The Dance - Part 3 Of 3 "Beauty And The Beast"

Kensington Fields Apartment 201
The one-room apartment is clean and pleasant to the eyes, the decor fairly plain
but almost tribal or like stepping into a luau. The pinkish-brown clay tiled
floor is plainly visible as the furnishings are sparse. In the northeast corner
of the room is a futon made of plastic bamboo-like designs with a red mattress.
Near this against the north wall is a small chest of drawers with a flat-screen
TV placed on top of it. There is also a bag leaning against the dresser that
looks made to carry a laptop computer. The western part of the apartment is an
open closet full of shirts, as well as a surfboard and skateboard each bearing
the Glass Walker glyph on them leaning against the walls. The final noteworthy
thing is the kitchenette that makes up the southern part of the room. The walls
are decorated with various island and tribal decorations like Tiki masks and
seascape paintings that give away the obvious passion of the one who owns the

* Exits *
south - Second Floor Landing

Maiyun finally reaches the door, her feet tired from having to walk so far. She was still wearing her dress, not having any time to at least change into some comfortable wear. she was too worried to care at this point. She catches her breath before finally gathering herself up, and heaving a shaky sigh, looks from the eager Klee Kai to the door. Lightly, she knocks. Then, stepping back, she brushes her dress off. "Lala, I feel so messy. Just hope my dress doesn't get too messy. From running and being in a dusty place I'm surprised it isn't very dirty… Papa will have my head."

All that emenates from the other side of the door is a low growl that smacks more of curiosity than rage and the sounds of… rustling fabric. Like someone shuffling in bed.

Maiyun then looks toward the door from the sounds of growling. Kayla's ears perk up and her gaze also averts towards the door. Both stare in pure silence. Maiyun put her head to the door. "Phelan, do you live here…? If so, I'm here. It's me. Maiyun." The pup tilts her head and scratches at the door.

There is a pause in the sounds from the other side of the door, but soon another low growl is emitted. This one sounds more gentle, however. At least… as gentle as a growl can possibly sound.

Maiyun blinks and then crosses her arms. "Are you doing another trick on me? If so, it's not going to work. I cannot get angered easily now." Kayla yips and scratches at the door, determined to get inside the room. She whines softly, her eyes on the door. "Well if you don't want me here, tell me then. And with words." Maiyun raises a brow.

Another canine sound comes from the other side of the door, this one more of a whine and a pleading yip. It's deep and low, however.

Maiyun sighs. "You must be really hurting if you can't speak words. Here. I'll get the door for you." She reaches for the door knob. That is if it was unlocked.

The door swings open, and soon the reason for the noises becomes apparent. Lying on the floor barely covered by a blanket is a huge humanoid wolf, easily 8 or 9 feet tall in height if it were to stand on its legs. It's insanely muscular body is covered in white fur that displays patches of black and gold on his ribs and back. Its claws and fangs are razor sharp and long, truly fearsome weapons to behold. It's eyes, however, seem different. They shine with a brilliant crystal blue and despite their wolven style, in expression and tone, they closely match the orbs that belong to Phelan Wulfric.

Maiyun steps in quickly to see how he was until she notices the large form. She pauses and stares with disbelief. "Oh my…" She covers her mouth, eyeing him and looking down at Kayla to see her reaction. Carefree and fearless(of most things), the pup trots over and sits in front of him. Her tail wags as she stares down at him, happy to finally see what was now a friend of hers. "Lala…" Maiyun was a little unsure, having seen his claws and fangs. Thoughts of the pup's safety ran through her head as she takes a few steps forward. "Phelan?" She closes the door slowly behind her, not wanting anyone to see.

The massive creature does not seem to speak, though a grin plays at its maw which only serves to further show its teeth. When the name is mentioned the wolf-like beast gives a slow nod and another low growl, its long tail swishing from side to side once as the creature rolls over on its side with a wince and a little extra effort put behind its arms.

"You poor thing." Maiyun approaches him slowly and stands beside Kayla. "Will you be all right…? Ella told me you would. Just wanting to make sure." She smiles and looks about. "This is a very nice place you have. Hawaiian styled? Either way, it looks very nice." Her gaze then rests on the beast. "If you need anything, just tell me. I'll fix it."

A brief blink from the creature is the only response Maiyun gets for a moment. After a silence, the creature puts its head on the pillow that's cleary too small for its massive cranium and raises one clawed hand ever so slightly. One of its digits curls, as if it gestures to Maiyun to come closer.

Maiyun looks at him. She feels hesitant but slowly moves toward him. "Do you need something now…?" Kayla just watches this with a tilted head. Her tail wags, as she feels nothing threatening about this beast, no matter how big and intimidating he may look.

As Maiyun draws closer to it, the wolf raises its head only a little. When her face is finally close to its own, it does the most simple thing it can think of. It gives Maiyun a gentle lick on the face with its long, warm canine tongue as if to let her know that it is not a threat to her and that she is thanked deeply for coming.

Maiyun makes a face from the gentle lick but does nothing. She just smiles weakly, steps away, and blushes a little. Imagining if he was human made her blush even harder. Then she growls at herself for blushing, turning away. "Do you have any ice I can fix in a ice pack? You know, for your wounds?"

The wolf's head shakes slowly, though a quick examination of its body shows that all of its wounds are already in the process of healing. Its left arm, fingers and muzzle all show signs of battle damage but the bleeding has stopped and everything is already being sewn up naturally. It is as if the healing process for this beast is unnaturally fast by nature itself.

"Well… all right." Maiyun, still unsure, looks back. Her face was still a little red but it had cleared up some. Her gaze lowers to the pup who lays down near Phelan. A smile crosses the girl's lips. "Seems Lala doesn't care much for your new form. I'm actually kind of glad." She giggles. "I thought she'd really run behind me."

The wolf's tail starts to swish again, and it looks sorely desperate to find some way of expressing what it wants to the room's other occupants without injuring or scaring them. At a loss for the moment it seems, the beast gives a nod to the futon over by the wall and reaches up to take the blanket off of its own form. Giving the blanket a toss to let it land on the futon, its joints pop from having had little use in awhile.

Looking back at Phelan, Maiyun watches him, though she bites her lip in worry he might hurt himself. "You really don't need to move around… but… um." She looks towards the futon. "Thank you, if you're trying to tell me to sit. My legs have been sore since I went to find Michelangelo." She then frowns. "I'm sorry I couldn't get him in time. I really am. But… he wasn't there. I waited but he didn't come. Also, I didn't want to be in danger so I stayed with Lala in the warehouse. Again, I'm sorry to have let you get into that much danger, Phelan." Her gaze lowers.

The creature shakes its head slowly, pinning its ears as it listens to Maiyun belittling herself. Once again it makes a gesture toward the futon, though once it does this its head goes to rest against the pillow beneath its head. It stares up at the ceiling just as it was when Maiyun first entered, though its surprisingly gentle eyes do flit back to the girl's every once in a while.

Maiyun walks over. "Oh, and… I'm sorry." She looks down at her dirty feet. "They're so filthy from walking around. Been in sand, on the road, dirt." She sighs, finally sitting down. A relieved sigh was heaved as she relaxes the best she can, though she keeps her position as decent as she could. Kayla watches and trots over. She sits beside her legs, leaning against her. Her sky blue eyes look towards the two.

The wolf makes not another move, seeming to be at peace though every time its eyes shift to Maiyun it gives another gentle wag of its oversized tail.

Maiyun almost felt an urge to pet him. To her he just looked like a large canine. But also a wild canine. She smiles the best she can. "I know my papa would kill me if I stayed at a male's home but I'll give him a good talking to. He may restrict me from doing regular things, such as setting a time limit wherever I go, but it'll be worth it. Plus, since I'm his so-called 'angel,' so he'll probably stop by the end of the second week." She lifts her delicate hand towards his head.

As the creature watches Maiyun's hand reaching for its head it does something yet again to show her how gentle it truly is. Moving into the oncoming petting it nuzzles her hand very delicately before resting against the pillow again. It lows gently as if to signal it is tired.

Maiyun blinks but smiles. She strokes his head gently. Noticing his sounds she giggles softly. "Well goodnight, Phelan. I will see you in the morning." Giving him one last stroke she stretches and looks down at Kayla who was already asleep with her head leaning against the girl's leg. Shaking her head, she giggles. "If you can't beat them, join them, I guess." She moves a little on the futon with her legs close to her chest. hugging them to her, she rests her chin on her knees, gently closes her eyes, and heaves a light sigh. Soon sleep overcame her, causing her to loosen her grip on her parasol which fell to the floor.

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