The Dance - Part 2 Of 3 "The Blackbird"

Kensington Fields Apartment 201
The one-room apartment is clean and pleasant to the eyes, the decor fairly plain
but almost tribal or like stepping into a luau. The pinkish-brown clay tiled
floor is plainly visible as the furnishings are sparse. In the northeast corner
of the room is a futon made of plastic bamboo-like designs with a red mattress.
Near this against the north wall is a small chest of drawers with a flat-screen
TV placed on top of it. There is also a bag leaning against the dresser that
looks made to carry a laptop computer. The western part of the apartment is an
open closet full of shirts, as well as a surfboard and skateboard each bearing
the Glass Walker glyph on them leaning against the walls. The final noteworthy
thing is the kitchenette that makes up the southern part of the room. The walls
are decorated with various island and tribal decorations like Tiki masks and
seascape paintings that give away the obvious passion of the one who owns the

* Exits *
south - Second Floor Landing

As he runs into the door of his home and winces in pain, Phelan locks the door behind him and runs over to the window of his house to secure its lock as well. Once he feels as safe as he can on the second-story apartment he sighs deeply and pulls off his swim trunks, going over to the futon and sitting down on the edge. He puts his head against his palms, propping his elbows against his knees and shaking his head as he comes down from his adrenaline high.

At first, the light tapping and scratching at the window could probably be mistaken for the wind blowing an errant branch from a nearby tree against the glass, but the pitch black shape outlined by the streetlights below would point to another cause for the subtle noise. The thick beak of the large bird outside continues to rap slightly at the glass as it paces back and forth precariously on the sill, uttering a few squawks here and there to get the dejected Garou's attention without drawing any attention from any other residents or folks on the street.

As the squawks and rapping at the window suddenly catch his attention, Phelan blinks and looks up to the window of his apartment. Standing up and going over to the window but staying out of a certain direction so whatever is there cannot fully see him in his nudity and tilts his head. "…Ella…? Is that you?" he mouths through the glass, not wanting to open it in case it's just an annoying bird.

Proving Phelan is correct in both assumptions, that it is indeed Ella but also an annoying bird, the avian turns fully around and spreads her wings out to the side, which is a good four and a half feet. She then fans out her glossy black tail and shakes her feathery rump in Phelan's direction, turning her head around to let out another impatient caw. The feathers crowning the top of her head raise as she does her creepy little bird-dance, her beak held open as she waits.

Rolling his eyes and lifting a hand to undo the latch on the window, Phelan raises the sheet of glass and wood before kneeling down and picking up his trunks again. Pulling them up over his legs he sits down on the futon again and waits for the Corax to get inside. "As though I didn't have enough problems…" he mutters lightly, the hostility he had reserved for the Dancer slowly beginning to fade away.

A skip, hop, and jump later, the inky black bird finds itself perched on the back of Phelan's futon, its feathers ruffling as it turns its head to the side and eyes Phelan slowly up and down with a critical gleam in her sparkling eyes. The wings unfold and curl slightly inwards as the body begins to slowly grow, the feathers fading away with this change is size like waves disappearing beneath the ensuing pale flesh. The metal band with the engraved serial number on its ankle also changes as its owner does, unfolding and growing until it's a pair of faded grey cargo pants. Luckily, Ella had thought ahead to some embarrassing moment such as this, her wings distorting and twisting until they become arms that are already neatly crossed over, and covering, her bare chest. "So, like, it's cool to know a wolf knows his limits and I'm glad you ran and you're in one piece. I just wanted to make sure, you know," she starts, her head canting to one side as she sits cross-legged at the edge of the futon.

As he watches the transformation with mild interest the young Garou stands and paces toward the kitchenette. With the yet uninjured arm he opens the fridge and reaches for the open can of Coke inside. As he spins he closes the door with his foot, nodding in acknowledgement of Ella's words. "Half of surfing is learning your limits. I can handle some pretty good waves for someone as relatively new as I am but I'm not ready to tackle tsunamis yet." With a slight crack of smile, he adds "Same applies here in a way."

While Phelan speaks, Ella busies herself by turning her head this way and that, up and down, getting her bearings and being the outright nosy creature she is. "That's pretty much half of life in a watery nutshell, kiddo," the girl chirps as she hops off of the futon, keeping her arms neatly in place. "How did your little fracas start, anyway? I got a good look at the bitch, so I'll be spreading the word about town regarding her and her, er, alignments. The beach itself is clean and clear though, cleaner than the rest of this city. SO it should be -relatively- okay to keep hanging around there, comforting even." She then begins to meander around the apartment, peering here and there at things but stopping herself from actually reaching out to touch anything and expose herself.

As Phelan watches the Corax wander around the apartment he keeps a wary eye on her but nonetheless sits down on his futon again. Bringing the soda to his lips he chugs the half thats left before letting go of the can and listening to it hit the floor. "She walked up on Maiyun and I while we were on the beach. I noticed her before she got too close and I could tell she was after me. I sent Maiyun for help and when the Dancer finally got to me I attacked premeptively. I was hoping to drown her in the sea before anyone took notice… but we can see how well that worked." He concludes his speech, sighing softly and reaching beneath the futon to fish for something.

A giggle falls from Ella's mouth as she turns around to face Phelan, her head shaking from side to side. "Yeah something tells me that wouldn't have worked out too well.. they don't drown so easily. But it was a good thought!" The good cheer fades away as a more pensive expression clouds her sharp features, her fingers drumming idly against her biceps, "So, did you get ahold of Maiyun and tell her that you're okay and the danger has passed? She could be kinda freaked out and looking for you with help by now.. if she found any…"

"No.. No, I…" Phelan begins to respond to the Corax's question, but before he can complete the answer his eyes roll back in their sockets and the boy falls forward, unconcious on the floor.

Forgetting all modesty in lieu of the fainting surfer, Ella uncrosses her arms as she rushes to kneel at the boy's side. She grabs both sides of his face with her hands and gently shakes his head, all while yelling firmly, "Change! Wake up and change! Phe-phe, I swear to dog, wake the fuck up and change. It'll make things lots easier!" Each sentence is punctuated by a stinging slap to the kid's face, though not rough enough to do any lasting damage.

As Ella continues to slap the young Garou across his face there comes another sound. Cracking bones. Soon to follow is the yelping and growling of Phelan as his body shifts to Crinos without his command. The fabric of his trunks stretches and breaks and the giant wolf starts to claw at the tiles of the floor from the sheer pain of shifting while so terribly wounded. When the shift finally ends, there sits Braves-the-Storm in his full warrior form, panting and wincing from the pain of the transformation but very much concious.

Ella falls back on her ass and scuttles away from the warrior, though if she's truly afraid she doesn't show it in the least. Instead, a wide grin splits her face while her back finds itself pressed up against the chest of drawers, her arms moving against to cover her bare chest as laughter splits the air. "Yeah! That's more like it! I mean, I dunno, maybe something smaller would have been better, but hey this works, too. Just take it easy, big guy, you'll be peachy in no time at all," she chirrups cheerfully as she stands up straight, using the chest of drawers as leverage for her back. "You're gonna need lots of food and probably a cleansing for five," she mutters with a crinkle of her nose.

"Not like I meant to do that…" the Garou mutters a little annoyedly in his people's tongue, unsure if the Fera can decode the message or not. Instead of standing the beast continues to lie on his back, starting up at the ceiling with a far-off gaze though a hint of a fanged grin plays at the edge of his giant canine maw.

Taking the time to mosey around Phelan's apartment, gathering up a blanket and a pillow. "You know, that almost sounds like complaining even if it was just a little whimper and growl. No complaining!" she demands while smacking one of his clawed feet playfully with the pillow. "You'll live." She drags the blanket over the large beastie taking up the floor of most of the apartment, "Try hard not to bleed all over it, man. Those stains are a pain to get out unless you use Oxi-Clean." She then slides the pillow beneath his large, fuzzy head, patting the top of it gently before rising. "Once you feel up to it, call your girlie. She's gonna be all sorts of worried. I have some messages to relay, so I guess I better get outta here."

As Phelan blinks and tilts his head, watching Ella go about what she's doing to aid him, he holds out a giant clawed hand and with all the delicacy his huge form can manage he keeps the girl from going. Pinning his ears he shakes his head and points to a piece of paper that rests on top of the television with the opposite set of claws. He also gives his head a gentle cock in that direction, making his neck crackle as if he's trying to indicate that he would like the Corax to look at what is printed there.

The petite woman goes entirely still as those dangerous weapons are wrapped around her, her dark eyebrows lifting. At the indication, Ella flicks her glance towards the paper and makes a beeline for it, her greedy sights scanning the page even before she has it fully lifted to her face. "Oohh I've been there before! Met a guy with wonky eyes and lots of scars, and his wife or whatever. She seemed okay. Busy, but normal, you know?" Ella smiles brightly as she replaces the page. "I'll go there and tell her you're okay and to hustle her butt back here and bake you a pie?"

At the Corax's words, Phelan nods slowly and gives a quiet bark of approval, that wry fang-lined grin growing broader in amusement. Seems he's getting back to his old self plenty fast. Feeling a little more secure now he lies down, at ease and staring up at the ceiling though his eyes do go back to the Corax to see what she does.

Ella watlzes over to Phelan's closet to start rifling gleefully through his things, finally extracting a generic t-shirt and pulling it on over her head. "I totally don't want to get my ass tossed in jail for being indecent, you know," she mentions before strolling for the door, not seeming to care in the least that she's completely barefoot. She cracks open the door first to poke her head out, making sure no one's lingering in the hallway, before slipping out and closing it behind her.

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