"Look, my child, not with your eyes, but with your heart. Listen to the whispers on the wind. The sounds you hear are not merely leaves brushing on grass. No, those are the very spirits we have called to us this night. Honor them as they have blessed our caern with their presence."


As Luna's most slender light shines on her sister Gaia, she reveals secrets of the spirits and their vast realms. The Theurge is the child of the crescent moon, and he is wisest in the ways of the Umbra and its inhabitants. Some call these seers the daydreamers of the werewolves, and many do seem to be a bit detached from their brethren. They can see and hear things that others cannot, as if they live half in the world of the physical and half in the world of the spirit. For all his alien solitude, though, the Theurge holds an important place in any pack. Without him, the werewolves would forget the spiritual side of their nature. They might wander lost and blind if they did not have his visions and dreams to guide them.

The Theurge is usually his pack's ritemaster, the, one who knows the most rites and takes the responsibility of performing them for the pack’s benefit. He is also the one who typically negotiates with encountered spirits, as the one most likely to speak their language and understand their unusual modes of thought. The Gifts of the crescent moon assist the Theurge in these endeavors, although it also takes a certain kind of mentality to learn to "think" as spirits do. The closer a Theurge grows to his spirit allies, the less familiar he becomes to people used to thinking in more physical terms.

Only an idiot would call a Theurge cryptic or equivocal to his face, but many of the Crescent Moons live up to the stereotype. They have a penchant for speaking in riddles and spouting off enigmatic sayings, simply because trafficking with spirits has made such talk second nature to them. Those Theurges born under the waning moon are apparently more adept at binding and forcing spirits to their will (and battling evil spirits to boot), while a Theurge brought forth under the waxing moon has a more charming, cajoling manner with denizens of the Umbra.

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