he puts his hand on hers and looks up into her eyes once again. "So you take the tent. You need it more than I do."

Maiyun looked at him, then the dots on his arms. She gave the male a odd look like he was nuts, but brushed it off. Looking down at her arms, she shuddered. If she had fleas on her arms, she'd… Then she looked up when he had sat closer to her, and scooted back a little. "Oh… how?" she raised a brow. "It's not like I'm going to do anything… I'm not the kind of girl who wants to get into yuor pants." She shook her head until she felt his hand over hers. Looking from her hands to him, she instantly turned scarlet, and blinked quickly. "All… right, Romeo." 'Please let go now…' She smiled, now nervous.

Laughing a little from her response to contact with his hands, Phelan takes his hand away and rocks backward. "Don't worry. I'm not the kinda guy who wants to get you naked. Guess that makes us even." Turning and getting out of the tent again the Pup stands and looks down inside to her, then bends down to pick up the knife he had left in the floor. "If you'll excuse me, though, I need to get some rest. Been up all night." Going over to the corner of the room the boy brings six chairs, two by two, over to rest them beside the tent and lines them up in a row. As he lies down on them he groans and closes his eyes. "You don't hafta stay in there if you don't want to, by the way. Wander around the room if you want. Just don't leave this place and, for the love of Mother Gaia, do not touch the teddy bears."

She nodded, then crossed her arms. "I'm not tired… I've been sleeping all day long…" she muttered, and then sighed when he lay down. "I'll stay in the tent in case I get someone in trouble again…" Looking from him to the tent walls, she stared for a moment, and then looked back at Phelan. "Goodnight, I guess."

Phelan sighs softly as he gets adjusted to the feel of the chairs, then puts his hands behind his head to form a makeshift pillow. "Look, I'm sure Charlie wouldn't mind us just talking. It's sleeping together she'd have a fit over." One hand reaches down to point to his backpack inside the tent. "There's some things to eat in there. Feel free to dig around. Just be careful with the handgun. Not sure if I left it loaded or not."

She shook her head. "I understand…" It was the fact that she didn't know what all to do now that got to her. Suppose she had to deal. Laying there, she looked at him, and then her hand. Studying it, she picked at the sand particles, brushing each off one by one.

Phelan chuckles to her and sighs softly. For a moment, he seems to struggle with what to say as his eyes open and close and little and his head tilts from side to side. Finally, with his usual gentle expression he simply closes his eyes and offers up a quiet "Good morning, Mai."

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