The Players Of TF

A -

(The Indecisive) Alaska A {Devon}
(The Faggoty) Antone Kelly Nunes {Elijah}

B -

C -

(The Great Ta-ta) The C Word {Sybine, Charlotte, Macha}
(Finger Lickin Good) KaneShade {Ceasar}
(The Anonymous) Chris G. {Felix}

D -

E -

(The One and Only) Ebon Jackal {Phelan, Zachariel & Sylvia}
(MUDs IRL) Evan {Bob & Paradox}

F -

G -

(The Country-Born) Ghettofaerie {Beatrice, Trista, Yasmira}

H -

I -

J -

K -

(The Pretty Fucked Up Now) Krame {Remedy, Molly and Dayea (R.I.P Alexandra and Blair)}

L -

(The Other White Meat) Lady J {Magdalena}

M -

(The Pneumatic) Marissa {Abbey and Althea}
(The Incorrigible) Mikey Bones {Valentine}
(The Divine) Miss M {Ella, Madison, and Tazia}

N -

O -

P -

Q -

R -

S -

T -

(The Unconquered) Tyler Solorio {Rollins and Ravenholm}

U -

V -

W -

X -

Y -

Z -

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