The Dance - Part 1 Of 3 "Life's A Beach"

Sunset Beach
A cool breeze is continuously in motion over this inviting slab of sandy real
estate, blowing in the scent of the refreshing ocean air and the sound of the
surf breaking against the shore. Walking paths snake through the rearmost part
of the beach itself, offering easy trails for bikers, walkers, and rollerbladers
to traverse both day and night. Street lights keep everything well illuminated
even after the sun has set, while palm trees that are too neatly organized for
Mother Nature to have planted line the edges of these cement walkways. Not even
those majestic trees can escape the pissing contest the local gangs seem
eternally locked in, having been marked by vibrant graffiti over the years.
The beach itself holds remnants of the days activities all along its breadth,
everything from clumsy footprints to dilapidated sand castles. Seashells dot
the golden turf like rare jewels, their polished shells blinking in the low
natural light of the moon. The beautiful aquamarine water is made almost inky
black by the intrusion of night, the rhythmic crash of the waves on the land
offering a soothing draw to any casual passersby or couples out for a late night

(You must have IC permission, or request it, to go west)

* Exits *
north - Southern End of North Doheny - Sunset Beach Exit
east - Mollusk Surf Shop and Gifts
south - Sunset Beach
west - A Beachfront Courtyard

Enjoying a nice day on the beach was Maiyun and her Klee Kai pup Kayla who was enjoying a nice run across the sand. Surprisingly she wasn't in casual wear. Today she was wearing her white sun dress for this special occasion. Unlike many sun dresses you see the lower part looked as if it were torn in four places, making her look like she had petals. Bare feet hit the sand, causing her to wince slightly as it burned her skin. Parasol was over her head, shieling her sensitive skin from the sun's light. Emerald eyes scanned the area. "Beautiful day today. Maybe this one will keep my mind off of everything and everybody for awhile." Kayla looks up at her and her tail stops wagging. "Except you, Lala. You're no trouble at all." Maiyun giggles, th Klee Kai's tail wagging once more.

Breaking the silence of the midday sun as he paddles toward the shore from out in the water only to be picked up surfboard and all by a giant wave, Phelan Wulfric gives a triumphant whoop as he gets off of his stomach and balances himself on the board. Using his feet he pivots at the ankles and waist to turn the board, sending him shooting up the swell of the wave only to touch its crest and come down again. With this he settles to ride straight across it until it dies down near shore. Looking back at the newly forming curls of ocean water he smiles and intentionally falls off the board to land with his back in the water, finally soaking his blue trunks and his messy mop of blonde hair.

Maiyun looks over when she notices a wave and eyes it. Emerald eyes rest on the surfer and she stops. Oblivious to the fact that her feet were practically frying in the hot sand, she watches. Kayla looks back at her master, turns, then looks towards the same direction. She found nothing interesting about the wave but the person caught her interest. Her tail wags as she watches, knowing not to run too far from Maiyun's sight. "I believe Phelan said something about surfing these waters, Lala." The female smiles. "The ocean's dear to him." Kayla looks back at her and tilts her head to one side. "He told me when I was on vacation. Remember?" The pup didn't want to remember those horrible days cooped up in a kennel. She snorted, trotting away. Maiyun giggles and walks after her. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean that."

So soon as he feels strangely refreshed by the warm sunlit waters Phelan picks up his board and peers back toward the waves. He looks around the beach as well, however, and suddenly a familiar duo catches his eyes. "Mai!" he calls out, tucking his surfboard beneath his arm and taking quick strides through the warm sands to catch up to the Kinfolk and her puppy.

Maiyun walks after the upset puppy and smiles weakly. "I know it was agonizing… It was agonizing for me too. I was alone as well, far from my parents." Then she looks back as soon as she hears a voice. She pauses, twirling her parasol. Kayla looks back at Phelan. She also stops. Her tail wags furiously as she runs up to him. Maiyun lets her do so as she stands there, a little embarrassed to have met him, right now, with her sun dress on. But passing the thought she tilts her head to one side. "So /you/ were the one surfing. I should have known."

As he watches the little Klee Kai trot up to him the Claith kneels down and holds a hand out, ready to give the puppy a scritch on the ear. "You must be really attached to Maiyun, pup. How do you stand it?" he quips lightly, then turns his gaze up to the white-clad girl. Standing up he sticks his board in the sand, not seeming to notice that the glyph spraypainted onto it is now facing her. "Sheesh. You /must/ burn easily if you're walking around Sunset Beach in this getup." With a soft chuckle and a smile to let her know he's only playing, he adds "You do look nice in it, though."

Maiyun huffs and pokes her tongue out. "Well even though we've only been together for almost a year now, Lala loves me like I was her second mother." Kayla looks up at Phelan, her ears twitching from the scritches that were being given. Her tail still wags furiously. She then looks back at her master who raises a brow. Then she huffs, twirling her parasol once more. "Well… can't really blame you for saying that. I mean I do look like some piece of royalty running around in her parasol." She looks from her parasol to Phelan. Hearing his compliment, she only mumbles a small "thanks," before looking down at her burned feet. She winces a little, lifting one and then the other afterwards, doing a light dance. "I need to sit down…" She sets the parasol down momentarily before carefully sitting, not wanting to tear the fabric. Then, quickly picking up the parasol, she shades herself once more. "You have no idea how much my father paid for this sun dress up in Ireland…"

"That'd probably explain why it looks so… well, rich for lack of a better word." The boy approaches Maiyun, but stops short as he looks down at her. "Uh… you wouldn't mind if I lay down here would you?" His face betrays no shyness, but rather a genuine concern for the girl's comfort.

Maiyun looks at him. She giggles a little. "Well, yes… My papa enjoys spoiling me." She looks down at her legs. "He spoils me a lot. Did ever since they adopted me." Kayla runs around Phelan before sitting next to him. Her tongue lols out of her mouth as she looks at Maiyun. The female then looks up at Phelan and shakes her head. "Do as you wish. I don't own the spot…" She smiles, shifting in the sand to make herself more comfortable. Hopefully the parasol's shade would make her feel more comfortable in the scorching hot sand.

With a nod Phelan lowers himself onto the sands, putting his palms down first to support him as he leans back and sits against the shore. As his skin adjusts to the temperature he finally lowers himself further and further back until he is stretched out against the sands. He claps his hands against one another to clear them of sand, then puts them behind his head to form a makeshift pillow. He chuckles to himself as he watches Kayla get comfortable in the sand though he now lays between the puppy and Maiyun. As his gaze shifts back to the girl, he sighs softly. "So you're adopted too, then?"

Maiyun watches but doesn't say another word. She wraps her arms around her legs and rests her chin on her knees. She hears Kayla lay down beside him and can't help but giggle softly. Then, looking to the ocean, she nods. "I was. My parents told me I was like the story of Moses… I came in a basket with my name, lastname - everything. Except they didn't know why my real parents would give me up at that age. I was very very young. They believed they passed on because they did notice a spot or something on the paper. Looked like blood. But I won't let that put me down." She smiles weakly. "My real parents wouldn't want me to be unhappy about them dying. they'd want me to stay strong." She blinks. "But… I wonder. I really wonder if they were of the same race. You know. Garou." She didn't know why she was telling this story of herself, one that hadn't been revealed to anybody but Kayla. Maybe it was because he was one of them and he would understand the situation. Her gaze then averts over to Phelan. "You're the second person I've ever told this to, to be completely honest."

As he listens to the tale unfold Phelan stays oddly silent and nods, drinking in every detail and tilting his head at a few of the more graphic details (which still really aren't that graphic compared to some of what he has seen). When Maiyun mentions the Garou, however, the boy looks around warily before sighing and shaking his head. "Careful where you mention the family name, Maiyun." he cautions gently. "We're alone for now so it should be okay, but if anyone outside our people were to learn of us then it could spell trouble." His speech ends with that and his usual grin returns. "But at least you've coped with it. Though I bet all this new knowledge has raised some questions." Turning over on his side, Phelan props himself up on his elbow and continues. "Now I'm no expert in geneology or genetics, but my guess would be that your parents - your real ones - were Kinfolk at the least. They would have to have been, otherwise there would have been zero to no chance of creating a Kinfolk child." He goes no further for the moment, but he seems to keep a weather eye on her as if to gauge her response.

Maiyun blushes. "Well I was careful not to let anyone hear. I am softspoken." She looks down then back up at him. "So they were Kinfolk…" Imagining her parents, she then looks to the ocean. "I bet they were brave Kinfolk to have done all of that… and very strong to had given me up." She looks at Phelan. Kayla had her head on her paws, her eyes gently closed. Her tail was still wagging but it'd stop occasionally between light naps. Finally sleep overcame her and she rolled over onto her side, heaving a light sigh through her nostrils.

"Well, it's one possibility. One of them could have been a Garou." Phelan shakes his head and, looking back at Kayla, chuckles again. "Looks like you've got the right idea…" he comments, lying down on his back again. His eyes stay fixed on Maiyun. "Without knowing exactly who your parents were or where they were from there's really no way to tell." The boy opens his mouth for a moment as if to say something else, but then stops himself and remains quiet.

"I see." Maiyun nods and her gaze averts over to the sleeping pup. She smiles at her. "She ate a lot this morning so I can imagine she must be very tired." Looking back towards the ocean she catches his eyes and looks back. But after noticing his gaze she looks down. "Yeah. Well at least I now know who my parents even were. Just sad they passed on." She rubs her eye but keeps a straight face. "But like papa says. 'Have to keep moving and don't let it catch you.'"

"Right." The agreement is muttered in something barely above a whisper, and for a long while after he says this Phelan stays all too silent. After what feels like an eternity to him he finally cheers up again and nudges Maiyun with his elbow to get her attention. "Hey, Mai. Let's say that, hypothetically, you had just found the guy of your dreams. Can you tell me what he's like?"

Maiyun then looks to the ocean. Also staying quiet, she stares and watches the waves come and go and blushes from the sudden question. Emerald eyes lower towards her feet. She brushes the sand off of them. "I haven't really thought of a guy I'd like." Her gaze averts over towards Phelan. "I mean I must keep my likes towards Kinfolk and Garou… right? No interracial relationships." She smiles weakly. "It'd be tough for me to find a male, anyway. I'm more difficult than you know."

"Well I doubt it's a requisite though it would be wise," Phelan explains to her. "As you know our brethren are stretched thin. We need all the children we can to keep the bloodline going, whether they're Garou or Kinfolk. Either one would be a welcome addition." Giving her a slight grin and another nudge as she concludes he remarks "Oh, I know. I was the one who had to take your rage over the three-speed bunny, remember?" His diaphram rumbles, making it obvious that he's trying not to bust out laughing.

"Yes. So I believe it will be difficult for me to find a boyfriend. It will be more odd that I have to choose from a limited amount of males just to have one." Maiyun giggles and shakes her head. "Forget that." Then she remembers the "toy" she had found in the tent and huffs lightly. Her head turns away from him. "That was anger… I'm rarely angry like that. But the heat, the fact that I was far from home and with people I didn't know made it hard for me to keep calm. I felt so embarrassed, yelling in front of the leader. I still do." Her cheeks turn red as she lets out another huff.

Smiling softly, Phelan nudges Maiyun yet again as if to signal her to face him again. "Actually it's kinda good that you got angry like that. I mean, yeah, it's a bad practice to lose it in front of most Garou but Ragabash's like me are built to take that. Heck, we live on it." Scooting a little closer to her he flips onto his side yet again to face her. "But by getting as mad as you did you disproved Ella's word about you being a full Garou. Now, at the time that was dangerous and it raised more questions than answers. But here… Well, here it just goes as more evidence to what you really are. And I'll take Scarred's word before that of the blackbird."

"I guess." Maiyun smiles weakly. "I felt really bad. I mean I caused Maxwell to hurt himself with those men. I felt like it was really my fault and the fact that I may be one of them. But then again that was me thinking negatively." She shrugs and watches him. A brow raises. "So… everyone now believes I'm a Kinfolk? Nothing more?" She looks at him.

Stepping along the edge of the water is a woman, thin and dirty, though she's dressed in clothing that looks slightly like it could have been pulled from a dumpster. Her hair is very long, and pitch-black, laying flat and unwashed down her back. Her skin is almost as pale as the sand under her bare feet, but she's riddled with a number of scars across her arms, legs and face that lead to her looking disfigured at best. Her eyes are a disgusting, and extremely odd, shade of yellow, and match the off color of her teeth as a remarkable sneer is offered towards the couple as she begins to approach with her hands sunk into her pockets.

Just as he nods to the girl Phelan notices the strange woman walking along the beach. As his eyes shift up to the new arrivals he gasps and stands slowly, looking down to Maiyun with a solemn gaze that's, for once, scared as his smile almost disappears. He leans down to whisper to her, then steps away to go find his Hawaiian shirt that he left on the beach. His eyes stay focused on the strange woman, seeing if she will follow.

You whisper to Maiyun, '"Maiyun, listen to me. Go to the warehouse and see if anyone is there. If not then go and find Charlie at the Muay Thai Studio on Rosewood. Tell the first one you find I think I've found a dancing partner. They'll understand." '

Maiyun looks over to Phelan. She blinks, watching his smile fade and blushes. "Um… did something I say upset you?" Then she leans in toward the whisper, curious to what was up. Hearing those words she nods but doesn't speak another word. "Lala. Come." An ear twitches and the Klee Kai picks her head up. She watches as her master gets to her feet and stretches out her legs. Looking from Phelan to Maiyun, she gives Phelan a goodbye kiss and trots after the female who was walking as fast as her dress could take her.

As Phelan moves away from the Kinfolk, the dark-haired stranger pauses in her steps. Clearly contemplation flickers over her features, eyes flickering between Maiyun and Phelan a few times, the sneer saying a bit more plastered on her face. A brief "Mmm," trails from the newcomer's throat as Maiyun stands and starts towards the other end of the beach, and a step it taken to follow, but halted right after. It takes a minute, but the bait is taken, and she turns on one foot to follow Phelan's paces across the sand with her hands still resting inside the pockets of her pants.

Watching the female follow him and Maiyun get away, Phelan chuckles and his smile is slowly regained. He stops as he comes upon his white Hawaiian shirt and slips it over his form. Having done this he casually strides back toward his surfboard. All the while his eyes stay plastered to the yellow-eyed woman that seems to be stalking his every step.

Striding closer as Phelan stops, the woman stops a number of feet away and matches the boy's chuckle in her own raspy voice. "It is good," she starts, sounding years older than she looks, her voice scratched from whiskey and cigarettes, "to see a child that laughs in the face of death." Both hands are draw out of her pockest now, though with a bit of surprise to their condition. Her left hand is gnarled and shriveled, a third of the size that it likely should be, and twice as dark. The right hand, however, is formed into a partial shift to her Crinos state, her talons sharp and the furred skin split and oozing with ugly looking black icor. "Will you roll over for me, child?" comes the next words, and another rolling laugh falls from her chapped lips.

Looking at the partially shifted hand, Phelan feigns fascination and kneels down to get a better look at it. "Oh, wow. That's a really neat trick. You'll have to teach me-" He cuts his words abruptly, shoving up and forawrd with his legs and attempting to catch the female in the chest with a headbutt both to knock the wind out of her and push her back.

The movement from Phelan seems unnoticed by the woman, and his attack manages well enough to knock her back a step only, though doesn't appear to do anything to alter her breathing. A severe growl rips from the woman's throat, and her eyes narrow as she regains her balance quickly. "You're. Dead." she spits, and her muscles are tensed with a quick step forward, obviously prompting an attack.

As the boy notices the clawed hand being prepared and the now angry Dancer making her charge Phelan attempts to spin around and get down in the same fluid motion. Once kneeling and tucking his body in against his chest he rolls forward, intentionally putting some extra power into his feet so they can kick some sand up toward the woman's eyes.

As Phelan drops down, his chosen tactic doesn't seem to effect the woman as the sand kicked sprays over the front of her torso and doesn't quite cascade high enough to meet her eyes. While it's slightly distracting, it does nothing to prevent the tip of her mutated claws catching against the outside of his left arm, tearing a strip of skin away in a clean line towards his elbow. For now, no one in the area seems to be paying much attention to the couple, though the blood caused by the interaction will likely soon change that.

Cringing from the sting of the Dancer's claw Phelan gets up and spins around. Ignoring the burn in his flesh he pulls his shirt off and chuckles, though now the usual jovialness is slowly vanishing. "That. Hurts. Bitch." The Ragabash throws his shirt up toward the female's face, hoping it will serve to distract her and help her drop her guard (if not land on her and obstruct her vision entirely) while he charges her for a shoulder ram, hoping to use this as the first step to slowly pushing her into the salt water.

The woman moves a good deal faster than the Glasswalker, and her clawed hand finds it's way to his chest, giving him a sharp push back though the boy remains on his feet a bit easily despite it. His shirt is torn off and tossed at the Dancer, hitting her clear in the face, stealing her vision and orientation with the fight at hand. The maneuver seems to have been a perfect choice, and she's busy enough attempting to claw the fabric from her face that her body is forced a few steps back to keep her guard up, landing herself knee deep into the surf with a few unsteady steps. As Phelan steps forward to drive her deeper, however, a quick turn of her body with the splashing noises he creates leaves her out of harms reach for now, and only serves to bring them onto common ground amist the salt water.

As he stumbles into the knee-deep water with the Dancer, Phelan wastes not a moment putting his next course of attack into action. Hoping that the shirt will still last long enough to keep her from dodging the oncoming onslaught the Claith reaches both hands out at once, one reaching for the wrist of her clawed hand to straighten and restrain it while the other reaches for her throat to choke her. At this same moment he brings his knee out of the water and sweeps it across the ocean, hoping to catch the woman in the back of her knees to make them buckle so he can get her face beneath the water.

The Dancer takes only a few moments to tug the fabric of the Claith's shirt from her face, and it leaves her ready enough to mount a defense only as the boy's hands reach out for her. As soon as he darts forward, however, one of his hands darts out and meets the edge of her claws, cutting a large gash into the line where his fingers meet the inside of his hand, almost severing his middle and ring fingers, flesh from bone. The pain erupts in the typical fashion, though it's not enough to cause more than a delay of his planned actions and force his body back a few staggered steps. The female hisses through her yellow teeth, casting the shirt into the waves before it's dragged away by the current. "Hurt?" she spits the word out like acid, and takes a step forward for another progression of combat.

As he feels his fingers almost get severed from his hand Phelan cries out in pain and stumbles off. His gaze has lost all but his most intense focus and his grin has gone from light and jovial to crazed and laced with anger. "Don't fail me now…" he remarks, then draws in a long breath and attempts to get under the water that's just barely deep enough to swim in. While under the sea he attempts to swim for the Dancer's legs and pull them out from under her, hoping to get her to join him below water so he can pin and drown her.

With a bounce to her step and whistling an indistinct tune, Ella comes strolling idly down the walking paths to the beach clad in a pair of cargo pants, rolled up to mid-shin, and completely barefoot. The flip-flops she'd been wearing are now dangling from the fingers of one hand, keeping her footsteps utterly silent on the cement walkway. The top she wears is obviously part of a bikini, but one fashioned more like a scuba diving wetsuit with its mock turtleneck, zippered front,and the fact it stops a few inches above her bellybutton. Grey eyes narrow as her song falters, her head aimed in the general direction of the ocean beyond the beach. With cautious movements, the pale girl out for a late-night moontanning session begins to creep her way across the darkened beach, doing all she can to keep quiet and out of the direct line of sight of anyone around.

Phelan plunges himself into the water easily, the salt water ripping into his wounds with almost fantastic effect, causing him to focus a bit more on the current of the water than his wounds. A few kicks of his legs drive him along the sand and stone covered ocean floor, bringing him within distance to wrap his arms around the woman's legs and pull. Meanwhile, above surface, the Dancer seems more than aware of what he's planning and centers her weight against the shifting sand. When Phelan's skin meets hers, his force and grip only causes his hold to slide up around her thighs until his head breeches the surface of the water at her hips, and after a moment of harsh struggle, her balances is finally forfeit, but barely, and she sinks to a knee against him. Whatever action she'd been planning before this dissolves and she topples into him, bringing them both to their knees, water licking at their shoulders, face to face for now. The female growls against a mouthful of water, and the next sequence that occurs is enough to turn stomachs. Her lips pull back against yellow teeth that expand and shift in her mouth into a more familiar maw of a wolf, her cheek bones snapping and extending to drag her bite outward into a feral snarl. Another partial shift takes only a minute, and the mock-Lupus jaw is dangerously close to Phelan's face.

As he watches the woman's partial shift begin Phelan gasps and decides to act as fast as possible. Letting go of the Dancer, Phelan attempts to swim out to more shallow waters. As soon as he reaches them he gets to his feet and takes off like a dart though he stays within the limits of the beach. Desperately he looks for some cover where he can shift to Hispo without the beachgoers.

Recognizing at least one of the wrestling couple in the water, Ella crouches down a bit more and hastens her pace across the sand, just short of a jog. With every move she does her best to keep from the unknown assailant's line of sight, all while glancing frantically over the sand. On her swift trek, she stoops down twice to retrieve a couple of pieces of refuse: a red plastic fork covered in the remnants of some sort of food and a twisted, smooth piece of driftwood. Her sandals are dropped and forgotten for the moment in her haste, needing her hands free to hold the newly found items.

As Phelan releases his grasp around the Dancer, she manages her balance extremely well, despite the constant lean against his form from his arms around her waist. Her neck snaps forward in a display that's a bit clumsy for someone still so Homid, but the result is achieved none the less with a fast clash of her fangs that catch Phelan across the cheek with a superficial splash of blood. The boy, however, doesn't waste his time getting to his feet after a few messy kicks of his legs and meeting the dry sand, his running paces taking him only about ten feet away from the dark-haired woman who's also starting to get to her feet. Ella, off to the side, finds what she needs among the litter and debris, and her shoes drop to the sand forgotten as she collects whatever she wants.

The water and blood splattered, half shifted Spiralite growls harshly against another mouthful of water as she struggles to her feet, her deformed hand not doing much to help her from the water. Her bare feet are regained after a second, and she starts from the water after Phelan, clearly slower than he is, but not as deterred by wounds.

Phelan continues to try and put paces between him and the "Spiralite", not even stopping for breath as he bolts toward the city streets on his way back to his home, hoping that his masked scent will be enough to keep the crazed killer off his track.

Something akin to a wince scrunches up Ella's face as she enters the water, hoping the sound of the roaring waves and the creature's obvious distraction keeps her from notice. Charcoal eyes watch as Phelan flees and a small frown touches Ella's lips, her worried glance now shifted to the normal people still dotting the landscape here and there. Her small fingers tense around the driftwood, caught in a moment of indecision. Instead of fleeing, the diminutive woman drinks in the sight of the half-shifted creature, memorizing every detail even as she begins to walk backwards, now distancing herself from it.

As Phelan darts across the beach and up to the street, his movements seem fast enough to earn him a clear path out of danger. Even a few feet out of the water the Dancer doesn't seem willing to follow into the city, and also seems completely uninterested in Ella if she's even noticed. A low growl is released from the woman's lips as her face, and her clawed figures return to normal over the course of only a minute and a half, and she drops to her knees in a display of exhaustion that seems typical after such a fight. Slamming her newly formed hand into the sand, the other deformed wizard's hook held protectively to her chest, she utters a few dark words in a dangerous sounding language. Pushing herself to her feet and turning back towards the water, a simple glance is cast against the surface of a small pool that's collected just short of the tide's line, and her body disappears with a slip, easily missed with even a blink, and ceases to be.

Wordless muttering crops up within Ella's throat as she tosses the driftwood aside, though she keeps the plastic fork in her other hand. She stands there for only a few moments, letting the pull of the waves collide against her legs and then pull back out once, before turning and putting her back to it. Once she's made her way to the walking paths, Ella deposits the plastic fork in its proper receptacle and takes a deep breath. Throwing her attention back out towards the beach, she lets her gaze slide into that place between worlds, curling her fingers around the edge of the metal trashcan to keep her at least somewhat focused and grounded in the process.

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