The Dangers of Hand Sanitizer

Rosewood Ave
Bright street lamps illuminate Rosewood Avenue, ensuring that the entire area
always remains well lit, even on the darkest night. Both the road and walkways
are well maintained and free from potholes and litter. Flowers and neatly
trimmed greenery decorate the area, adding a sophisticated feel. Trees line
both sides of the street, providing both shade and scenery. Stores rise up on
all sides, the various buildings grouped close together. Many feature large,
well-polished windows with eye-catching displays. Trendy clothing shops,
electronics stores and fine-dining appeal to every age group and desire, though
not every price range. All of the building are clean, free from graffiti or any
other vandalism. Seedy nightlife is kept in check to ensure that nothing
bothers the shoppers, most of who are well-dressed and carrying several bags.

This area of the street is mostly abandoned at this time, thought it remains well-lit by the many streetlamps that dot the sidewalk. Sitting against the condominium to the south is a handsome man, seated on the pavement with his back pressed against the wall. His legs are spread apart slightly, fitting snug into faded blue jeans, to create a space between each leg, where a single black crow hops around excitedly. The man wears a blue, thin v-neck shirt on his chest, and only sandals on his feet. He reaches forward, poking at the crow as it hops about, dodging his 'attacks'.

A willowy figure turns onto the street from the north, seeming to be coming from a smaller alley nearby, one finger gently wiping at the corner of his mouth. For a moment, his tongue darts out to delicately lap at the other side, lingering there for a few moments in a satisfied an almost languid manner. The same look of approval shines within his pale blue eyes, focus traveling around the almost abandoned sidewalk. There is an almost predatory sense to his motion, body moving with a certain grace and elegance. Pausing for a brief second, he looks over at a nearby wall, spotting the man seemingly playing with the crow. One eyebrow arches slightly as he observes the strange pair, a slight frown creasing his brow momentarily.

The handsome man continues to poke at the thing, and it manages to dodge him each time, while still staying within the boundary created by his legs. Silver-green eyes watch it with concentration, his black hair spiked forward with gel, a few short bangs framing his forehead. Black earrings are present, as always, and they move slightly with each abrupt movement the man's body makes. After one final jab, he mutters "Good." In a very formal manner, before turning the offending finger so the crow can hop up onto it. "Eric." He says in the same tone, this time to gain the thing's attention, making a 'tu tu tu' sound with his mouth. While his right hand holds the bird up, his left slips into his pocket, drawing out a piece of some unidentifiable meat from a tiny bag. He extends the meat to the crow, watching with a stoic gaze as it devours the piece of flesh hanging from his slender finger.

Taking a step towards be rather odd couple, as though to approach them, the youth pauses for a moment, head inclining to the side ever so slightly, resting back on his heels as he watches their continuing interaction in silence. A small, almost unnoticeable smile begins to ghost over his lips, finger moving away from them as his hand falls to his side. Another slight flinch of his expressions is noticeable when the man begins to actually handle the creature, mouth opening ever so slightly in order to speak, though the words come out as little more than a mutter. "Do you really know where that thing has been?" It's not exactly a cruel or accusatory tone, but rather one of true intrigue, indicating that this question is more than simply rhetorical, but rather genuine. "Hold on. I have an idea…" Turning in one swift motion, he shifts direction, body now facing the nearby condominium. With quick steps, he begins to head towards the door.

"Of course I do. It goes where I tell it to, at all times." Elijah says with a smirk as he finally notices Devon, an undertone of joy now bubbling beneath the stoic surface of his expression, once the youth is within sight. He pushes his hand out, causing the crow to hop onto the sidewalk as it swallows its meal. "..Where are you going?" He asks with an eyebrow raised, looking curiously after the youth.

"Cleanser.", is the simple reply offered, one hand carefully sneaking beneath the hem of his shirt, fingers visibly moving beneath the fabric. He seems to be searching for something beneath his clothing, limb soon reappearing with a ring of keys pressed between long fingers. Selecting one with ease, he gently slides into the lock of the door, twisting it until there is a metallic click, then withdrawing it and repeating the process with the next key. His free hand, which is hidden beneath the material of a black sweatshirt, reaches towards the knob, turning it until the door opens. Teen nudges it with the toe of his boot, creating an opening just wide enough for his slender frame to fit through. Within moments, he has disappeared into the condo, nudging the door closed with his hip.

Elijah frowns slightly and turns his head back to the street, once Devon has gone inside. He slides a cigarette out of the pack sitting on the concrete next to him, his silver-green eyes leaving the crow so he can stare at a streetlamp across the way. He lights the cigarette and slides it between his lips, discarding the pink lighter next to the back. His head falls back against the wall, cigarette burning slowly down in the corner of his mouth.

The door soon opens again, though only after the click of locks is audible from within. Devon appears, keys clutched in one hand, and a sprayer-bottle of hospital grade hand sanitizer held in the other. He carefully shuts and locks the door behind him, taking the time to tuck his keys away once more in whatever hidden pocket lies beneath his shirt. Giving his chest a pat through the material of his clothing, as though to ensure the security of his belongings, he wants more begins to approach Elijah, though his eyes remain trained upon the bird. "Please tell him to stay still. I'm not exactly sure how far the aim of this goes…" Raising the sprayer upwards, he extends both arms, each index finger firmly wrapped around the trigger.

"Devon, I am going to be rather annoyed if you spray my bird." Elijah says with a lazy voice, letting his head fall to the side in an exasperated manner. A cloud of smoke is expelled from his mouth, and he slowly begins to stand up with a sigh, cigarette between his lips. "Love… where the hell did you get that? It makes me uncomfortable, in your hands. It's like putting a nuke in the arsenal of a terrorist."

"It won't hurt him so long as he doesn't ingest it. Or breath too hard." Devon continues to take aim, though he doesn't exactly seem extraordinarily skilled at such a thing. "I'm just. Killing. The germs." Both index fingers twitch to life almost simultaneously, pulling against the plastic trigger and sending a stream of cleanser through the air. However, it manages to miss by several inches, coming up slightly short and rather off the mark anyway. A frown begins to crease the corners of his lips and he lowers both arms, bringing the bottle closer to his body once more. Turning it slightly within his grasp, hands moving carefully around the plastic body, he begins to examine the tip in which the liquid flows through, one eye closing partially and the other squinting. "Jago gave it to me…", is explained in a somewhat distracted manner.

"Hey!" Elijah exclaims, tossing the cigarette away as the alcohol-based cleanser flies through the air. His feet carry him a foot away from the stream, a light, amused frown creasing his handsome face. "Be careful with that.." He mutters, stepping forward and gently taking the hand that holds the bottle. He pulls it away so that the spray end is nowhere near him or his pet. "Relax.. Look, here." He says, reaching over and grabbing the bottle. He sprays a bit into his palm and hands it back to Devon, rubbing his fingers and hands together with a cheeky smile. He reaches forward and claps a palm on either of the youth's cheeks, leaving behind the cold, clean sensation of sanitizer. "A gift, hmm? Speaking of which.. Did you see the books?"

Eyes fully closing for a moment, Devon inhales deeply, the frown slowly beginning to fade away in the presence of such a strong aroma of cleanliness. Head slowly beginning to nod within Elijah's grasp, he replies, "Yes, I did." Eyelids gradually open once more, icy blue eyes seeking to find silvery green. "Thank you Elijah.", he almost whispers, tone rather pleased. Despite the simple nature of his words, the gratitude is visible within his gaze, shining deeply within it an evening chancing to creep across his angelic countenance.

"Well, yes. It's a good start." The man says with a concerned frown, pulling his hands away from the youth's face so he can take one of Devon's in both of his, holding it for a moment. "But, in time," He begins, pulling one hand away from the youth's while his left holds onto it, the right moving out through the air, gesturing to the night sky and whatever possibilities the man speaks of, in an exaggerated tone. "I want it to grow, hmm? Larger than your old one. Larger than Alexandria."

"Actually, nobody is totally sure the exact extent of the Library of Alexandria. After all, it was lost in battle to a fire…" Shaking his head slightly, Devon lets out a gentle sigh, readjusting his grip on the bottle of hand sanitizer still within his grasp. "A pity, really. There were supposedly some extraordinary scrolls on the occult. So many answers to eternal questions lost to the flames." His focus follows Elijah's gesture though, eyes now peering upwards towards the night sky, made cloudy by pollution from smog and light. "And to think that we can rebuild though." A note of confidence now enters his words, almost as though he's drawing from his companion's own sense of determination.

The handsome man brings his right hand back down, looking at Devon with a more sublime smile when it's the youth's turn to speak. His left pushes the youth's hand into his chest slightly, right hand moving out to caress the teen's cheek. "Then it will be larger than whatever possibilities the mind can conjure about Alexandria." He says with a slightly smile, leaning in to kiss the youth's lips softly, closing his eyes as he does so. "If so," He says as he pulls back a fraction of an inch, silver-green eyes fluttering open to peer into Devon's. "We're going to need more bones."

Devon reaches up his free hand towards Elijah's, fingers gently gliding over the palm upon his cheek, eventually entwining themselves about it. Head tilting up, he resumes peering into his companion's gaze. "The city is full of donors for our cause. They just have yet to realize it…" A rather malicious glint now enters his eyes, almost seeming to darken their pale hue momentarily. At the same time, a shadowy grin begins to reveal itself, the hint of cruelty within the action doing nothing to detract from his finely drawn features. "After all, they will be a permanent part of the quest for knowledge. It's almost noble." There is a certain wistful sarcasm within these last words, suggesting that he recognizes the actual irony of this statement.

"Mmm. Like the men cemented beneath the Golden Gate Bridge." Elijah says, returning the dangerous grin as his thumb gently strokes the line of Devon's high cheek bone. "It's what everyone does with their lives. Sacrifice to a cause." He says, turning and slipping his hand away from Devon's face, and down to the small of the youth's back, to guide him back towards the door of the condo. "But.. in a more literal fashion." He smirks and opens the door, guiding Devon in and following after, as Eric the crow flutters away, still filthy with germs.

As Elijah enters the Condo, Devon pauses right before the doorway, head turning around to peer over his shoulder. His eyes narrow as he spies the bird flying away, and the hand holding the sprayer bottle rises up once more. Twisting at the waist, he points the trigger in the creature's direction in a rather threatening manner, pulling at it just enough to allow some of the sanitizer to drizzle from the nozzle in several large, sanitizing drips. It is only after the black figure of Eric has been swallowed by the darkness of the night that he turns back around, once more following the handsome man's lead into the condo.

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