The Wyrm is the third and last force in the Triat. It was once the restorer of balance, bringing harmony where there was none and ensuring that neither the order of the Weaver; nor the chaos of the Wyld prevailed throughout reality. Suspended between Chaos below and the Pattern Web above, the Wyrm removed all that was not harmonious.

Then the Wyrm became ensnared in the Pattern Web. By looking into the madness of the Weaver's Web, it gained sentience and became trapped in the Weaver's deadly apocalyptic game. The Wyrm fractured into three personalities, and it is not always able to coordinate its actions as a result.

Where the Wyrm was once the bringer of harmony, it is now the harbinger of the Apocalypse, spawning entropy, decay and corruption. Unable to destroy overtly and honorably, it destroys from within. Scholars say that it wears three heads - Beast-of-War, the Wyrm of Destruction; Eater-of-Souls, the Wyrm of Consumption; and the Defiler Wyrm, the Wyrm of Violation. It destroys all those weak enough in spirit to succumb to the temptations of hatred and envy. Even its base desires are powerful enough to take on forms of their own, becoming the powerful Urge Wyrms of Hate, Lust, Fear and other dread sentiments. With so many heads, the Wyrm is more hydra than serpent - and each head is all but impossible to sever.

Some say that the Wyrm began the great imbalance by seeking to use the Weaver to calcify the Wyld into nothing, thereby freeing the Wyrm to destroy all of creation. Now the Wyrm is caught in its own trap - a tribute to the perils of greed.

The Wyrm's Urges and spawn have found many beings weak enough to surrender to corruption, so it now has many servants. Because its decay is in all things, its servitors may whisper to the dark places inside all intelligent creatures. Its disease spreads thus in the physical and spirit worlds, where it has won many battles and conquered many Realms.

Werewolves have traveled to the Realms of the Wyrm - places that blind destruction has left utterly devoid of Gaia. Those who dwell there are enslaved or destroyed by the most wicked of Banes and Incarnae. If the Wyrm has its way, the entire world will be remade thus until all is destroyed.

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