True Brujah

Believed to descend from the original progenitor of the Brujah clan, Ilyes, who was diabolized by one of her own descendants, whose name is allegedly Troile. Vampires who call themselves Brujah are believed to descend from this usurper, while the True Brujah claim lineage leading directly to the original clan founder, Ilyes herself.

True Brujah often hide within the ranks of the Modern Brujah. It is said that they are biding their time till they can bring the "usurpers" back into the fold.

Unlike their cousins, the True Brujah are said to be dispassionate and cold even to the point where they find summoning emotions to be difficult. They are feared for their alleged control over the flow of time (Temporis). Many True Brujah are supposedly members of the Sabbat sect called The Black Hand, though there is some confusion on this matter.

Disciplines: Temporis, Potence, Presence

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