Many refuse to call the Tremere a clan at all, since these usurpers received their dubious title by eradicating one of the oldest and most revered clans - the Salubri. Tremere himself committed the most heinous crime known to Cainites, the deliberate cannibalization of the Salubri Antediluvian, Saulot. Although the clan is young, having come into existence only in the past two centuries, the warlocks of clan Tremere are still powerful. They lack any real allies, however, and they are beset on all sides by mortal and Cainite enemies. As the lords and princes of Europe jockey with each other, many begin to look toward the Usurpers (and their potent magic), welcoming more and more warlocks to their courts.

Organization: Out of a desperate need for coherence (and, supposedly, for the sake of a massive cabalistic working) the Seven are slowly formalizing the House's old hierarchy into something reverentially dubbed the Pyramid. Eventually, they hope to have seven apprentices under each chantry regent, seven regents under each regional lord, seven lords under each of the Seven, and thence to Great Tremere himself - who rests in Ceoris, the High Chantry and greatest fortress of the House, located high in the Transylvanian Alps.

Ascending these degrees is a labrynthine business, requiring feats both mystical and mundane. With all their looming perils, many Tremere still find the nightly tasks of chantry establishment and survival far more important than impressing some remote superior. But the clan's initiatory oath declares death the price of open defiance, and ranking magi have the means to carry out that threat.

Sobriquet: Usurpers

Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy
Thaumaturgy Rituals

Weaknesses: Tremere culture encourages obedience to House leadership, and that obediance is augmented by the forced partial blood oath - once drink of the combined vitae of the Seven - that each new acolyte must undertake. Tremere superiors thus have a -1 difficulty to Dominate their clanmates of lower rank. Perhaps more dangerous still, each Tremere surrenders a vial of his own blood to his immediate superior, and the High Chantry at Ceoris is rapidly assembling its own exhaustive collection of Tremere blood. The blood magic of Thaumaturgy makes the lesser Tremere a potential target for dark rites of punishment.

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