We Can't Stop Here! This Is Bat Country.

Daniel purses his lips and pauses for a moment, eyeing the phone. He wrinkles his nose in thought, studying the screen for another moment before suddenly bursting into an ear-to-ear grin. "Eureka!", he exclaims, pushing himself from the car and almost jumping for joy. His push off the vehicle almost collides him with the man in the suit.

The handsome figure, raises an eyebrow and frowns as the distracted fellow pushes off of the car. He reaches forward and grabs either of Daniel's shoulders, keeping him steady as his silver-green eyes look the man up and down. "Careful." He mutters, his left hand falling back to his side while his right pats Daniel twice on the shoulder, before returning to its pocket. "Those things are dangerous. No wonder we're not allowed to drive with them anymore."

Daniel glances up at the man and lets out an embarassed chuckle. "My fault. Excitement got the best of me!", he states, tucking the phone into his pocket. When his hand returns, it has a lighter and a pack of cigarettes. Slipping a butt between his lips, he holds the lighter up the cigarette and offers, "Care for a smoke?"

The handsome man raises an eyebrow at the man, a slight smirk tugging at his lips. He begins to shake his head before suddenly.. he blinks, and his eyes quickly, and quite obviously, become dilated. He takes a step away from the man and continues blinking, head shifting this way and that as he looks at his surroundings. "What.. the fuck?" He mutters outloud, wincing away from some passing person as he reaches up, scratching his neck violently.

Daniel pauses, eyes locked on the stranger. His eyes widen just slightly and the cigarette hangs on the edge of his lips. Holding the lighter in the ready position, he stares curiously at the man and asks, "You alright, pal?".

Elijah scratches at his neck briefly before forcing his hand away and turning back to Daniel, staring at the man as if just realizing he's there. "Yeah. Yeah, hey you still got that cigarette? I don't feel good." He says, blinking and glancing around with a huge degree of paranoia. "Come on man I need a smoke. Fuck this is bad."

Daniel keeps most of his body still. Only his arm moving, he extends his hand to the man and slides a cigarette halfway out of the box. "All yours, man. You having a seizure or something?" With his other hand, his thumb pulls the wheel of the lighter and it sparks, bringing life to his cigarette.

The handsome man quickly snatches the lit cigarette, putting it to his lips and taking a hefty drag. His eyes roam around, smoke pouring from his nostrils and mouth as he sucks down the cancer stick, his eyes never lingering on one thing for long. "I'm fucked." He answers in a hectic voice, taking a step in a random direction. He seems to jump everytime someone brushes against him, his entire body brimming with surplus energy, his hands shaking and suffering from spasms. "I donno. Fuck. Someone must have.." He trails off, biting his bottom lip as his silver-green eyes move this way and that. "This is not good. Not good. Where's Devon? I need Devon. This is not good."

Daniel cocks his head to the side, putting away the cigarettes and the lighter. "You want me to call someone, man? You're freaking out hardcore. You can get in the car, if you want. I'll unlock it. Maybe if you sit for a bit? I dunno." He shrugs, glancing side to side as the suit continues to lose it.

"No way. No fucking /way/." He says, blinking and taking another drag from the cigarette as he stares at the car. "I can't get in /there/. What the fuck are you thinking man?" He shakes his head violently and backs up, knocking against the brick wall of a building behind him. "You're crazy if you think I'm climbing in that fucking thing man. It's bat country in there."

Daniel arches a brow and gestures to the car. "Bat country? What the hell are you talking about? It's my car. It's clean, new, and there's no fucking bats in it. What the hell?" Taking a small step to the side, he shakes his head, still staring at the man. Any normal stranger may have left by now, but curiousity holds him in place.

"No. It's not safe in there." He says, shaking his head and ashing the cigarette, somehow performing this action without any trouble. "Who the fuck? What? Who told you it was safe to get in strangers' cars?" The man asks, staring at Daniel with an indignant look as he takes a drag and blows the smoke out. His silver-green eyes follow the smoke, and he seems entranced by it for the moment.

Daniel waves both his hands, stepping back from the man. "I'm just trying to help. I don't know what's got you creeped out. It's just the regular city streets. Ain't nothing else out there, man." He shoots a glance back at the car, making sure he's near the door just in case he needs to get inside in a hurry.

"No, you're fucking WRONG!" Elijah yells, drawing a few looks from other people as he points at Daniel. "THERE'S MORE OUT THERE MAN. THE CITY STREETS ARE DANGEROUS." Elijah takes another drag from the cigarette and flicks it onto the ground, smashing it with his shoe. He stares at it for a moment before a disgusted look comes over his features. He turns and wipes his shoe against the brick wall, muttering "Fucking disgusting.. worms.."

Daniel jumps at the yelling and looks around at the other people starting to stare. "Dude, quiet down. You're getting people upset. People. Not fucking worms or whatever the fuck. You're not even in a dangerous area. What's your deal?!"

"Hey man! Relax, relax." Elijah suddenly says, turning towards Daniel as he casts a paranoid look around. He walks towards the man and puts an arm around his shoulder, beginning to walk through the crowd while pulling Daniel with him. "Just act chill.. They'll never even know. Right? Right."

Daniel stops, narrowing his eyes. He slips both hands into his pockets and takes a deep breath, leaning back against the car. "Right… so… uh. Hm. What's your name?" he asks, trying to make normal conversation.

As Daniel slips out of his grasp, Elijah turns and raises a black eyebrow, saying "Name? I don't know." He replies, shrugging and walking towards the man as he raises his hand, scratching violently at his neck. "Something with an E. Or it could be an R." He says, casting a quick glance around the street with wide eyes. Then he looks back at Daniel and takes a step towards him. "Listen, man. Have you seen Devon?"

Daniel shakes his head and, in disbelief, says, "Name? You don't know your own name, but you know some guy named Devon? I dunno anyone named Devon. You'd have to look him up, dude. You escape from somewhere or something? It's cool if you did, you're just fucking paranoid and it's starting to wierd me out."

"How do you not know Devon? What the fuck is wrong with you." He says, shaking his head. He manages to stay where he is, though he rocks back and forth on his heels. "/Escape/? No. Who told you that? Who's spreading lies man?" He asks, leaning forward as one eye widens and the other stays narrowed. "Tell me who and I'll fucking gut that ese."

Daniel blinks and shakes his head. "No one, brother. No one. Where you from?" he asks, trying to strategically maneuver the conversation to keep the man calm.

"No one?! What the hell do you mean?" He asks, shaking his head as he suddenly begins to unbutton his shirt. The handsome man completely pulls off the garment, leaving his torso naked and revealing a large scar on his chest that seems to be in the shape of something. "Listen, I gotta go for a jog, alright? Let me know when you find Devon. Give me a ring or something." Then he turns and begins to.. jog down the alleyway, leaving his white dress shirt on the sidewalk as he runs into the darkness.

Daniel follows the man down the alleyway with his eyes, still leaning against the car. He pulls out another cigarette and lights it, taking a puff before looking down at the shirt. With a hmph, he bends down and picks it up before making his way around the Prius to the driver side. "I always run into the psychos, swear to God." he murmurs as he gets in and starts up the vehicle.

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