Someone Is Wearing Floral Somewhere

Christine walks down the street, her two bodyguards following her. She is grinning to herself as she nears the entrance to the Gulag, a small bounce in her step.

As the crowd around the front of the building murmurs and burbles like a babbling brook, one very noticeable woman has set herself away from the crowd. A thin brown cigarello is caressed between her luscious lips as her violet eyes skim the faces of the people nearest her. The gallant stripper seems to hold little to no interest in speaking to anyone near her for once, not even the dashingly handsome men clad in their leather and silk. An eyebrow lifts as she notices the murmuring growing louder towards one end of the building, piquing her curiosity enough to bring her languid steps in that direction. A faint smile touches her mouth as she blows out a plume of smoke, recognizing the lovely siren easily. She lifts a hand as if beckoning the woman, though so does everyone else around her.

Christine brushes past the paparazzi taking pictures with ease as she moves over to Madison with a grin on her face. She immediately snakes an arm around Madison's waist, "I'm glad your out and about tonight! I was so bored just sitting up in my room doing nothing."

Madison leans against the stunning woman with her head tilted in her direction as well, her hair carrying the faintest scent of her perfume as well as the sweet smoke from her cigarello. The cancer stick in question is currently held loosely in between her index and middle finger as she chuckles low in her throat, "Don't expect to find anything phenomenal in there, sweetie. It's more dull than usual," she rolls her eyes upwards with a small sigh. "I'm not even tipsy. -That's- how bad it is. I was just getting ready to prowl for something else to do."

Christine laughs and nods, "Let's walk down the street a bit and see if we can't find something interesting." She lowers her voice so the paparazzi can't hear her, "Maybe pick up a few guys to toy with for the evening." She tosses a wink at Madison before laughing.

A smirk crawls across Madison's lips for a moment, just before she slips the cigarello back between them, even if the sentiment that the coy smile engenders doesn't quite reach as far as her distant eyes. "Or maybe I can help pick out a couple for you to spend some time with, hm? Either way, I'm sure it'll alleviate this boredom," she murmurs from around the cigarello, reaching up one hand behind Christine's back to hook her fingers lightly over her shoulder. "Lead on!"

Christine strolls down the street grinning over to Madison, "You really think I could handle more than one at a time? Please, I can barely handle myself!" She starts laughing, "How about you demonstrate how to for me?"

The pungent aroma of burning tobacco trails behind the scarlet-haired woman sashaying so idly beside the superstar, almost as if the woman were just anyone else that she'd so happen to be with. The steady click of her Yves Saint Laurent heels supply an almost metronome effect as laughter bubbles up within her throat. Plucking the cigarello from between her lips, the violet-eyed she-devil flashes Christine a dangerous cheshire grin. "Oh honey, I think any girl could handle more than one at a time, but don't look for tips from me. I'm a staunch believer that learning to swim by being tossed headfirst into a pool is the best course of action," she winks salaciously at her companion. "I'm not sure we're -that- close enough that I'm comfortable hearing about how you can barely handle yourself either," she adds almost as an after thought while nudging the siren at her side with her hip mid-step.

Christine lets out and playfully elbows Madison, "Oh I was NOT talking about that type of handling myself, you are absosolutely horrible!" She rolls her eyes nudging Madison, "You know what I meant! And I can already swim, just not well." She grins again leaning against a light pole, "What sort of mischief do you want to cause tonight, darling?"

Madison offers a wink to Christine as she angles her head towards the brunette, her pace slowing with that of her escort, "Don't forget completely incorrigible, too." Bringing up one hand to gently push the cigarello back between her lips, Madison appears to incline her chin in momentary thought. "Well," she finally replies, a swirling path of aromatic smoke expelled from her mouth with the word, "There's always trolling the usual clubs on Santa Monica and pray we don't die of boredom before the night ends. Other than that…" she pauses to hoist one shoulder up in an almost elegant shrug, "I suppose we could rob a place and steal a few cars?"

Christine chuckles softly, "Eh, ruins the fun if you know you have enough money to buy 30 of the cars…" She looks down at her feet, encompassed in black leather straps before kicking a rock, "God, this is LA for Christ sakes… there should be -something!-

With a careful glance up and down the street, her eyes narrowed in the slightest, Madison flicks the remainder of her smoke to the pavement. The glowing ember is only offered a couple of seconds of life before the toe of her metallic copper platform grinds it out. "The something is either the same scene, just a different club.. or something patently illegal," she purrs with a lopsided smile tainting her lips, her attention drawn back to Christine for the moment. "It's not so much the 'fun' of stealing a car as it is the rush in doing it. The same reason people do most anything recreational."

Christine considers her options quietly, the paparazzi having grown bored and wandered off somewhere else, "Hmm, why don't we play a game then. We go and get a couple of bottles, sit on a bench and set an object, and everytime we see something like it, we have to drink. That way at least we are drunk, which is blissful respite from all this.."

A blank look crosses Madison's face at first as she stares at Christine, blinking a couple of times before erupting in a peel of laughter. "Sure, why not? I don't think I've done that while sitting on the street. While watching the Olympics, yes, but not while watching people pass by," she chuckles, the briefest glint of joyfulness igniting in her amethyst eyes before it bleeds away less than a heartbeat later. "But what to drink, what to drink…" she murmurs aloud, one hand pressed to her hip as her head cants to one side.

Christine laughs softly and pulls out some cash waving it in front of Madison with a grin, "I'm sure I could convince a bartender to sell me a bottle…" She slips away disappearing for a little while before reappearing holding two bottles, one whiskey and one vodka. She hands the Vodka to Madison before sitting on a bench, "Now it's just what to drink to. I would say we could drink to emo goth people.. but we'd be drunk in all of what.. 3 minutes?"

"You realize if the police see us, they're likely give us a ticket and take our precious alcohol," Madison warns as she accepts the liquidy prize from Christine, already twisting off the top with a very practiced gesture. Slowly, she waves the opened bottle beneath her nose as she inhales the scent, a slow smile touching her lips, "Ah, at least they had a mind to give you the good stuff. It depends on how trashed you want to get, and how quickly you want to get there, darling. So, how badly to you want your liver to hate you?"

Christine grins slightly, "The press have nothing bad on me! Let them get something afterall! They have been digging and snooping for god knows how long." She opens her bottle and takes a swig, "If we get a ticket, I'll pay… Afterall what is fame good for, really if you never use it to your advantage?" She grins slightly at Madison, "How about the color green? It should get us decently screwed up enough."

The usual fervor and enthusiasm with which Madison approaches one of her most treasured hobbies, drinking, seems to be completely missing as of late. The tip of her tongue does poke out just long enough to moisten her lips as she falls silent, her eyes raking over the bottle in her hand, though still she can't seem to quite summon the joy holding a bottle of Hypnotiq usually brings. "Green? That might be making a bit too easy. How about floral patterns? And two drinks if it's a guy wearing it?" the dancer queries, one russet eyebrow raised as she blinks her attention back to Christine. "It makes me wish I had the Lucid with me.. along with those wonderful additives I picked up for it."

Christine laughs and nods her head, "Okay, floral patterns, double if on a man…" She tilts her head a bit, "I've never had it, one of these days I'll have to give it a try, you know." She grins then nudges and points to an old lady walking down the street wearing a floral skirt, while lifting the bottle to her lips taking a long drink before putting it down with a small cough, "Ugliest floral pattern I think I've ever seen."

At the cue, Madison tilts her head back and gulps down a mouthful of the potent liquid, pulling a chuckle from her throat as she lowers it. "You can say that after seeing what was supposedly 'in' this season? I've never seen so much insane amounts of floral patterns in my life. It was slightly jarring," she murmurs as she scouts the street for more fashion offenses, her fingers idly flexing around the neck of the Hypnotiq. Her head bobs in the direction of a bleach blonde that could double for an Oompah Loompah, her mouth forming the words, "There's another offender," just before taking another swig of the liquid, wincing at either the eye-bleedingly bright floral patterned sundress or the strong liquor.

Christine lets out a soft laugh, "Yes, but just cause it is 'in' season, that does NOT mean I like it." She tilts her bottle back taking a large drink then shakes her head, "God.. Floral should be banned…"

Leaning her shoulder against the nearby lamp post, Madison lets out a long sigh as her vision skews for an instant, using the metal prop her keep herself from tipping over. The effect lasts only a few moments while the dancer closes her eyes and bows her head, "The first time I had this stuff I drank so much of it so quickly that my lower lip and gums felt like they were shot with novocaine," she mentions in an almost off-hand tone of voice, her exotic eyes reopening once the initial dizziness had passed. "Mumus -and- floral should be banned."

Christine laughs and nods patting the bench beside her, "Someone left me a cat in my mailbox the other day…" she states quite casually leaning back, her eyes watching the various people looking for a floral print, but taking a drink now and then even without the floral prompt.

"A cat in your mailbox? What sort of nonsense is that?" the curvaceous woman asks incredulously as she pushes herself away from the lamp post to strut to the front of the bench. Still retaining almost every bit of her natural grace, Madison settles herself onto the bench beside Christine with the vodka bottle held in her lap and her other arm stretched out across the back of the metal structure. "Did you call the cops?"

From the cavernous darkness of the alleyway behind the pair, a wry, and cackling laugh rings out, followed by the light stomping of feet as someone leaves on the opposite side. After a moment, a figure slowly slips from the alleyway, keeping to the darkness as his eyes stop on Madison and Christine, and he smiles wryly inside the mask before slinking up to the pair on the bench, stepping so lightly as to be unheard. As the pair converse, he leans down slowly and speaks softly whilst behind them. "Hello Madison. Hello Siren."

Christine nods her head to Madison, "A cat, and no they didn'T, they have an investigator on it though. They were polite enough to remove the guts from the body, yet still leave them attached.." She rolls her eyes a bit then jumps as she hears the voice behind her. Out of reflexes she turns, her guards still standing there. She relaxes as she sees who it is, "Oh, hello." She beams a smile at the teenager, "How are you?"

Lawrence osays , ' The mask, for your reference.'

Wasting no time, the stripper hefts the frosted bottle of vodka up as if she were going to fling it at whoever it was creeping up behind her, though the thought bleeds away quickly enough as her brow furrows in confusion. "Mmm, you sound familiar kid," she murmurs thoughtfully, the tension still gripping her lithe body as she eyes him from her halfway turned position. While still peering at him with her narrowed eyes, she asks Christine, "Does that count as a floral pattern darling," while pointing at the mask with the opened mouth of her bottle.

"A pleasure to see you both, of course. Engaging in a bit of fun, are we?" The teen grins beneath the mask, his slate-blue eyes peering directly at Madison's for a moment before sliding back over to Christine. "Ah, a drinking game. Not much of a fan of those myself really. But, to each their own, I suppose."

Christine leta out a little giggle, "Sure why not, double drink!" She lifts her bottle taking two long drinks, "Well wouldn't have to resort to a drinking game if we could find something to do. We are tired of the usual!" She then gives a cheeky grin, obviously tipsy, quickly on the way to being drunk.

Madison kicks the side of Christine's foot playfully with the sole of her shoe as she takes two generous gulps of her pale blue liquor. The back of her free hand presses to her mouth as she chuckles, pulling that hand away only to speak with a feline smile curling her lips, "Congratulations on being the first double draught," she purrs in Lawrence's direction before falling again into a fit of laughter. "Oh god, they make this stuff too strong." She clears her throat and tries to sit up straighter, her body wavering almost imperceptibly from side to side. "Have you been calling me, kid?" she asks out of the blue, her violet eyes narrowing as she tries to peer past the mask to solve the mystery burning in her alcohol-drenched mind.

"Have I been calling you?" The teen tilts his head to the side, the mask still securely fastened to his features. "I might have once or twice." Lawrence seems to ponder something for a moment before reaching into a deep pocket and he pulls out a small water bottle. He unscrews the top, and the sickly sweet smell of fruit wafts from it and he takes a drink. "Nothing like Powerade to quench ones thirst. Either of you want a drink?"

Christine lets out a throaty chuckle lifting a bottle of a murky brown liquid, "I already have a drink, thank you." She body leans against Madison's wavering body with a blissful expression on her face, "So how are you, Lawrence?" She does her best to act polite and sober, succeeding only halfway, turning her head to loudly whisper to Madison, "Shit… forgot I might have fans out.. And I'm drunk…" She lightly slaps her face with one hand shaking her head.

"I swear to god. Cops. Restraining order," Madison mumbles before taking another drink, justifying it as she lowers the bottle with a simple, "I'm sure someone's wearing floral somewhere." She holds up her lovely bottle of Hypnotiq as if offering it over towards Lawrence, shaking her head as she does so. Her fingers grip the edge of the bench harder with the suddent movement of her head, nearly ready to tumble off of the bench. "No, thanks. I have stuff that looks like Powerade, but isn't like laced with roofies. You can have the rest if you want. Really," she grins widely, shaking the bottle in an inviting fashion.

Lawrence gives a bit of a chuckle, shaking his head. "I wouldn't drug anyone. Hardly condusive to making friends, really." He looks at the bottle of the alcohol and shakes his hand. "I'm not old enough to drink, Madison." He downs the rest of the Powerade before throwing it expertly into a nearby trash receptacle. "Also, vodka really isn't my favorite drink. Give me a bottle of Paris 1145."

Christine laughs softly and nudges Madison, "If you want to get him drunk take him back to my place, darling. You know I can get whatever I want via room service." She grins at Lawrence, "What brings you out tonight, Monsier? Just a pleasant stroll, or are you out looking for mischief too?"

Tilting her head back and staring at the smog-filled sky, almost as if she can see the stars through the pollution. "Hhmm nope, I've never heard of that before," she finally remarks about Lawrence's taste in liquor, lowering her head again with a chuckle. "Christine, no way in hell. I bet you work for Dateline and as soon as I walk in there it's all Chris Hansen and network television for me," she grins lopsidedly at her companion before flinging an arm across her shoulders amiably. "Kiddo, I bet half these people on this street aren't technically old enough to drink. So what? Live a little."

The slate-eyed teen smiles and shrugs his shoulders, pulling a small flask from his pocket. "As you wish." He unscrews the cap of the flask and the smell of spiced rum could be smelled as he brought it to his lips, and he takes a draught of it. "Salut."

Christine lets out a soft laugh and gives Madison a playful punch on the shoulder, "You know better than that!" She takes another swig from her bottle, "Hm, think we should go to the park? It's a bit quiet and less busy there." She beams a smile at both of them, going to stand up, one of her bodyguard coming over to her and offering her a hand, helping her keep her balance, though not well.

The laughter that had been slowly building in Madison's eyes with the eventual release of her tension bleeds away without any noticeable cause, leaving her head drooping and staring blindly at the bottle in her hands. Even her coy smile gains a brittle quality to it as she clings for dear life to that last remnant of her previously jovial mood, the rest of her expression going rather neutral. "I think I'm done for the night, kitten," she nearly whispers as she stands, extending an arm and giving Christine a loose, one-armed hug. The frosted bottle is nearly forgotten in her other hand as she pulls away, casting another peculiar glance at Lawrence. To him she says nothing at all and only shakes her head, already ambling off down Santa Monica.

As Madison stands up and begins to walk away, the masked face of Lawrence follows her as she walks away. "Do be careful, Madison. I'd call a cab, if I were you. Wouldn't want some prowler to attack you or something." He offered a two fingered salute to her and he looked back over to Christine. "You mentioned something about the park, madam?"

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