Sybine Ray

Ethinicy: Irish, American Born
Age: Twenty four
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 117lbs
Birthplace: South Boston, MA
Occupation: Freelance Mechanic
Demeanor: Bravo

Clan: Caitiff
Gen: 13th
Known Disciplines: None
Distinguishing Features: Lip piercings (center), two eyebrow piercings (right), tongue piercings, faded blue and green pastel tattoo including full sleeves, smiley face tattoo on stomach, name 'Lenny' tattooed on chest, heavily scarred over her entire back

Status 1 - Anarch Movement - The lost bitch of the Lunatics who's been causing trouble for a number mortal, and vampiric, gangs in LA with her second-to-snap temper and odd ability to stay out of the spotlight of the local law enforcement.


Sybine Ray has landed in a flurry of rumor and violence since her appearance at the side of Lenny Lendardson, and the Lunatics biker gang. Her lover and mentor having gone missing a number of months ago, Sybine remained in the spotlight of the well known gangs of LA. Since then, amoung the Anarch movement that controls the city, she's raised in Status amoung their ranks, though carries herself with no tags or colors that allign her with the Lunatics, or any other gang.

Theme Songs:
Supersuckers - Sleepy Vampire
Deftones - Passenger
Murderdolls - I Love to Say Fuck
Tool - Hush
Beck - Lost Cause
Nine Inch Nails - Head Like a Hole
Beck - New Pollution

Rage Against the Machine - How I Could Just Kill a Man
Nine Inch Nails - March of the Pigs
Seether - Fuck It
Rage Against the Machine - Freedom
A Perfect Circle - Judith

Known Partners in Crime

Sybine has been seen with very few companions at her side since the disapearence of Carl Carlson and Lenny Lenardson at the head of the Lunatics. Not the secretive type, the Anarch orphan has been connected to the likes of Elijah Day and Sheltark. In recent nights, the redhead can be seen in the rather affectionate company of Felix Montbertrand. Unsurprisingly, the Caitiff can be seen being escorted by a number of different men from local gangs, and whispers travel around the city that one of the larger biker gangs would be more than willing to end her existance. The vulgar redhead spends much time in the company of Walter Kennedy and his gang, as well as some late nights at the Empress with performers Madison Mackenzie and Remedy.


Seether - Fake It

"You're a little fucking irratic, and I think I'm falling hard." - Sybine to Elijah


A Perfect Circle - Thinking of You
Savage Garden - Violet
Daft Punk - Digital Love (Remix)

"I might just marry that guy. Fuck. Tonight." - Sybine to Elijah about Felix




"I didn't sign anything that said blood wasn't possible…" - To Aria

"Proud of what? That you successfully raised another fuck up like you and Carl? Another fucking blood sucker who doesn't have a single fucking place except in their own heads? Fuck. That. Be proud that you got fucking lucky enough that I figured the shit out without help." - To Lenny

"Mostly this," she says in Felix's direction before her left foot is brought up in a rather speedy gesture, catching Elijah right in his teeth with a square kick that leaves her chair on its two back legs before she lets it knock back down to four. "E-fucking-nough, you little fairy," she responds quickly afterward, attempting to pull her feet out of his lap with a rather childlike wiggle of her legs. - Sybine in responce to Felix asking what she does for a living.

"Welcome to the City of Angels, Sluts. Where the Anarchs are your fuckin' masters, and a fuckin' bullet to the brain equals a goddamned wakeup call."


Quotes from Others
"Oh, for fuck's sake, Sybine. I find a single intelligent person in this whole city and you do something stupid." - Elijah

"I'd suggest the park, but I don't know if that's really your speed, and I think it's still smoldering…" - Felix

"And here we have the alcoholic Princess in her native habitat, watching over her people. Observe the way she recklessly loses money at a card game… Take note of her split ends and unkempt hair.." He moves around the table, speaking in a voice similar to Steve Irwin's as he puts his fingers up, forming a square that could resemble a camera, or some such thing. "See how she hasn't showered in weeks? That's the princess' special technique to ward away predators and possible allies. For some reason, the alcoholic princess makes full use of this anti-logical defense mechanism. A very confusing, obscure creature, indeed." - Elijah, introducing Sybine in Joe's


"This is Sybine. Treat her like a Goddess." - Elijah

"Your punches can only bruise me, dear. It's the words that really hurt." - ELijah

"Ah.. Very funny. Go fuck your extra muscles, eh? Have em' gang bang you with their shotguns or something. I'm sure you'd love the feel of buckshot, you crazy bitch." - Elijah

"It near to warps my mind to think how you two were /ever/ introduced, but the results are certainly worthwhile." - Felix about Elijah and Sybine

"You don't have a purpose. Don't kid yourself. You'll be in the same place, doing nothing and living idly until someone ashes you." - Elijah
"Here's to hoping!" - Sybine

"How many times have they tried to throw you out of True Value for 'testing' the nailguns? Be honest now." - Felix


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