The Weaver is one of the three great spirits of the Triat. Its function was thought to be to make order from the creations of the Wyld, giving them form and function for the duration of their existence before they were destroyed by the Wyrm, maintaining a balance between creation and destruction. Many Garou believe that the Weaver is primarily to blame for the imbalance in the Triat; their mythology states that the Weaver grew tired of its order being destroyed by the Wyrm, and spun its webs to imprison the Wyrm and end its destruction. This imprisonment drove the Wyrm mad and caused it to begin destroying everything rather than just those things whose time had ended.

The Weaver's avatars and children often take the form of spiders, or sometimes insects. She is a patron of law, order, science and technology, and as such is revered by shapechangers including some Glasswalkers, Ratkin and Ananasi (who refer to her as Grandmother Spider - they believe the Weaver created their patron spirit, Queen Ananasa). Most realise however that the Weaver is far too powerful in the modern world, where cities and steel are more important than nature.

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