The Hospital Labyrinth

The large black man leads them all through the jungle, eyes glowing red, claws sprouting from the ends of his fingers as he hacks his way through the foliage. After nearly an hour they end up on North Fairfax, and arrive at the edge of the forest, glimpses of a large building visible beyond breaks in the trees. "Dere it is, Mistah Markus. Mistah James. You all ready for this? I can't say it's not gonna be dangerous."

Following after Ruark, with a few muttered curses and stumbles, Markus looks up at the vine covered Hospital He hmms softly, holding the short sword in one hand, and rather lazily at that. He glances towards Ruark with a soft nod, and turns around to glance over at the L.A.P.D. building. "We should stop there next for Kevlar and flares…" He murmurs softly to himself before looking back to Ruark and James with a nod. "Well then boys, shall we?"

Unbuttoning the jacket he wears, James reaches within and removes a massive revolver. The Colt Anaconda sits comfortably in his palm as he pulls a quick-loading click out of his pocket and slides the bullets into the weapon, tipping his head towards Markus and Ruark. "All right, then. I'm game." One hand reaches up to absently adjust the lay of his sunglasses, and he tips his head forward in a nod. "Let's light some shit up."

Rollins double-checks his pistol and follows up close behind James. "Let's do this." He remarks quitely, a glare off his blue eyes from the black shades with a smile.

Ruark chuckles at the men and turns around, raising both arms before slashing down, claws ripping through the vines and branches to reveal the hospital in all of its splendor. He steps forward through the gap, leading the men forward.

The first glimpse of the hospital is a startling one. The entire front is overrun with vines which crawl down the building, completely masking its facade with green, creeping leaves. The plants sparkle with dew, the moonlight catching on the building perfectly, stars dotting the sky far above. The entrance looks empty, doors closed, tinted glass reflecting the adventurers on one side, while the other has been shattered by something or other. Standing on the steps leading up to the building is a figure of some sort, dressed in a large jacket and baggy jeans. The still, androgynous figure seems to be holding a sign of sorts, cardboard with red lettering on it.

Beginning to make his way towards the front of the hospital, James glances back over his shoulder towards the others and then turns his attention back towards the figure with the sign. His free hand tucks into his pocket and the other loosely holds the Colt Anaconda he bears as he approaches, coming to cause a short distance from the figure and look down at it in the direction of the sign. He sighs slightly. "The fuck is this."

Moving his way forward, next to James, Markus' eyes narrow as he looks towards the figure with the sign. His hand tightens a little bit around the handle of the short sword and his eyes squint just slightly. A soft, "Hmm…" is the only sound from Markus as he slows next to James, but still continues pace with the other man. His head strains forward just a little bit as he begins to try to read whatever the sign says.

The bodyguard takes a few steps and clicks the hammer back on the 9mm. " One of those typical end of the world fuckers or something worse?" Rollins inquires as he attempts to take note of the figure, but generating more space away from his location originally close to James. "I don't mind puttin' a bullet in'm either way."He mumbles.

Ruark moves along with the other men, his gleaming red eyes shining in the darkness like blood-red gems. "Hm… He ain't movin." The man says eyeing the figure as they creep forward. "Hold on a second now, Mistah trigga happy. A-he-he." Ruark glances at the bodyguard before looking forward again.

As the group makes its way towards the entrance, the letters on the sign become more and more defined. At first, they're only red spots in the darkness, barely visible on the cardboard, except perhaps to the gangrel. Then, the red blotches take shapes, and the familiar smell of blood reaches the men, clawing up their nostrils, the scent of the substance almost overwhelming. "Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird." The sign reads, the mysterious figure clutching it standing entirely still.

The fedora-wearing figure raises up a hand in the direction of Rollins. "If you know what's good for you, you won't shoot at anything until it shoots first." James presses his lips together, the hand dropping to his side. His grip on the oversized revolver tightens as he reads the sign, stopping in his tracks and making no move to advance. His expression is indiscernable behind his sunglasses but for the slight twist to his mouth, though a smile or distaste it is difficult to tell. "So why are you here, then?" He addresses the figure holding the sign rather plainly, raising his voice just a bit. "You'd know someone was coming."

A soft snicker is heard from Markus' lips. "I heard another voice from heaven saying, "Come out of her, my people, that you have no participation in her sins, that you do not receive of her plagues, for her sins have reached to the sky, and God has remembered her iniquities…" The man says the verse slowly and softly as if he were looking into the far reaches of his memory. "Interesting." His shoulders shrug a little bit and he looks towards the other three. "Maybe it's just another one of those doom sayers: God is a plant."

"I feel sorry for God. Global warming promises me a bloody desert planet." Rollins jests to himself. He doesn't seem to blink anymore. If an eyelid twitches, its only the left, but the right keeps fixed on the figure as the bodyguard apparently is getting in a position to prepare to flank the door, if necessary. "I'll keep my gun down. I'm not to interested in being shot back at." There is a slight nod in the direction of James.

Ruark stares hard at the sign, burning red eyes casting an eerie glare onto the lenses of his spectacles. "Now /that/ doesn't seem good. A..-he…-he…" Says the black man, the enthusiasm of his voice falling away considerably. He glances at the other men and hesitantly steps forward, eyeing the doom sayer with his weary gaze. "Let's just get inside… Maybe this fella's got nothin to do with us.."

The figure doesn't reply to any of the men. It simply stands, displaying its message, its chosen path manifested entirely in the bloody words writ upon the cardboard. Silence descends on the area, as though the plant and animal life has taken a breath for this single moment, holding its air to see the travelers safely inside. On the top of the hospital, two crows descend through the night air, ebony wings flapping until they arrive on the doom sayer's shoulder, beady eyes watching the group of armed men with a protective air as they pass.

The black man creeps forward, past the figure holding the foreboding sign, claws extending from his dark fingertips, red eyes gleaming like blood gems in the darkness. He makes sure to stick close to Markus and Gabriel. "A-he-he… Should we just go in right here? Now? Like this, Mistah Gabriel? Mistah Markus?"

"I don't see any other choice, Ruark…" Markus murmurs softly as he approaches towards the hospital entrance, his gloved hand tightening its grip on the handle of the sword. There is a soft creak of leather on leather as he lets out a soft and slow breath. His lips draw firm as he takes a glance over towards Gabriel and then towards Ruark, and finally towards Rollins. "The LAPD is behind us, but I think that seeing if they have a store of blood in there, or anybody left behind in the ICU is a little more pressing for all of us…"

The Ghoul sighs slightly. nodding. "True." His thumb keeps placed on the hammer of the 9mm pistol in hand, the former Marine stepping slightly forward to the man with a sign. He seems tempted to pass him, but there seems to be something about Rollins that keeps him at bay. His eyes slightly glitter through the sunglasses.

The eyes of the Prince would carefully lock onto the figure holding the sign a curious brow lifting as he unsheathed his axe and propped it up on his shoulder, "Interesting….." the Prince would say quickly glancing to the Sheriff and then to the Seneschal, "Lets push on inside" curious gaze drifting back to the figure.

Ruark nods his head and smiles a bit, still trying to cling to his sunshiney demeanor, despite the massively intimidating building ahead of them. "Yessah. Let's go, then. Everyone stay behin' me! I can take a hit or two. A-he-he." The black man says, moving forward to take the lead.

Moving slightly behind Ruark, Markus follows after the man. He snickers softly and motions to in front of him, "If anyone wishes…" he murmurs softly, attempting to bring at least a little bit of humor. His eye cast up the building for a moment, and then back down to the task ahead. However, they do stray towards the motionless figure, and he murmurs something softly to himself, his lips moving as he recites something wordlessly.

"Ruark, you've all ready saved my ass today. I'm not going to let you keep to far ahead of me." Rollins remarks with a laugh, his lips bursting into a smile as the pistol twirls in hand, then grasping it hard with the barrel left aiming upward. The Ghoul rushes in to follow behind Markus, his blue eyes scanning the doorway and the man that stands in front of them. For a moment, his smile seems to reflect an eerie chill that has crawled down his spine.

Gabriel chuckles softly as he offers Markus a quick glance before moving up beside the man to follow the others into the building, "Don't people usually come here to give blood?" the Prince would offer also trying to lighten the mood alittle his eyes scanning around wildly as they move.

Ruark turns his head to stare at Rollins for a moment, a black eyebrow raised on his forehead, red eyes gleaming maliciously at the ghoul. "A-he-he, young man, you don' wanna get near tha front. We got some time left, but you, kid, you jus' a fragile creature. A-he-he." He turns back now, features suddenly set in stone as he steps through the already broken window. "Dat's tha plan, Majesty." The black man gets an air of professionalism around him, fingers clicking as he cracks his knuckles, claws scraping against each other as his eyes scan the darkness of the entrance.

As the group of adventurers steps into the lobby of the hospital, the second sign of the upset atmosphere, other than the broken window, is the ruination of the usually sanitary state of the building. The white-washed walls are streaked with a dark, red substance, the floors scratched and burned in places, welcoming carpet torn to shreds. Despite these signs of struggle and chaos, the chairs in the waiting area remain entirely intact, aside from a few spiderwebs glinting in the red glow of the Gangrel's eyes.

Markus' eyes squint against the darkness as he looks around, biting his lip slightly a corner of his lip curls up. He begins to strain his ears against the darkness, as he lets the sword hang by his side. He continues to look around, his eyes darting from here to there. "Mmm…I hate to say it, but we should not split up. While we lie in a constant horror movie, this seems beyond it…and we all know how they turn out when the group splits up…"

Rollins looks at Ruark and then at his handgun. "Horror movies. Right." The former Marine says, quickly bringing himself into the room. He quickly scans it using the iron sights of the pistol, attempting to keep awate of any dangers that may spring up. This is a jungle afterall.

The Princes usual graceful steps carry him in beside Markus, his axe still resting on his shoulder "Well luckily, I don't think any of us will be having sex or getting drunk so were one step above the normal horror movie death rate" chuckling politely the grip on his axe would tighten and he would slowly remove it from his shoulder allowing it to hang at his side ready for swing.

The black man chuckles at the Prince's joke, though there's hardly any humor in his voice at this point. He is back in the desert, it would seem, chasing Rommel, squinting against a sea of sun-stricken sand pebbles, tanks rattling all around him. "Let's keep moving." He suggests seriously, blood-red eyes reduced to slits as he squints at the scene around them. Ruark leads the way to the elevators, clawed hands held firmly at his sides.

As the men proceed towards the elevators, a tide of rodents floods out to meet them. The tiny, squeaking creatures do not pause to say hello. They immediately move towards the exit, dodging the travelers' feet. The metal doors that keep any hospital visitors from getting to the elevators have been /smashed/ open, each door bent to one side enough to allow a large person to fit through. The elevators hum gently, steel doors closed. In the very back, directly above the elevators, is a single flickering white light, illuminating the muddied floor and the intact elevators for single moments at a time.

A soft surprised shout comes from Markus at the torrent of rodent, "What is-" he proclaims before they come into view and he looks down. A look of disdain comes across his face as he looks down at the creatures and growls softly, "ilthy creatures…" He looks towards the Elevators and then around them and shakes his head a little bit. "That was not the greeting party I expected…"

Rollins is careful not to move as the rodents finish swarming past. When they finally clear out, the Ghoul spits off to the side. "If there was one thing they taught me in the Corp.. Shit like that is never a good sign. Then again, Captain f'in Obvious could see this one coming." The Ghoul remarks as he aims down in the direction where the rodents emerged from.

Gabriel sighs slightly while simply shaking his head, "Bloody hell" would be the words he would utter as he also moved closer to the elevator his eyes scanning the doors carefully, "Semper Fi Marine" he would call out to the Ghoul as he lifted his axe into a ready posistion eyes locking on the elevator. A wicked smirk would also dance across his lips.

"You got military training, right young man? A-he-he." Says the Gangrel, though no smirk or bravado manifests on his features. His hand shoots up, signaling for Rollins to cover the right side of the elevator. Ruark stands directly in the middle, in front of the Prince, and presses the down button, one hand clenched in anticipation…

As the tension builds and the elevator hums down, getting louder and louder each moment, the white light above the group flickers on and off, casting them in a broken ring of light. As the elevator reaches its destination, however, the light shuts off completely. By the gleam from the Gangrel's eyes, the group can tell that the elevator is… absolutely empty. The lit-up buttons inside call to the men, the safety of the small elevator promising a moment of reprieve from the open, dangerous hospital halls.

As the light flickers out, Markus presses himself to the wall and holds his sword out at a defensive angle, the tip pointing down and the blade diagonal to his body. His eyes narrow a bit as he strains against the darkness and glances towards the elevator with a nod. "At the same time, two at a time?" With that, Markus waits for a moment, before he cautiously steps foot into the elevator, his eyes casting up.

Rollins nods and smiles. "Semper Fi, Prince."The Ghoul takes note of the Gangrel's actions and begins to move. "Marine for a long.. Long time." He remarks, stepping to the right side as the elevator hits the bottom floor. With the doors sliding open, his pistol lowers and the hammer clicks back, but to be aimed at nothing. His eye twitches slightly at the question posed by Markus. "Two." His left leg shifts in, blocking the door, and his entire body slides in. He snaps backwards and aims out into the opening in front of the elevator to cover beyond the Prince and the Gangrel.

"I was a Marine for a while… of course back when I was a Marine our motto was 'fortitudine'" Shrugging slightly the Prince would move on into the elevator his eyes carefully first looking up and then around to the sides and finally back out of the door, "Of course.. it was complicated being a vampire and all" though he would continue to look around his body would not play any of the normal games they did, there would be no blinking or breathing, "Down we go?"

Ruark steps into the elevator with Markus and Rollins, gleaming red eyes turning to watch Gabriel enter the shaft. He reaches for the buttons on the elevator, claws clicking on the 'up' button.

In the midst of all the small talk, Markus seems to be staring up at the ceiling of the elevator as the rest of the group steps in. As Gabriel and Rollins chat, a shuffling sound is heard above, and a groan and squeal, like that of old, damp leather. Then, the Ventrue is suddenly lifted off of his feet, two clawed hands appearing from the darkness above, clutching his shoulders with a dreadfully powerful grip. The light outside of the elevator snaps on for a single moment, revealing the creature in all of its dark splendor. A pair of pure white eyes stares stoically at the group, arms stretching down, clawed fingers digging into Markus' shoulders and lifting him off his feet, massive, leathery wings folded over the thing's body, feet crunching into the ceiling of the elevator to hold it up. As the light snaps on, the thing releases the Ventrue and lets out a blood-curdling screech, wings snapping over its form to shield it from the fluorescent light. The doors slide shut, trapping the men in darkness with the creature above them.

"Abo-" with that Markus is wrenched upwards, letting out a shout as this happens. When he is dropped on the ground he looks up at the horrid creature his mouth agape. For once, the Ventrue is at a loss of words. However, as he notices the lights come on and the thing begin to real, he quickly reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cellphone, holding it up and pressing down on the call button to light up the bright LCD screen in some vein hope that it is perhaps sensative to the light that just came on, or perhaps the Ventrue has just lost it from the fear of the creature. Despite this though, he still tries to struggle to his feet.

Gabriel reacts almost instantly as they hum upwards, his axe brought back behind him, a snarl of raw Brujah fury on his lips as he brings the weapon forward with god-like strength and precision, the blade smashing into the creature's side with the strength Achilles himself would have shown in battle. The creature lets out a shriek of pain, though his body seems tougher than it had initially looked, and it remains clamped to the top of the elevator. As Markus pulls his phone out, the massive bat-like thing anticipates the politician's move, and strikes out with a blur of speed, claws slashing his hand and exploding his phone into plastic smithereens. Rollins moves like the famed Gunslingers of the Wild West, brow furrowed in concentration as he raises his weapon, finishing the job Gabriel had started. The bullets slam into the creatures side, muzzle flashes accompanying the eardrum-shattering blasts within the tiny shell of an elevator. The creature shrieks and falls from the ceiling, but before it gets halfway through the air, it dissipates into pure darkness, leaving the warriors in peace.

The black gangrel stares, blinking once, the dim red light shut off for a moment before he opens his eyes again. "Pardon mah French, Mistah Majesty, but holy fuck." The man says, clicking his claws together. "You two are like them Nascar drivers. A-he-he, so quick." He crouches down next to Markus, frowning at the man's wound. "Mistah Markus! You okay!?" The black man asks, looking genuinely concerned, hinting at the more human, empathetic existence within this Camarilla soldier.

Still holding his hand out, Markus has a look of surprise on his face. His eyebrows raise slowly and he glances over to Ruark. "Well, I think we've established three things. They do not like light, axes, or guns." With that the Ventrue slowly rises to his feet, and bends his neck to one side. He moves his hand up to one of his shoulders and slowly rotates it. "That's better…" he murmurs softly and gives a nod to the Prince and the ghoul, "good work…" He frowns deeply at this and adjusts the vest underneath the sweater.

Just as Markus finishes speaking, the elevator suddenly screeches to a halt, though the sound is not quite as horrifying as that of the millions of screams heard above and below it, in the dark elevator shaft the thing has suddenly stopped in the middle of. Worse, the screams echo up and down the shaft, magnifying the already overwhelming sense of corruption within this sanctuary of medical salvation.

Rollins nods into the directions of Markus, Ruark, and the Prince. At the moment his head rises, the screams arriver overwhelming and they provoke a harsh response from him. "Son of a mother loving bastard." The Ghoul screams out, ducking backwards into the elevator corner as if it may offer some security.

The Prince doesn't say a word he simply looks both above and below for a moment as his mind races with thousands of thoughts. He never relaxes and a stone cold demeanor creeps over his entire body, "We need fucking light, and we need blood… we can't fight all those damn things…"

The gangrel stares up, a look on his face of anguish, anger, and determination. Animal instinct kicks in, and he snarls bestially at the ceiling of the elevator, fangs bared suddenly. "RUARK DONAGH MCTIERNEY DOES NOT BACK DOWN. YOU ALL GET OUT OF HERE. GET THROUGH THE WALL OR SOMETHIN, MISTAH GABRIEL. I'M TAKING ALL THESE SILLY BASTARDS TA HELL!" The gangrel screams, jumping into the air, claws ripping through the ceiling of the elevator in two quick slashes. He pulls himself up and leaps into the darkness, letting out a battlecry only an accomplished black soldier form Brooklyn can manage. And then, by the light of his eyes, his companions watch as an unsettling number of the oversized bat creatures latch onto him, carrying the black man helplessly upward, further into the dark labyrinth that is Our Lady of Mercy Hospital.

Rollins again moves like the Gunslingers of yore, raising his pistol and concentrating with all of his might, hand steady, aim true, bullets smashing into his targets. The first shot hits a creature, causing it to screech and fly off balance into the elevator wall, sending another flapping monstrosity into another one, and so on and so forth. The second bullet hits the other creature holding Ruark, and the Gangrel begins to fall at a rapid speed back down to the hole he had slashed into the elevator's roof. The bat-creatures are all thrown off now by the chaos and confusion, though one or two turn to stare venomously at the adventurers. The black man slams into the top of the elevator, though he jumps to his feet quickly, enduring the fall with all the stoutness one would expect from a Gangrel.

With that, Markus looks over to Gabriel, "Give me your sword and your shirt!" He yells to the man. He then looks over to Rollins, "Lighter, I need a lighter!" With that he begins to almost literally tear off his shirt. With that, he scrambles over to the doors of the elevator and begins to shove the sweater in and out of the cracks to collect the grease that's used for lubrication of the doors and the elevator itself onto the cloth. "We're going to make a torch. The ghoul has to carry it though, unfortunately. They're scared of the light and there's too many of them to take out two at a time."

Ruark stares with his furious, gleaming eyes up at the big bats as they charge down at the other men. He snarls and raises his hands, claws glinting in the light from his eyes. He swings outward, fingers angled to give the claws a more useful hook as he slashes once- tearing through the flesh of the first creature, knocking it back into the darkness(literally)- and then twice, as he finishes the second charging abomination. He grins down into the elevator at Rollins, yelling "We're even, young man!" Claws clamp down on the black man's shoulders now, one of the vampire-bats flapping its large wings above him, feet clenched onto his shoulders.

Rollins right arm snaps around, blasting off around from the 9mm. It nails the bat that grabs his black friend backwards into the darkness and a second round blows off, a muzzle flash, and then followed by a squeal from the now dissipated creature. "You owe me now, boy! Rip open the elevator door! We'll crawl through the rest of the way! Get it the fuck open now! Markus, toss me your goddamned sword when you get some god damn cloth on it." The Ghoul twirls in and out, nearing himself to the elevator door to cover the hole in the ceiling. " Start swinging at that entrance, kill any fuckers who get in! You guys are not dying in a place like this, especially not tonight if I have anything to do with it!"

Gabriel quickly rips the sword from his hip and hands it to Markus his eyes darting up to the top of the elevator as he brings his axe to ready, "Mr.Scourge, I Order you to get back in this elevator and not leave my side until this is over with…are you a man of duty or not?" the Princes would command his voice stern and cold, "You are our only light… by your eyes " that said he would glance over his shoulder for a moment at the elevator doors quickly turning to face them. "AHHH!" he would scream allowing his axe to fall to the side for a moment as he would reach out in a movement of pure Brujah power and force the doors apart crushing them back into twisted metal as he did. A single hand would lift his axe back up, "Scoure… You claw the wall, I'll hit the wall!!"

Ruark laughs in the same gravelly voice, suddenly filled with the fiery, gunpowdery magnificence of battle. He leaps down into the elevator, hands aiding his descent. He turns towards the elevator doors, prepared to help, though his black eyebrows rise as Gabriel pushes the doors aside with ease. "A-he-he. You boys are crazy." The black man comments, reaching up to fix his black-rimmed glasses, claws clicking against the frames comically despite the hectic situation. He steps forward and raises his arms, bringing them down, ebony, muscular arms gleaming in the blood-red light of his own eyes. "A-HE-HE!" He yells in relief, letting out the energy built up in his body. His claws rip through the wall usefully, before he steps back to let Gabriel finish the job.

Using his own short sword, Markus cuts off one of the canvas straps holding his cargo pants tight to his legs. With that, he takes the grease covered shirt and wraps it around the tip of the sword, and then ties it off the strap. Standing, he holds it out to Rollins. "Place the tip of the sword by your gun the next time you fire, and hopefully it should ignite. -YOU-" the emphasis is very great on 'you,' "MUST HOLD IT." Turning the blade, Markus holds it so that Rollins may easily take the handle of the sword. "Ghouls are so indispensable…" The Ventrue muses mainly to himself, but nonetheless out loud.

Rollins raises his gun and fires next to the tip of the grease-soaked cloth, which sends a long discharge of flame swimming through the darkness above, through the hole in the elevator. This small, brightly-burning blast is enough to catch the first of the swarming bat-creatures ablaze. Unfortunately for them, light doesn't seem to be their biggest weakness, but fire is. The flame spreads as it catches the first one, an unholy screech of terror and bewilderment issuing forth from the bat's mouth, supersonic waves filling the elevator shaft as the flame multiplies from the thing's flammable body and spreads back. The result is a flame-thrower of pure destruction riding upward, destroying every creature in its path. Then… the flame hits the top and bounces back, the gas and energy expanding and moving to fill the entire shaft. Just as the flames shoot down towards the elevator, Gabriel's axe smashes against the damaged wall and breaks it open, revealing the lobby once more. Now the men stand, flames tunneling down to them, escape laid out before them.

Ruark yells and leaps through the opening, knees bent, fangs bared in natural vampiric fashion, eyes gleaming red as he falls through the air with poise and grace.

The flaming sword is held brightly by the warrior, who doesn't seem to shy away from the fact he just committed a genocide of the local bat herd. There is a sweet grin upon his lips before he yells, "BY THE POWER OF GREY SKULL!!!" His arm drops down, lowering the blade as he keeps his distance from his comrades, waiting to follow behind. "…Yippe-kai-yay motherfuckers."

Gabriel leaps through the destroyed wall a smirk plastered on his face as he is pleased by the work of those around him, and his own might. He would soar through the air with the most grace finally landing soft as a cat, "Lets move" he would scream as he looked back to his people.

For a moment, Markus stares in wonderment as the path of destruction blazes through the dark creatures, followed by a grin of satisfaction. However, his face quickly drops as he sees the flames reach the top and rear back down on him. "Oh shiza, MotherFUCKER" The word is slightly drawn out, and the Ventrue places one of his palms against the ground, crouching into something akin to a sprinter's start position before he springs through the hole that Gabriel created.

Ruark steps forward, smirking smugly, the old fashioned humble attitude burned away by the flames of destruction left behind him. "Let's roll, A-he-he. We're those badasses everyone sees in the movies, aren't we? A-he-he. You crazy kids and your imaginations." The black man leads the group outside…

As the group steps outside, no doubt pumped from the battle, a loud gunshot destroys the mood of triumph as the figure holding the doomsday sign is suddenly torn to shreds by buckshot. The head of the figure falls on the ground and rolls back to the group who just step outside, the face pale as death. It turns out that the man is only a mannequin, but the rustling in the bushes, and the leather-clad figures that step out of the foliage are very real. "Fucken' brilliant performance, mates." Says an irish voice, a thin man in a leather jacket, flanked on two sides by hulking brutes, carries a shotgun. "But the show ends here, eh?" The two idiots on his side chuckle, but it would seem the witty dialogue ends here. Suddenly, in a blur of motion, one of the brutes at the irishman's side flashes forward, slamming both meaty fists into the gun-wielding ghoul's chest. Rollins flies back, slamming into the wall of the hospital-hard. He is knocked unconscious instantly.

Ruark lashes out in a brief moment of anger, claws stabbing into the side of the big man that hit Rollins. The first strike doesn't seem to affect the man much, but the second is so powerful that Ruark actually lifts the fellow up with his claws. Instantly, an expression of utter, biting pain creeps into the big man's features, and even worse, the shotgun blast that had been aimed at Ruark hits the man in the back, finishing him, it would seem. He slides off of Ruark's clawed hands, dust in the wind, literally. Gabriel turns his vision to the big man at the irishman's side, but his attempt to sucker the fellow fails, and the man comes blurring up to Gabriel, throwing a missing punch at the Brujah elder. Markus, on the other hand, makes the shotgun-wielding irishman his bitch. The man sits down instantly, eyes glazing over as his brain becomes the tool of the Ventrue.

Gabriel lashes out with Brujah fury, snatching up the charging brute with his dexterous hands. He brings the man to his fangs, delivering the kiss in a most refined manner, as though he's simply choosing a dish at a banquet. He quickly drains the fellow, who bursts into ash in his hands, leaving the Brujah Prince satisfied and full. Markus once more aims his mental weapons at the shotgun-happy irishman, commanding, "Why don't you go to /sleep/?" At first, it seems as if the command will not work, but after a moment the man closes his eyes and falls backwards. Ruark moves as if to close in and kill the sleeping man, but pauses once Markus has done his deed.

"Ruark, get a piece of wood, a sharp one and give it to Gabriel." Markus stands there, watching the sleeping man with a sort of sick twisted grin. "Lord Bennett, I do not think I need to tell you what I wish for you to do with the said piece of wood, hmm?" An eyebrow arches as he tilts his head a little bit. Everything is said, quietly, as if there was a sleeping child. Slowly, Markus crouches down his eyes still remaining on the sleeping Vampire incase it decides to try to wake up.

Ruark straightens his back out, leaning his head back, fangs bared, clawed hands hanging at his sides as he stares up at the moon and stars, before letting out an eerie howl of triumph. He lets his head fall back down and instantly assumes his more refined nature, chuckling in his gravelly tone. "Sure thing, Mistah Markus." He grabs a sharp shard of wood from the ground before handing it to the Brujah elder. "There ya are, Mistah Majesty. A-he-he."

Rollins slowly stands back as he aims down the barrel of the shotgun towards the Irish Man. "Fucking punk, thinks he can sneak up on me and take me out. Whose the fucker work for, I think would be better asked. So I can hunt the bitch himself and take him from afar." The former Marine is obviously pissed off with his bloodied shirt and bruised body.

Gabriel takes the stake from the Gangrel and offers him a deep nod as he gracefully moves over toward the sleeping body, returning his axe to its sheath and lifting a single hand to wipe some blood from his lips, "Good night" he would say as he leaned down and in one swift motion plunged the stake HELLA deep into the mans heart, "I'm not carrying him…" he would say as he turned to look at the others.

"Would you, though, Lord Bennett?" Markus asks softly as he glances towards the Brujah Elder. "He would be the least burden to you than us." The overall pose of the man is something predatory. His arms rest on his knees, his arms splayed out as if he were some sort of spider like creature. His back bent forward to give him the overall appearance that he could spring forward at any moment. Slowly, he straightens himself up as he walks towards the Anarch. He steps over the prostrate Vampire, one leg on each side. Slowly, Markus sinks down over the man straddling across his chest. His eyes narrow as he reaches one hand out and places it on the lifeless cheek, and a smirk of satisfaction comes across Markus' features. "Did you feel that connection we had?" The Ventrue says softly in German, giving a soft tap on the man's cheek, "Oh we will become very close, rest assured." He murmurs softly in German once again. With that, Markus slowly raises himself off of the man and gives a nod to all present. "Rollins," he says in English once more, "You'll find out who he works for." His eyes cast towards Gabriel and Ruark, "I think in two terms, gentlemen. The long-term and the short-term. We have established two goals here. The short-term in getting the supplies we need, and the long-term." Markus points down, "A hopeful source of information."

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