Thank You Sir May I Have Another

Casual, precise steps carry a willowy figure in from the main room of the shop with practiced ease, baby blue eyes scanning the various shelves and peering into humidors with a mixture of curiosity and suspicion. Narrow hips sway with each step the teen takes, one lithe arm is loosely wrapped about a trim waist, enabling long fingers to idly toy with the low rising waist of lose-fitting pants. Golden curls have been streaked through with bright shades of crimson and orange, almost creating the illusion of flames if the light hits the ringlets at the right angle. The teen's other hand hovers over a pronounced collarbone, the porcelain skin being tapped at lightly.

Arturo looks up as the buzzer sounds someone entering the shop. "You can come back if you want a reading" he calls out into the shop. As the youth nears the shuttered door, he seems to reach into his pocket suddenly. "Ah, if you don't mind waiting a second, I sort of have to take this." he issues with a curt nod. "Have a seat and take a look around, I don't remember showing you this room the other evening." he adds finally, reclining in his chair.

Almost as if it were some kind of game, Ella does her best to nudge the front door to the shop open while trying to make as little noise as possible. Eyes the color of a summer storm roll up and dare the bell to ring while a grin washes over her face and a pair of booted feet creep into the shop. The bell does, of course, ring as it opens enough to allow her admittance, a small scowl crinkling her nose. "I'll never graduate to 'ninja' at this rate," she mutters as she strolls past the humidors and racks of merchandise.

"Still a pirate then?" One of Devon's tawny brows arches slightly as he glances over one shoulder to peer at the photographer. Paused in front of the shutters that separate the shop, the youth's attention turns back to them, studying the doors with vague interest. Finally, one pale hand slips into the unbuttoned sleeve of a black dress shirt and pushes at the barrier with an almost tentative touch. As usual, the opening created is just barely wide enough for him to slip through while still having as little contact as possible with the foreign surfaces.

Arturo seems to chat on the cellphone in a very casual manner. "About?" and then a pause, "Yes, been here for a while. In fact, I think two readings just walked in." He slinks back in his chair, relaxing, and clearing his throat during the ensuing pause. He sort of nods at noone, and says "That is why I have two rooms. Come on down." He looks up as Devon gets to the shutters and just passes them. "Ah, can you give me about 20 minutes? I have someone coming that I need to deal with." he admits with an unsatisfied grimace. "And then I'm here for whatever you need, of course." He stands and begins to approach the shuttered door, holding it open for both Devon, and for himself to look into the shops main room.

Carl walks into the Main room, a buzzer goes off, and another and another, he looks around for a slight moment then notices Arturo, he places his hand behind his back and produces a shotgun, two other bikers do the same. "On your fucken knees big chiefian, and I wont say it again..:" he cocks the shotgun and aims it for the mans head. "And if your gonna say this wont kill you then im just gonna shot you up riiiiiiiiight here

A grin is flashed in the direction of Devon and Ella seems to be on the verge of some sort of retort when the dirty bikers barge right on in. Her mouth drops open in utter shock, her bright eyes widening as she takes a few steps back and tries to remember to breathe. She does her best to fade into the background, all while one hand inches towards the pocket of her messenger bag.

Eyes closing as though to say, 'Not again…', Devon lets out an audible sigh. "I can help you like I helped your friend." Body turning around in one smooth motion to face the biker, the youth's eyes open once more, his gaze cold and piercing. There's a dark glint in there too, the same wicked sense playing upon rosy lips until they curl into the shadow of a twisted grin. At the same time, no emotion reveals itself upon the other features his youthful face, offering nothing but a mask of stoic detachment. "If you want to shoot someone, shoot me. Call it a ritual." Upon saying this, the grin becomes more noticeable, almost secretive. Both arms slowly lower to curvy sides, long fingers twitching and arching through the air, as though in preparation.

Arturo seems to be unusually relaxed about the whole situation. His tone is cool and flat, just as the conversation he just had on the phone with 'somebody'. He looks to Carl with a slight smirk. "Those two are with you, are we going to let these people out so we can talk?" He makes a slight nodding gesture to the two men at Carl's flanking sides, and then another to the room behind him. "If not, lock the door." He stands there, tapping his foot as if he is waiting for something to happen, putting his hands on his chest flat, as if not to attract attention, and display he is unarmed. The silk shirt presses along his form, and the trace lines of his physique beneath the cloth can even be seen.

Carl grabs Arturo and shoves him so Carl can clearly see him as his gun points towards Devon, he looks at the other for a slight moment then looks back to Devon. "hey big chieftain, if i wanted to shoot ya, i would have finished the fucken Job on the Fucken street.." he looks over towards Arturo. "This cunt has been telling Us that your not fucken Trustworthy to do the fucken Job.." Carl takes a step back as he looks towards Devon, he starts to whistle a elton john song as he looks to be thinking for a slight moment. " Fucken Old Cunts, with your cold expressions, maybe when I start to lead this fucked up city we shall have a motion that every old cunt be kicked out of this fucken city.”

Ella narrows her eyes as she listens, her phone already flipped open and her thumb hovering over the keypad. It's almost as if she's forgotten entirely that she's holding it, her attention becoming entirely focused on the conversation. She tries not to move at all, except of course to breathe, unwilling to bring any undue attention to herself.

Eyes still trained on the biker and his three companions, Devon continues to stand stoically, watching the scene with almost detached interest. The faint wisps of a devilish expression remain on his angelic features, both strikingly different and complimentary at the same time. One casual step is taken forward, the motion smooth and controlled, peering out into the main area of the shop for a moment before studying the standoff once more.

Arturo gives a noncommittal shrug. "This person, whom I've met once in the front of my shop." he gives a smirk to Carl, showing disappointment. "I have invited you in here to speak, so what -else- did you want to talk about." He glances down at the gun pointed at Devon, and over to the woman huddled in the corner. "Sorry miss Priest, that phone has to go." he issues with a slight smirk on his face. Turning to face Carl more again, he states calmly. "Friends of mine don't need to point shotguns at me, but I like when they possess them." With a slight gesture of his hand towards Devon, but keeping his focus on Carl he says "I did nothing to you, and even said verbatim you could find someone else."

Carl looks to Arturo but keeps the gun pointed at Devon, he looks to his en for a moment as he shakes his head, he motions to Devon’s friend, they point the guns at Ella now, Carl keeps his gun trained at Devon. " that’s what I wanted to speak to you about buddy, some cunt been spreading rumors about your practices, saying you’re a fucken hack.." he seems to think for a moment as he smiles then turns to Arturo. "And that you work for the fucken Camarilla.."

With an audible 'click', Ella closes her phone and shoves it back into her bag, all while shoving a wide grin onto her rather large mouth. It's a force of will to keep her trap shut, her gaze straying from the men with the shiny guns to Arturo for only a moment before they shift back to her more immediate problem.

Glancing at Arturo out of the corner of an eye, Devon studies the man with a critical eye, his gaze holding an almost analytical sense. A look of obvious suspicion creeps into the already dark gaze the more the biker talks, irritation ghosting over his fine features without ever landing in a true expression. Finally, he break his unblinking stare with a hint of disgust as his attention turns back to the group of bikers. Hip swaying gently, the willowy figure takes another casual step towards them, sneakers making almost no noise as they sink into the plush pile of the carpeting. One arm bends at the elbow in one smooth motion, hand raising up so that fingers can rub lightly at his collarbone. Head tilting to the side, a few stray ringlets falls over his face, casting obscuring shadows over the angelic visage. "Do you want anything from me? Or am I just here for the fun?" The youth's voice is quiet and soft, though the androgynous timbre holds a faint sense of firmness to it.

Carl rushes towards Ella with great pace as if Carl just was at one end of the room to another, he now grabs Ella and looks onto her eyes, he grabs her top, but growls as if something’s gone wrong he does it again and again, it seems like his just holding her, he then lets her go as he looks to Arturo. "Ter your friends right big chieftain, unless you want them dead, friends got to trust and keep the fucken friendship going.”

Arturo shrugs dismissively, ignoring most everyone but Carl as he says "Like I said… don't even know who that is." A furrow forms on his brow, as he ponders on what his next words might be. "Pretty much answers all of your questions." he finally says with another shrug. He seems keenly uncaring of Carl's actions of the moment, almost a practiced comfort level with the violence before him. "Now please, lock the door?"

A small squeak escapes Ella's throat as she's manhandled, though the initial fear that grips her melts away with a more curious expression chasing its way across her face. Unused to the heeled boots she wears and mentally thrown off by the entire situation, the diminutive woman stumbles backwards once released and just barely manages not to topple over anything expensive. Drawing in a deep breath, she presses a hand against her chest as if trying to calm the fluttering heartbeat beneath.

Upon seeing Carl's supernatural speed, Devon's eyes become glued to him, following the biker's motions with almost painstaking care. Seeing him grab Ella, the youth's willowy frame twitches as though to make a move, but freezes once more when she's dropped. He notes the frustration expressed by the man, though nothing more is said or done. Rather, the youth continues to stand in place, fingertips rubbing at pale flesh in a rhythmic manner. More forces is applied to the seemingly subconscious action with each pass made, allowing the faintest blush of red irritation to mar flawless skin. Lips pursing together in a straight line, a soft puff of breath is released to blow an errant strand away from his eye, never blinking the entire time.

Carl keeps his eyes on Ella for a moment, he hakes his head as he looks towards Arturo. "Fuck them then, the cunt that said your a Cammie cunt got ashed, he was the sheriff.." he chuckles as he looks around the room his eyes look at Devon. "Stops talking shit about my friends maaan, this city doesn’t like fucken rats.." he looks to Ella for a moment. "You here me, right, I’m Carl Carlson, I fucken sit at Joe’s Pool Hall and play fucken poker, Leader of the fucken Lunatics." he looks towarda Arturo. "Was here just to say the Cammies are out to blow you and this place up buddy, these two cunts aren’t with the winedrinkers anyways.." he walks towards the door and holds it open. "See ya later big chief.”

Arturo nods slowly as Carl speaks, fixing his gaze on him. "Carl. Lock, the, door." his tone is not escalated, but he does speak with slight impatience struggling up behind the words. "If we're going to be dealing, lets deal." he finally states, gesturing around the shop. "I don't like people who spread rumors. Perhaps I can call in a different payment today." he nods assuringly at Carl and holds up a finger. "I've done you a few favors, do me one." He again gestures to the door that Carl is standing before.

Carl looks at the door then looks back at Arturo, he chuckles slightly. "You have done me a few favours huh.. what type of favours are they big fucken chief.." he points to Devon for a slight moment. "This ungodly cunt just did my best friend, making him happy, thus making me fucken happy.." he looks back to Arturo for a moment. "Want to kill them? huh, not gonna happen today big chief.." he looks over to Devon. "put a skirt on and Fuck off, go to your boyfriend.”

Gnawing on her lower lip pensively, Ella wraps her fingers around the strap of her messenger bag, clenching and relaxing her fingers over and over again. Narrowed eyes rest heavily on Arturo at first, though the quickly skim over the faces of Devon and the two rather silent bikers. She avoids Carl's gaze as much as possible, though, her body tensing as she sees the door open. Already she positions herself to move in that direction once her way is unobstructed.

Seeming to be somewhat confused by the biker's mixed comments towards him, Devon's fingernail scratches against his skin now, leaving a darker line of irritation in it's wake. Rocking gently from his heels to the balls of his feet, his body becoming slightly more poised to move if needed, already stiff posture tensing more so. The fine line of the his jaw clenches visibly and his lips part as though to speak, only to close a moment later, pursing into an even tighter line than before. As the three men move to leave the shop, the youth doesn't make another move aside from his eyes, which move around the room, taking careful note of each figure's words and motions, eyes cautious and alert despite the irritation that sparks darkly within them. An air of the same displeasure seems to radiate around his willowy frame, though nothing is done to act upon it.

Arturo moves in a few long strides to close the door and lock it behind Carl. "Man as trouble listening." He turns to face the two in the shop now, putting up his hands. "Let's have a talk, shall we?" he says with a curious tone. As his gaze passes by the two forms in the room, he licks his teeth, cleaning them of some invisible assailant. A pause in which he crosses his arms and moves slightly forward from the door issues, and then he raises his voice to speak again. "Just be calm…" he says, trailing off and waiting for a response.

Immediately, Ella begins to shake her head in response to the invitation. "Oh no, nope, I don't see anything to talk about. The big elephant in the room has left the building, and from my point of view that's a really damned good idea," she states in a rather controlled tone of voice, undeterred from her current path to the now-locked door.

Still choosing to stand in stoic silence, Devon's head tilts to the side as he regards the shop's owner, eyes darting away from the man for a moment to glance at Ella as she makes her way out of the shop. Nail still scratching at his collarbone, the skin is an angry red shade now, though the area is still minimally injured, no blood having been drawn yet. "Why?", is finally asked in a flat tone, the word coming out in a blunt tone, still quiet in it's volume. The arm hanging by the youth's side, it rises upwards to loop loosely about his waist, long fingers toying with the hem of the over shirt, pulling it upwards slightly at the digits entwine themselves in the lightweight material.

Arturo smirks slightly, shaking his head in Ella's direction. "I was not asking, miss Priest. I do apologize, however." A disarming smile strikes his face, aimed at the two still in his shop. "I do not want to stop either of you from leaving." he states with a certain sarcastic quality to his voice. He seemed to have his mouth open for a moment longer than he should after he finished speaking, as if he were about to say something else. His gaze meets the floor, and he says softly, "Miss Priest, I am sorry you had to see that. It is more the unnamed stranger who I wish to speak to." His tone is wrapped with strife and coldness towards the end, but his gaze only rises as high as the floor still.

Ella just shakes her head, reaching for the lock on the door to twist it open. "Yeah I dunno what the hell all of that was about, but whatever it was can't be good for business," comes her rather quiet reply as she peers at Arturo from the corner of her eyes. "You guys take care, don't forget your mace and bulletproof vests next time. I know I won't.." she states before swinging the door open and strolling out into the night with a hurried step.

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