Unintentional Cruelty To A Redfaced Chinaman

At the far end of the room, near the wall and several paces before the huge hole in the center of the floor, a big pile of sheets and blankets is wrapped partially around a young latina, sleeping in the darkness. Her sleeping position is rather odd, uncovered from the waist up and head tilted a little more at an angle than one would normally sleep at. Still, slow breathing and a very faint, almost catlike purr that must be the extent of her snoring flows from her. Not a bit of her hair covers her neckline, having all been swiped out of the way to trail off behind her head in ebon silky waves.

JianJun walks into the place casually, but quickly turns his attention to the girl and with a boyish, mischievous grin, he tip-toes towards her. He is extremely careful to use all his sneaking prowess while covering the distance over broken rubble and such. Once he is within a pace of her - still safely outside of knife-reach, Jin begins jumping up and down violently and saying loudly, "Stampede! There's a stampede! Coming this way! Get up! Get up! Sttttaaaaammmmpppeeeeedddddeeee!"

"Dios, excepto nostros!" cries out the young latina as she furiously attempts to extricate herself from her half-cocoon of covers and sheets, pure panic directing her movements until she blinks to stare over through the darkness at the outline of Jin, her actions ceasing as she simply stares with furrowed brow. "Not funny, Mister Jin. Not funny," she murmurs poutily with thicker accent than usual that would add a humor to her words if not for the fact she seems genuinely perturbed.

JianJun grins and plops down beside the girl, "It /was/ terrible, wasn't it? I shall not do it again. Promise." Still grinning like a little boy, the man continues on, "So. Did I miss anything interesting after my departure? That mantis was nasty, but he won't be bothering anyone again."

The young woman's arms wrap about herself as she pulls the covers a little about her and looks to Jin in the darkness, "I…actually. No..I can't remember much after you left. It is nighttime again already?" Her brow furrows once more and she stares off towards the hole in the center of the big laundry room, shaking her head a little. "I don't understand it…but yes…it won't bother anyone else!" Whatever is on her mind seems to be weighing heavily there as it slows her words and lends to general distraction.

JianJun looks concerned and waits a few moments before inquiring, "What's on your mind, my friend? Are you feeling ill? These are rough times, but that does not mean we cannot meet them with a smile. Come, come, tell me what is the matter?" Looking at the girl, the genuine concern for her is appearant on his face, "Evidently, you've not been sleeping well. I cannot say that I blame you - being that you live in this condition. Perhaps you should consult with Gabriel and receive his permission to leave this place and have a few nights' sleep."

"I…well…perhaps. I do not feel ill, maybe groggy and a little dizzy still," Yasmira replies softly, pulling up more of the sheets to wrap about her form as she looks to Jin. "All I remember after your leaving is being sent back up here by the others. I don't think it'd have happened if Mister Gabriel was there, but he must have been busy. But they send me up here and I fall asleep. Not sure if it was dream, but I woke when Mister Freydstadt came up here. Said I had had a nightmare. I remember. It was blackdreams -bad memories. But Mister Freydstadt talked to me and..I fell back asleep. I don't remember what else he said. I just…dropped off. Like a light turned off."

JianJun furrows his eyebrows, accompanied by a deep frown, "Exactly….what sort of dreams? Out of curiousity, do you feel physically sore in any way in any place?" The man seems concerned and aggitated. "Anything of that sort?"

The honey-skinned young woman tilts her head to the side, rubbing her neck a little afterwards as it catches a little, "Sore? Well..just bruises and my neck. I must have slept badly. Odd angle. But the dreams…I…just…" Her lips purse before she murmurs in Spanish, then continues in English, "Las memorias me frecuentan. Bad…bad memories."

JianJun nods, "Let me see your neck, yes?" I'll just take a look, see if there is any bruising or knots that I might work out for you." The fellow moves beside the girl to more closely inspect the troubled area. "Let me see here…" He peers closely, prodding here and there with his fingers."

Nodding faintly, the young woman tilts her head for Jin to examine as she falls silent except for occasianal near-silent wincing. The flesh seems faintly tender to the press, but there is no bruising or sign of injury. If not for the lack of knots to be worked out, it would appear quite the result of her awkward sleeping position.

JianJun grumbles and nods, "Alright. Alright. You appear to be fairly well-off. Though, were I you, I would absolutely consult Gabriel about any questionable conduct of Markus or the others." Looking over her neck one more time, Jin fusses, "Everything else is fine, yes?" Even as he speaks, the fellow pulls the girls shirt collar from side to to side, inspecting the base of her neck and upper-collar. "You seem to be fine, really."

"Yes, Mister Jin. But I…I don't think anyone would do anything to me. I am…well…under Mister Gabriel's protection," the latina whispers. Surely enough, even with the moving of her collar, there's still no visible trace of any injury. Most of the bruises elsewhere…her arms and what can be seen of midsection as she shrugs off the sheets to let them rest at her waist, seem to be healing decently from her fall the other day. "But…what .. 'questionable conduct' do you think has happened?" she asks, her voice softer, and accent all the heavier for it. Her eyes search out Jin's with cautious curiosity in the darkness.

JianJun shrugs off-handedly, his face completely devoid of any readable emotion for the moment, "I do not have an idea." The man speaks with perfect neutrality. "If you feel safe under these conditions, far be it from me to affect a change for the worse. Though, really, you should insist upon at least a decent bed. And perhaps a change of clothes." Jin pulls at the several-times torn shirt that Yasmira wears - perhaps, somewhere deeeeep down in his often boyish mind, he /wills/ the shirt to disinegrate and fall off. "I will see if I can arrange to bring a change for you on my next visit. It is…exceptionally dangerous to go shopping these days."

"Thank you, Mister Jin. I…yes. It would be nice to have something else to wear. It has ..how you say.. seen better days, no?" she laughs softly, a faint dusky rose hue slipping into the honey of her cheeks as the shirt actually does rip faintly, but not enough to make much more of the young woman visible to him. "But as for a bed…there are no decent beds left here. The place is… de… demolished." Glancing away, she adds in an even softer whisper, "And I only feel safe here when with Mister Gabriel."

JianJun nods in understanding, "Yes, of course. But really - the least they could do is clear a place for you with." Bringing his arms up and flexing as hard as he can, Jin says in a deep voice, "You can feel safe with me around. I am as tough as any." He grins and puffs out his chest to complete the picture. For a few seconds, he holds the pose then deflates as he exhales, "As I said - I will try to bring some fresh clothes. Perhaps some fresh meat as well."

Smile forming on the young woman's lips, the latina bursts into giggles at the puffing up and deflating of the Chinaman, a warmth and amusemnt in her eyes. "Again, Mister Jin. I must thank you and yes…I can see you are tough as any. You must teach me sometime. Help me get better with the gun." She leans back against the wall, the sheets and covers that pool at her waist making for a lower-back rest though her head rests merely against the wall itself.

JianJun smiles in response, "Of course I will show you. I imagine, once the city is back to being a city - and things get repaired, you will be the toughest latina in the city. No exceptions." A sigh comes from the fellow as the thinks about that future time, when the city is a city once more, "I shall make real estate transactions as quickly as possible. Once they open the city up to outside contruction. A waterfront home, first. Sushi shop and professional cutlery, next. It shall be wonderful. There will be music and dancing…and food! All the shrimp you can handle. Lobster…" The asian stares off into the darkness, dreaming aloud.

Laughing softly now, the latina nods, calmer smile on her lips now as she whispers, "Perhaps I shall find Father too. Maybe he made it out without being sent back to Mexico. And oh…I could not imagine. Do not talk of the food, you shall make me hungrier." She giggles and shakes her head, ebon hair falling about her shoulders now. "But yes..maybe I will be toughest latina in the city. Tough enough to not have to worry. Never again." The words fade off at the end as her tone becomes less dreamy and more sobered, almost enough to lower her voice to more of a murmur.

JianJun nods a few times, "Gabriel would pommel anyone that did anything unpleasant to you, I'm absolutely sure." After a few moments, he continues, "I would do my best, as well. Though, as I say, you won't need external protection. You'll be protecting me before you know it."

The young woman laughs softly, nose scrunching up a little as she laughs and then shakes her head a little to sigh and lean back against the wall a little more heavily now, "I wish you or Mister Gabriel had been there to protect me months ago. I might have found Father and been to safety already before any of this could have happened. No dragons…no huge bugs. It is all unreal."

"Bugs! Oh no!" Jin covers his eyes in much the same fashion he covered the girl's eyes, "The bugs - so terrible!" Peeking from behind his hand, the Asian fellow says, "It's alright. Everything works out. You're better for all the experiences. Though, living in shambles like this … will not do. We'll get you out and about making plenty to be comfortable in Prada. That /is/ what the devils wears, is it not?" He winks mischievously.

For whatever reason, the young woman does not catch the allusion at all, confusion crossing her features as she cants her head to one side just faintly, looking to Jin, "Prada? And I would not know what the devils wear. I thought devils went about bare, but even if they wore whatever Prada is, why would I then wish to look like a devil?" Yasmira sounds to be genuinely baffled as she peers at Jin.

JianJun blinks a few times and laughs softly, "It was an American joke. Do not worry about it overmuch. We'll have you in the finest clothes you wish to wear. Shoes with heels like this-!" He holds his hands a good 6" apart in exaggeration, "It will be wonderful. The best is always yet to come."

Yasmira bursts into giggles, shaking her head with large brown eyes just glimmering, "I could not walk! Surely you jest.." The giggles fade as the latina looks to Jin a little more earnestly, "Though I do look forward to nicer clothes. Something not..ripped. I fear soon I will show more than I want." Her brow furrows a little worriedly and she glances down to herself, running her fingertips over the rips of her shirt self-consciously.

JianJun examines Yasmira's shirt critically, "Well. A few more days and you'll be wearing a rather explicit bathing suit. That is certain." The man - a boy once more - flushes light pink for a few moments. "Yes, well. It's not all bad, really. I've been to the beach. People get away with wearing bandaids, even. You'll do fine. A fashion-show all your own." The asian stumbles over his words and finally just shuts up.

At Jin's gaze and words, the rosiness of the young woman's cheeks only deepens as she squirms a little, "I could not imagine…I will have to find something. If not rip some sheet and make a shirt of sorts. Though it would take another to tie where I could not reach, but I could find something. I hope." Such critical examination accompanying Yasmira's squirm gives a subtle hint that no bra lies beneath.

JianJun blinks a few times, still flustered, "Yes. Well." He coughs a little, "I suppose once you've made something up I could assist you. If that is the biggest of your worries, you're quite well-off indeed." The man rubs the bridge of his nose, his embarassment painted all over his face and translated into his body language. He clears his throat softly and remains quiet.

Laughing softly, her embarassment fading just a little, " I guess you are right, Mister Jin. But I wish it was only the worst of my worries. Weird creatures that should not exist are what worry me." Pulling her legs from the covers to bend her knees in front of herself, the latina reaches her arms out before her to rest her arms atop her knees as she gazes off into the darkness, seemingly oblivious to any flusterment she may be causing the Chinaman…and certainly oblivious to the fact that a small peak of rather pert and full 'side-boob' shows through one of the small rips in her shirt.

JianJun stares through the little hole in the woman's shirt as discreetly as possible - which is not at all. His face as bright red as possible for an Asian's to be, the man unbuckles his bulletproof vest and removes it. Methodically, he also removes his greatly smudged but mostly intact silk button-up shirt and, once bare-chested, holds the shirt out to Yasmira, "Your…modesty…is more important than my own. Please take it? I'll find something else, I'm sure." With his free hand he leans down and picks up his bulletproof vest and slings it, unbuckled over his head to fall loosely around his chest. The red-faced, highly lethal, combat-weathered man continues to hold out his shirt.

Blinking with surprise, Yasmira blushes and dips her head gratefully to the Chinaman as she accepts the shirt, "Oh…thank you, Mister Jin. I will be much less worried of being indecent now..thank you." Upon taking the shirt, she draws up to rest on her knees as she shifts her back to face Jin, placing the shirt beside her so that she can reach down both hands to pull off the ragged shirt in one smooth movement, tossing the light blue fabric uselessly aside. All Jin can see in the darkness is the smoothness of her back and obvious definition that shows the progression of her training. She reaches for the button-up, swinging it around to slip one arm and then the other in before lifting her hands to bring her hair out from the neckline and then adjust the collar and start buttoning up the shirt. She doesn't turn around until it's buttoned up to all but the top button or so which are certainly too high for comfort unless one is wearing a tie.

JianJun buckles his vest with both hands tightly around his body and nods, satisfied. "That's better. You feel better, yes? You see, already the situation is improving. Soon, it won't be a shirt - it will be a wardrobe of dresses. And happiness will replace this …" He gestures at the dirty, half-demolished place. "It will be an excellent time to live. I assure you." Jin reaches out and murmurs to himself and sticks his finger into a somewhat large bullet hole in the shirt at the left shoulder. "I suppose the shirt has its defects…" He rolls his left shoulder uncomfortably at the mere memory.

"Oh…I am sure it will be…much better. And I worry not about a small hole when my other shirt looked like it was attacked by a very …playful cat?" She shakes her head, laughing softly before she draws her knees up to herself, wrapping her arms around them, "But what happend? The hole…it looks like…did you get shot? How?" the latina asks more softly, a little concern in her voice as her head turns to face Jin.

JianJun grumbles and answers quietly, no longer blushing, "I suppose, techinically…the wall shot me." He does not seem to wish to speak of it further. "In any event, my friend, I think I should take a walk…it's a little warm in here for my liking. Yes. Quite warm. Maybe I'll find a shirt out in the jungle somewhere." Grinning, he takes a step back from the woman. "By your leave?"

"The wall?" Yasmira asks curiously, repeating and seemingly confused. "Perhaps my English is failing me again. But oh…if you need fresh air, by all means. Thank you again and be safe, Mister Jin. I look forward to you visiting once more." The young woman pulls the covers back up around her a little, seemingly not having the same trouble with the overabundance of 'warmth' that the man complains of. She closes her eyes, relaxing as she sighs softly, mind already elsewhere as the Chinaman moves to depart.

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