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Character creation
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The Vampire: The Masquerade character-creation system is designed around five basic precepts. Keep these in mind while generating the persona you will assume in the World of Darkness.

You may create a character of any age, from any culture and from any nation, subject to the Storyteller's approval. However, all characters begin the game as neonate vampires who have only recently left the safety of their sires' protection. All players' characters are assumed to have no more than 25 years of experience as Kindred. They know relatively little of Kindred society, other than what their sires have told them. This allows characters to experience the World of Darkness as it unfolds before them in all its malignancy and mystery, rather than having the lore of ages already under their belts. A character's apparent age is the age at which she was Embraced and became one of the Kindred.

The character-creation system is intended more as a persona development device than as a strict system of mechanical codification. Who wants more rules at the expense of an interesting character or a good story? The character cannot exist as mere dots on a page - roleplaying is always more important than numbers.

Players have a certain number of points to spend on Traits they would like their characters to have. Players also get "freebie points" at the end of character creation; they may spend these to round out their characters, add personality and further differentiate their characters from those of other players.

A Trait score of 1 is poor, while a score of 5 is excellent. Thus, a character with a single dot in a Trait is either not very good with that Trait or is a beginner. Don't think that your character sucks because she's only got one dot in Manipulation. The experience system presented on p. 141 allows characters to grow and improve their Traits. Traits are rated according to a human scale (except vampiric Traits like Advantages and blood pool, which are rated on a Kindred standard).

It is your responsibility to take on a role not endemically detrimental to the coterie. Vampires are solitary creatures, so there has to be some reason you've joined up with your Kindred companions (the other players' characters). Despite the fact that the hostile World of Darkness forces coteries together, Kindred don't just hang out for the hell of it.

Step One: Character Concept

Choose Nature and Demeanor.

Step Two: Select Attributes

Prioritize the three categories: Physical, Social, Mental (7/5/3). Your character automatically has one dot in each Attribute.
Rate Physical Traits: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina.
Rate Social Traits: Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance.
Rate Mental Traits: Perception, Intelligence, Wits.

Step Three: Select Abilities

Prioritize the three categories: Talents, Skills, Knowledges (13/9/5).
Choose Talents, Skills, Knowledges.
No Ability higher than 4 in this stage, and must be described in your background.

Step Four: Select Advantages

Merits and Flaws
Choose Disciplines (3)
Backgrounds (5)
Rate Virtues (7) - Your character automatically has one dot in each Virtue.

Step Five: Finishing Touches

Write a character background:
Endymion's Guide to Backgrounds for Vampires

Spend freebie points (15)

Freebie Points

Trait Cost
Attribute 5 per dot
Ability 2 per dot
Discipline 7 per dot
Background 1 per dot
Virtue 2 per dot
Humanity 1 per dot
Willpower 1 per dot
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