Creation begins with the Wyld. The Wyld is pure change. It is not so much undifferentiated chaos as it is elemental transmutation. It swirls constantly with change, adaptation and change again. The Wyld is alive with possibility: The Wyld is possibility. Every ant and tree contains a particle of this chaos of possibility within its spirit. No Garou Theurge or human mage or caretaker spirit has ever been able to quantify that tiny drop of eternity. Gaia draws the power of potential from the Wyld. Indeed, some say that she could not exist without it.

The Wyld is a complete entity, but without the Weaver, the Wyld loses all the forms it spawns. They return to the primal forge at the very moment of birth. To be all forms at all times is to be formless. Life without bounds cannot know itself in all parts. Therefore, the Wyld is the least personified of the three. Its constant mutability precludes true form or nature. The Wyrm is also essential to the Wyld, because the Wyrm destroys select aspects of the Weaver's Web and return the uncreated matter to the Wyld.

In the Deep Umbra, the Wyld has the potential to be the most powerful member of the Triat - almost as powerful as Gaia. In the physical Realm, however, the Wyld is the least powerful of the Triat. Its very essence, limitless possibility, is forced from the physical world daily by humanity's focus upon "logic" and "reason." As logic is forced upon an illogical world, there is less and less room for the magic of uncaused change. Only a few scattered sites of pure Wyld energy still exist, and the Garou guard them with their blood and the blood of their offspring. Although the Wyld loses sway in the physical world steadily, it is unassailable in its home in the Deep Umbra. No danger can threaten it there, for any enemy is dissolved into primordial protoplasm upon coming into contact with the Wyld. The Weaver or Wyrm must win victory in the physical world if they are to gain the power to assail the Wyld at its heart. To some Garou, this hope is all they have as a promise that they might yet win the war.

Werewolves venerate the Wyld, seeing it as a symbol of their struggle against the Apocalypse and a promise of a brighter day. Its Realms teem with countless forms of life. In the world that grows from the Wyld, anything can happen. Outnumbered, outfought, outmaneuvered Garou may even be able to prevail against the forces that threaten to devour Gaia. The Wyld is a bright hope, a promise of change from a wicked world of entropic destruction.

Although the Garou can expect no direct aid from this unfathomable force - for it knows no compassion or loyalty - the Wyld may prove to be their greatest ally.

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