Forever in the shadows of the Lasombra, the Ventrue are slowly rising to challenge their dominance for the medieval night. The 13th century is their age, and while clans such as the Lasombra are busy scheming, the Toreador are lost to their art, the Brujah raging and the Tzimisce ruling over desolate kingdoms, the Ventrue will take and do what they must. The energetic Ventrue know that their time is now, and while the Brujah and Lasombra hold on to the Mediterranean cradle of European civilization, the Ventrue are forging ahead in Britain and Germany crafting new empires and rallying to their birthright as leaders and defenders of all Cainites.

Organization: The Ventrue believe firmly in Cainite feudalism, and they organize themselves accordingly. Oaths of loyalty (sometimes backed by blood) are common between Ventrue of differing rank. Others join chivalric orders of the Damned, some of wich exist as a conspiracy within mortal orders. The largest one is the Order of the Black Cross, which is hidden within the Teutonic Knights.

Sobriquet: Warlords (some still use the less-flattering Patrician sobriquet)

Clan Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence

Weaknesses: All Warlords have a specific limitation on their feeding habits. They may drink the vitae of only one type of mortal (priests, non-Christians, virgins, Englishmen, and so on), chosen at the time of character creation. While they can physically imbibe the blood of those mortals who are not among their selected prey, they gain no sustenance from it. This weakness does not extend to the blood of other vampires, however. The Ventrue can always gain sustenance from that.

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