Stick It, Nastia!

Ambiance de Ciel - Bar (Avg NPCs: 10)
Coming out of the hallway the room forms into a large circle, with a long cherry
wood bar resting in the middle. All sorts of glasses and bottles rest behind
the bar, while small trays of peanuts, matchbooks, ashtrays and napkins rest on
top of it. All around the room large leather couches and love seats rest, with
big screen TVs placed in front of a few of them. The room is very dimly lit, as
the only light sources are that behind the bar and fake torches placed in
uniform around the walls. A steel door rests on the wall across from one side
of the bar with a large man always standing guard. Another door rests on the
other side of the bar which leads into the bathrooms.

(OOC: You must request, or have permission, to go down from here.)

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south - Ambiance de Ciel (Avg NPCs: 20)
down - A Private Lounge

Sitting with a rather intent expression writ across her lovely bronzed face sits a curvaceous redhead wearing a hunter green silk dress. The garment seems to cling in all the right places as if it were made precisely for the woman wearing it, all the way from the square neckline all the way down to the pleated hem which hangs just above her knees. Her heels are a strappy affair and colored a burnished gold, neatly matching the three hammered gold bracelets she wears on one wrist and the double set of gold hoop earrings she has in her ears. A wide metal belt, probably brass to at least nearly match the jewelry and shoes, looks as if it's closed with a latch and a small key-turn lock, which sort of matches in size to the gold key having from the small chain around her neck. Violet eyes don't waver once from the television in front of her, taking note of every spin and tumble the gymnasts onscreen at the Olympics are performing. Every once in awhile she'll take a sip of the Cosmopolitan in front of her, but beyond that pays little attention to her surroundings.

Bob walks in the door, surveys the room a little, taking a glance at all the people, his eyes narrow as he sees Persephone, he thinks I know here from somewhere, he smirks and recalls being in the house of debocthery, then walks up to the bar and orders a Mojito, and takes a seat near Persephone, but far enough away to not bother her or be a creepy stalker, he turns one of the smaller Tvs to Olympic Fencing, and watches with excitment.

Lifting her Cosmo to her plump lips, Madison still doesn't tear her gaze away from the television. Just before she takes a sip of the pink beverage, she murmurs in her silken voice, "They're going to deduct. The step she took was too pronounced." And, sure enough, just as the woman knocks back a healthy gulp of her sweet drink, the judges come back with their onscreen tally and deduct for exactly what she predicted. Sighing, Madison shifts her position and, in doing so, lets her gaze dance around the room. A russet eyebrow is quirked as she eyes Bob, until recognition blooms bright within her peculiar eyes. A chuckle rolls from her throat as she leans just a little towards him, aiming that sultry voice in his direction, "I have to compliment you on your choice of drink. It's usually a favorite of mine."

Bob seems to be shellshocked that Persophone is talking to him, he snicker saying his first words in Slavic, then quickly resaying them in english, "Hello, how are you tonight mam, I don't know know if you remember me from the other night," he quickly resays his one liner in Italian to Persphone, "Sorry but your barking up the wrong tree hun i like boys," then smiles in continues in english, "but I am sure you see lots of men in there nightly."

Laughter spills from Madison's parted lips as she shakes her head slowly from side to side, one hand waving in a vaguely elegant gesture. "Oh honey, despite what you might think, any random person speaking to you does not want to jump into your pants. Even if you have an accent, sometimes -sex-," she pushes much more emphasis on this word than any of the others in her diatribe, "isn't at all on a person's mind." She offers him a teasing wink before tipping her pretty little head back in the direction of the television, just as the next gymnast is lining up for her routine.

Bob smiles and laughs, "If only you knew, but i think you Flatter your self, just a little," he glances into Presephone's eyes, "I simply said, Sorry I wasn't looking for a woman, I enjoy boys," he smiles in Presephones direction in a sly fassion, "I belive the vanacular is /Sorry Girls I love cocks/," he looks to the woman again, "so Madam Presephone, how are you today."

Yet again pulling her attention away from the nimble figures on the screen, this time with a distinct roll of her eyes, Madison levels her rather bored gaze on Bob. "I'm not sure if you're familiar with this concept, but you do realize what I do in the club is an act, right? I dance to get money, not dates." She eyes him then, rather roughly with the barest hint of a smirk, "And definitely not from your sort. Not refined enough, not polished enough, just for starters," she admits with a faint shrug. "So really, I think it's -you-," she points her mostly empty glass at him, "that has the wrong impression. It's a job, nothing personal at all. Or are you unfamiliar with the concept, hm? If you're looking for a date and a tush to squeeze, try Essence. It would be… logical… to avoid strip clubs full of dancing, naked -women- if it's not something you enjoy," she finishes, her tone never warming up past being placid as she again turns her attention to the more interesting thing in the bar: the Olympics, and not the bland man nearby.

Bob shakes his head at Presephone, "No young lady I am very much the opisite, I am new in town," he laughs a little, "I work at the college," he laughs, "If I was such a bon vivant type of person I could have my way with a dozen students, not ethicly correct but who is going to stop me," he laughs at Presephone, "But then again I like boys mostly some exceptions," he lets loose a small grin aimed at nothing in particualr, his eyes go cross for a second, "So whats the count are we beating those Red basterds still?"

Slowly, Madison shakes her head without pulling her attention away from the screen, her lips set into a terse line as she follows every movement flickering by on the television. "In this, we're screwing up royally. Mostly the men's team, the women are faring a bit better. But the Chinese are a very disciplined and nimble people, in general, so this isn't surprising," the fiery-haired woman responds with narrowed eyes before finishing off the last of her Cosmo. Immediately, her hand lifts to summon one of the waitresses, and she proceeds to order yet another of the same thing. "Tell him to make it a bit strong, please?" she asks, cocking an eyebrow at the woman until she scoots off and Madison can go back to glaring at the screen.

Bob smiles to the younge lady, "So how did that scandal with the Chineese girls get resolved?" he take a seat near Presephone and watches her Tv for a few min, sipping on his Mojito he finishs it off and sets it aside and stares at the Gymnists in open awe.

"It's not been settled yet, but I wouldn't put it past the Chinese government. I mean, I'm not the sort to debate political discourse by any means, but they have always been known to do whatever it takes to win at these things," she gestures in the direction of the television with one hand while using her other to push her glass away towards the edge of the table. "But luckily our girl Nastia beat the tar out of them anyhow, whether they are too young to be eligible or not. It didn't help them."

Bob smiles at Presephone, "Thats good to hear, I was rasied under communism I've see the darker sides of the Iron Curtian, they need to prove tot he world they are not in the dark ages anymore, and Olympic Golds to them means progress in their eyes," he snorts a little, "its unfortuinate that whats they stoop to." He glances at Presephone inquisitivly, "So if its all an act I assume Presephone is just a stage name," he smiles and puts his attention back on the Tv.

"Mmhmm," is the only response Madison gives at the moment as she catches sight of the waitress returning out of the corner of her eye. She accepts the beverage almost gleefully, taking a tentative sip before flashing the other woman a bright smile. "Tell him it's perfect, dear, thank you." The waitress actually grins in return and shuffles off, while Madison flicks her suspicious glance at Bob. "You hold your age well. Didn't the iron curtain fall like, back in the late eighties or something?" she questions with an arched brow, lifting one shoulder in a nonchalant shrug before blinking back to the television.

Bob me smirks, "I was just a boy then but I remember the differance like night and day," he smiles and looks twards the waitress and slips her a bill to get him another drink, he watches the gymnists somemore and snickers when they make mitakes and when they just fail out right. "So what did you say your name was?"

"I didn't," comes the rather simple response from the tall redhead over the rim of her glass, just before she presses it to her lips to drain another decent amount from it. "There was this drinking game we used to play in college," she begins, reminiscing with a wry twist to her lips, "that centered around the Olympics. I got so hammered, though, I can't really remember the rules in their entirety. That means it was a good game, but of course I was the lightweight and lost each round." Lifting her glass towards the screen with a chuckle and a wide grin, she murmurs, "Bet I can drink you under the table now Stacy Lawson." At that, the woman chugs back more of her potent drink before falling silent.

"I don't you're a lightweight," he smiles and looks around wondering what to do with the girl thats clearly too drunk for her own good, he sips on his mojito, and lets loose a slight smile, "So i see you know gymnastics pretty well you ever compete?" he glances about the room looking for a way to singal the bartender that maybe this girl needs to be cut off, but he fails at it and after a few moments gives up.

At the question so innocently posed by her newfound drinking buddy, Madison whirls her head around to pin the glare she had been reserving for the television on Bob. Though her eyes do carry the characteristic glassiness associated with heavy drinking, a brief fire sparks within them, "Maybe yeah. Or maybe I was too busy attaining a -life- to give up everything for the so-called Olympian dream." She turns back around in a huff, giving a snort of disapproval as she mumbles, "More like nightmare," before shaking her head. Again, her attention centers solely on the television, even if it is just Bob Costas blathering away. "I make more money now than I ever could at their infrequent games."

"I know what its like to give up on a dream," he smiles, "as a Kid I wanted to be a Knight, my father told me I was a fool for beliving one person could change the world, but I've proved him wrong already in many ways," he smiles to Presephone, "but then again I always say, that if it makes you happy then why not get paid for it," he smiles and sips from his drink a little more trying to let the buzz hit him with out getting too drunk.

"A knight.." the off-duty dancer repeats, peering past Bob into the main room of the restaurant and the statue sitting out there prominently. A gentler smile comes to Madison's lips as her body relaxes somewhat and she turns back around, bobbing her head in a slow nod. With all of the jostling, some of her booze has trickled over onto her hand, her violet eyes now falling to that with a contemplative stare. "I think in this day and age being a true knight would be nearly impossible. How have you changed the world, anyway?" she asks, not once lifting her eyes as she takes another drink.

Bob he smiles a little, "I change the world everyday by small things, I joined the Royal Marines, half out of youthful jaded eyes, Half because I really belive in what they stood for," he smiles at the woman, "I saved many lives doing my jobs in Afghan. I still punish myself for just not being better, if i had been better, i wouldnt…" he pauses and stares off into the distance for 10 for 15 seconds, then shakes his head, "What where we talking about, I'm sorry I forgot?"

Finishing off this cosmopolitan, Madison pushes the glass over towards the edge to stand with its fallen kin. "Does it matter?" she grumbles in a low voice as she lets her hand fall to the table, already lifting the other one to beg the attention of the overworked waitress. This gesture seems to coincide nicely with the gymnastics coming back from a commercial break, Madison's painted lips pressed tautly together. "So what are you doing now? Just attending school in Los Angeles? Well, good for you, darling. I wish you the best of luck," she purrs, even if she seems riveted by the screen.

Bob he laughs a little, "No I teach at the college, I went to MIT dual majored, I mean, I was a Linguist then I went into Computers, that was befor I joined the military and screwed myself up," he smiles and lets loose a snear, "Nothing too special, you know just a guy, you know come college could help you," he looks at the waitress and just glares with distaste at her for even thinking of being this poor girl another drink, but isn't going to stop either of them for thier transaction.

"Been there, done that, found a more lucrative career," Madison murmurs before clearing her throat and smiling prettily for the waitress. "Make me something with goldschlager, honey, I don't care what. But make it big, and make it pretty, and make it fucking expensive, thank you very much," the redhead commands with an inclination of her head, though oddly her words have yet to really start slurring at all. "I went in for fashion design and that sort of thing, but I lost interest in the general education requirements."

Bob smiles, "Yea that is where it gets, /silly/ but once you get into your Major its alot more fun," He smiles at the lush he is talking to, wondering if she will remember this in the morning, "But you know college isnt for everyone, my father open a very lucritive place in the old country, untill there was an unfortunate fire," a slight flicker happens in his eyes, you are sure its either the drinks of the light just hitting his eyes funny, "so sad about dad's place."

While the waitress is gone, Madison curls her upper lip in a sneer and reaches over to her side. One hand dives into the bowels of her purse to root around, a faint jingle and crinkle emanating from it. Finally, she pulls out a simple black pen and begins scribbling on one of the napkins which already harbor a pink ring from her previous glasses. A satisfied smirk touches Madison's facade as she folds the napkin in half and, when the waitress returns with her gold-flecked drink, she receives that stained napkin in return. The other woman skims it, only batting her eyelids once and nodding in response. A chuckle rolls past Madison's lips as she lifts the drink to her mouth, finally letting her gaze jerk back to Bob. "What sort of place did her run?"

"Father owned a Night club in down town Prauge, untill amost unfortuinate fire after he has retired form managment, but this gave me the money to do my schooling, so almost ce la vi, but without it I wouldn't be where I am today," he smiles at the woman, again. "But Daddy wasnt too happy when he heard his beloved club was nothing more then cinders and ash, but He eventualy forgave me," he snickers, "he never forgave me for joining the military," and with that he polishes of his drink and puts a $20 on the table under his glass hoping to attaract the waitress for another.

Almost as soon as the bill is laid on the table, Madison slaps her hand over it and slides it back towards Bob while affixing him with a heavy stare. "Keep it to pay your cover at Essence," she murmurs in her silken voice, a sly grin washing across her lovely features. "The tab will be paid for and, before you go getting full of yourself, it's not by me." She keeps her hand over the bill in such a way as to conceal if from any of the waitstaff, but not to hinder Bob if he wishes to reclaim it. "Order what you want, no matter what it is. -Trust- me." With that she winks at Bob and goes on, neatly changing the subject with a tilt of her head and a tonal change in her voice, "Parents are impossible to please since most just want to live vicariously through their spawn. Do what you want, and fuck'em."

Bob smiles at the sex icon, and nods at her, "Yes my father tried, but i never let him," he grins wickedly, and orders another of his infmaous mojitos, he smiles, "So no work tonight? You're up really late, although i have no room on this either, but after Afghan. I've been a bit of an insomniac, the whole sleeping and waking up screaming covered in in sweat isn't so appealing."

Pulling her hand back, Madison finally begins to drink the new beverage that had been placed in front of her, sipping at it tentatively. Her eyebrows shoot up at the delectable taste, eagerly taking another, longer, pull from the glass. "Mmm whatever this is, it's wonderful," she comments off-hand before leaning back a bit in her seat. Laughter rolls past her lips as she curls one corner of her lips into a lopsided smile, "Sounds like some of my worse benders, waking up screaming and covered in sweat. I guess it happens to everyone once in awhile regardless of where in the world you're at."

Taking a glance at the woman agian, he glares at her drink trying to identify it, but gives up after a moment, "Yea, its not too fun, but I've learned to live with it, I mean I don't have an option," he starts at his left arm and his scar and rubs it a little, he grabs another mojito and sips softly on the rim of the glass licking at the sweet elixr, "So what is there to do in this city? I've been to the beach, and that Isn't exactly fun alone, but I got a little bit of a tan."

"The beach is good for checking out the men working it at Hammerhead, or for jogging along the paths for exercise," Madison mentions good-naturedly after a moment of thought while swirling her mixed drink gently in her glass with a circular motion of her wrist. "Santa Monica really is the best place to find the interesting things to do. Mostly it's clubbing, to be completely honest, but you can meet lots of intriguing people."

Bob yawns a little, "Well you know, I am new to the whole California thing, so its all a big new adventure to me," he smiles and chews on the ice cubs in his cup, "but I guess from what I've seen of Santa Monica, it seems to be a slum, I've seen so many homeless and transients its just silly to even talk about it being just a problem, its a epidemic."

Madison lifts her slender shoulders in a shrug, making it look as if the faeries tattooed there are bobbing up and down. "This is Los Angeles, I think the only other city in the United States with a bigger population, and a bigger homeless problem, is probably New York. You shouldn't be surprised. Santa Monica is decently clear of them compared to the more outlying streets, the ones the tourists don't venture down." She drains the leftovers from her glass, even giggling as she licks out a couple of the gold flecks clinging to the sides. A heavy sigh is expelled as she rises, one hand tugging up her purse with the other smooths down her slinky dress. "I'm going to venture home while I'm still reasonably sure I can drive. Have fun with the rest of your night."

Bob smiles and waves, "That would be most advisable," he looks a little tired, but seems intent on watching the Olympics, "I'd hate to see you get hurt," he smiles, and gives the woman his full attention.

Madison blows Bob a kiss over her shoulder as she maneuvers out of the restaurant, drawing more than a few stares as she does. Her hips sway hypnotically with each step, almost as if she's completely unaware of their movements at all, and surprisingly she appears rather balanced on her heels regardless of the fact that she's pretty well trashed.

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