The Roof Is On Fire

The skies across LA have not long seen the last of daylight, the lazy clouds cast odd hues of orange and pink as the sun takes it's leave. Night, however, is certainly on it's way,shadows beginning to stretch across the streets as a large black car pulls slowly up to the curb, a block or so from the docks. Rumbling around a sharp bend, the Plymouth Fury pulls into a narrow alleyway, soon hidden from the casual observer. It's driver, turning off the engine, grips the solidity of the steering wheel in both hands for a moment longer, seeming to gather her thoughts. Drawing a deep breath, Blair glances into the rearview mirror, regarding her icy blue eyes with a remote expression, fastidiously licking a speck of crimson from her lower lip.

She hoists a slimline, sturdy backpack from the passenger seat, along with what looks to be a black woolen hat and matching gloves.pose hoists a slimline, sturdy backpack from the passenger seat, along with what looks to be a black woolen hat and matching gloves. Beneath her close fitting black hoodie, the comforting restriction of her snug body armor lent her a little confidence, and she allowed herself a grim smile as she swing open her door, stepping quietly out into the alley. Securely locking up her pride and joy, she slings the bag across her shoulders, the additional garments for the moment grasped in onehand as she starts off out into the street and along the sidewalk at a brisk pace, her long legs covering the ground swiftly and gracefully, despite her heavy combat boots. Dock 19, the message had said. Her azure eyes scanned ahead in anticipation, her heartbeat thudding dully against her ribs. She wished Macha were here.. far easier to pretend to be calm when someone else is freaking out.

ST: As you start to grow closer, moving down the sidewalk, Piers 15-19 come into view. Guard posts are at each entry point and there is a long wall, aproximately two hundred feet long between each. Looking to be solidly built and at least a foot or two thick they are topped with razor wire. A large sign stretches across the tops of the building defended by the wall reads, "Herculean Firearms Industries.

Blair approaches the docks inconspicuously, across the far side of the street as she regards the entryways in apparent nonchalance. Guarded like a fort, this place, she thought privately with a soft sigh. Her gaze travelled upward along the walls, checking for security cameras pointed in her direction. No sense in drawing unnecessary attention to herself. Yet.

ST: The security cameras are mostly pointed inwards with the exception of the one near guard post at the gate. Within the guardpost two men sit, one watching the camera's monitor, the other smoking a cigarette, obviously neither expecting any deliveries anytime soon.

Blair crosses the street, out of the guard's line of sight, approaching one of of the outer corners of the formidably high wall that flanks the street. Grateful for the enshrouding cover of evening, she leans back against the solid brick as she reaches it, casting a glance up and down the quiet area to take note of any other figures nearby. Shrinking back into a velvety shadow, she sets her hat in place, one hand grasping her dark hair at the nape of her neck and tucking it inside the neck of her sweater.

The dark-haired girl pulls on her gloves and, after a last glance around, tugs her balaclava down over her features, further disguising herself within the darkness. Turning quietly to eye the obstacle before her, she studies it carefully for hand and footholds before stepping forward. Reaching up, she begins to climb, hoisting her delicate form upward with surprising ease, her leanly muscular frame aiding her as she scales the wall, headed for the corner. Her booted toes find every useful crevice, lending balance and a welcome boost upward as she reaches the top. Gripping the wall's edge with her hands, she takes a moment to scan the other side, wary of patrolling guards.

ST: As you make your way up over the wall you find the area with minimal security, The soft illumination of flood lights illuminating the guard area, the main entrance of the wharehouse and the back area mostly. There appear to be no guards within eyesight.

Blair waits like this for a moment, before hoisting herself upward on her stomach to lean atop the wall. Keeping her blue eyes constantly moving over the ground below, the only thing standing between her and the warehouse, it seems, she carefully swings her long legs up and over, taking pains not to catch the wire. Hanging and dropping from the other side of the wall, she lands with catlike grace, almost completely silent as she hits the ground. Not willing to stay in the open for any length of time, she ducks once again into what cover the shadows provide, hugging the wall a splitsecond longer before making the crouched dash to the wall of the warehouse.

ST: Several windows appear to be cracked, and you can see a slight amount of steam coming from within. Clearly its very hot inside the rooms or the adjacent one or some such. As you drop down on the otherside of the wall you grunt slightly, though feel otherwise okay. There hidden behind the crates you find a small satchel waiting for you oddly enough.

She scoops up the satchel without breaking stride, grasping it in one hand as she moves as fast as possible to the fire escape. Gripping the handrail tightly with her free hand, she keeps low as she mounts the stairs, her footfalls carefully placed and light. Another glance around as she reaches it's top, she then crouches down, settling on her heels as she places the satchel down before her and peers inside.

ST: Inside you find rope, attachments for your boots and gloves for climbing though you get the sense they could be could for hand to hand combat, as well as several clips of armor piercing rounds for a glock. Along with a shotgun with a silencer and riot control rounds.

Blair smirks gently, her lips twisting a little in mingled amusement and pain as she rummages through the bag's contents. Glancing back over her shoulder as she settles her back to the wall, she attempts to peer through the cracked glass of the nearest window as she makes use of the items in the satchel. Throwing the coil of rope over her head and one arm, so that it lays across her body snugly, she then reloads her glocks with armor piercing rounds and sets them back in their respective holsters. The climbing attachments she leaves for last, though she grins darkly as she buckles the spikes to the sturdy toes of her boots.

ST: As you climb the grating you make it up just in time as you see a set of guards come along around the corner with flight lights. Walking their route, one casually smoking a cigarette. Inside the cracked window you see what appears to be a dark office of sorts. The room is pretty sparsely kept and other tha the soft hum of the vending machines. Obviously an employee lounge of sorts, the light from the hallway is the only illumination of the room.

As you wait, a pair of guards round the corner and walk their route below, one casually smoking a cigarette as they discuss the shifts for that evening.

Blair freezes, keeping her breathing soft as she observes the guards sauntering by below, relying on the advantage of height to keep their attention from her.

ST: The guards pass by immediately below her then continue along, one of them talking about some shipment that is coming in and how most of the others are on duty in the back.

She waits patiently for the pair to round the corner and disappear, before exhaling gently in relief. Edging back toward the window, she glances in once more to ensure the room is still empty, before stooping and trying the sill, hoping to find it unlocked, though honestly doubting she'll be so lucky. She keeps the shotgun held to one side in her free hand and her back pressed to the wall as much as possible, even as her muscles tense.

ST: The window is not unlocked.

Blair mutters under her breath, gently setting the shotgun in a lean against the wall as she kneels a little to one side of the window. Pulling a sleek, gleaming blade from inside her right boot, she sets to work jimmying the window, keeping a constant lookout on her surroundings, interior and exterior, and working as quickly and quietly as possible.

ST: As you jimmy it open you pause. Spotting a reflector and wiring, clearly alarmed.

The young woman grits her teeth, her jaw clenching as she is fortunate enough to glimpse the alarm inside. Hesitating for a moment, she scans her surroundings yet again. Her decision made, she takes a certain grip in the handle of her blade and sets about disconnecting the alarm inside the window. Focusing on her reasons for being here at all, crouched on a fire escape in the dark, seems to lend her some determination in her task.

ST: Your focus pays off as you cut the alarm to the window with ease.

Blair breathes a gentle sigh of relief. Retrieving her new toy, holding it securely in her grasp, she looks about herself once more, her free hand carefully and slowly lifting the window until there's just enough room. Sitting briefly on the ledge, she drapes one long leg inside, then swings the other around and through, sliding down softly to the floor and letting her upper body glide through afterward. Careful to let the window slide closed again, she immediately scouts the room, shifting silently into the darker corners and listening intently for signs of life nearby, or in adjacent rooms.

ST: Nearby you can make out the sounds a radio playing music, soft country. The room itself is as it was when you peered inside and you can make out the sounds of shuffling, clearly not many people on this level.

Blair makes her way carefully toward the door, staying pressed to the wall to one side of it's frame to steal a glance out into the hall, trying to ascertain the uses of the surrounding rooms.

ST: A long hallway, doors leading off to either side into what appear to be darkened offices. The corridor branches off in different directions after it passes a stairwell. About 20 feet away, a stout man is walking toward the lounge, though he is preoccupied and doesn't notice the girl.

Blair remains perfectly still for a moment, cloaked in shadows, waiting to see if the portly fellow is patrolling, or just wandering back and forth. A swift glance about the room she's in assures her of a hiding place behind the door, should she need it.

ST: As the portly fella comes back into view you can just barely make out his muttering about someone having eaten the last Krispy Creme.

Blair suppresses a smirk as she overhears Chubster's mutterings and glides silently to fall in behind the door, awaiting his inevitable arrival at this hall of worship of sugary goodness. Once again setting down the shotgun against the wall, she reaches a hand into her back pocket, pulling out the piano wire and winding it around her hands unhurriedly, pulling it taut. If she weren't so intent on being quiet, it's quite conceivable she'd be humming a merry tune to herself, her eyes distant as she detaches herself somewhat from the situation.

ST: It only takes the fat bastard a moment to find his wallet, and sure enough down the hall towards the employee lounge he comes. His heavy footfalls muffled by the carpetting as he hums the pop goes the weasle song, "I hope they got cheetohs…"

Blair waits for the man to stand before one of the vending machines before she step silently out from behind the door. Any doubts are pushed firmly aside by her desire to find her goal, her features expressionless as she creeps up behind the dumpy chap, raising her hands, the cutting wire stretched tight between them. In a swift motion, she lifts the length up and over the short man's head, aiming to garotte him or break his neck as she jerks back with all her strength against his throat. Recalling her love's last words to her, she focuses her mind, utterly certain in her abilities.

ST: Making a loud irking sound, the fat man flails his arms and struggles as he is garrote from behind. The wire cutting into his chubby neck with ease and pushing his esophagus closed. In a matter of moments he goes limp in the embrace. Though still clearly alive as she holds him up.

Blair lowers the heavy man gently to the floor, stashing the wire away in her pocket again. Working fast, she strips off his jumpsuit and his hardhat, before using a short length of her rope to hogtie him, grimacing at the effort it takes to haul him into position. Leaving him behind some furniture in a shadowed corner, gagged with his own y-fronts, she hurriedly throws on his uniform over her own clothes, stripping off the balaclava and pulling on the hardhat instead, tucking her glossy dark hair up inside it. Collecting her shotgun from behind the door, she stashes it inside the overlarge suit, held gently under one arm. Moving to the doorway, she pauses to listen once more, to see if anything is amiss.

ST: Looking about you see and feel that nothing is amiss. Though the soft country you heard coming from down the fork in the corridor has stopped. You also have yourself a walkie talkie set to the worker's line. Its mostly a jarble of messages about unloading the cargo from the ship.

Blair steps out into the hall, swaggering a little and adopting an odd stance, making the jumpsuit appear fuller than it actually is as she walks down the hall. Though she keeps her head tilted down, the visor of the protective helmet obscuring her features, she keeps her eyes moving, searching for the Security Control Room.

ST: As you waddle pretending to be a fatman you notice the security control room down the fork in the corridor, the doors are open and you can hear two men inside talking, actually making fun of you (or rather the portly fella you're pretending to be). Talking about how it looks like he's trying to hide a snickers bar up his ass.

Blair smirks as she overhears the two guards, turning unhurriedly when she reaches the fork to approach the open door of the security room. Reaching one gloved hand inside the overlarge jumpsuit, she pulls forth the silenced shotgun as she appears in the doorway. Taking careful aim, she fires at the guard closest to her without hesitation, before expertly reloading and shifting her sight to the other. "Don't move." she states, simply, her voice pure velvet in it's calm, lowered tone. "Hands where I can see them." She adopts a wide stance, ensuring her balance remains firm.

ST: The first guard takes the bean bag to the base of his shoulders and doubles over, instantly knocked unconscious even as the electrical charge passes through his slumbering form causing him to convulse in pain. Turning about and looking completely flabbergasted the second guard quickly moves his hands to his head. "Wha.. what's going on here."

On one of the monitors you can see Johnny bound in some high tech gizmo with all kinds of shit hooked up to him. His clothes are ragged and covered in holes and it looks like they have been shooting him/using him as a test dummy for something and feeding him blood via a machine. As you look at the monitor he looks up at the camera.

Blair flits a glance over the monitors that dominate the room, her features hardening at something she sees before she looks back to the guard. Paling visibly with evident fury, she offers him a cold smile before raising the shotgun again, replying as she fires from almost point blank range. "Good question."

ST: The slug hit him in the middle of chest and like his friend he is out, though he's not breathing and even though the stun portion sparks, his body doesn't convulse. At all. (9 successes)

Blair curls her upper lip in a snarl of distaste, closing the door behind her and stepping over the bodies to the main computer. Not sitting down, she simply bends from the waist, at an angle to keep an eye on the unconscious guard while she types with dizzying speed. Locking down the warehouse, she ensures the main entrance is secure, before trapping the four guards in the barracks. The door to the lab she leaves open, but every other room save this one are now cut off. As an afterthought, she disables all alarms too, before jamming the system and stepping back. Moving back to the guards, she disarms them, taking their weapons and keys for herself. Ignoring the dead guard, she drags the other further into the room, making use of her rope once again to tie him securely to a support under the desk, well away from any buttons. She's pleased to discover a keycard in one of their pockets, taking it with her as she leaves the room, discarding the jumpsuit and hardhat. Clad entirely in black, her hair dishevelled, skin pale with suppressed rage, she closes the door firmly behind her, reloads the shotgun and stalks off toward the stairwell, her footfalls incredibly light.

ST: Ground floor looks to be your normal warehouse save the two guards you see standing about twenty feet to your right guarding a heavily secured door. Around each of their necks is a keycard.

Blair takes cover behind a stack of crates, gently setting down her shotgun and drawing her glocks instead, ever so carefully clicking off the safetys. Stealing a glimpse of her targets around the edge of a crate, standing at full height, she makes a mental note of their positions, before swinging around and firing several rounds at them, her feet planted for stability, toned arms absorbing the recoil of her handguns.

ST: As you spin the corner and begin to unload with the semi-automatic weapons they catch the first guard square in the head, his form becoming limp as his head all but explodes. The second turns and is able to bring up his submachine gun and firing it at you though to no effect as the kevlar stops the rounds and your own bullets rip through his body like jello.

Blair grimaces, slightly winded and bruised from the shots, though far from hurting. Keeping her guns raised ahead of her for the moment, sweeping her blue eyes across the vast space, she crosses the floor toward the ominous doorway, her last barrier, an aura of cool indifference radiating from her as she blithely steps across still more bodies. Faced at last with the door, aware of what awaits her inside, she pauses to draw a steadying breath to one side, giving those within the chance to appear.

ST: As you stand there waiting, gathering your breath the world beneath you rocks and quakes as an explosion can be heard /very/ close by. The sound of several glass windows shattering can be heard from upstairs.

Blair keeps her footing, blinking in momentary surprise at the violent tremor. Seeing an opportunity, however, she sidles along the wall, keeping her back pressed to it as she creates some distance between herself and the solid lab door. Crouching quietly in the shadow of a stray crate, she waits to see if the guards appear to investigate, taking aim at the doorway in anticipation.

ST: The sound of heavy locks sliding out of place can be heard and a moment later, the mechanized door begins to open revealing two guards. Their weapons ar at shoulder level as they immediately take a sweeping look outward. Not having spotted the hidden girl.

Blair exhales slowly as she squeezes the triggers of her glocks, holding steady as she fires at the two guards without hesitation, as soon as they are in a clear line of sight from her hiding place. Azure eyes unblinking, she unloads a few rounds from each gun toward the pair, knelt steadily upon one booted foot and bended knee. The angle of the crate offers some protection as well as further cover from searching eyes.

ST: As she opens fire, it seems her impeccable luck has start to falter as she completely misses the closer guard. But she catches the second in the neck, instantly dropping him. Whirling about and opening fire upon her concealed position, the remaining guards bullets slam into the crates, one catching her in the shoulder as the others are stopped by various obstacles.

The girl releases a low cry of pain, gritting her teeth as she automatically drops to the floor on her good side, keeping her handguns trained upon the remaining guard, firing upward now toward him from floor level, still largely concealed beyond the crate.

ST: As his target changes position, the guard is left firing at open air in his last moments of life. The bullets catching the underside of his body armor and tearing through him send him falling backwards as he begins to bleed out. From the door a man in a lab coat pops out just enough to begin firing randomly about in Blair's general direction though to no real effect.

Blair pauses long enough to take careful aim at what she can see of the man, before firing three times, her sight trained upon his head with detached, almost clinical precision and concentration. Her injured left shoulder seems to have left her at adisadvantage, and she chooses to fire with her steadier right hand, supporting the wrist with her left.

ST: The first bullet misses, hitting the wall near the corner and plinking off in a richochet at random. The second catches the man in the neck sending him staggering backwards, grasping at the wound, just as the third and final bullet catches him in the eye and goes in. His head being reduced to little more than cherry jello on the wall behind him. At this moment you hear another set of explosions from the back of the warehouse, followed by the sounds of people shouting and small arms fire. The two remaining scientists can be heard trying to do something inside the vaulted room.

She hauls herself to her feet, flexing her shoulder as the wound heals, the strength of Johnny's blood evidently agreeing with her as she allows the ghost of a smile. Reloading swiftly as she moves along the wall to the doorway, she pauses only for a splitsecond beside it, before glancing briefly around it to ascertain what's going on inside. If she's alarmed by the new explosions and commotion, she doesn't show it, her features set in steely determination beneath the cover of her balaclava.

ST: Within the room you can see the two scientists, one with a crowbar the other with a surgical tool with a pronged end, both working at what is clearly a weapons locker. Johnny is still set into the odd restraints though they have manuevered the back of the restraining plate he is being served up on so that it is horizontal rather than still vertical. Multiple fresh wounds cover his body ranging from cuts and bruises to bullet holes that refuse to bleed.

Blair smirks as she steps fully into the doorway, both guns raised ahead of her. Nonchalantly firing a few rounds at the back of one of the scientists heads, clearly intent upon killing him outright, she keeps the other Glock trained upon his partner, waiting for his inevitable turn around. Her voice is calm and even as she addresses him, her instructions kept simple and to the point. "Drop that." she says, clearly, flitting a glance to the makeshift weapon or lockpick.. whatever the hell he thinks he's using it for, in his hand. Her gaze is kept resolutely away from the injured figure bound securely nearby, though this is evidently who she refers to next. "And release him. Slowly."

ST: As the report of gunfire echoes off the interior walls the first scientist is struck dead as the bullets peirce his body and blood begins to pool from his mouth. Dropping into a pool of blood, his comrade immediately drops the tool in his hand at her words and holds up his hands, "Don't shoot!" He pleads before he moves towards Johnny's bound form, typing some commands into the console as he gulps and looks towards the girl, "You.. you know what he is.. I mean.. If I let him go we're both as good as dead.. please Miss.." Fear evident in his eyes.

Keeping the gun steady upon the frightened man, the black-clad figure chuckles humorlessly, their expression unclear beneath the cover of their balaclava. "I know what he is." she agrees, quietly, moving around to join the scientist, standing behind him. Waiting until the codes clear, she then steps in close, her slender form pressed to his back as she reaches up a gloved hand, taking a tight grip in his hair. She presses the muzzle of her remaining glock to the base of his spine, leaning forward to murmur in his ear as she yanks his head abruptly to one side, leaving his throat vulnerable as her domitor is freed. ".. and you were all dead the moment you touched him."

The second he is freed Johnny lurches up, uncaring of the wires and tubes still connected to him. His eyes wide with hunger as he immediately wraps powerful arms about the man's body and sinks his teeth in. There is no mercy, there is no kindness. His raw beast unleshed as he begins to feed heavily from the frightful man, his wounds closing and sealing with each gulp as his eyes slowly begin to return to normal.

Blair steps back, her crystalline eyes at last rising to alight upon Johnny, no hint of fear apparent within their sapphire depths. A small smile even plays across her lips as she pulls free her confining balaclava, away now from prying eyes. She keeps her gun in hand, though, calmly reloading as her beloved drinks his fill, remaining silent. Her attention flits thoughtfully toward the weapons locker for a moment.

Johnny does not yet meet Blair's gaze as he drains the man of every last of blood within his body. His impossibly strong arms crushing the man in his grip, squeezing him like a juice box to get every last drop of precious vitea.

Remaining unperturbed at the man's demise, occasionally glancing out through the door to the main floor of the warehouse, Blair still refrains from speaking, instead picking her way across the destruction littering the tiles underfoot, surprisingly quiet in her sturdy boots. Pausing in the doorway, she cocks her head to one side, obviously listening intently as she waits.

Johnny tosses the corpse to the side and slips off the table. His form immediately changing as he takes on a appearance similar to her own. Dressed from head to toe in black he kicks open a fire hose and axe holder and grabs the axe from within. Then moving towards Blair's side he places a kiss upon her cheek, "Glad Enlightened managed to hack your computer."

Blair turns a little, casting a glance and a soft smile up toward him following the brush of his lips. She still says nothing, though, only standing on tiptoe to capture his mouth in a fierce, possessive kiss. Amidst the death and destruction surrounding them, she relishes the contact for only a moment, before drawing back, not meeting his gaze. With a swift jerk of her arm, she grasps and reloads the silenced shotgun, offering it toward him. "Time to go, my love." Stepping daintily over the bodies scattered outside the door, she stridesacross the warehouse toward the stairwell.

Johnny shakes his head and holds up the axe, allowing her to keep the shotgun as he follows her out of the hole he's been kept in. Chuckling softly as he looks over her handiwork. Pausing he looks over his shoulder, sniffing noticably, "We've got to get. There's Lycans.. Did you download their database already?"

Blair jogs briskly up the stairs, slinging the shotgun over her shoulder by it's strap. "No. But I can." Glancing back over her shoulder as she reaches the floor above, her expression is dark with worry. "There's some serious shit going on outside. I reckon getting out the same way I got in is our best bet."

Johnny follows behind her nodding his head up and down, "Clearly. But I don't want them having any information on me or you on file.. Take their shit and wipe it clean, we can go over it at home." Smashing cameras as they pass them.

Blair chuckles as she watches him. "Those are already off. But I agree. Control Room is this way." Her long legs carry her with graceful strides along the corridor. "I left a guy alive in here if you need..?"

Johnny nods his head and turns down the hall, already catching the scent, "Thanks, beautiful." Licking his lips as he towards the employee lounge, "Download everything and then wipe them clean. If you got any monsters in your bag, feel free to share them with their computer.."

Blair watches Johnny's powerful form as he heads off down the adjoining hallway, smiling indulgently before she heads to the control center of the compound. Casually kicking the legs of one of the corpses aside as she enters, she draws her sleek laptop from her backpack, setting it down on the counter and connecting it up swiftly.

Johnny finishes his feeding and then heads towards the area he saw Blair go, sniffing the air as he mutters, reaching the door frame he knocks on the frame, "Kill the sprinklers if you can. This place is on fire and I say let it burn."

Blair nods silently, engrossed in her work as she types with dizzying speed and accuracy. Leaning across the desk, she flips a switch and lets her fingertips dance across a keypad, attempting to override the safety systems before rising to her feet. Offering him a sultry smile, she closes her laptop and slides it back into the bag across her back, readjusting it's weight evenly across her shoulders. "All we need now is some marshmallows.." she murmurs, with a soft chuckle, relaxing somewhat as she approaches him. "Ready then?"

Johnny smiles and nods, Swinging the axe and imbedding it into the console, he immediately swoops her up into his arms and begins to run back towards the employee lounge. Moving with super human speed and agility he crashes through the window there, then stepping up onto the fire escape he leaps atop of the warehouse. The fire can clearly be seen raging in the back and to the sides. Judging the distances he wets his lips, "This might hurt.."

Blair presses her face into the crook of his shoulder, bracing herself. Her heart thuds dully against her ribs, the resulting adrenaline of the night's events catching up with her in a rush. Inhaling deeply, Johnny's familiar scent seems to soothe her, though her grip on his clothing remains tight as she holds close to him. "I trust you." she murmurs softly, almost inaudible over the roar of the raging inferno consuming the warehouse. With that, she closes her eyes tight and waits.

Johnny tightens his grip and concentrates for a moment, both of their forms fading from reaity in that instant. Running ahead at full speed Johnny leaps through the air and lands upon the guard post. Though before the men inside can respond to the noise he leaps again, once again making them invisible he continues guiding her by leaps and bounds, his voice speaking in her mind, "Where's the car dear?"

Blair shudders involuntarily at the voice inside her head, caught off guard by the invasive nature of it but recovering well. Her own mental voice is uncertain and distant, unused to this. "About a block away.. in an alleyway.." She remains perfectly still in his arms, save for the light, shallow breathing that raises and drops her chest steadily.

Johnny continues to run and leap, trying to clear the distance as quick as possible, not once looking back at the inferno they leave behind. Stopping at the alleyway she dictated he emits a sigh of relief. Dropping the obfuscation he looks down at the girl in his arms, a smile upon his face as he gives her an affectionate squeeze, "I know I say this alot but I mean it. I love you.. I truly, truly do.."

Blair slowly raises her face to regard him soberly, relieved herself to be back on solid ground, glancing about briefly to reassure herself of this fact. Returning her wide blue eyes to his, accompanied by a slow curve across her lips, she wraps her arms about his neck and presses close, trailing soft, reverent kisses upward across his throat and along his masculine jawline. "On the contrary.. feel free to say it as much as you like.." she replies gently, sliding one hand upward over the nape of his neck, into his hair smoothly. "And I love you too. I'd die for you.. obviously." A slight laugh carries this last word, with a brief glance toward the fire that lights the night sky in the distance.

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