Tambiyah is the Planetary Incarna of the planet Venus. Known as the evening star, the Veiled Mother, it was once believed that Venus was a rich jungle-covered planet because of the golden clouds that cover it.

Long before human discovery, the denizens of the Aetherial Realm knew that these clouds were actually poisonous and acidic when the Incarna wanted them to be. Further, the atmosphere is so thick it traps heat in, making it the hottest planet except for Vulcan. These things do not bother travelers, as long as they do not gain the ire of the Incarna.

Approaching Tambiyah's realm, one is greeted by Tambiyah's handmaidens, spirits with crystalline voices that warn the Incarna of strangers to her realm. They do not harm anyone unless commanded by the Incarna, but they provide her with information about those who come into the domain. Visitors way be stopped and questioned before entering the clouds, or they may have to prove themselves before Tambiyah consents to see them.

Tambiyah particularly favors the Black Furies who tend to refer to her as Aphrodite, or the Star Maiden, and the auspice of the Galliards. Those Galliards may be asked to compose a song or poem in her honor. She , like the Furies, is deeply concerned with the welfare of women and children. She is not so welcoming to males, especially if they have ill-used any females or hold themselves above women as superior. For this reason she is on less than good terms with Nerigal, the Ice Warrior and she can make things difficult for the Get of Fenris — especially Ahrouns — who enter her domain. She isn't unfair, however, and allows access to those with good intentions. That doesn't mean she doesn't snub them some, however. If you wish to get along with Tambiyah, you must ignore any slights from her and prove your honor and trust worthiness. Still, there is more to Tambiyah that her battle-sister persona. She is also warm and loving, motherly and wise with a great lust for life she lavishes up her domain and those within it.

And Venus Was Her Name

Once in the realm, it is a far cry from what humans imagine Venus to be like on the physical plane.

Birds, beasts and insects sing their chorus to welcome strangers. There is a great deal of plant life. Deep purple flowers sway in the breeze and scenting the air with something likened to honeysuckle and maple.

The landscape is covered with hills of a myriad of colours. Coming closer one can see them come to life and whisk up off the ground in a great cloud. They are some sort of cloud. These are actually some sort of insect with beautiful jewel-toned wings in many colours. When they fly, they make a whirring, whistling noise that can be heard for almost a mile.

For those who are worthy of her favors, Tambiyah has many treasures. One of these is known as Tambiyah's Seeds. These seeds are said to be able to grow many wondrous things. She also gives those who perform services for her a shard of maidenstone. A fetish prized by the Furies that controls a garou's reproductive cycle. For other travelers she may choose to bless them with Gifts only she teaches.

Laying low to the ground are white shrubs, with green striped seeds on their branches. Aromatic as they are peeled, they taste like whatever one seems to desire at the time. Such are things in this wondrous life supporting realm.

Beyond the hills lies a region of turquoise lands set into a flatland of white sands. Father out within the desert that is not a desert lie Tambiyah's Fields, where travelers are most likely to meet the Incarna.

Tambiyah's Fields

The heart of the Veiled Mother's realm, Tambiyah's Fields has every type of terrain you can imagine. Here grow grasses and trees, flowers and vines of all kinds. The chirping of small animals can be heard, mixed with the sound of waves lapping in the distance. Mountains are dark with trees on their lower slopes and lighter at high elevations where the sow collects. Out near the sea, there are marshlands were bright birds call and slithering things slide into the water or sleep within the sheltering reeds. The soil itself is redolent with life bursting from it and the death that presages that fertility. The smell of evergreen, of prey and hunter, permeate through the woods: giving the wolf like beasts the chance for the thrill of the hunt that is a part of all natural life.

In the dark, tangled forests holding beasts that hunt and ordered fields of ripening grain and vegetables. There also exists a region known as the Veiled Lands. Tambiyah does not prevent wonders from entering this strange area, but she usually warns those who wish to enter that they may not emerge exactly the same as they went in.

+++Dangers of the Realm

Any number of dangers exist withing Tambiyah's realm. In the forests range animals capable of hunting, harming, and possibly even killing Garou. Similar dangers exist in the swampland. Tambiyah, while she is motherly and caring, knows that those whom she nurtures must eventually leave her care and make it on their own. If Garou cannot hold their own against equal opponents, they have no business claiming to be Gaia's defenders.

The Veiled Lands - Aside from the mundane threats, there is the Veiled Lands. This region is hidden by heavy layers of mist. Swirls of colour dance through the mist, giving it a kaleidoscopic aura. Visibility is limited, sometimes reaching only a few inches in front of ones nose. Odd sounds and whispers emerge from the swirling fog, almost seeming to speak to any who brave its touch. Flashes of light and darkness flicker through the swirling colours, briefly forming patterns and teasing pictures. Some might see or hear (or think they do) something of importance, only to discover nothing there, the sounds and pictures take on more solidity. One by one those enter the Veiled lands hear and see something or something or someone significant to them. As each focuses on their vision, even momentarily, they loose track of those whom they may have been traveling with and find themselves alone. Colors swirl, the whispers begin again and one is thrust into a terrifying surreal scene.

Most scenes are said to contain both elements of life and death, forcing one to make decisions for one or the other. Difficult scenarios involving gaining revenge on an enemy or saving an innocent life. Perhaps such scenes have a purpose, and perhaps a reward. Or they could just be dust and mist.

Tambiyah as a Totem

Although the Veiled Mother is somewhat prejudiced toward all-female packs, she may take a mixed-gender pack as her children if particularly impressed by the pack members. Black Furies respect packs honored by Tambiyah, regardless of gender.

Tambiyah appears either as a voluptuous, though motherly, figure or a battle maiden. She also takes the form of a golden wolf, a jewel-winged insect or a great, flowing tree. In her humanlike form, she has tanned skin, golden hair and bright green eyes. She often takes the guise of a gardener, with simple robes, a bag of sees and planting wand in hand. Her smile glows like the first rays of dawn and she smells like fresh apples and newly turned earth. Her voice sounds deep and rich. In her other form, her hair and skin are dark and her deep brown eyes burn with the intensity of her protectiveness toward women and children. She wears a battle harness, though she needs no weapons beyond her own hands. She sings as she fights and her voice is like the cry of the eagle and the sweet strains of the nightingale.

Tambiyah grants each one of her children with her beauty, understanding, and wisdom of healing. All non-metis children of Tambiyah are granted exceptional fertility; the odds of them siring of bearing true Garou cubs are raised one in five. This can bring great honor on the pack as time proceeds.

Chilren of Tambiyah must work towards the welfare of children, whether that means establishing better community day care facilities or caring for their sept's younger Kin.

Tambiyah, The Veiled Mother: The Seventh Lunar Month

Aetherial Realm - Venus
Auspice - Galliard
Colours - Gold
Element - Fire
Other Names - Aphrodite, Freya, Astarte, Sabaal
Quality - Wisdom
Tarot Card - Justice
Tribe - Black Furies
Vices - Lust
Virtues - Protection, purity, sensuality
Zodiac Correspondence - Libra

The seventh lunar month marks the beginning of the second half of the lunar cycle and returns our thoughts to the importance of the balance. Tambiyah, the Veiled Mother, epitomizes the delicate interplay of opposites that leads to wisdom and true judgement. Building on the previous cycle's acknowledgment of the necessity of both creation and destruction, Tambiyah represents the purity that results when we attain perfect balance.

Gold, the colour associated with Tambiyah, links the Veiled Mother with the concepts of wealth and warmth, both symbols of richness and fruitfulness. The planet Venus serves as Tambiyah's realm, its cloud-cover providing a veil of protection for its surface.<br>
Tambiyah favors the Galliard auspice since the Moon Dancers also act as protectos of the past and serve as repositories for wisdom for future generations. Galliards born under Tambiyah's influence place great emphasis on the lessons contained within their songs and stories. Ahroun born during the month of the Veiled Mother exemplify the courage in battle shown by mothers in defense of their children, While Tambiyah's Philodox temper their justice with mercy whenever possible. Theurges under patronage of the Veiled Mother use their Gifts for both healing and protection. Tambiyah's Ragabash cannot resist the impulse to use their playfulness to teach or warn against potential dangers.

Tambiyah embraces the Black Furies as her tribe, recognizing that their fierce advocacy of women and children seeks to restore balance to a world threatened by the depredations of n irresponsible patriarchy. The combination of strength and sensuality present in the Furies, along with their dedication to women's traditions and culture, appeals to the Veiled Mother's sense of justice.

In western astrology, Tambiyah roughly corresponds to Libra, the Golden Scales of harmony and balance. Libra represents the striving for equity and fairness in all things as well as the tempering power of love as an agent of change and re-creation.

Tambiyah's children in their noblest form combine sensuality and purity in perfect harmony. The Veiled Mother's strength lies in her ability to protect the dance of opposites. Her fault lies in the abandonment of balance that comes with love degenerates into mere lust — whether for power, pleasure or material gain.

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