What Comes Of Being Nice

A soft featured young woman with strawberry blond hair, highlighted in the
palest of actual pink. She stands at a modest 5 feet 6 inches, her features are
thin and sharp. Blue eyes, soft at their center and icy dark around their edges
highlight her face. Her form is confidant and she is in reasonably good
physical shape. She wears a white bolaro jacket with sleeves belling out at her
thin wrists trimmed with cotton candy pink fur. Benieth her outrageous jacket
is a thin white camasole, unmarked and otherwise uninteresting. Upon her legs
is a rather short and snowy colored a-line skirt, it is cut sharply and marked
with several silver stars sewn onto the hem. Finishing the outfit is a pair of
white boots with silver lacing coming to mid-calf, they clunk loudly as she
moves and leave the most charming starry footprints. Her hair is styled in
loose curls, spilling down over her shoulders and a small zebra print purse is
looped around one arm.

The night air is luke warm, not to cold, not to hot. The sun having set several hours ago, the cool breeze blowing off the ocean and across the sands has yet to chill the city. People move about their daily lives and routines, enjoying the night life. Amongst the party and club goers outside club crank there is a pale freckled woman dressed in aan extremely short black skirt, boots, and tank top. About her waist is a simple chain belt with a leash attached to it leading to a muscular male at her side. Dressed in tattered denime jeans, black motorcycle boots, he has a spiked collar about his neck which leads to the leash the young lady holds. Over his torso he wears a white straight jacket that is fastened tight about the abdomen but leaves the arms free to hang loosely within the heavy black riding jacket that matches the one of the female. A smile face button upon both of their left lapels and the word "Lunatics" stenciled upon the back of their jackets.

Shifting her weight from one hip to the other as the readhead leads her leashed companion towards the club, the chain leash wrapped enough times around her hand to keep the chain taunt against the man's throat. The black skir around her hips is made mostly of lace, and a few of the strings from miscare of the fabric hang about her thighs. Around her own neck is a leather collar that much matches Lenny's, spiked and tightened so that the softest flex of skin under it can be seen each time the girl speaks or swallows. Just before they reach the sidewalk infront of club Crank, the slender figure of Sybine stops to look over the larger man at her side, offering him a playful smile and a wrinkle of her freckled nose.

Aria is pulling things from her car, several sets of clothes. She folds them up and puts them in a bag, occasionally standing up and looking aroud for cars. "Abe….seriously, you get my clothes so dirty. No more adventures till I get to a laundry mat." She holds up a jacket and gasps. "Dammit Cross. This was..was…400 dollars and you had to bleed all over it. Smells like that piss whiskey too. Shit." Throwing the bundle of fabric back into the car she slams the door.

Santa Monica Boulevard
Bright neon signs bathe the sidewalk in harsh light, and each side of the strip
is lined with bars and nightclubs ranging between high class establishments to
buildings that are little more than densely populated Raves. The street is
packed at any time of day with people and cars, making parking an issue for most
anyone. The occasional crowd of Paparazzo can be seen here or there, hoping to
get shots of some well known celebrity coming out of one of the sleazier
establishments. Continuing to the east and west, traffic travels down single,
congested lanes, looking only a bit wider than the sprawling sidewalks, and the
street lamps leave plenty of illumination in the night. Between many of the
buildings, dark alleys offer places for the less savory population of the strip
to do their business with mild obscurity.

* Exits *
east - Intersection of Santa Monica Blvd and Vine Street
south - Club Crank (Avg NPCs: 75)
west - Santa Monica Boulevard
(Endymion) A God-Like Persona is eating babies by the fistful (App 3) [ Baby-Eater ] |Kinfolk Inquisitor Mage|
(IC)(Aria) A soft featured young woman with strawberry blond hair is sitting on one of the barstools, painting her nails an putrid purple (App 2) [ (null) ] |Sabbat - 1|
(IC)(Lenny) An ugly nappy haired man with matching goatee and sunglasses is here (App 1) [ ] ||
Lenny grins up at Sybine, scratching himself momentarily behind the ear as he is led around. Walking on all fours nonchalantly he gazes about the area for a moment, noting the strawberry blonde for a moment before his gaze moves on. "Woof"

Sybine tugs against Lenny's leash briefly, her gaze not moving anywhere but the main doors of the club. "Don't bark at strangers," she comments idly in a distracted tone, her free hand coming up to her throat to work one finger under the edge of her collar carefully to scratch against the skin. After a moment, her pale green eyes shift over her shoulder to bring her attention to follow Lenny's gaze, her own eyes falling over Aria before continuing about. "You shouldn't be barking anyways. You'll scare someone."

Aria grins at Lenny, crouching slightly. There was a soft dictracted smile on her lips but it dissapears as a snarl ripples over it. A growl escapes her lips. However it's not directly threatening persay, maybe a challenge.

Lenny rises up slightly, his knuckles popping as he meets the snarl and growl with a growl of his own. His upperlip curling up as he starts to resist against the taught choke chain around his neck, biting and snapping his jaws towards Aria.

Sybine snaps her attention back to Lenny with a soft yelp as the chain tightens harshly around her hand. She snorts lightly, untangling her fingers rapidly, shaking her hand out to the side afterwards. "Fucking hell, Shonk," her voice comes out in a snap, before his growling seems to soften her features. Her other hand falls away from her neck as her eyes slide between Aria and Lenny, and she starts to struggle with the locked clasp at her waist that keeps her attached to the large, growling man. "I'm… still… attached… here…" The redhead tugs roughly against her end of the chain, her eyes shifting rapidly between the two now as she takes a soft, defensive step backwards to center her weight against Lenny's tugging.

Aria takes two steps, one to get off the street and one to move towards the two. "Quite a monter you got there." She smiles, a easy grin. Her eyes lock onto Lenny's for a moment. "Rabid maybe? You know a quick shot in the gut clears that right up." Offering her hand, palm down as she would any animal she takes her eyes off Lenny and smiles at him lady friend.

Lenny nips lightly at the offered hand, sniffing and slobbering all over it as he plants his backside upon the ground as he makes soft half growling half mewling noises.

"He's fucking rabid, alright," Sybine answers in a sarcastic tone, though her attention seems to focus almost completely on Lenny, giving another tug at his throat with the chain clipped at her stomach. "If you can get close enough to his stomach for that kind of shit, you can go ahead and be my guest." The redhead's pale eyes shift up to Aria finally, looking her over in an impatient and appraising fashion. As Lenny sits, she seems to relax a little bit and brings a hand down to pat him a few times on the head, just as one would to reward a dog, but her movements are much more affectionate. "What are you? Fucking insane? Only crazy people growl at large dogs, nevermind this one."

Aria crouches down on the sidewalk in front of him. "He's just a big puppy I can tell." Setting her purse down on the sidewalk she watches the man. "What happened to you Fella?" Looking up at Sybine she waits.

Lenny nuzzles happily into Sybine's hand, a broad smile upon his face as he quite literally pants. His eyes closing shut as he makes happy sounds, his bottom wagging slightly upon the ground as though he had a tail.

Sybine doesn't seem at all suprised at Lenny's behavor, her fingers only scratching against his scalp idly as her eyes turn back to Aria. With the girl's question, Sybine's eyes dart down to Lenny and she lets an expression of blank confusion pass over her features. Looking back up, she raises a thin, well manicured eyebrow. "As far as I'm aware, he's in perfect shape." She loosens her fingers away from the chain as Lenny seems to relax into a happy state, leaning down to push her hand into the back pocket of his jeans to withdraw a pack of cigarettes, and a lighter from her own jacket pocket. She glances towards the club as she withdraws two cigarettes to light them, holding one down to offer it to Lenny afterwards. "You can talk to her if you'd like. There's a line and a fucking half tonight anyways."

Aria watches the two, fantasticly confused. She grins at Lenny. "Never seen a dog smoke before." She pushes the hair from her eyes, her hand holding it there. For a moment her eyes dart down the strip to the line snaking onto the sidewalk outside the club. Taking a pink hanky out from her purse she wipes of her hands, this is followed by a little clear bottle of hand sanitizer of which she uses plenty. "I'd love to hear what you have to say."

Lenny holds the cigarette between his lips, smoking without using his hands, he emits another, "Woof" from around it as he just sits there like a dog at show. Then he emits another "Woof" and it doesn't take but a moment before he starts barking jingle bells.

Sybine takes a drag of her cigarette and lets her eyes fade away from Lenny as a wry grin slips over her lips. "Obviously, he doesn't want to talk to you. But," she chuckles a little, and sets her hip out to the side to allow the pressure of the leash to tug against Lenny's throat. "It's fucking March, and there's no snow. If you're going to sing her a song, at least something that doesn't make me want to start shopping early this year, eh?" She nudges Lenny playfully with her foot against his hip, using her toe to tap him lightly. "He's usually very well spoken," she tells Aria with a smirk, her free hand slowly resting on the top of Lenny's head again.

Aria sighs, standing up again. She then leans down to pick up her purse. "So you and the wolf man are buddies then? You know I call it cute but in some states that kind of fraternization with the handycapped it's a bit frowned on." Smiling still she laughs a little, using the hanky to block the wet coughs that replace her laughter.

Lenny starts to growl around his cigarette now as he jerks his head in one quick motion, the leash connected to his collar snapping as he begins to rise up. His legs popping audibly as a muscular hand comes up and pulls the cigarette from his lips, any sign of playfullness disappearing from his form.

"Son of a bitch," the thin redhead curses under her breath, stepping to Lenny's side easily and ducking under one of his arms to pull it around her shoulders as she wraps her arms around his waist. "Hey now," she whispers towards him, running her palm up his stomach, her voice a mix between a sibling and a lover as she coos softly to judge his temper, her eyes going between him and Aria once more. "I doubt she means to be a bitch, Shonk." Out of seeming reflex, Sybine's hand comes up and takes Lenny's cigarette from between his fingers in a disarming fashion, starting to pull away from the forced embrace. "We're lovers, actually," she answers after a moment in Aria's direction, obviously trying to give the woman a quick way out of the situation with words.

Aria smiles. "Ah I see. He was planning on mauling me, right?" Dropping the little peice of pink silk back into her purse she askes. "And you're protecting me, from him, quietly." Another smile forms on her lips, a little sincere a little forces. "I appretiate you."

Lenny growls audibly again, his fist clenching as his spiked knuckles become readily apparrent. His shoulders rising and falling as he doesn't quite lash out, apparently denoting Sybine as the dominant. His upper lip twitches noticably.

Sybine scowls a bit as she looks between the two again and then nods to herself. "You're walking on razor wire as far as he's concerned…" she notes in a light voice, though her panicked demeanor seems to shift back to comfort as Lenny restrains himself. "Fucking shit, Shonk, you broke the chain," she curses roughly as she looks down to inspect the chain hanging from around her small waist, holding up the end that should be attached to him in a pointed manner. She glances towards Aria again, offering Lenny his cigarette back with her spare hand. "You can appreciate me all you fucking want, girly, but if he hits you, I'm pretty useless for anything but clean-up." Her voice drifts out in an oddly friendly tone, and she gives the girl a short smile.

Aria watches him quietly for a few moment. "I'm torn now, see. He's either a real psycho or this is all just a clever ruse. I mean I read about what they did on Vine, what they did to you." Her eyes lock with Sybine's for a moment. "At Club Crank. And you're fucking one of them. Either brave or stupid. You tell me."

Lenny calmly begins to walk towards Aria's car as though it was the most normal thing in the world the bone spikes clearly sticking out of his knuckles now as his muscles begin to bulge and grow. Picking his teeth with his tongue nonchalantly.

Ella has arrived.

Aria eyes widen. "HOLY SHIT. DO. NOT." She looks over at Sybine. "Make him stop that car is older than you." Her breath is ragged and forced. She doesn't make a move toward him, oh no though she does pull her phone from her purse.

Sybine follows Lenny with her eyes, but makes not a single twitch of muscle to stop him. "Seeing as how you can't believe everything you hear, I'd say you're not better than most of the fucking reporters that tried to get their fingers into the honeypot story when it first happened. Two people were allowed in my hospital room." She pauses, glancing at Lenny again with a rather sadistic, expectable smile forming on her lips as she takes another drag of her cigarette. "Either brave or stupid? Well, sounds like we have a few adjectives in common, here." She retains her playful expression, using her free hand to twirl the end of the chain leash in a circle in the air infront of her. "'One of them'… I assume you know more about the boys than most do with that little comment, but let me pull you in on a secret. See that fantastic example of a man?" She motions towards Lenny, not bothering with Aria's cellphone. "I'm the only reason he's about to fuck up your car rather than your face, so catching

Lenny looks back towards Aria and flashes a broad cackling smile that only a truely madman can muster, "Look here bitch, no one talks shit about the Lunatics. And I don't care if you, or the car is older than me, cause well, put it quite simply I figured most of your kind was smart enough to leave us alone after the Sheriff went missing." Bring hi fist up threatening towards the car he waggles his eyebrows almost comically.

As per usual, the streets teem with people going about their night, milling around in various degrees of drunkeness. Gravitating towards these inebriated individuals are the usual herds of photographers, though one in particular breaks away from the pack of other camera-toting jackals with a cell phone to her ear. "Jesus buttfucking Christ, Rick, I can't be everywhere at once and I swear to God if I have to see another vajayjay, shaven or not, I will fucking scream and throw this camera at your head. I need more time to dev—" the petite paparazzo's voice trails off inexplicably as her grey eyes zero in on the scene across the street from her. "I gotta go. Think something might have just fallen in my lap," she manages with a curious smile tugging at her lips. Her phone closes with a snap as she uses her other hand to pick up the camera that was dangling around her neck.

Sybine laughs openly with Lenny's threat, bringing her eyes back to Aria. "Why am I not fucking suprised by that little flash of inspiration…" She looks over the other woman appraisingly before her attention shifts back to Lenny. "The less blood the better. I already clean up after meals and tantrums for this week enough, babe." Her voice carries to Lenny in a chuckle, and she's clearly more than happy to watch his violent streak. "I'm the only woman in the gang," she tells Aria in a happy tone, her gaze linger on Lenny. "Unfortunately, you just insulted Daddy's little girl infront of him. Besides, you don't know shit about what I've been through. I read the newspapers, too."

Aria seems more then simply confused. "What the fuck are you talking about?! I don't know any fucking sherriff. I don't listen to any fucking sherrif. And now your going to rip up poor Marylin to teach me some sort of lesson? To keep me and people like me quiet and looking the other way?" She stands on the sidewalk still hands clenched into fists at her sides. Her head snaps over to Sybine. "This is good enough for me. No I don't know what you've been through but I care to. And I understand why you're hiding behind him. Hell if I could I'd be to."

Uttering a growl that much matches the soft purr of Lenny, Sybine lets the spinning chain her her hand cease. Without much of a pause afterwards, the long leash is spun once around her hand and she takes a step towards Aria. As her fist comes up, the chain wrapped around it, she swings her fist for Aria's face and connects point blank, the wave of red curls falling to her waist swaying against her movement.

Lenny just continues to grin from ear to ear as stands threatening near the car, "Right, well that sucks for you then. Ya got a chance, walk away…" He pauses as Sybine snaps even before him and begins to laugh, "Nevermind, looks like you pissed her off.."

Just as the fist pulls back, Ella's instincts take over and she starts clicking away. The flash of the camera comes like a strobe, lighting up the street around her. She mutters to herself, "Yeah, baby, now show me.. show me hate. Smile with your eyes, listen to Tyra. Your eyes, your eyes, not your face. Yeah, yeah, perfect. Now.. now give me peaceful! Peaceful like a ninja, mmhmm," she she continues to snap away, every muscle in her body tensing as she turns the camera on its side to get a better angle.

Aria winces, thought she's as still as a statue. "Honey…please. I promised somebody, no more bloodshed. Not because of me so I don't want to hurt you. In fact I won't hurt you." The camera flash. OH HELL. Always with the cameras. "I refuse."

Sybine scowls softly as she lets her weight bounce back a few steps out of arm reach of Aria, her expression showing how clearly disapointed she is with the result and the other woman's inaction. "I didn't sign anything that said blood wasn't possible," she notes in a sour voice, letting her bottom lip pout out just a tad before she glances towards Lenny.

Lenny just laughs abit and leans against the skyline, enjoying the show going on across the street, though he does take note of Ella snapping photos at high speed.

A strange inky black haze appears over the cameras lens. It appears out of nowhere perhaps it's only a trick of the light.

Aria stares at Sybine, the camera the farthest thing from her mind at the moment. "So I take it this means we can't be friends. Awful unfortunate that." She looks over at Lenny again. "Go ahead, do what you want to Marylin. If it'll prove a point or make you feel better." Appearing mildly resigned rubbing her cheek.

Letting out a sounds that's halfway between a shriek and a squawk, the little paparazzo stumbles backwards while getting more of a deathgrip on her precious camera. The device lowers as she stares wide-eyed across the street, her eyes skittering up and down the sidewalk. Almost stumbling over her own feet, she hustles to back up.

Sybine twists her gaze towards Ella at the distraction, but doesn't allow her eyes to linger. "You walk up to me talking about how fucking stupid I am for being with /him/, and then want to be friends. Oh, lady, you need to go back to manners in the third grade or so." She growls lightly again in her throat, the chain leash still wrapped around her knuckles as she shifts her weight slightly. "Lenny, I want to go the fuck home. You can play with these wine drinkers and idiots while I save myself the fucking headache, alright, love?" She rubs the back of her neck with her free hand, looking towards Aria once more. "After you fold that shit in half. I can wait that long."

Aria shakes her head slowly, soft curls beginning to unravel. "Right, right. Serves me right for asking questions. Serves me right for being concerned. Fucking hit me again. Prove to me what a stupid cunt I am for giving a shit about you. Maybe this time the lesson will stick." She holds her hands up palms raised skyward. "Know for certin that anything that gets in your path can be beaten back in line. Sleep well at night knowing violence is going to spin a perfect little world for you. And him." Something in her eyes burns, a conviction or maybe a death wish.

Sybine steps backwards a pace as a wash of nerves and confusion filter over her features. She looks to Lenny with a searching gaze, either looking for inspiration or permission. "You're making me sad," she tells Aria in a light voice, her whole violent posture slipping away as she wraps both arms around her midsection. The severe shift in her outward appearance takes her another small step back away from the other woman, her fingers tucking around the opposite arm from them to hug her forearms tighten around her stomach.

Lenny shrugs undifferently and turns to the car, almost casually he begins to sink his muscular hands into the metal, causing it to cave in under his touch. Though he is forced to stop as Sybine's words catch his ear and he looks back over his shoulder, frowning. Letting go of the car door he was about to rip off he idly begins to cross the street, kicking the back end of a sedan and denting it as he is nearly run over by the driver. Shaking his fist in anger, "Watch where you're driving!" He bellows out before walking towards Sybine and wrapping his arms about her, "Aww don't be sad baby girl…" he pokes her forhead with his own, "I'll break something for you if it'll make you smile.."

Aria watches Lenny for a moment, wincing. "Poor Marylin." She then hones her gaze back on Sybine. "Sorry sweetheart. I'm sure you're a lovely girl. I want to know what happened to you. And maybe I'll tell you what happened to me. I'm not a reporter. I'm not a writer. In fact I doubt I'd ever say another word about it in my life. I just need to know. Sadness can make you sharper then the razors edge. Use it. Do something with it. Do something with yourself." The young woman then begins to make her way across the street, slow measured steps and ignoring traffic all together.

Sybine scowls childishly up at the man who wraps his arms around her, both of their demeanors easily sinking into something more child-like. The shift seems to meet both of them comfortably, as though the dramatic shift of personalities was a normal occassion. "You don't know a single fucking one of you that doesn't want to treat me like shit, or save my soul, do you?" she asks him in a sing-song voice, her attention all but faded away from Aria now. A short shiver breaks Sybine's concentration as she leans into her companion a bit more. Her eyes move about as she looks away from him, and she stops to look Aria over for a long time. "I don't /know/ what kind you are." she tells the other woman in a pointedly whining voice, shifting from foot to foot nervously. "If your tongue hit the sidewalk in a blood, flopping motion, I couldn't count myself disapointed."

With a wilder shriek, this one much more guttural and heart-felt than the last, Ella lifts her camera high over her head. The strap lifts up from around her neck at the action as a crazed glint enters her eyes, something almost dangerous flashing deep within the storm grey depths. She pushes every bit of her meager strength into smashing her own camera against the nearest nearest car, over and over again. Her lips pull back to reveal her teeth as she can't seem to help herself, the rictus grin almost maniacal. "Get off! Get off! Get off!" she screeches, over and over with each plastic-and-metal crunching smash.

As the camera hits the car the darkness covering the lens vanishes, in fact in the twisted peices of glass and metel there is not a sign it was ever there.

Aria wrenches the door open. "I hope you ment that. And it's you who ment it not him." She slides into the drivers seat, the window rolling down. "Honey, I'm better then you know. Worse then you except. I'm not like him, I've had my fill of violence." Slamming the door, the car revs to life but doesn't move from its parking spot. "Will you let me know when you have too?"

Lenny considers for a moment then shakes his head from side to side, "Not really I don't." Then looking towards Aria as she speaks up he rolls his eyes, "Bitch get to the gone before you see what real violence is. We don't pussy foot around in fancy cloths."

Sybine slides one hand down against Lenny's forearm to push his arms from around her. She takes a step forward, not waiting to see if he'll restrain her, and she takes one more step to bring her closer to Aria's window. With the practiced markmanship of what you'd expect from the only woman to put on a Lunatic's jacket, Sybine spits through the window and directly onto Aria before wiping her mouth with the back of one hand. "I think when I'm done wanding to see you writh around on the floor screaming my name, you'll notice."

Aria laughs, it's a loud and horrible wet hacking sound. "Bitch, PLEASE. So long as you mistake olive branches you're the one who's really /damned/. Not me." The tires squeal and only the scent of burning rubber remains.

Slender, trembling hands start turning the bits and pieces left of the camera over under Ella's watchful gaze, a frown etched across her pale face. Her brow knits together deeply as she gingerly inspects what's left of the tool of her trade, not even looking up as the car zooms off down the road. Her lips move as if she's speaking, though no sounds issue forth from her mouth.

Lenny laughs as he watches Sybine, looking quite proud at his little miscreant, arms crossed over his chest as he grins from ear to ear like the silly fucked up monster he is.

The slender redhead scowls after the car as it pulls away, her attention shifting toward Ella a moment with a flash of curiosity before she turns to face Lenny. "Well, at least you're fucking smiling, Lenny." She tells him in a snappy tone, though she smiles herself mildly. She pushes her hair out of her face a little bit, taking a step towards him again. "I haven't been getting much sleep," she explains, as though her actions needed the back up of some story. "What a bitch."

Finally shooting a narrow-eyed frown across the street, Ella attempts to pull herself together. She cradles the pieces of her camera to her chest, even bending over to pick up a few more from the ground. With careful, deliberate steps, the dimunitive woman with the now wild mess of short black hair begins to walk down the street in a strange sort of haze. Her lips continue to move as she grumbles under her breath.

Lenny laughs lightly and reaches out and wraps an arm about Sybine's shoulder, leaning in he whispers into her ear as he turns about and leads her off. Kissing the top of her head he just grins as they walk, looking quite cheerful.

Ella leaves west.

Lenny whispers to you, 'And you won't be getting much tonight sexy.'

Sybine seems to feed off of Lenny's happy energy a bit, though her shoulders are still a bit tense from her previous anger. She lets her eyes shift up to him with a cocked eyebrow, managing just short of a smile, before she looks back to the street. "I wouldn't be anyways," she answers in a softer voice, wrapping her arm around his waist to fall into step with him. "Wanting to kill someone leaves me a little restless."

You now follow Lenny.

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